Variations on a Theme

When styling tips are applied and accessories are incorporated, disparate pieces of clothing can build an ensemble.

My first consideration when getting dressed is the weather. It was sunny and mild on Sunday. My second consideration is the event. We would visit my parents, go out for a casual lunch, and then visit with friends. While the red sweater would have been comfortable for the daytime, I would need something more in the evening, so I considered my black ruana.

I enjoy wearing light, faded jeans with tan accessories and a white shirt, but this combo’s contrast seemed too harsh. So ultimately, I changed the pants and the cardigan.

There, that feels more like me. This brings us to the third consideration, wear what suits your personality.

Styling details, such as pushing up your sleeves, can give you the appearance of being taller and more slender.

Note how breaking my body up with all those colors makes me look shorter and broader.

I hope this exercise helped demonstrate the points to consider when putting together a look. (Weather – Destination – Personality)

Red CardiganGray CardiganTopFaded JeansBlack JeansScarfBootsLoafersRed BagBeige BagRuanaBelt

I’m giving away a beautiful fifty-one-inch silk square scarf on Monday. Add your name to the random drawing by leaving me a comment below.

  1. When I first saw the photo with the jeans, I thought that they were unlike your normal very stylish self. Once you changed and had the column of inner colour and different cardigan, I saw the ‘you’ I was used to seeing. Great illustration and explanation.

  2. Susan, your tips and fashion advice have helped me slim down my wardrobe and dress for my aging self. Thanks so much, Happy Holidays, Paulap

  3. I enjoy seeing what the same outfit with a couple of tweaks can do for the over all look. You show us how to look well dressed for any occasion, Susan! Thanks………

  4. Thank you for putting up the side by side photos. What a dramatic difference!
    I never realized that pushing up one’s sleeves would make you appear thinner and taller.
    Thank you for giving these tips!

  5. Thank you, Susan for the side by side comparisons. It surely does make a great difference.

    Any scarf chosen would be lovely.

  6. Hi Susan,
    Really can see the difference in line between the jeans and the all black in the last photo.
    Like the side by side comparison.
    Merry Christmas !
    Janet T.

  7. I appreciate the side-by-side pictures which makes it easier to see the pros and cons of an outfit. I would like to have seen the first picture with the red sweater with darker jeans. That would have looked nice also. Would love to have the opportunity to win one of your beautiful scarves. Thank you Susan.

  8. Your blog has certainly influenced my curated closet. I find myself shopping less and when I do shop, buying only the items that would work with what I already own and are of the best quality that I can afford.

  9. Love the line: “There. that feels more like me.” – my “go to” emotional response when I’m figuring out how to get dressed each day.

  10. Great tips! Jeans used to be the building block of all my daytime ensembles, and some nighttime looks, too. But in the past few years I have drifted to black pants instead. I have so many in different cuts. Just as washable and comfy as jeans, but I think it makes my outfits look a bit more pulled together.

  11. Love the addition of a scarf. It’s been hard finding one that isn’t too big but yours looks just right.

  12. Love the outfit with the all black top and bottoms. That’s my style. I ordered the scarf from Ann Taylor. merry Merry Christmas.

  13. Great clear instructions with photos, I love and share your classic look. I also love the scarves!
    Merry Christmas.

  14. Dear Susan,
    I live far away from your country, but I like your style, because it is mine too.
    I love your approach: you don’t have to go to the store every time for beeing and feeling elegant, to look in your own wardrobe.
    Good combinations can be found there very often, without extra costs …

    Wish you many success, I am sure you are helping a lot of women this way…
    Of caurse I am interested in the scarf… who knows….

    Xmas and other greetings for you and your family
    Marleen Donceel
    Kerkstraat 2
    4521BM Biervliet
    The Netherlands

  15. “Wear what suits your personality” is what I live by. I can see how changing things a little bit made a big difference in your outfit.

  16. Hope to win one of your lovely scarves and thank you for the time you spend helping each one of us look our best, and Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey!

  17. I love your scarves and have several from your collection. I reach for them often for a splash of color and and a finishing touch to my outfit.

  18. Absolute wonderful blog; never miss reading it and incorporating the tips into my wardrobe. Now, if only I was your height. Merry Christmas!

  19. I can definitely see the difference in the two outfits. I’m 5’. And love your tips on how to look taller and less broad

  20. Hi Susan! As always your styling tips are extremely helpful, especially the photos showing the effect of the color choices! I would love to be in the drawing for the silk scarf, I just know it will be a lovely piece. Merry Christmas, and have a healthy, Happy New Year, to both you and Mr. Mickey!

  21. Continue to love your tips. I agree with pushing up the sleeves, it makes you look taller! Also, the color contrast was nice but it was too busy! Great choices! 7

  22. I would LOVE to be the recipient of one of your beautiful scarves! I recently had surgery to remove a large blood clot from my brain and as a result, my head was shaved. For the time being I would use the scarf to make a head covering…make lemonade from lemons so to speak! Thank you for providing what I consider valuable information for us not so young, but not ready to be old ladies! God bless you and Mr Mickey ( who is the perfect Santa!) and your families this holiday season!

  23. Thank you Susan, for all your tips and shopping info! I look forward to your blog! Merry Christmas to you & Mr. Mickey!

  24. Susan, I’m so grateful you not only spell things out but give us these side by side visuals. Soooo helpful! You’ve saved me oodles of time & money over the years. I’m happily throwing on cohesive looks that are comfortable and confidence producing. Bless you & your willingness to share!

  25. I am 76, and love your blogs, especially your pictures with tips. As I add more birthdays you help me remember age is just a number – I love your classic style – right up my alley! ❤️

  26. I hope I win one of your beautiful scarves. I have silver white hair (like you). Please send me your scarf inventory. Thank you.

  27. Thanks to your tips, I’ve cleaned out my closet of items that weren’t me or did not fit. Getting dressed now is a snap and I love wearing scarves.

  28. I like scarves too, but need to use them more often like you do. Would like to try the idea of a large square scarf.

  29. Goodmorning Susan. I loved your suggestions on layering today. I have been a scarf lover my whole life and would truly enjoy wearing one of your beautiful scarfs.

  30. I was surprised by the first ensemble because it was very unlike you. Seeing the two very different outfits clearly illustrates your points. Thank you.

  31. Your blog gives wonderful, very practical tips to improve one’s appearance by attention to details. Love it! I’m 75, retired, but an active volunteer. Your information helps me not be a frumpy old lady.

  32. Holiday Greetings. This post was very helpful – having the side by side photos really gives the visual you need to understand the point(s) you are making. I am interested in seeing the scarves remaining in your inventory. Thanks as always for your inspiration and guidance. Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the New Year bring health, happiness and prosperity.

  33. I definitely felt that the photos of you in the light jeans wasn’t “you”! The outfit with the black jeans looked so much nicer and the tip about pushing up your sleeve is magic – you have educated us. I have started wearing scarves a lot more since reading your blog and am constantly on the lookout for your signature large square scarf. Merry Christmas!

  34. I love your advice. You look so nice in black, but I personally like to wear brighter colors. Maybe some of them don’t really suit me, but I feel better in them.

  35. I like both looks. Perhaps switching out the grey cardigan with the jeans for one similar in black would feel more like you.
    As always, you look lovely and put together…casual or formal.
    Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and the coming New Year.

  36. I love that “push your sleeves up” advice to look taller. I’m 4’11” so you know I need help with that. You look great and I think about your blog every time I go out and “think” I need to buy something. As a retired teacher, I have to watch my pennies. Merry Christmas!!!

  37. Merry Christmas Susan! Thank you so much for your have helped my style tremendously. I would love one of your scarves.

  38. I have purchased several of your scarves in the past and have really enjoyed wearing them. Thank you for all of your styling tips!

  39. Dear Susan,
    The second change of outfit, with the grey sweater, black top and jeans, looked so much better than the red with blue jeans. I think we need to experiment a bit to see what works for us. And not everything we see in magazines or on other people would suit our colouring or body build so it[s a very individual thing.
    Kind regards and all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.

  40. Thank you, Susan! I would love to win a beautiful scarf. They add a nice touch to a plain outfit. Merry Christmas

  41. You are right about feelings. Some days certain colors make you feel better. I really like the looks in black pants.

    1. You are so right about colors and how you feel. The black pants are a staple in my dressing for going out. You you look so good in what you put together.

  42. I am a scarf aholic! Would love any scarf from you. I wear the one I’ve purchased from your site. Such good quality!

  43. I have one of your lovely scarves and would love another.

    The first look above would have been fine if the sweater had been ditched for a necklace. The second group is perfect also.

  44. Another fabulous outfit for me to pin! I love that red sweater and the way you style the scarf. The side-by-side comparison is a good styling lesson. It would be wonderful to win a scarf!

  45. Great information. Beautiful looks. I bought the scarf from this post to add to my collection. The red makes the outfits.

  46. Dear Susan, I have loved the scarves i previously purchased from your collection. Please let me see more. Thanks, Mary Ann

  47. I love your visual examples of how to put oneself together! Well, I really love all your blogs but this one really spoke to me today. Thank you. Roxanne Ford

  48. Though the black and gray combo is a neutral look, it a very classy and sophisticated ensemble that really works. Well done!

  49. Please enter me in the scarf give away. I love all the scarves from your past blog and tying demonstrations are very helpful. Thanks for your blog. 1st thing I look at while drinking coffee! Wearing your black pants, black top and long gray sweater example to the airport to pick up my daughter from China Friday! !

  50. Your black and gray look is stylish and very pleasing to the eye. Thanks for showing us the two looks for a comparison

  51. Susan, I would love one of your beautiful scarves. I always love seeing how you wear them so I hope I win.

    Thanks in advance
    Anna Thompson

  52. I love your scarves and would love to see what you have left! Please also put me in the drawing for the giveaway. Love the way you tied this one in the article! Do you have a scarf tieing video? Thank you!

  53. Thank you, Susan, for the contrasting outfits to illustrate your points. I admit that I was shocked when I saw the first photos.

  54. I would love to receive a free scarf. Yours are always so pretty! I have followed you for a long time and remember what you say when dressing!
    Merry Christmas

  55. You look so much better in the black jeans. The washed out denim would look better with a white shirt. I enjoy you’re inspired posts ❤️

  56. Love your style Susan and have been following you for years! I didn’t like the way the faded jeans were styled. After reading, I realized the point you were making. Well done.

  57. I push my sleeves up all of the time because I just feel like I look better. Never realized that it does indeed make you appear taller and thinner. Sometimes little things make such a difference.

  58. This scarf is lovely! I have some favorites I pull out year after year. Would love to add to my collection!

  59. Love your style and I’m trying to get my closet in order like you have suggested. I am 74 year old petite woman who loves to be in style yet comfortable in what I am wearing!
    I am adding scarves to my style and I am loving it.

  60. Susan, I have ordered your scarves in the past and always enjoy styling them in new ways. You have taught me to ”shop my closet” and I have saved money by being a more selective and thoughtful shopper. I am more pleased with my look. Thank you a thousand times!

  61. Love these looks. I can see you definitely look more satisfied when you changed from jeans to gray pants. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and style expertise. Love to use scarves to complete my looks.

  62. I’m in! Loving your looks and thoughts. They are helping me dress well after a 25# weight loss. Thanks, and merry Christmas!
    Jean Opelt

  63. This was a great tutorial about the details. And often it’s one of your pretty scarves that transforms an outfit. Thank you for such great teaching examples with all these pictures!

  64. I love when you put pictures side by side and point out the differences. You are such an inspiration. THANK YOU.

  65. I enjoy reading your blog everyday. I don’t always comment but I always read and learn from your posts.
    I would love to have one of your scarves. Thank you.

  66. Totally agree with you about changing the pants. Those faded jeans detracted from the outfit IMHO. With the black pants, you look completely together. Knowing yourself matters!

  67. Please enter me in your scarf drawing. And please also send a copy of your scarf inventory.

    By the way, your earlier magnet tip is a winner!

    Thank you.

  68. I love this, because like several other people who commented, my first thought at seeing the faded jeans pics was “Oh no! I wouldn’t have combined those!” and then I had to smile when I read that was your own reaction, too. Thank you, Susan, for teaching me how to dress, because you really have!

  69. Hi Susan, I would like to enter your scarf giveaway…..since I was certainly NOT a scarf wearer until inspired by my fashion muse…aka SUSAN

  70. I love your scarves and have purchased a few from you over the years. Please enter me in the give away! Merry Christmas!

  71. How I wish I had learned of your blog years ago! I have learned some valuable lessons since discovering you two months ago and have completely revamped my wardrobe. I am so happy! For one thing, the Shapeez bras are fabulous. I already own four of them. The Sheec footwear really does stay in place. I hate being barefoot in my shoes, and I have struggled to find something that works. Now I have all the styles in both colors. I just received an order from Covered Perfectly, and I love those basic tops. I have always loved scarves and have started wearing them again. Our diets are similar. Your breakfast is a bit more interesting than mine so I have adopted it.

    I am familiar with the area of NC that you and Mr. Mickey visit so often. I really enjoy seeing the photos you post of your visits. Next summer when we are in Blowing Rock, I will be looking out for you on a photo shoot!

    Thank you. And I would like to see your scarves. Susan (also)

  72. Love all your posts. So many wonderful styling tips! I would like to see the scarves you have in your inventory. Thank you! And Happy Holidays!

  73. Good point… personality is sometimes overlooked when planning an outfit. Being
    comfortable in our clothes is a both physical and emotional feeling. Love your insight! Love your scarves also!

  74. This is a great post. Yes, agree with your final choice. It does give a longer leaner look. Like how the scarf also does the same. I need to learn how to do this. I have usually gone with oblong scarves thinking they are easier to work with.

  75. I’m seventy five and 5’ tall but I still read your post every day or so. I read other articles written for a petite stature but it’s the details you speak of that draws me to this page. I really liked the pics where you point out which shots makes you appear taller and smaller.

    Thank you for your help.

  76. I love the focus….weather, destination/occasion, personality. Your tips are very very helpful!!! I look forward to your posts and have made adjustments to my wardrobe based on your advice.

  77. Hi Susan,
    Just want to say thanks for your blog. I love your ideas, and it’s helping me become more intentional in my shopping.!


  78. The column of color is definitely more flattering. I would wear that black and gray outfit in a heartbeat. I already have the pieces in my closet, including the red purse!

  79. Love the visual! This really helps to see the difference a few accessories can make.
    Look forward to your blogs each week! Thank you!

  80. I’m adding my name to Santa’s nice list and wishing to be chosen for the scarf giveaway! I love the colors in the one you are wearing. Merry Christmas!

  81. Wow, amazing to see the differences in casual styling with a change in pants and cardigans. I hope side-by-side becomes a regular feature.

  82. Thank you for all the information you give to us about how different parts of an outfit affect the total look. There were times I knew something didn’t look right on me but I did not know why. Now I know how to evaluate each element. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  83. I so enjoy your posts! As a 63-year-old woman I need all the “age-appropriate” outfits. Thank you for your informative and fun posts! I love the pictures of NC as I was born and raised in Charlotte NC and now after attending the Univ. Of AL (“many moons ago) I live in Fairhope AL. Nancy McKinnon

  84. I like the side by side feature you do. I am wearing column dressing plus a pashmina for a Christmas dinner and expect to feel good and look sharp.

  85. I would like to win the scarf.

    I am also interested in seeing the remaining scarves you have for sale. Thank you.

  86. A very inspirational blogg and one that I look forward to and ideas I can adapt to our colder Scottish climate. A very Merry Christmas to you and Mr Mickey Susan.

  87. Wow 246 comments already! But I’ll add my name to the list. Maybe I’ll be lucky.
    Totally agree that the after clothes really did make positive difference in your outfit for Sunday. Nothing like seeing and comparing. You are truly a style educator for many of us.

  88. You always have such helpful information. For me, simplicity always wins. Do not like to mix too many colors either. Thanks for what you do. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  89. I always enjoy your posts. Your tips have helped me many times when choosing outfits. Thank you & Merry Christmas!

  90. I love all of your styling tips! Thanks for sharing you knowledge and expertise!!
    I would like to see your inventory of scarves.
    Kay Aparo

  91. Your posts always inspire me to look at my style and how to bring it out with what I already have in my closet.
    Thank you!

  92. I love the red cardigan and scarf together but you always look great!
    Could you also send me an email with all of your scarves that you have left. Thank you~

  93. Thank you, Susan, for all your blogs during the year! Your explanations of “why” you choose certain items, as well as your great photos, have been a great help to this inverted triangle learning to dress her style in basic classic pieces and use accessories as accents. Bless you in the coming year!

  94. I love your scarves as I have two of them and they are beautiful and drape very nicely. I was amazed at how the black outfit looks so much better. I will remember that when I style an outfit with lighter color jeans. Great post!

  95. Great styling tips! Thanks for a chance at your scarf giveaway. I can see how a scarf can totally change up a look,and give a great splash of color.

  96. Susan, as always, you are an inspiration! Love how you are able to show us exactly how to style outfits to be so much more flattering by a little thoughtful tweaking! Thank you for your generous help on making us all feel more beautiful!

  97. Susan, I’ve learned so much from your lovely blogs! I put your techniques into practice daily. Thank you!
    I’d love one of your gorgeous scarves!

  98. Great post. You know “they” say a picture is worth a thousand words! So true. Thank you for another lovely opportunity.

  99. Hi,

    Great ideas and tips as usual and loved the side by side pictures.

    Thank you for the chance of winning a beautiful scarf.

  100. I never knew you could do so much styling with a scarf! Since the first time I started reading your blog, I dug out all those scarves I boxed up. They now have new life. Thanks so much for the fabulous tips and beautiful photos!

  101. Your final outfit is pleasing to the eye, but not boring. There is continuity with the column of black colour but interest in the scarf and red handbag.

    I found with the first outfit my eye was looking for a place to focus and I couldn’t seem to land in one spot.

    I enjoy your blog and appreciate your practical and stylish tips.

  102. Very helpful post. It really helps me when you give a visual lesson illustrating your decisions. I appreciate the opportunity to win a scarf since I’m enjoying those that I’ve purchased from you. I love the results I’m seeing with the Beautycounter Countertime regimen! Hope you and Mr. Mickey have wonderful holidays.

  103. I just turned 80 and have always liked the traditional chic look. That is why I study your blog.
    5’ 6 1/2” and have not shrunk. Wear size 12 and wish it was 10. Healthy and love traveling. We have been in Lewisburg on our travels. I see you post many times from there.
    Thanks for all of your advice.

  104. Love your channel – your scarves always pull your outfits of neutrals into something special! Thanks for sharing!

  105. Looking at your first pictures, I just was not sure who that person was. Thank you so much for showing us a smarter way to dress and look slimmer I always enjoy your bog. Hope you and yours will have a very Merry Christmas.

  106. Effective immediately, I will push my sleeves up everyday! Thank you for the tip. And thank you for the opportunity to win a new scarf!

  107. I love your styling points & could see the difference of wearing 2 colors versus the black top & pants. Please enter me in the drawing for the scarf. Thank you!

  108. I thoroughly enjoy your posts. You really help me put outfits together that look good on me! Thank you! Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2020!!

  109. The side by side comparison pictures are extremely helpful to me. Thank you for including them. Your looks and tips are always so helpful.

  110. I have never worn a lot of scarves. I am 72 and just now beginning to figure out my style. I think adding a scarf would give a boost to my wardrobe.

  111. And there we have it, pictorial proof of how the “formula” works if you work the formula based on your own proportions and style. This is the reason your fashion/style blog is the only one I still follow or need.

    Thank you for all you do. Your pictures and suggestions are priceless to me.

  112. I love scarves. At 70 years of age, I wear them because I grew up with a mother and aunts who were wearers and because they add so much vibrancy to my beautiful dark chocolate complexion. They also enhance any outfit! I have long ones, small square ones, solid colored and multi-colored ones- two under bed containers and two smaller ones more accessible. In fact, I still have a long one of a green background with white polka dots that was a high school graduation gift. My scarves ( capes and ruanas, too) have many stories to tell.

  113. I always enjoy reading your blog and find your tips so helpful. I would love to own one of your scarves…..crossing fingers! Have a lovely day !

  114. I definitely like the black column better. I so love your tips. I have heard the one about pushing sleeves up and had forgotten about that one! Thanks!

  115. Hi Susan,
    I would love to have one of your scarves. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to eyeing it in my inbox!

  116. So love your style & ideas. I am a scarf girl & would LOVE one of yours. Christmas blessings to you & “Santa!”

  117. We have the same glasses! You look very chic, I would love to see what scarves you have left in stock! Hope you are having a great holiday season.

  118. Hello Susan,can you please tell me how you get your scarf to stay and not slip when you drape it around your neck and don’t tie it?Mine always slip and am forever adjusting.Many thanks, Sue Brown.

  119. Susan. I totally agree about the presence of too many colors/elements being a distraction. As I get older I find that those old standbys, the basic black (or dark navy) pants paired with a long cardigan in a complementary colorway, do the trick. Adding a scarf and/or blazer/coat (weather-dependent!), finish things off nicely. So you see, I absorbed your lessons well!

  120. I enjoy seeing how you use scarves to add to the look of your outfits. Scarves seem to take things up a notch.

  121. Thanks, Susan, for your good counsel. You’ve really helped me up my game while easing the anxiety of dressing appropriately—all without spending a fortune.

  122. Hi Susan, I would love to win the scarf! Your looks always seem perfect and flattering. I think incorporating the scarf into my wardrobe will help me look more polished. Thank you!

    Ps…I would be interested In seeing your inventory. Thanks!

  123. Practical, informative, and classy is how I would describe you and your blog. I am a scarf lover, and would be thrilled to wear one of your scarves!

  124. Hi Susan, Thank you for the consistent inspiration. I would be pleased to wear one of your scarves. Happy Holidays.

  125. Thank you for these styling tips. What a difference it makes! The black with the grey looks great! LOVE ALL your tips and advice! Keep it coming.

  126. Thank you for these styling tips. What a difference it makes! The black with the grey looks great! LOVE ALL your tips and advice! Keep it coming.

  127. I have several of your scarves and love them. Yes, please send an email to show me what you have left.
    Thank you.

  128. Susan, I so enjoy all the great tips you give to us. Your style is ….perfection. I have learned so much from you about health, style, and just enjoying life every day. I wear a scarf almost every day. For me it is just a great accessory. Can’t wait to see who is the lucky winner.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  129. Your comment is right on the mark about how slenderizing an all over color an be something I just happened upon also and you just demonstrated it perfectly. Thank you for all your tips and tricks I use as many as I can. Solvai

  130. I have begun to wear scarves as a direct result of your influence, Susan. I would love to win a scarf as well as see what inventory you have remaining. Thanks!

  131. Thanks for the side by side. It’s very helpful. How can we hide the after surgery, after children, tummy to enable us to wear a belt and tucked in shirt? I certainly love all your photos and tips.

    1. A belted and tucked in look won’t always work. Try a shorter top that ends just below the fullest part of your middle, not under it. When you put a jacket or sweater over the shorter top, it creates the illusion of longer legs and leaner shape. A top and jacket at the same length defeats the purpose of layering.

  132. I would like to be entered for the scarf drawing, and also would like to see your current inventory for scarves. Thank you.

  133. I wear a scarf every time I leave the house during the winter. They add that little bit of extra warmth. I have loved seeing some of the scarves you show in your posts. I would be thrilled if I won. Jacqueline

  134. Thank you Susan. This post was very helpful. I’ve had those moments when I’ve put together an outfit that should work well enough but I look at it and say “ No, this is not me.”

  135. I have slender wrists so I always try to push my sleeves up or cuff shirts to show them off and hopefully draw attention away from my thick waist. And I love scarves.

  136. I love fashion..always have and always will A friend said “you always look so pulled together whereas I just toss something on if I’ve no place to go.” My reply was, “At 81 years old I am not saving my nicer things for ‘later.’ I don’t have enough time to save them for later,” Love your classic look, which is what I strive for as well.

  137. I would love to have one of your scarves, please enter my name for the draw. Thanks so much. I would also love to see the scarves that you have left for sale.

  138. Would love to be the lucky one to receive a scarf. Your taste is impeccable…I’ve learned so much. Thank you…

  139. Love reading your post and I always try to create an outfit that you have shown on the post.
    We have a mountain home near Waynesville and I enjoyed the pictures you posted from many familiar places in Waynesville and Asheville . Your post also give me new ideas for restaurants ,day trips ,
    and healthy eating and exercise.
    Thank you ,

  140. Thank you for your wonderful examples and great advice! I always look forward to what I’ll learn next when reading your posts and watching your videos!!

  141. The difference is so noticeable. Funny that I am reading this today, because I wore blue jeans today and
    that is unlike me.. I can wear black jeans just fine.
    Seeing you in black pants and a black top made me realize that I need to be faithful to my style and
    what I know works me. You nailed it for me today.
    I fade out so much in black, but it is my best base. I use sweaters, jackets, vest and SCARVES to
    add color.
    Please give more examples. This was awesome. I am a warm undertones. It would add so much, if you could
    mention things that are good for warms and that are colors that are great for all. Aren’t You are a lovely cool.
    Merry Christmas and blessings to you. I so look forward to each of your entries. Thank you. Diane

  142. This was a great tip about the faded jeans and how the contrast was too harsh. Your second option looks great!!
    I love your scarves! Great for a pop of color with basic neutrals.

  143. Liked your side by side comparison. I’d love to own another one of your scarves.
    Merry Christmas!

  144. I really enjoy reading your columns
    You have helped me realize how many different looks a woman can have with accessories.

  145. This is a powerful visual post. Thanks to you and Mr. Mickey for all you have shared with us throughout the year. I so look forward to seeing what you have to share each week and have learned a lot. Happy holidays.

  146. Merry Christmas Susan and to Mr. Mickey!
    I already own 2 of your lovely scarves, but hey, if my name is chosen I know I’ll wear a 3rd!!

  147. I have several of your beautiful scarves that I purchased. Would love to have another! Merry Christmas!!! Love your blog

  148. If you had been wearing dark wash jeans, would you have worn the red cardigan over a dark top and/or the gray cardigan and dark top? Is it mostly the light jeans that make the outfit less “you”? I love your scarves and would love to win one.

  149. A sincere THANK YOU to YOU and MR. MICKEY. I have learnt so very much from each of you. LOVE Mr. Mickey’s photos. I sincerely hope you and Mr. Mickey are appreciated. Happy Holiday and the best of health and happiness in 2020.

  150. Dear Susan, I would like to see the scarves you have left in your inventory. I would also like to wish you and Mr Mickie a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year. You both seem to be lovely people and have fun together, I am glad you found each other at the neighbor’s party. From your blogs I feel I know you . I wish you continued happiness take care Lorraine

  151. You and I share similar styles. I, too, am a jeans girl. Give me some leopard booties, and long Tee, and a roomy cardigan and I am ready for the day. Love your square scarves. They are hard to find in Texas. I see mostly blanket and rectangular.

  152. . . . Thanks for this post on Variations on a theme. I have often started putting together an outfit, but know something is wrong. You covered my thoughts very well!

    Merry Christmas

  153. Susan — you’re fortunate to be in Tennessee where it is not so dreadfully cold. Although I’m originally from Memphis, I’ve lived in Michigan for a number of years, and a long sweater topped with a ruana would NOT work when it’s sixteen degrees! Here in Michigan, we need some kind of boots every day, plus a hat, plus gloves!! I do love your scarves AND your column. You seem to be very down-to-earth with your comments and your wardrobe choices! Keep on! Cynthia from Memphis now in Michigan.

  154. Dear Susan,
    I love your scarves. They are always so tasteful and add just the right pop of color to an outfit. I also enjoy the way you demonstrate what makes an outfit work. The jeans and red sweater are very nice, but when you contrast the black and gray outfit with it, the difference is quite clear. Thanks for your helpful hints.


  155. Susan, you always look elegant and put together. You are always thoughtful in your choices so it’s easy to see you follow your own advice. I remember seeing you wear brown and olive pants in seemingly long ago entries to your blog but I haven’t lately. I hope you haven’t abandoned these color because you looked great in them and they added a little variety to your look. Your scarves add color and pattern and carry brighter color to your face and you must have some that coordinate with brown or olive…? Have you given Up on these colors?

  156. Thank you Susan! You inspire so many of us every day. I hope to become more comfortable with scarves…they have never been something I wear but you have taught me to try new things!

  157. I would love to be the recipient of this scarf giveaway, but not for myself. Our mother will celebrate her 95th birthday on February 16. Our family will gather around her to enjoy a dinner by the fireplace at one of our favorite supper clubs. This would be a delightful gift to present her with. She polka dances with her gentleman friend and likes to twirl a bit around the dance floor, the scarf would be a wonderful addition to whatever she would choose to wear with it. I still have wonderful memories of my parents dressed to “match” with my mother in a long dress, my father’s shirt would match the color of her dress. I loved seeing them dress up for a military event and having those memories. They made a lovely couple. Thank you for the opportunity.

  158. Merry Christmas, Susan!
    I love how you have a more “ minimalistic “ wardrobe, which suits my taste and want for simplicity, rather than sporting every trend coming down the pike. I especially use your tips when traveling. I’m proud to say that I can do 3 weeks in Europe with only a carryon bag!

  159. I thought something was off in the first outfit,,, So happy you changed it to the black and. Gray..
    Please email the style of your scarves you have left. There were a couple I really loved.
    Thank you.
    Grace Fleury

  160. Thank you for your suggestions, but pictures are worth a thousand words. to see the pictures and the description makes it so much easier to adapt your suggestions to my life style. Thank you.

  161. Susan, thank you so much for all your helpful fashion tips!
    How many shiny satin scarves do you have left to purchase?
    Maybe scarves with colors purple, red, white, green and blue.

  162. Hi Susan,

    I would love to see all the scarves left in your inventory. I really like the one you’re wearing in this post!

    Thank you!

    Mickey Kiczek

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    I would love to have one of your scarves for my DIL as she wears scatves.

    Thank you.

  165. At 83 years young I really get a lot of know how from your posts. Would love to see your scarves and know about your glass frames.

  166. Hi Susan! I thoroughly enjoy your blog and have spent way too much money ordering things that I really enjoy! Thank You for all your research and for sharing so many great ideas!

  167. Susan, you wear what you love & you wear it well.
    I enjoy your blog & read it every day. I am new to wearing
    scarves & it really brightens me up. Can you show more ways
    to wear them? Thanks for all your great advice.

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  169. As always, I learned a lot. Showing, not just telling, really helps me get it! Thanks, Susan
    And I have 4 of your scarves. They are beautiful ❤️

  170. Hi Susan from a UK fan of your site.
    Love your style which happens to suit me too. Also I am trying to pare down my wardrobe and like the idea of changing my look with the smaller details of scarves, bags or jewellery. I love the jackets you wear especially but at 4ft 11ins struggle to find much in my size.
    Would like details of the scarves you still have please.
    Best wishes

  171. Always enjoy your comparative analysis of outfits and your streamlined style is very complementary of your statue. Merry Christmas Christmas

  172. I so much enjoy your blog. You have helped me define my own style and instill more confidence in myself and I am 72 and a half years old. Thank you!

  173. Dear Susan,
    You make being stylish look so effortless, thank you so much for sharing your lovely person with us. I love your tips and practical fashion examples, but even better is your example of building a loving and rewarding life!
    I love how the scarf builds on the monochromatic colors yet adds a real punch. I’d love to do that with your scarf too.

  174. Of course, I would love to win this scarf! You are so generous with these draw prizes.
    Susan, you look so elegant in the black “column” outfit. I now see how wearing many coloured pieces does break up the line of the body.
    How lucky you are to have your parents to visit. My friends always say this to me (I’m a year younger than you) and I know how lucky I am to have my healthy and supportive parents.

  175. I was surprised to see you in faded jeans in the first photos and thought that just did not look like you! What a difference the black & gray final outfit was.
    I’m “borrowing” your outfit and pinning it. It feels like me also.

    And, please, I’d like to see the scarves you have left. I love wearing scarves.

  176. Please enter me in the scarf drawing. I have always gotten compliments on the scarves I’ve purchased from you. Merry Christmas. Blessings Barb

  177. Changing the lighter color jeans to the black ones and from the red cardigan to the gray cardigan made the biggest difference- improvement. Thank,you!

  178. Hi Susan, I’ve enjoyed your blog and I agree with you always. I’ve worn scarfs for years and love having new ones. Keep up the good and interesting info especially for us way past 60! Judy Winschel from California

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    Thank you,
    Sharon Engram

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    Appreciate your advice and that of your audience! Keep up the good work! Love your scarves, too!

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    I have a couple of your scares and would like to see the ones you still have in stock and be entered in your drawing. Thank you for the styling and health tips you provide in your blog.

    Merry Christmas,
    Pam Coffey

  184. I love the way you use scarves. But I’ve never found them when shopping, as big as you mention in your posts. Thank you for the visual aids when you explain why you do something. And thank you for all your tips. I look better because of you.

  185. I just wore the scarf I purchased from you a few months ago & it was fun & fabulous – I don’t usually wear navy & the orange purple navy colors really popped ✨

    Would love to be in the scarf drawing-thank you❤️

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  189. I have scarves that are 35 years old!! My children bring them back from their trips as souvenirs for me. I just love how scarves can instantly change an outfit. Having one of your scarves would be a special addition to my very eclectic collection! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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    Thank you for your great blog.

  193. I do love your second outfit but, you were wearing glasses in your first outfit which did change the look some what from your final outfit. But your point was well taken similar colors or tones can and do make a difference.

  194. Thank you for your well thought out posts. I have learned, and continue to learn, many styling lessons that serve me well on a daily basis. The fact that you reiterate the lessons in varying ways helps to keep them fresh in my mind.

  195. Hello,

    I have always enjoyed seeing beautiful scarves on other women, but have not worn them a lot myself. You have inspired me to add scarves to my wardrobe! Thank you.

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    I just love the look and elegance that lovely scarves add to my outfits, especially for travel and cruises!
    Please add my name to your scarf giveaway, and thanks for the opportunity provided.
    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas.
    Best regards,
    Annette Jacques

  200. Stylish as always. The advice regarding a column of colour is very useful and one I shall bear in mind over the holidays.

    Could you please send details of the remaining scarves please?

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    As the saying goes, a picture worth a thousands words and seeing the photos will help me remember your tips!

  202. Your outfit with the dark pants and cardigan make such a difference in how much slimmer you look! Thanks for all your advice!

  203. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips. I enjoy them every time you post. When you reach a certain age you stop chasing the latest fads and look for long lasting classics. When you know better you do better. I love wearing scarves-jewel tones work for me. They allow me to continue to wear the color black.
    In Joy,

  204. I adore this scarf you are wearing here. You always look so fabulous, Susan! I see what you mean about the light blue jeans with grey cardigan making you look more chopped up. The black pants made such a huge difference. Thank you so much for all you do to help us. I really appreciate you! Also, even though I have many scarves, I would love to see what you have left in your inventory.

    Thank you!

  205. I absolutely love this scarf and would love to win it. I purchased a scarf from you that is so smart, big, and beautiful. It is navy blue and orange. I would love to have a scarf that’s base is black, as this is my go to color. Love your style!

  206. Here’s hoping for a scarf. Love the way you have tied this one above and have just practised it myself. Thank you.

  207. I got a lot of compliments from trying out your different styles. Someone came up to me and ask me to show them how to style the scarf I was wearing. So nice to get noticed.

  208. I wore jeans, a white shirt and red sweater to a casual Christmas party Saturday and felt like a clown! I was trying to look festive, and branch out of my black and grey habit. I guess there is a reason it’s become a habit – you look lovely!

  209. Very good tutorial, Susan! I do this and chane my outfit for comfort and personality too. I love this black and red scarf!

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    Please put in my request to win a scarf please. I have 4 of your scarves in my wardrobe and get so many compliments about them.

    What a blessing that you can visit your parents. Have a happy and safe holiday season.

  211. This is a great post, showing how different colors can make you appear long/lean vs short/stalky. I never thought of all of this before! Thank you for helping me organize my closet and clothes.

  212. Hi Susan
    I recently started watching and listening to your shows.
    Firstly, only found out recently that you have lost so much weight. Wow! And well done.
    You dress beautifully – simple styles but so effective. You have given me so many tips.
    Thank you
    And thank you.


  213. I never thought about how the different colors would make me appear shorter and rounder. Two things I try to avoid!
    I’m only 5’2″. I so enjoy reading your tips and I would love to win one of your scarves. Also I would like to see what you still have available in your inventory.

    Also a Merry Christmas to you and Mr Mickey!

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    One look is more day and the other more night. Your styling tips are always most useful as well.
    I hope I win the scarf! I love your scarves.
    Please show me what’s available.

  219. I’m a scarf lover too, and several years ago I bought a silver colored Ferragamo scarf ring. For some reason I have never used it. Could you please do a post with examples of using one? This morning my husband awoke me with news that there was a bat in our bedroom! After the excitement and a team approach to catching it, was so nice to calm down with a cup of coffee and your blog! I would love to have one of your scarves, and thanks for all you do for us.

  220. I appreciate your comment about pushing up sleeves on a garment. I’ll use it! Thanks so much for all your helpful hints and Merry Christmas!

  221. I enjoy reading all your emails. I take pictures of you and then compare to my own wardrobe to make an outfit. I have gotten many good deals from your shopping links as well. Thanks so much!
    Deb Kessler

  222. Good morning Susan it is 5:30 here ( Kansas), I love reading your blog. I would love to see your scarfs. I love the long look on you the best.
    Thank You for all your tips and the fashion pictures. You are a inspiration to me, in how I dress for the day.
    My closet is getting slim down to a go to wardrobe, which I like very much, no more thinking it over for hours what to wear.
    Merry Christmas to you and Mr Mickey

  223. Hello Susan,

    I love the sophisticated yet casual look of your black and grey ensemble, where you just added a belt and scarf to lift the whole outfit. The belt buckle and little touch of silver added interest and the whole look was softened by the tasteful scarf. Will be trying to emulate this look when the weather is appropriate. At present we are experiencing summer in Australia and tomorrow is a stinker at 43 degrees Celsius, which I think is about 116 degrees Fahrenheit. White shorts, navy t-shirt, hat and espadrilles are in order!

    Kind regards,

  224. Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks of how to look “your” best. Your scarves always dress up even the most casual outfit.

    Wishing you a blessed Christmas!
    Pam Buby

  225. Hi Susan,
    thank you, as always or your great yet simple ideas. I have incorporated a few now with pleasing results.
    One of my favorite accessories is an interesting, scarf. Please put me in your drawing!

  226. Wow, this is pretty incredible to see the side by side comparison on those outfits. I have short, nearly T-Rex arms, and will definitely be pushing my sleeves up:-)

  227. i would love to win one of your beautiful scarves. Thank you for sharing your fashion, health, and travel knowledge — I have learned so much from you.

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    All the Best,
    Charlie (Charlene)

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  238. Susan, you have become my ultimate style guru. I absolutely love your style. I’m always showing my Mr. Mikey, like your Mr. Mickey, things that you wear and how to put them together. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Betsy Brown

  239. Susan
    I have only been following your blog for a couple of months, but your style and insight in how to dress as been so positive and uplifting for me. I have only started to increase my selection of scarves, so I would love to have one from you,they all look beautiful. Deborah

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  245. What a wonderful lesson…love the pics to clarify your point. You are the epitome of grace and style! Love your blog. 🙂 I met you once in blowing Rock…so glad to have seen you in person!

  246. That’s amazing how two outfits can give the impression you are two different sizes. I live accessorising with scarves. Last weekend my daughter bought me the most unusual designed scarf, Art Deco spired spirting characters? You’ve been a style changer for me, thank you so much.

  247. I love all of the beautiful scarves that you have modeled! I’m a short person, so I have to be careful as to how I wear them though.

  248. Thank you once again demonstrating how to give a more sophisticated and sleek look to an outfit. I love the black column look and the scarf gives it the pop of color and interest. It certainly upgrades your look. Love it!

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    Thank you for your posts.

  252. You are amazingly beautiful inside and out and I don’t even know you. I just know of you and your story that you have shared.

  253. I appreciate your advice for dressing as a mature woman. The combinations you provide on your website are extremely helpful. Thank you.

  254. Great looks. I love the black top and slacks with the scarf and gray cardigan. All out together with a few items.

  255. Love your ideas and advice! I am sixty something and everything is changing! I am trying to keep up and your tips help me so much!

  256. You are shaped EXACTLY like I am, and it has taken me years to figure out my “style”! By enjoying your blog, I get so much valuable help each time I read it- I love your tips and your style. Keep snapping photos And keep writing!!!

  257. Sometimes as I’m pulling together outfits, out of boredom I’ll stretch the limit on a look to make it work a bit differently–more and more each time trying to tweak it a bit. Then an article like this comes along, and–wow–THAT’S why my look isn’t working anymore. I had been journaling my outfits with photos and detailed descriptions of the items as well as the date/event so they could inspire me to make new looks, not repeating outfits too often. Looking back, it’s easy to see now where I started to stray from the little changes you pointed out here. Thank you for helping some of us get back into the groove! I’m definitely marking the bad outfits to remind me what really works and what really doesn’t work well for me–so a little boredom doesn’t turn out frumpy unflattering outfits in the future

  258. You have a nice way of demonstrating your points. Thanks. I have purchased a couple items that you recommended. You are blessed to be able to visit your parents. Good genes- and jeans!

  259. Susan, I always look forward to your posts! You are such an inspiration! Scarves are my go to accessory and I would LOVE to win one! This for this special opportunity. Also, I am definitely interested in seeing what scarves you have left. Blessings!

  260. Your style….simple and to the point.
    It has given me food for thought. No more trying to buy everything under the sun
    and still having to stand in the closet looking for something to wear.
    Easy, simple, stress free and always fashionable…. that’s the way to live!

  261. Beautiful outfit! I especially appreciate the comparison photo showing the overall difference in wearing colors with a higher contrast versus a more monochromatic look. Thanks for the lesson!

  262. I have been following the blog since you began with fifty, not frumpy. I have seen your transformation in your style & really enjoy your fashion tips for us gals over 60, wanting to be up to date, but not too ‘trendy’ looking, current but not too ‘young’ looking. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & to all your readers also.

  263. Hello Susan,

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the inspiring looks and ideas. I have become a more confident woman because I feel put together and pulled together when I leave the house.

    Best wishes for a lovely holiday season and a happy and prosperous 2020.


  264. You look great no matter what you wear!
    Thanks for all your tips and tricks this year.
    You help keep me fashion-forward–turning 70 in 2020, so THAT’S important.
    Happy New Year!

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    Teri Lovelace

  266. I love your column and your styling tips- I have never thought about how pushed up sleeves can make you look taller-
    Happy Holidays!

  267. Hi Susan, I enjoy your blog and have been following you for about a year. I purchased some scarves from you and they are beautiful. Not sure when to incorporate them into my outfits since they seem “fancy.” Two of my wardrobe challenges are, 1) how to make all the colors go together (I have warmer coloring than you so I can’t copy your colors), and, 2) how to incorporate more “functional” items that suit a casual lifestyle. When I “dress up” it’s usually dressy casual, but that is only about 10% of my outings. About 90% of my wardrobe needs to be very casual, yet I struggle to feel attractive yet functional for housework, cooking, errands, etc. Would like to see more advice in this area. Thanks, Pamela

  268. Always look forward to your posts. Your advice and ideas are so helpful and especially when shopping. I’m 79, but feel I can still learn! Thanks for sharing so much of your life. Merry Christmas and wishing you a happy and healthy 2020.
    Martha Young

  269. I discovered your website as I am trying to create my own style after years of not really knowing my style. I would love to be entered into the scarf drawing and please send me an email with your inventory of scarves.
    Thank you for your inspiration! Sherrill McLaughlin

  270. Love the side by side photo … it definitely demonstrates what you are trying to teach us! Would love a scarf. Merry Christmas, Susan!

  271. Oh, a scarf would be lovely. I do love your posts. They have helped me a lot these past few years. At 62, I wonder sometimes at how my wardrobe should change. I’m still working and, like you, I have plenty of clothes and don’t want to add more unless it is absolutely necessary. Wanting to keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t and “slim” down my wardrobe to a more manageable level before leaving the work force (probably not for a few more years…)

  272. Thank you. Visual aids are just what I need! The “less colorful ” outfit was more subtle and appeared more coordinated. I can picture myself now…

  273. Merry Christmas, Susan
    I love the final look of today’s outfit, but then I find I love most all of the clothes you wear and would be comfortable wearing them. We definitely share the same taste in fashion.
    This black, gray and ‘touch’ of bright red outfit is lovely I would feel very happy wearing it!
    The scarf is magnificent!!!
    Please, add my name to your list of readers

    Sandy from California

  274. Dear Susan,
    I found your site one year ago. Actually, my daughter found it for me as we were sitting at the kitchen counter last Thanksgiving. I have since brought others to your wonderful site. My husband and I have just selected one of the French Kande necklaces that your wear. The necklace with the double pearls was my choice. This will be my birthday, Christmas, and 49th Anniversary special gift.
    This coming year I will attend my 50th high school reunion. The reunion will be in April in a coastal South Carolina city On Friday night there will be a meet and greet. The dress for the gathering on Saturday will be dressy casual. My height is 5’6”, dark brown hair, and usually I wear size 14 to or Size L. Would you have any suggestions for the dressy casual?
    If it is not too late for the scarf drawing, I would like for my name to be included.
    Thank you for being a great friend to so many women. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey