Summer in Asheville

What do you wear when summer is in full swing? When the temperatures are in the 90’s with high humidity, we will feel hot no matter what we wear. I opt for white, lightweight natural fabrics that skim the body, carefree hair, sandals, pretty silver jewelry, and then go with the flow.

We arrived in Asheville late in the afternoon to enjoy the passing parade of people, street performers, and dinner at the sidewalk café, Rhubarb. (They also have indoor seating and a nice bar area.)

One of Mr. Mickey’s favorite views is the arrival of the bread. Below is the view from our table. The four-piece band was very entertaining.

Mr. Mickey had the tilefish. I had the trout.

After dinner, we walked through Pack Square Park and down the street to Old Europe for dessert. Opened in 1994 by Melinda and Zoltan Vetro, Old Europe has been a fixture in downtown Asheville for over two decades. Melinda trained as a pastry chef in her native Hungary before immigrating to the US in the early 1990s with her husband, settling in Asheville and opening a cafe serving European-inspired pastries and locally roasted coffee.

How hot was it? We had parked in the sun, so when we returned, the reading for the outside temperature on the dash read 127!

Gifted jewelry completed my look for the day. The beautiful necklace here and bracelet here are from Beauty In Stone. Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item. My watch is from Nordgreen here. Use the discount code (SUSAN15)

Being silly makes life more fun.

My handbag is several years old, and the other pieces in my look are also from previous years. The links below are for similar current items. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me. Linen CardiganCamiLightweight Twill Cotton JeansSandals or hereBeltBagEarrings

I’ll share tips for the correct bra fit on Wednesday. I hope you have a beautiful day!

  1. Love your all white! Breezy linen dress and sandals, and I’m good to go here in hot humid Central Texas.

  2. Great look, as always. Wondering what you are wearing under your cami with spaghetti straps–I don’t see the Shapeez straps through your linen cardigan!

  3. You look so cute and fresh with your hair back! We haven’t eaten at Rhubarb but are always wanting to try a new restaurant when in Asheville. I can tell right where it is with your view! We haven’t tried Old Europe either but looking forward to that. We are however, hooked on the Chocolate Creme Brulee from the Chocolate lounge. I LOVE all white with your turquoise necklace!

  4. Looking lovely even in this heat is a real challenge. You mastered it. The all white outfit is stunning. I love the pictures of Asheville. We haven’t been there since 2016, but would love a trip in the fall.

  5. Oh my goodness, those pastries. I would be tempted to try every one of them … ☺. Your all-white ensemble is truly refreshing and ideal for this heatwave which we too here in Canada are experiencing. Stay cool and have a beautiful week. -Brenda-
    P.S.: I have the Nordgreen watch on my Xmas Wish List and am hoping Santa will bring it.

  6. Have loved your recent posts. You seem to be tucking in your shirts and wearing a belt more often. Could you talk about why in a future post? Thanks!

  7. How lovely you look! I live in Dallas so understand how important it is to be comfortable but look nice too in the heat. At 75 I seem to struggle more with that, but you inspire me. Thank you!

  8. I adore the all-white look. Unfortunately, I feel super self-conscious if I try it…not sure why as all-black seems okay. Maybe years of being overweight (=black is okay) plus living in a rural area with a very casual dress code. Anyway, you are rocking it, and the jewelry is the perfect complement to the white.

  9. Just received my silver lariat with suede “chain”….perfect summer jewelry from Beauty in Stone…thanks, Susan!

  10. Love the all white with silver jewellery. A great tip for the heat The photo where you have your hair pushed back a little by your sunglasses shows even more of your beautiful face and bone structure. The heat does have it’s advantages for sure. Love your posts but this is a favourite. Thank you for all your tips!

  11. Thank you for sharing. I so enjoy seeing what you are wearing and doing it is very inspiring and pleasamt to read.

  12. Wanted to tell you that you are looking more beautiful and healthier than ever. Congratulations to you!

  13. You look so fresh with your all white outfit. I am looking forward to cooler weather. I just love your necklace… reminded me of a necklace that I have and that I had forgotten about it… time to take it out of the drawer. Love everything about your style. I am also joining your gang lol. Thanks for sharing! Always a pleasure.

  14. I love the necklace, just wish it came with matching earrings. You look so cool, collected and fresh for the hot summer day.
    Enjoy your blogs a lot. Thanks for keeping us of a certain age abreast on new items and style with lots of hints and advice as most are new and very enlightening at least for me.
    Clara Bulens

  15. Sorry I missed you in Asheville. We arrived yesterday at noon. Had heard about Rhubarb from friends and will probably eat there tomorrow. Have been following you for a few years now. We will be at Biltmore tomorrow. Thanks for all the great advice. Mary Jane.

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