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At the start of each spring and fall, I shop for what is missing from my wardrobe. I keep a note pad in my closet to record what I often need but don’t have and the things I want to replace. I use the list to help me stay focused when I start shopping early in the season. I’ve learned that my size and the color I want may sell out if I wait too long.

DressSweater-JacketShoesBagLip color (Plum)

I recently wore two of my spring purchases together to attend church services. You saw the sweater-jacket in the post here, and I showed you the dress styled in multiple ways here.

A similar ring is here. Similar earrings are here. Infinity Watch here.

Bag here. Budget priced similar bag here.

Shoes here. Similar shoes with a lower heel here.

Polka dot mask here.

Earlier this year, I purged most of my long sleeve cotton tees. I had purchased some of them five years prior, so they served me well. As I searched for replacements, I had three priorities – 100% cotton – higher necklines that fall below the collarbones – hip length. I found a few options here. (The navy one is pictured below.) I kept looking around on their site and found more colors in the same style, so I purchased several in brighter colors as well as basics.

To keep warm, I wear long sleeve tops with a higher neckline in cold weather. We lose a lot of heat from our chest and throat area, so I find v-neck and scoop neck tops uncomfortable in winter. I wear these tees alone or with vests and jackets when I go for my walks or while relaxing at home.

All of my coats are in dark colors, so I have been looking for a short, lightweight casual red one for the past two years. When I found the Mac Coat above (here), I checked off all the boxes. Water Resistant – Hits Above-knee – Button Front Closure – Mostly Cotton – True Red. I ordered it right away in a size medium.

There is a Labor Day sale going on now, so I am stocking up on no-show socks here. I only have two pairs of the ACTIVE-X high-cut no-show socks. I wear them with my walking shoes now, and they will be perfect with all of my short boots later.

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  1. Any Fall trends we should be paying attention to? Or avoiding? Because of my recent isolation, I feel totally out of touch with what in my wardrobe might have gone way out. Not that I’m at all trendy, anyway! Hah! But it would be nice to have a heads up. Thanks, Susan.

    1. Trends I have noticed for fall/winter include preppy styles, skirt suits, cropped blazers, chain details, equestrian influences, wide-leg jeans, chunky sole shoes, and flat boots.

  2. I went back and read some of your old blogs. Interesting to see the change in your style and purchases. In the beginning you were all about Steinmart, TJ Maxx and even some Kohl’s. And bargains!! Now it seems more pricey. Do you have thoughts?

    1. I have been extremely pleased with the quality and fit of the things I’ve been getting from Talbots (for example). The pieces hold up very well, and the styles are classic so that I can wear them for years. In the long run, I know I will save a lot of money by purchasing better quality items, and I will look better in them.

      1. Susan, I could not agree with you more. Cost per wear counts a ton with me. They are your own clothes, anyway, so how much you spend is strictly up to you. Frankly, I have enjoyed seeing you transition.

        Talbot’s basic pima tees are just too long for me, at 26 1/2 inches in petite. I think Talbot’s makes them longer for tucking, as they don’t shrink. I prefer L. L. Bean’s basic pima.

  3. Susan, you look great in that outfit! Thank you for all your tips. I look forward to reading your blogs. I hope you have a great Labor Day also.


  4. I own several Talbots tees in crew and V-neck, and I love them. I air-dry, but there’s minimal shrinkage if I accidentally put one in the dryer. I literally have clothes from Talbots that are 20 years old. I love their huge range of sizes.

  5. Lovely to see the pretty autumn styles available. I’m always a bit sad when the autumn and especially the winter, fashions are so dark and we need colour during the long grey and cold winter!

  6. I recently returned home after three months away. During that time, I had approx. 35 articles of clothing to choose from (not counting shoes, lingerie and outerwear.) To my surprise, I never felt underdressed or sloppy. Upon returning home, I now feel overwhelmed by the teeming closets. But I have already culled quite a bit and hesitate to get rid of too much. Plus, there are things for fall that I would love to purchase.

    We will be downsizing to a condo this fall and I need to do something. Do you have any suggestions? You seem to have a perfected wardrobe without adding to much and you always look sensational. Love the red MAC!

    1. I do not allow myself to buy anything new until I have let go of two items. I have also been brutally honest with myself about what I wear, often, rarely, or not at all. If I don’t wear it more than once a year, I let it go to someone who will enjoy it. It seems such a waste for things to go unused.

  7. I love the red coat. I have one that’s very similar and I took it to London along with a black puffer coat in February before COVID hit. When it was cold I would layer a thin puffer vest underneath. Needless to say my photos from London turned out great, especially those with the red buses in the background. I even got compliments from people passing by.

  8. Wow, now this look on you is absolutely classy and well coordinated. Love this look on you. So fresh and yet perky to boot. Has a little color with just the right “wow” factor. Makes you stand out in a classic way.

    Of course I also enjoy seeing the changes in your wardrobe and the reason behind your choices. Makes sound advice for the rest of us who follow your blog and take your advice to heart. Thanks for sharing.

    Clara from Iowa

  9. For many years I’ve mainly worn neutral colors and (especially summer tops) shades of water, but as a young child my delight was the color red. It filled me with such joy — just as the photo of that cherry-red coat did today! Thanks for making feel like my six-year old self for an instance, Susan. I think I need to add a few more true red items. Maybe a scarf!

  10. Great style tips! So enjoy your blog. A few years ago you featured a red jacket you purchased from Chicos. I immediately bought one for myself. I’m still wearing it! Here in California we can wear the lighter weight jackets almost year round. Red is such a brightening color to wear in the winter months, and really is a neutral! I can wear so many different colors and patterns under my red jacket!

  11. Hi Susan!

    Can you tell what size you wear in that CUTE jacket Nic+Zoe white jacket with blue trim. I want to order it and I’m between a med and large.

    Thank you!!


  12. I just purchased the same red coat from Talbots. Love it. Note that it runs large and roomy like a swing coat. I had to downsize from a Misses XS to a Petite small.

    1. I just ordered as well – ordered a large for curbside pickup ask that is my usual in coats. They tend to be too snug in the shoulders and across my back. I might just try it on at the store and switch to medium if needed. Thanks for the warning.

  13. Hi Susan,
    Love your articles and advice.
    I have forgotten the name of the bras that you like so well. Can you please advise?

  14. Hi Susan, great idea to keep a note pad of what is needed for our wardrobe. Also thanks for great ideas of this goes with that, especially colours. Love your blog. Aussie Bev. Regards.

  15. Hi Susan, Absolutely loved everything you’ve shown today. I also love your idea of keeping a note book of what you need as opposed to the indiscriminate shopping which has become a habit of mine. Totally agree with your comments about long sleeve tshirts and I too have been looking for a red coat forever but impossible to find in Australia (at a cost that fits my budget). Thank you for sharing your ideas and photos.
    Joy ❤️❤️

  16. For some reason I don’t have many long sleeved t’s so that’s on my list as well. I think Talbots t’s hold up well. My mom always said to buy classics. When I was younger I had no idea what that meant but now that I’m seasoned know what kind of things seem to always be in style, so I’m trying to focus on just a few of those kinds of items rather than trends and clothes that won’t hold up.

  17. Susan,
    Thank you for sharing that you are now looking around for fall items needed. I was thinking about that today and not sure where to start. I have your list of basics needed in my closet and need to work on that some. When getting dressed for the day I get frustrated putting together outfits with lengths of base layer shirts and the jackets/blazers I have. The shirts are always too long or not dressy enough for some of the blazers. I prefer not to tuck in pants if I can, especially with knit trousers that are pull on. I have learned to buy petite tops for the shorter length. Any tips for base layer tops casual and dressy and their lengths with casual jackets, jean jackets, and shorter blazers would be greatly appreciated. And also sharing more of what you are looking around for for fall helps immensely. I could use those long sleeved tees and didn’t realize it. I appreciate your sharing with us so much!

  18. I have resently discovered your blog, so interesting, I am 5 ft 2 in busty it is hard to find jackets I can wear,150 lbs
    Will keep learning from you

  19. Are you able to try clothes on in changing rooms in America yet? I find it too much of a nuisance to buy two of a garment to take home and try but which commits me to returning to the shop to get a refund for the one that doesn’t fit. (I live in England)

  20. I love purging my closet and chest of drawers. Less is more. My quality is better now (Talbot’s, Chico’s) and I shop less often because my clothing lasts longer. I love your new red jacket. I bought a red blazer on sale at Talbot’s that I can’t wait to wear this fall. It will last forever! Like you, I hate that Steinmart is closing. I found some quality brands there.

  21. Susan, always look forward to a new blog post. You are so organized. I never thought of keeping a list in my closet. Thanks for the tip. I have been shopping at Talbots for over 30 years. Still have several items that have stood the test of time. I dont feel that their quality is as good as it used to be, but it is still very good.

  22. Thanks for the tip about the tops. Bought 3 this am. Working on my classic pieces Love the thought of ease of Coord and timeless look.

  23. Thank you for showing the higher no show sock. Just order the pack with 2 color combo. I will love them with loafers and my boots in the fall. Hope you and Mr. Mickey have a wonderful Labor Day.

  24. Hi Susan! I have purchased these long sleeve tops from Talbots before, but I have found that they lose their shape, I.e. stretch out at the bottom. How do you launder to prevent that from happening? Do you purchase a size up to account for shrinkage? TIA! Kathleen

    1. I have washed the red one already. There was no shrinkage, and it kept its shape. I washed it in cold water and took it out of the dryer (on low heat) long before it was dry. I hung it on a felted hanger and a hook to air dry.

  25. Susan, I’ve always thought your shoes should match your dress. I notice you don’t do that. What is your thinking?

  26. Susan, I absolutely love this outfit and you look fantastic in it. Thank you for the link for the long sleeved tees! Exactly what I was looking for.

  27. You’ve taught me many things, Susan. My favorites are Shapeez and structured bags. I think of you often when I dress. Thank you!

  28. I’ve been meaning to try the Active-X socks and this was just the motivation to do so! I purchased 2 pair and the mesh laundry bag. Thank you!

  29. I enjoyed your post today. Such a great idea about the closet notebook. I’m ordering the Talbot’s tees today. I agree about no V-necks in winter.

  30. Thank you for the discount code for the Sheec socks! I just ordered a 4 pack of the active high cuts and I can’t wait to wear them on my fall walks!

  31. I have several long sleeve tops by Talbots and I wash them in cold water and lay them flat on a rack and they still lose their shape i.e. stretch out at the bottom as Kathleen stated . The quality has gone down. Susan, you look lovely!

  32. Thank you Susan for posting your purchase of the red Talbots coat. I am fair in skin color with light brown/reddish hair with blue eyes. I tend to wear navy blue, periwinkle blue, and cream jackets, but I just had to take the leap and try this red. It seems to be a true red rather an orange, which makes me think I can wear it, but it’s been years since I’ve had a bright red like this – probably 30 years when I was a young executive who wore red power suits once in a while LOL. Can you share tips for styling casual clothes with this jacket – some ensemble ideas would be great for your hair/skin tone and also perhaps mine? Thank you so much for considering.

  33. Hello Susan,
    I recently discovered your website/blog and I am so happy that I did! It is so wonderful to find fashion/style ideas for women over sixty. You have inspired me to shop my own closet and take a second look at the wonderful pieces I already own. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Best regards,

  34. Just found you and love your style. I had bariatric surgery and am struggling to find clothes and styles that I like and fit.
    I am short, 27 inseam and still have issues with my upper arms. But I am going to try Talbots and see if I can find some comfortable clothes that don’t make me feel grumpy.
    What are your thoughts on Lands End?

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