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Our Sunday afternoons often revolve around travel to spend the day with family. We always plan for time to stop and enjoy unexpected treasures along the way. Life is a journey, not a destination.

Many of you also ask to see what Mr. Mickey is wearing, so I turn the camera on him for a change when I can talk him into it. We both favor classic items in neutral colors, so it isn’t unusual for him to show up dressed in something similar to what I am wearing.

My cozy look for this beautiful fall day included a cashmere sweater from Neiman Marcus Last Call, over a V-neck tank from White House|Black Market last year, and NYDJ Sheri Fit Straight leg black jeans. The shoes are from last year by Marc Fisher. The belt is several years old. The large face watch is by Michael Kors. The Dooney & Bourke handbag is from Dillard’s last year. I repeated the turquoise from the scarf in a fashion ring and also small silver and turquoise earrings.

Our purpose for this stunning drive through the mountains of western North Carolina was to enjoy a splendid lunch and relaxing afternoon at the home of Mr. Mickey’s cousin Rebecca and her handsome husband, Jason. Rebecca is an acclaimed author with a new book coming out soon. I bought all of her other books here. We always enjoy our time with them and look forward to our next adventure in their beautiful part of the world.

  1. I know that I’m a little biased but I think you too are a fantastic couple and I am grateful you are in both of our lives. Also I LOVE YOUR GREY SHOES!

  2. Beautiful Fall pics…North Carolina is so colorful this time of year with relaxing and quaint places to visit. I enjoy all of your posts. I love your style❤️

  3. Beautiful pictures, Susan.
    Having just returned from a wonderful touring holiday , I am looking at doing the switchover to a colder season..Any tips for that and do you reassess items before storing off season clothes? ”
    You featured a cashmere sweater today – a cardigan for us Brits – can you advise on what styles and lengths work when you are short – 5′ 2 ?
    I have a few open front styles but some are hip length and others mid thigh. Does the rule of thirds come into play ? Thanks for all your styling tips.

    1. I do not pack away clothing for the season. I wear the same clothes layered or not for most of the year, but that is a good rule to clean, repair and reassess all of your items before putting them in storage.
      Notice that I tucked in the tank and left the cardigan open. I like shorter (mid-hip length) cardigans but rarely find them when I shop. Manufacturers and designers must think us women of a certain age want to wear all of our tops down to mid-thigh.

  4. You always have the best posts and I enjoy the comments as well. Love your outfit and, of course Mr Mickey looks fabulous.

  5. Susan, You and Mr. Mickey really have your priorities straight. I just love your life and how you share your philosophy with your readers. And….today’s outfits are (as always) beautiful. I particularly love the shoes! My best to you and Mr. Mickey.

  6. This was a lovely way to start the day. Your posts are always full of good ideas, beautiful images woke being uplifting. Thank you!

  7. I simply must find similar shoes.

    Thanks for recommending another author. I immediately went to Amazon and ordered her first book.

  8. Hi Susan!…I enjoy your blog so much, thank you for sharing your life with me!
    I would like your help, now that it is getting colder….and I am wearing straight leg pants, and don’t want to wear boots, I struggle with choosing appropriate footwear. Your shoes in today’s post might be the answer! Are you wearing any type of sock? Athletic shoes don’t work, ballet flats and other slip-on flats that are worn without socks. Any advice on what to look for?

  9. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your style! I, like many of your readers of today’s post, LOVE the shoes! I find it difficult to find pointed toe shoes in the states. When I travel, I see that look is very popular abroad. I wear boots with such toes, but oxford-type sure looks ‘snappy’!

  10. Enjoyed seeing your look, photos & everything in your post! Am a reader, & requesting our library purchase Rebecca’s books. Wishing you a lovely fall weekend.

  11. One of my biggest challenges is packing for a trip, whether it’s a weekend in a hotel or week at friends by plane. I always get very stressed because I’m afraid I won’t have the right clothes. Do you have any help for me? You travel often and are always perfectly dressed!

    1. I always take simple, classic pieces in three colors that all work together. I can mix and match just a few pieces to get many different looks. Accessories such as scarves and necklaces take up very little room but can change the looks even more.

  12. We so enjoyed the afternoon with you and Mickey, Susan! Thanks so much for making the drive, and for the kind words.

    And as far as the shoes, I think I told you four times that day how much I loved them. Confirmed and confirmed again by the comments here.

    I also ordered the same gray cardigan from Last Call at Neiman Marcus. It arrived yesterday and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing that information.

    For those asking about its sizing, I’m 5’6″ and 130 lbs. The Small fits perfectly.

    You and Mickey are THE most handsome and well-dressed couple!

  13. I am happy to tell you, I ordered Rebecca’s 3 books! Thank you for introducing us to Rebecca.
    Love, Marion

  14. Susan, I love your blog and cannot tell you how much you have helped me organize and improve my own wardrobe. But it’s not just about looks, it’s your whole philosophy about life that has helped improve mine. I hope you realize just how many lives you have touched. I recently fractured my leg and have to be nonweightbearing for three months, so I have been looking for new books to read. Thanks so much for introducing me to Rebecca!


  15. Please continue to try to talk Mr. Mickey into letting you take his picture more often. He has great style, too! Also please let us know where all these beautiful pictures were taken. Thank you

    1. We took some of the photos at the Veteran’s Administration Campus in Johnson City, TN, and the others were taken between Cranberry and Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Thank you.

  16. This may be my favorite outfit of all the outfits I’ve seen on you in the years I’ve followed you. I agree about finding tops/sweaters that are a good length. I’ve got no butt, but a certain length seems to add pounds to my backside, so I try to stay mid-hip, unfortunately not the style right now.
    Love the shoes. I want ’em!

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