Santa Time

If you have followed this blog for a while, you may remember that each year in early November, we gather with friends to collect the funds for a project that is very close to our hearts. Our wine and cheese social were held last Thursday evening at the law offices of our dear friend, Tony Seaton, who quietly started this project on his own more than a decade ago. As some of us learned about what he was doing, we wanted to help. The money donated by our circle of friends provides a winter coat, school clothes, shoes, a toy, and a full, healthy lunch for more than fifty local children in need. The event for the children is held in December.

I wore a long sleeve tunic by Clara Sunwoo, a gift from here, with a low-slung hook belt from Chico’s. The vest is so old I am not sure where I bought it, but I believe it was Saks Off 5th. The pants are the dressy pull-on style from a couple of years ago at Chico’s. The shoe/boots are by French Connection from a couple of years ago. The little handbag is about twenty years old.

Mr. Mickey starts letting his Santa beard grow out in September so that he will look more authentic. That is a huge sacrifice for a man who is so meticulous about his appearance.

Some of the Law Firm employees brought their children to visit with Santa for a few moments.

Catching up with my sweet friends is always a joy.

My turn Santa!

  1. Susan, what a wonderful project! I was just thinking about your outfit in this post and your Monday post about thirds. I cannot see on this iPhone clearly enough but does the low slung belt , length of your blouse and length of vest challenge thie thirds theory? I have found if the blouse is shorter than the vest, it will make your legs longer so maybe that is it. Thanks!

  2. Susan Storrs took the words right out of my mouth. With the turmoil all over the world today, how refreshing to read this uplifting post. Blessings!

  3. This post makes me happy. Thanks for what you and Mickey do for the kids.
    On a side note….I LOVE that little girls T-shirt. If I could only have one with a greyhound!!

  4. Santa is totally adorable!! Love your outfit!! Also love the fact that y’all collect for kids that need help.

  5. What a beautiful picture of the two of you – I would frame that and place it on the mantle-piece! Loved the Jingle Bells on Santa’s shoes – I have a necklace that matches. We have a party here where everyone wears an Ugly Christmas Sweater and brings items for the food bank, but your idea would work too. Keep up the good work!

  6. MM makes such a great Santa. I bet the kids love him. It is so nice that you have a local charity to support. Well done.

  7. I remember reading about this project last year and I will say it again what a wonderful event this is.
    By the way, the picture of you and Santa is just terrific! You look really good in red.
    Take care

  8. What a lovely event! This is indeed a beautiful cause – a great reminder to all of us about giving back this season. Thank you

  9. The picture of you with “Santa” is priceless. Frame-worthy!!! He even has that certain twinkle in his eye. Most likely due to that special someone next to him! How gracious of you to contribute to a cause for children. Loved this segment of your blog!

  10. Love your hair- style and color. What hair products do you use? Enjoyed this post as I do all your posts. Are the pants you wear from Chico’s from the Travelers collection?

    1. I use the Beautycounter Hair Care products here. The color and style are natural. The less styling products I use, the better it looks because they tend to weight it down. I do have the Travelers pants, but these are not them. This is different fabric entirely. They have had them a few times over the years.

  11. Mr. Mickey is the most authentic looking Santa I’ve ever seen!
    As always, Susan, you look spectacular – the perfect outfit for the occasion.
    God bless you both for starting the festive season in such a wonderful way!

  12. Mr. Mickey is a perfectly delightful Santa! Congratulations to all involved with such a good cause. I’m sure the little ones appreciate your efforts more than they can say. Susan, you look like a poster woman for how to dress casually elegant. A look after my own heart. Thanks again for sharing your journey through life and how to dress for it!

  13. This looks like such a wonderful event! Mr. Mickey sure has a fine beard to be able to grow it out like that for the purpose of playing Santa Claus at the event. You look perfect as always, Susan.

    Please let me know where I can donate to this wonderful cause! I love the idea of more than fifty local children getting a winter coat, school clothes, shoes, a toy and a full healthy lunch!

  14. What a wonderful project Susan. Helping children is always so worth while.
    I love your outfit. Red and black is a favorite color combination of mine and good classic clothes can be worn forever.

  15. Love your outfit and also love Mr Mickey as Santa! He looks like the “real thing” for sure! You both are so cute together, and love the project that you and your friends do….very uplifting and inspiring!!!

  16. Great event and cute picture of you and Mr Mickey. Thank you for sharing.
    I hope you both have a blessed Thanksgiving and a happy Christmas.
    Linda ♥

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