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It is now easy to shop my closet to create an appropriate ensemble because I worked hard to find the right pieces. Effortless means you own things that flatter your shape and work together. The layering and accessorizing make the looks appropriate for the events of your life.

When people ask me what to take on a trip, I always answer, “things you can layer, mix and match and accessorize as needed.” Of course, the fabric of a garment may be more appropriate for one season than another. For example, I wouldn’t take linen items for an Alaska cruise in the fall.

I’ve worn similar pieces for several years and across seasons because they flatter my shape and work well together. That might be the key to a wardrobe that serves you well. After you find the right items for you, don’t be afraid to live in them. For example, I’m just as likely to throw this jacket on with jeans to run to the grocery store on a cool morning. I’m not precious with my things. I enjoy them every day, not just going to dinner or some special event.

The jacket is here, and I bought a size larger for a better fit. I have several similar collarless, slightly cropped jackets in different fabrics and styles, from denim to tweed and wool.

The pants are here. These are my Goldilocks pants. I have them in navy, white and black. Whenever I want an effortless professional look, I pull them on, and the rest always comes together.

The tennis bracelet is here. Similar earrings are here.

The other items are a few years old. A similar camisole is here. Similar shoes are here. A similar bag is here.

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  1. I love this jacket I saw your blue jacket a couple of weeks ago and bought the lilac one as it goes with more in my wardrobe. I like the way you leave it unbuttoned as it looks less formal whilst still being smart

  2. Beautiful outfit! I can see it appropriate for anything, church, funeral, dinner, appointments, very classy or professional!

  3. The color of the jacket is perfect on you! Just wondering about mixing gold and silver. I would have thought to carry a silver toned clutch and worn all black shoes because of the silver buttons on the jacket and the jewelry you are wearing. The mix you are sporting seems counterintuitive to me but you pull it off.

  4. Interesting comment about mixing metals. Do you have any general guidelines on the subject? You look beautiful as always.

    1. A comment from a stylist on Instagram stuck with me. “When you match every metal on your bag, belt, jewelry and eyeglasses it looks like you are trying too hard. It looks more modern and nonchalant when your aren’t so careful with these details.”

  5. I like this look very much. I would wear this if I was not retired and I still worked in “corporate.” My life is much more casual now and I fear I would feel overdressed if I wore this outfit. But I do love it!

  6. So happy to see you out of the wide leg /boot cut pants. The straight legs and skinny jeans are so much more flattering to you.

  7. I’m surprised that folk are concerned about mixing metals. I’ve been wearing the two together for years with success. More recently, I have two very fine mixed metal bracelets which stay on my right wrist permanently – based on Danish Ole Lyngaard styles.
    I don’t wear rings at all apart from my own wedding ring and this seemed a really intimate and special way of wearing Mum’s jewelry. The craftsman jeweller did a beautiful job – one has a white gold/yellow gold globe hanging with an ‘equator’ of tiny diamonds. The other has tiny gold balls made from Mum’s wedding ring, interspaced with yellow gold and diamond flowers that came from a ring she loved. They’re very delicate bracelets.
    I also have a pair of discrete white gold and yellow gold earrings with a small diamond set in the middle. They work with everything I wear and the two metals blend perfectly and can be worn as much with jeans as with formal attire.

  8. Lovely in lavender! You look beautiful in all your fashions! Always happy to see an email from you! Happy weekend!

  9. I was not referring to the jewelry in mixing gold and silver I wear a silver wedding ring on my left hand and my dad’s gold ring on my right hand.

  10. Love this outfit! When I was in the corporate world I wore jackets like this all the time. Since I retired, I find I can still wear those jackets with more casual slacks and even jeans and they still look great! Glad to see we think alike!

  11. Such gorgeous delicate shades in your jacket ? Pale Lavender or lilac, soft grey and white . Black trousers a white top a I simple ensemble giving a twist with the shoes a ‘ Coco Chanel ‘ look with out trying too hard. Some say a classy Chic high maintenance look is hard to achieve, I beg to differ you nail it every time and your advice is always welcome, Thank you Susan.
    Pamela from Wales UK.

  12. Mixing metals looks great! Just like mixing woods that are complementary yet opposite in your home. A room that has touches of both silver and gold feels balanced, interesting.
    You look so great in that lavender! As ALWAYS, you rock it! Have a blessed Sunday!

  13. The color of your jacket looks beautiful on you. I enjoy your posts and always learn from looking at photos.
    Thank you Susan.

  14. You look so very finished and stylish in the beautiful lavender jacket. The cropped style is perfect for you! I am another who has always mixed metals in jewelry- I’m fond of copper and bronze finishes as well as gold & silver! Thank you for another great post Susan!

  15. Beautiful outfit, you look stunning! As someone who lives in Alaska, no linen ever. 🙂 Especially this year, it’s been a very cool summer so far.

  16. Susan,
    Your jacket has the most beautiful colors that suit you perfectly. Your splurge items are a great idea for those of us that have several pieces that are okay but lack versatility and elevate nice basics with an extra flair dressed up or down. I have several cardigans that have unique fabrics and beautiful buttons but the jacket idea never occurred to me. Time for me to rethink jackets since they are in the same price range. Mixed metals are my favorites too!

    Thanks for all you pass on to us…so refreshing with all the trendy clothes that are featured on fashion blogs. Timeless tasteful fashion can’t be beaten.

  17. Susan, your classic style and tips are very appreciated. I am attempting to follow and adapt my wardrobe as much as I can. I often find it difficult because of our “Texas heat driven” life style and, of course, different body type. But overall I really find all of your style ideas something to strive for. You are a beautiful lady and make it all look so effortless! Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Paula. I would be wearing lots more dresses and sandals in your Texas heat. We have had the coldest spring I can remember.

  18. Love your jacket. I always keep my eyes open for just that type of tweed jacket. You look lovely.

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