Birthdays, anniversaries, and any holiday give us a reason to get dressed up, go out to dinner, and enjoy a celebration.

For the past few years, I’ve focused on adding one elevated piece annually to wear for special occasions. This year’s item is the Ungaro jacket I wore in these photos. Last year’s purchase was the orange woven clutch by Rafè New York. The tennis bracelet was a previous special purchase.

I sometimes check the new arrivals at Saks Off 5th for items that make me sit up and take notice. With patience and a practiced eye, it is possible to find designer items there for a fraction of the original price.

Of course, I can always wear these elements with jeans and different accessories to dress them down. Statement pieces are versatile, and they make the occasion feel special. I’ve always praised the basics, such as the black pants, but adding a few statement items to your wardrobe allows for more elevated combinations.

The occasion for this Saturday evening celebration is Mr. Mickey’s 89th birthday later in the week. Naturally, his piano socks here were a big hit.

This may be our windiest spring on record, so we always snap a few photos inside first.

Happy birthday to the kindest, most forgiving, funny, well-dressed gentleman I’ve ever met. You live life to the fullest and always give me something to celebrate. Cheers!

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  1. You both look stunning. Sending blessings and best wishes for a Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey. Love the ‘HeyDude’ on your license plate!

  2. Fabulous jacket!! And I am wondering if you are growing out your hair? Thanks for all the fashion and joy!!

  3. Love everything about your outfit, especially the red accessory. That blouse is very unique. I love the vertical seam lines on the front of the blouse, and the ends of the sleeves that look like little doll skirts! The outfit looks so very nice on you!

  4. Thanks for sharing Mr. Mickey with all of us. Happy birthday to him and happy summer to you. We appreciate you both!

  5. Happy Birthday Mickey you are a great example of men reaching a ripe age and still having fun. I hope I am still having fun at 89. What is your secret? I know a beautiful woman to be with. Best of health and happiness to you.

  6. I rarely comment but I must tell you your hair is gorgeous! It truly flatters your facial features ! And happy birthday to handsome Mr Mickey!

  7. You look just beautiful and Mr. Mickey so handsome. You are a stunning couple. I am so happy you have each other.
    HAPPY, Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey.

  8. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey. He totally does not look his age. Both of you look great!

  9. Happiest of Birthdays to Mr. Mickey! You both look wonderful and I love his fun socks.
    I love your hair at this new length. I wear mine shorter ( like yours used to be) and would like to grow it out a little longer but every time it gets to a certain point it just looks so unkempt that I give up. I’d love some tips on how you made the transition – how much time between trims and that sort of thing. I’m not sure if that would be worthy of a post, but perhaps it would. And if not, I’d love any tips you would share here.
    Thank you!

  10. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! You both are very good examples of what a healthy lifestyle can do!
    Also I was in Abingdon last week and am curious as to where this picture was taken. I saw that the Barter Theater is doing Footloose. I wish we could have seen it but had to leave town.
    Also like the longer hair on you.

  11. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey! Lovely to enjoy life’s little pleasures together dining out in special places! A charming couple! Cute sox!

  12. Beautiful look Susan. You’ve just inspired me to make a special purchase wishlist, it’s a great idea and something to look forward to. Sending big birthday wishes to wonderful Mr. Mickey, 89 years young and you look great!! Love the piano socks too.

  13. You are botb stunning and have beautiful reason to CELEBRATE!! Have a wonder week, and let the celebrations continue!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr Mickey 89 hey you don’t look a day over 29, with socks like that, shiny well cared for polished shoes and the shiniest car in America , maybe in the world even , A man who knows how to look suave ( eat your heart out Cary Grant) I just love old classy movies.
    Most of all what makes your birthday special is the beautiful lady on your arm !
    Susan you look so chic I love that look and the ‘ Pop’ of colour the orange bag gives the whole look panache. I love the photo of you both together and both
    in shades of black and white and the photo brought to life with that gorgeous bag ..
    I think you have left us all guessing what the birthday meal was . Maybe next time .
    Best wishes to you both ,
    Pamela from Wales UK

    1. Thank you for the fun comment, Pamela. We enjoyed the Jilton Vegetarian and the North Carolina trout grilled with vegetables at Gourmet and Company. We’ve had the same entrees so many times before that we didn’t think we should show it all again.

  15. Great outfit Susan. I like the sleeve detail. Happiest of birthdays to Mr Mickey! He radiates kindness.

  16. A very Happy Birthday to a wonderful gentleman! You both are always so classy and well dressed! Thank you for your blog.

  17. Happy 89 th Birthday, Mr.Mickey!
    You both look fabulous for your festive occasion. Do have a plan when looking for the one special item you are purchasing each year? I always love your handbag choices. I’ve started to buy smaller leather bags as I’m finding the larger ones heavy. Have a lovely week!

    1. The best time to shop for something is rarely during the current season, so I watch for what I need. For example, I needed a sand-colored summer clutch for the past three years as I dressed, but I never found one I liked. So this spring, I found two while the selection was best.

  18. Happy Birthday Mr Mickey! Best wishes for many more adventures for the two of you, the sharpest dressed people I know of.

  19. Happy birthday to the always, debonair Mr.Mickey! You both look fabulous.
    Your hair looks lovely long or short. The present style suits you too. That attractive little bag sets the outfit off so well. I find a smaller bag carries everything I need and is so much more comfortable than hauling a larger handbag around. Enjoy the coming week!

  20. You two look absolutely gorgeous together! I love that jacket you have on, it’s beautiful. And, I can NOT believe Mr. Mickey’s license plate – what a hoot! Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey! I just love reading about your adventures together, Susan. It’s so nice to see two people aging together, so vibrantly and graciously.

  21. Happy birthday to the always elegant Mr. Mickey! You both look wonderful; it makes me smile to see the two of you together.

  22. A very happy birthday Mr Mickey. May you and Susan have many more lovely times together. I always love reading Susan’s helpful information and seeing your marvellous range of socks! All the best to you both

  23. Happy birthday, Mr Mickey- you wear 89 very well! Lovely, lovely couple with impeccable style:)

  24. Happy birthday to Mr Mickey! You both look fabulous in every way. Susan, your hair looks so lovely. That’s truly an elegant outfit presentation for you, so lovely. Thanks for sharing everything with us, I truly look forward to your posts.

  25. Happy birthday, Mr. Mickey! You bring joy to Susan that is passed along to her readers. I so enjoy hearing about your local adventures and, of course, your wonderful socks! Have a very happy birthday celebration!

  26. WOW, you are both so elegant! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and Happy Birthday Mickey!

  27. Looking at Mr Mickey seems look like he is getting younger. Happy Birthday and keep doing whatever you are doing. God Bless you.

  28. You always look so stylish and classic. Love that! Mr Micki is also so well dressed and fun- love those socks! Happy birthday Mr Micki.

  29. I often see people in church or nice restaurants who look like they’re wearing their “garage cleaning clothes”‘. I think it’s fun to dress up and celebrate a special occasion. Or turn an ordinary Saturday night into something special by treating it
    as such. You and Mr. Mickey sure look like you’re having fun!

  30. You always look so classy- not too stuffy or over done. Your ability to find the pieces used to upgrade your look is inspirational! And isn’t it just the best to partner with someone who aligns with your ways of being? I’ve had 3 husbands, each one very different from each other. I finally have one I am the most compatible with, without feeling the need to just tolerate or look the other way when issues don’t feel right. I’m a slow learner! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Happy birthday Mr Mickey. He certainly doesn’t look his age and you make a lovely couple. I hope you had a wonderful day out.
    Greetings from Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

  32. Hello Susan and Mr. Mickey, happy birthday to Mr. Mickey and to you. I wish you a beautiful day on his birthday and may the Lord bless you both! Sincerely, Jolanda

  33. Happiest of Birthdays to Mickey. Lovely picture of the two of you; truly a beautiful couple,, inside and out.

  34. You both look sensational! Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! He is definitely worthy of a grand celebration!

  35. Happy, Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! Your joy in life is always an inspiration! You both look lovely.

  36. Oh my, a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! I so look forward to your posts and am always left feeling good after reading.
    Have a wonderful week!

  37. I rarely make comments however today I must- Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey. I wish him many more years of good health and enjoyment. I thoroughly look forward to your blogs. I hope I can age and look as well as both of you do. Always love all your outfits. Could you share a picture of the purses and where you found them? I’m also look for something similar.

  38. What a stunning and classy couple you make. I’m sure heads turn to see you when people have the opportunity to see such a well dressed, beautiful gal and handsome guy enter a building or just walking down the sidewalk. Neither of you look your age and that is truly a compliment for you both.
    Happy birthday to the man in your life and may you both enjoy many more years to come.
    Clara from Iowa

    Patricia Kane, Florida

  40. Happy, happy birthday Mr Mickey, a gentleman of distinction and who knows how to treat your special woman. Many more. Bobbie

  41. Love m’s socks. It’s nice to see him in photo. Susan, love the black and white classic look on you.

  42. Happy 89th Birthday Mr. Mickey
    Wishing you a year filled with love, many happy celebrations and health.
    Kind Regards

  43. Happy, Happy BIRTHDAY, Mr. Mickey!!!!!!!! And many more!!
    Love the socks!!! And you two make a handsome couple!!!

  44. Great post of you and Mr. Mikey. I loved your outfits and especially loved what you had to say about the fine gentleman in your life.

  45. Many happy returns of your birthday Mr Mickey and many of em!1. What a very glamorous couple you make!

  46. You look beautiful and are always so perfectly styled! Mr. Mickey is such a handsome man and seems very joyful! A great couple!

    Thank you for your posts. I enjoy them and learn from you.

  47. I love your postings. Each and every one is inspiring and encouraging. I love seeing you and Mr. Mickey and your adventures together.
    It’s a delight to have you in my life.


  48. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey!!! What fun you two have. And thanks for taking us along for the ride. I’ve been following you for years and always feel uplifted after reading your posts. Thank You!

  49. Happy Birthday to a real gentleman. You both look fantastic and his choice of socks is perfect.

  50. You two look wonderful together – such a stylish duo! Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey; may this be the first of many celebrations this year.

  51. A very Happy Birthday to the dapper Mr. Mickey! Hope you have a wonderful day. You make such a lovely couple.

  52. I do not know you personally, but you guys are just so darn cute. Been following your blog for a while now, and it makes me smile. Happiest of birthdays to Mr. Mickey! Geminis unite (my birthday is tomorrow).

  53. Mr. Mickey you look great for your 89th birthday, personally you look much younger, and still classy next to your polished car. and a beautiful lady like Sue
    Sue you are so blessed to have this charming man in your life.
    Wishing you all the Best,

  54. You two make a lovely couple! Mr. Mickey is a handsome dude for his age, happy birthday to him.

    I like your outfit too!

  55. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey ! You two look lovely!
    Today is my husband’s 62 nd birthday. My
    wish is he , continues to be happy and healthy
    just like Mr. Mickey. I also wish he had as many
    colourful socks as Mr Mickey ! Have a great day.


  56. Évek óta olvasom a blogot de most írok ide előszőr Magyarországról, Budapestről. Szívből gratulálok az ünnepeltnek! Mindketten ragyogóan néztek ki!

  57. Greetings from Massachusetts!

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey!!! Stay young and strong.

    God bless you both,
    Julie Johnston

  58. Greetings from Greece.
    Congratulations! Every year younger , healthier and happier !
    I am pleased to say “you are my friends “!

  59. Happy birthday Mr. Mickey! You certainly do not look 89, but then again, maybe that is what 89 looks like!

  60. What a lovely couple. Happy birthday Mr Mickey, certainly you do not look 89. Keep on keeping on, love those piano socks wonderful outlook on life.

  61. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! Many, many more happy years! The piano socks are great!
    You two make a very attractive and dapper couple.
    Such fun to read your blog. I always get ideas!

  62. Susan,
    When a blouse you really like is too large in one size and fits but too snuggly in another, how do you decide what to do? I’m not the kind of lady, and neither are you, to wear snug tops; so do you purchase the large one and have it tapered , or do you just move on?
    The expense of a nice blouse is usually now more than I have ever spent, even on sale, and to add the tapering expense is just too expensive for my retiree budget.
    I would so appreciate your answer, as I know others who are in this same predicament!!!
    Weyou in Texas!!!

    1. I buy the blouse to fit my shoulders and bust. You can tailor the waist with darting to fit your curves. I often have to get things tailored to fit my shape or hemmed. Also, take a look at consignment stores. Older garments’ fabric quality and manufacturing are far superior to what is available now.

  63. Love to follow you both- you emanate wellness, positivity, a zest for life and the absolute truth that I am discovering. Life just gets better and better. Can you both please share your thoughts and wisdoms on some one who is approaching 60 and would love to meet a man suitable for a a partner. I take very good care of myself, slender fit and well dressed. I travel with irrepressible excitement and appetite for learning- belong to a local theatre group as an actress and still work as an executive assistant- a job I literally wake up in eagerness to do every single day- I love it, my colleagues and my eagerness to improve my work skills has only grown over the years. I bring interest to the table. Though just meeting single men seems to elude me. What is your life philosophy on this subject- thank you both. I value what you have to share.

    1. If we were again looking for a partner with whom we could enjoy life, it would likely happen through friends. Doing things that bring you joy or even going to the grocery store can allow you to meet like-minded people. Some widowed friends have met partners via the Internet, but that can be a risky challenge.

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