Dressed For Dinner

After a whole week of birthday celebrations, I treated Mr. Mickey to dinner at Hickory at the Nicewonder Farm and Vineyard on Saturday evening. You may recall our earlier visit for our dating anniversary in March. It is a delightful place to celebrate special occasions or get away for a relaxing weekend.

We have yet to enjoy much warm spring weather, but I wore sandals and a dress anyway. The dress is here. The sandals are here.

Knee-length dresses are not for me, but I occasionally wear a midi-length with platform sandals or heels for special occasions.

The sandals are here. The bag is from T.J.Maxx. The sunglasses are here. The bracelet is here. (You can still use the code SAS10 for $10 off one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

Mr. Mickey looked dashing as usual. His winning combination is a navy blazer with khaki slacks, a striped shirt, and two-tone shoes. A silk pocket square finishes off the look nicely.

We enjoyed one of Hickory’s specialty cocktails made with strawberries. They have a fantastic bartender who creates works of art in a glass.

Remoulade, trout roe, and fresh dill are pictured below.

Charleston’s Royal red shrimp, littleneck clams, lemon pepper, fermented tomato spaghetti, and lemon butter are pictured below.

His choice for dessert was the apple butter stack cake.

Our waiter was kind enough to snap a photo as we enjoyed our after-dinner ports.

We stopped at the Lumac Rooftop of the Bristol Hotel on our way home to watch the sunset with Mr. Mickey’s daughter, Regina, and some of her friends.

It was a delightful week full of family times and gatherings with special friends. He asked me to thank all of you for the kind comments. We enjoyed reading them so much.

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  1. I generally don’t like dresses (except floor length), but you look amazing! It certainly looks like a fun evening. Thank you for all the tips you give.

  2. Happy birthday, Mr. Mickey. Wishing you a year ahead filled goof health and much happiness.
    So nice to see a real lady and gentleman.

  3. I hope Mr. Mickey’s birthday was the best! Both of you look amazing! Susan, I love the length your hair!
    Any suggestions for getting to the length?

    1. I got only occasional trims for almost a year while it grew out. Show your stylist a picture of what you are working toward, so they remember to take off only a little.

  4. The end of your narrative reminds me of this quotation from Hilaire Belloc, which I have loved for years:
    From quiet homes and first beginning,
    Out to the undiscovered ends,
    There’s nothing worth the wear of winning,
    But laughter and the love of friends.

  5. Celebrating with loved ones is always the best. Wishing you many more together! I love your dress!

  6. Always a happy day when one of your posts appears in my inbox. A belated happy birthday to Mr. Mickey. You both inspire all of us to live life to the fullest; to cherish the small moments; to celebrate living; to appreciate all details great and small.

    Please keep posting. You have a huge impact.

  7. I love that ya’ll celebrate every chance you get……….We’re at that age where everyday begins to matter. Even if we are still here to celebrate, some of our loved ones and friends might not be.

  8. Bonjour Susan ! Vous êtes superbe et c’est un vrai plaisir de vous suivre sur votre blog. Merci pour vos magnifiques reportages accompagnés de jolies photos. À très bientôt !

  9. Love your photos Susan. Fashion and food. Don’t forget to include a photo of Mr Mickey’s socks so we can keep up with his collection!

  10. What a lovely post, the dress suits you so much , I love it and the low platform sandals give the look a 1940s feel, feminine and unfussy.
    Hey the bartender must have a sharp eye as the cocktail looks like the colours in your dress.
    Mr Mickeys daughter has his lovely smile, it’s a sweet photo of the both of you and gosh the sunset is the colours of your dress too.
    Summer has arrived in U.K. with a bang it’s been beautiful for 4weeks in Wales but East of England only now enjoying the warmth.
    I have few dresses in that style they can be dressed up with a short jacket , or a plain cute cardigan. Would you wear a short cotton type
    cardigan with the dress maybe with sleeve push up slightly? Last but not least Mr Mickey the ‘ birthday boy’ looks top notch too.
    As Always regards from Pamela ( Wales UK) .
    PS , I remember a few summers ago you wore a very pretty turquoise and white dress , I found one similar in U.K. and I love it.
    Your influence and good taste and tips reach the four corners of the globe. Thank you Susan.

  11. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey
    You look lovely in the dress
    Love seeing how you two are enjoying life.
    Carolyn Sakamoto
    Las Vegas , NV

  12. You are such a beautiful elegant couple and it is such a pleasure to see you enjoying your life in these posts. Thanks for sharing your fashion advice and yummy meals and travel pics! Happy birthday and Father’s Day to Mr. Mickey!

  13. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! It has been fun celebrating along with the two of you by reading your posts. Your both look fantastic, and I hope you have many more years together. Best wishes always!

  14. I enjoyed the photos celebrating Mr. Mickey’s birthday!
    You are a beautiful & classy couple! Wishing Mr. Mickey many more happy birthdays!

  15. Are you putting color or toner on your hair now? The last picture looks more blonde than grey?

  16. Happy belated birthday to your dapper Mr. Mickey!! I love the photo of you with his daughter….it seems to radiate joy. And my first thought on seeing your picture was how great your hair looks…perfectly flattering on you! Thank you for posting…it’s fun to follow along and get inspiration from your outfits and activities.

  17. It’s fun to dress up and make a little extra effort. So many people don’t bother anymore. You and Mr. Mickey look wonderful and appear to be enjoying every minute.

  18. That shade of orange looks fantastic on you! Orange is a bold color and for those who wear it well (as you do) it is a spectacular choice.

    So glad you and the much-beloved Mr. Mickey enjoyed so many birthday soiree and dining events. You both look wonderful.

  19. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! What a nice way to spend a birthday. You both look great as usual. And again I say it’s probably your clean lifestyle that is so important.
    You look really nice in that color! Great choice.

  20. I love your posts and you and Mr Mickey are just precious. God bless you both and prayers for many more birthday celebrations.

  21. Susan, your dress drapes so nicely on you. Is it a knit-soft stretchy fabric? I find that dresses in these types of fabrics are the best for me, especially with my straight figure. And wearing my tankee long underneath give a smooth line.
    Now a question for Mr Mickey…my husband has a beautiful light beige cotton blazer. How would you style this? What colour of pants, type of shoe, shirt? My husband is tall and thin.
    Thanks for always giving your readers such a wonderful blog post to look forward to all year long!

    1. The fabric of the dress is a very soft, stretchy knit.
      Dark blue trousers or dark denim with a white or pale blue shirt and tan loafers would be excellent choices for your husband to wear with his cotton blazer.

  22. What part of the country are you in? I am in Ohio and it was 64° yesterday!! We are having a cold start to summer.
    Sheryl Thompson

  23. Several years ago when I started following you you made the statement “ you detested wearing dresses”. And I wondered why but Lately you have been wearing more dresses and they look beautiful on you!

    1. Dresses at the knee-length look rather frumpy on me since the proportions are wrong with my thick calves. But I’ve found midi-lengths are flattering and comfortable when I pair them with platforms or heels.

  24. Susan and Mr. Mickey, we enjoy All of your wonderful photos and comments for your Extended Birthday Celebrations!! Such style and Fun !! I find ideas for my husband as well as myself. I LOVE your dress, Susan, and it does look comfortable. It did coordinate with the lovely sunsets & your photo with Mr. Mickey’s daughter !! Mr, Mickey I am encouraging my husband to find his style as as you have. Blessings to you both as you continue to enjoy Life. WE have been having similar weather to your ladies ‘commenting from Wales and England .I n mid-Wyoming a mile-high our weather has broken records for RAIN, & very cool.-It is lush and green here, and the garden flowers are gorgeous. I planted drought perennials for the last 7 years, so they are Tall! I HOPE to do birthday dessert parties there for our older grandson turning 18 on Friday THE 16TH, granddaughter, almost 13 who have birthdays JUNE 28th, & her mom, our older daughter, on June 29, our friend, 94 on July23!! Hope our weather cooperates!! BLESSINGS TO YOU, IN LIFE!!!

  25. How wonderful to see people sharing and celebrating life! You both look great and happy. Thank you for including us in your fun-filled day.

  26. I hope and expect that you had a fantastic week of celebrations. All the very best to you both from Edinburgh Scotland

  27. Fabulous! Love both your “looks!” You both are of the same mind as I am; celebrate everything for a long time!
    Why not? Life is meant to enjoy and it sure seems like you do.
    The pieture of the two of you is wonderful.
    Keep posting …I love all of them.
    A request: you seem to find great basics. Right now I’m looking for an ivory/off white tank top that’s a V-neck.
    I have an ample chest, and don’t want anything too flimsy or low cut. Cotton and/or a silky fabric is what I’d be looking for…if you happen to run across anything. I know you have talked about camisoles before. ( I think!). Thanks…

  28. Such a beautiful couple!! Happy Birthday to the dashing-as-always Mr. Mickey!! Susan – as I turn 60 you remain my style mentor as I have followed you for several years. Thank you for helping keep me stylishly current and, most importantly, proud of my age. So many women give up on themselves at this wonderful stage of life; kudos to you for championing self-care & personal style!

  29. I purchased the dress and sandals for my daughter-in-law’s baby shower. The perfect outfit – thank you, Susan.

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