Date Night At Home

We enjoy sitting at my breakfast table, sharing good conversation, hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine on Friday nights. It has become a winter tradition when the weather isn’t working in our favor.

A comfortable staying at home look includes trouser jeans here, a crisp white shirt here, and a plush warm vest here with loafers here. A similar belt is here. Recent outfits are here.

Staying in for date night may be business as usual for us, but a few dishes always bring a big smile to Mr. Mickey’s face. A few years ago, he gave me his mother’s fancy deviled egg plate, so I feel I must do it justice when I prepare them.

This recipe is a crowd-pleaser. I use pasture-raised free-range brown eggs. (These are from the very happy chickens on my cousin’s farm.) For perfect, easy to peel eggs, use a pasta spider to gently place them in very hot water but not at a full boil yet. Remove the pot from the heat for about one minute, then put it back on to cook for twelve minutes for soft boiled, three minutes longer for hard-boiled. Finally, place the eggs in ice water to stop the cooking process.

I blend the egg yokes with a teaspoon each of mayonnaise and honey mustard, and a splash of champagne vinegar. Add in a teaspoon (or so) of diced sweet pickles, but save a small amount of the diced pickles for topping and then sprinkle with salt, pepper, and paprika. Cover and chill for at least two hours.

I also served some sharp cheddar cheese, grapes, nuts, and warm, soft rolls along with the eggs. Mr. Mickey will take leftovers home with him for breakfast tomorrow.

Cheers! We hope you enjoy the weekend.

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  1. My computer says you posted this 3 hours ago. That means 3 AM. Having trouble sleeping? Or is this just your sleep pattern?

  2. Your Friday night repast looks yummy! The deviled eggs are perfect. It is nice to use family dishes and glassware on the table.

    1. We have enjoyed Valpolicella from Allegrini Fumane in Italy. I have found it at Fresh Market and my local wine shops. At under $18, it is a good dry red that complements many foods.

  3. I will try your deviled egg recipe soon. Here in Chicago it is 20 degrees so we are also spending more time at home. Happy New Year to you and Mr. Mickey!

  4. hi Susan. Love your posts! I have especially enjoyed your recent January posts. I too am enjoying Adriennne’s 30 Day Yoga Journey. Don’t you feel so refreshed after each session? Thank you for introducing us to the fashion sites you enjoy following. I especially enjoy “SomethingWhite”. I appreciate all that you share with us so much. Blessing to you and Mr. Mickey.!

  5. Loved that you shared your deviled egg recipe. I am always looking for new ways to prepare food and you never disappoint when you add these tidbits to your blog. We had over 7 inches of snow, ice and super cold weather in our area so staying indoors is a must for now and your input really hits the mark. Take care and God bless.
    Clara from Iowa

  6. Susan. I just looked up the vest and it is unbelievably low priced on sale. I need to get a couple! Do you mind sharing what size you are wearing, medium or large?

  7. Cara Susan, Tu e il Sig Mickey siete dolcissima Un brindisi a tutti due per le vostre serate a casa dove Tu intrattieni con tanta cura. Un abbraccio da me Dora Renata pala (Margot Fonteyn)

  8. Cara Susan Che dolcissima persone Tu e il Sig Mickey, e’bello stare in casa in ottima compagnio quando fuori e freddo. E Tu sei una splendida padrona, Che said curare e presentare tutto Al meglio. Vi auguro tante serene serate, un abbraccio. Dora Renata pala.

  9. Susan, This is such a lovely way to make Friday nights special. As we have avoided in-restaurant dining since December, I am going to set aside time to serve a nice plate like this for my husband. He was raised in the South and LOVES deviled eggs. A funny story — one time his grandmother, Mama Pearl, (whom he spent time with in North Carolina) was to serve deviled eggs to her luncheon guests. My husband, who was about 4 years old at the time, discovered the plate on the kitchen counter. He proceeded to carefully lick all the filling out of each egg, then neatly placed them back in their positions on the plate. You can imagine what his grandmother thought when it came time to serve her guests! Whenever I make deviled eggs, I tease him about this story.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Hi Susan,
    I just ordered the vest in navy blue- can’t believe the price! I also rise early, between 3-4 and love it. I can get all the things I need to do by 8:00 am and then have the rest of the day to do something fun. I go to bed between 8-9 and read for awhile. This schedule works wonderfully for me but I know it is not for everyone. I love deviled eggs and can’t wait to try your recipe. Have a great day and thanks for being YOU.

  11. Hi Susan,
    I wish I had a structured routine. I have led a flexible lifestyle, even with a business, that did not require me to be in a certain place everyday. Now in retirement, I can’t break the habit. I admire you for that as well as your many other talents. BTW, are you wearing black or navy in the photo. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you for sharing. You look wonderful. The glassware you served on are beautiful. Hello to Mr. Mickey. Glad you had a fun evening.

  13. Always enjoy your posts. You and Mr Mickey share so many nice times together… do my husband and I…..and we are aging “gracefully” hahaha!!! You look beautiful, Mr Mickey, so handsome…..and I always enjoy ALL of your beautiful photos.

  14. Love this, Susan! This is one of my favorite weekend “dinners” when we are enjoying a quiet evening and maybe a little Netflix! Your egg plate is lovely and how special it was to receive Mr. Mickey’s mother’s plate. My crystal egg plate was the first wedding gift I received in the mail and has become a treasured family piece that is used for every holiday and get-together in our home. I wonder which of my five kids will own it one day, or maybe it will be passed around from occasion to occasion!! 🙂

  15. Love this post!! Looks just like my egg plate…
    I do similar with friends when we gather. Whether it be coffee for my knitting ladies or neighbors who stop by for “Happy Hour”…
    One doesn’t need a lot of food…it is the socializing that is important. All we need to do is keep a few things on hand. Always prepared to make a nice setting to enjoy ones company….
    Thanks, Susan…

  16. Susan, many thanks for letting us see this unadorned but still chic ensemble. As for deviled eggs, I enjoy making them too. My method for boiling them is different from yours, but I end exactly the same way: by taking them off the stove and immediately plunging them into ice water. I leave the eggs there for several minutes before shelling them. After being shocked with cold water, the eggs are easy to peel. The shells slide right off without sticking to the egg and coming off in little bits.

  17. Susan, This was such a lovely
    Article. You and Mr. Mickey look
    Wonderful, as you always do. It’s always a treat to see pictures of both of you. I really enjoyed the deviled egg recipe. I like the use of the honey mustard and the addition of the chopped pickles. I am boiling eggs right now. LOL. I was straightening some drawers today and came across some vintage glass serving pieces and was thinking what a treasure they are. Can’t find my deviled egg platter however. I will keep on the lookout for a replacement. Happy New Year to
    You both.

  18. Thank you for showing us the vests. I have just put in my order and am looking forward to wearing them. I love your blog and your approach to life.

  19. What a lovely “date night”. Friday nights are sacred for me and my husband. We usually go to a restaurant. It is a great way to decompress and reconnect after the work week. After 38 years of marriage, he still asks me out for a date. We are both blessed with wonderful, thoughtful men in our lives.

  20. Thank you for this sweet post! Mr. Mickey looks so happy. The cold weather brings us together in such special, quiet ways, makes me grateful for such times

  21. Hi Susan, I loved your delicious deviled eggs in treasured family glassware and I ordered two of your very practical attractive vests. You’re just up my alley! I love how you make simplicity elegant. Thanks for your posts and inspiration!

  22. Susan
    How many ways to make the eggs. I do the same however add a bit of very finely chopped onion, a bit of dejon mustard too to the yolk mix, a bit of sweet pickle relish…add mayo…top with paprika.
    Salt and pepper…
    I make these on a regular basis and have for breakfast too. You can top with truffle oil for a different twist. Eggs should cook 13 minutes total after they boil.
    and throw into the ice water bath. They then peel easily.
    And I hope you made the broccoli salad recipe I sent. It is awesome.

  23. You look great, as does Mr. Mickey. I am always impressed at how little you eat on a Friday night, but really, if I think about it, it is really completely appropriate. “We” or maybe I really mean “I” eat too much and serve too much too. And now you have done it for sure. I am searching the internet for a devilled egg plate for 4 eggs. You, as always, are an inspiration.

  24. Hi Susan, A charming tete a tete and a unique serving dish! Thank you for the recipe, our “girls” will be happy to present us with the eggs and we will try it out. Best wishes, Thellie Ferris, Australia.

  25. What a lovely evening! You wear those flare-leg jeans so well. Whenever I see deviled eggs in one of your photos, I know Mr Mickey can’t be far away!

  26. My grandma used to saute a small amount of finely chopped onion and mushroom and added it to the egg yolks. Little mayo and mustard and paprika. Love devilled eggs! She was Polish!

  27. YOU are a very special person. Always willing to share with your fans. Many thanks. Also, you are truly blessed having a friend like Mr. Mickey. A PERFECT GENTLEMAN!!!!

  28. Looks absolutely yum. What a pleasant way to spend the evening. My husband and myself do very similar on the back sunroom overlooking our 6 acres watching the birds in the garden and in the bird bath.

  29. Susan, I have enjoyed making your deviled egg recipe since the last time you posted it! My question is regarding vests. I have been searching for vests that aren’t quilted, fleece, faux fur or puffers for a while and haven’t come up with any. I would love to find some in wool or a high quality blend of woven fabric, but not knit. Would you have any suggestions?

  30. How lovely, simple yet elegant. I haven’t been reading your blog for too long, less than six months, but enjoy getting the emails and reading these. I just assumed you and Mr. Mickey were married. I am so happy that you both enjoy life like this. So nice to have someone to travel and share time with. Blessings and thank you for your posts.

  31. Our Covid puppy, Dolly, makes romantic dinners like this slightly less romantic. My husband and I love her dearly and she is great company and entertainment, but I am looking forward to the day when she will relax in a corner while we enjoy a lovely meal like this. Macy’s is doing a booming business this morning – I ordered 3 of the vests! Thanks Susan!

  32. I wear mostly button shirts with collars and slim ankle jeans. I love tees but even though I am petite, I have a difficult time with tees, because of a roll at my waist. What do you suggest with shirts, v neck cardigans or jean jackets? I do buy shorter cardigans, I am only 4’11” 112, and senior.

  33. What a great idea! Your stuffed eggs look delicious as does the rest of your meal. Thank you again for sharing parts of your life and fashion tips for your “young at heart” readers!!

  34. What a coincidence! Yesterday I decided I wanted some deviled eggs which are now in fridge on a plate just like yours! I did use my little electric egg cooker which I bought at Target about a year ago. It is great and so easy to use.
    I like your outfit. Sadly, I am 5’2” and pants like yours add pounds to my frame. Even pants that are only slightly flared at the bottom require my wearing some type of shoe with a heel even if only about an inch and a half. The skinny pants with flats (when it is warmer) are great. I enjoy your posts.

  35. Nice to know that accoutrements for a casual evening count, that beautiful cut or pressed glass is used. We have many evenings like this in front of the fireplace, or on the outdoors screened porch when temps are more agreeable. Is the egg plate Fostoria? It’s pattern glass and probably early 20th century. Beautiful.

  36. Susan:
    Wonderful post as it brings back great memories to me.
    My Grandmother gave me an identical hard-boiled egg plate. I don’t use it often, but when I do I always think of her!

  37. Hello Susan. I have just finished watching an advertisement on Instagram for a product called “Goldies Bra”, sponsored by something called “Superbzeal”. Imagine my surprise to see a picture of you, labelled as “Brenda Grace, 68”, possibly taken from one of your videos, with a bra, possibly a Shapeez although insinuated to be one of “Goldies”, captioned with a happy customer quote! I don’t know how to place a complaint, although the comment section was full of warnings from angry and cheated purchasers. Hope you are able to have this injurious ad removed.

    1. I have been reporting that shady company for fraudulently using my image for over a year, and it is just one of many reasons I no longer use Facebook. Thank you for letting me know.

  38. We’ve also started the tradition of cocktails on Friday nights since it’s been difficult to go anyplace during covid. We enjoyed it on our patio in nice weather and inside during the cold months. We experiment with different cocktails and wines. Plus, all kinds of finger foods. Including deviled eggs. I love using glass serving dishes from my grandmother. She was from a different time and had bridge parties. luncheons and coffees. As her only grandaughter, I have all her serving pieces, tablecloths and fancy napkins. I try to use them as much as possible and treasure them.

  39. I have that egg platter from my grandmother so it’s very special to see it on your table! Just ordered a couple of the vests that I can’t wait to wear!

  40. I always enjoy deviled eggs and make them frequently. However, I’ve never used honey mustard (usually Grey Poupon or yellow) and never champagne vinegar. Those two changes made such difference — this is now my favorite recipe! The picture at your breakfast table was missing something. Where were the iPhones, iPads, and laptops? It’s so sad to see people sharing a meal and their nose is stuck in their electronics! Such a beautiful, simple evening. Please continue o share some of your favorite recipes.

  41. Susan,
    Love following you on Pinterest. You inspire me to look my best every day. My husband is interested to see what Mr. Mickey is wearing. At 86 years old he still is a sharp dresser. He is 14 years past my 72 years and we so enjoy our weekend jaunts. Fun to see pictures of your adventures.

    I notice you no longer mention French Kande jewelery. My husband bought several pieces as gifts for me. I love them but found them to be a bit pricy.

    Looking forward to your next posting.

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