A Walk By The River

My sister and I enjoyed a lovely day together on Thursday. The weather was springlike with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. We explored the new shops located in Building 520 and had lunch in Elizabethton, TN. Later in the day, we went for a walk by the river and checked out the fort and the museum at Sycamore Shoals State Park.

The usually calm and clear river was raging with whitecaps and muddy water due to all the rain we have recently experienced.

The challenge was to wear something appropriate for shopping in town and having lunch and comfortable for an afternoon of outdoor activities. I opted for a long layered tank from White House|Black Market and black jeggings from Chico’s. The black sneakers are by Vionic, and the denim jacket is by Levis. After our walk, I was too warm, so that jacket was removed and draped over my shoulders. The handbag is by Ralph Lauren. Links for the same or similar items are below.

  1. How to minimize attention to “comfortable walking shoes” for long-distance walking is always a question. I agree with you…black walking shoes with dark pants are the solution. Mine are black Merrills—this 75-year-old can comfortably walk 8 to 10 miles when I’m sightseeing with these sturdy dark shoes. The message here is to avoid light-colored walking shoes….there are more subtle solutions available!
    ((Love, LOVE your blog, Susan….your voice is always speaking to me when I make shopping decisions!))

    1. Oh, how I wish I were enjoying a beach vacation! If I ever get to take a vacation in warm weather, I will bring light colors of cotton and linen, a few scarves and navy blue cardigan for evenings and cold restaurants. I always take pieces that mix and match to get many looks with fewer items.

  2. Brava! I always like the look of a woman who’s pulled together *and* wearing comfortable shoes. You manage this look perfectly. I have found that if the rest of your casual or semi-casual outfit is sleek and goes together, a pair of good, neutral colored walking shoes does not detract from the look. Of course, the operative word for the outfit is “sleek.” Our last trip to Paris, my look was generally slim black pants with a black quilted vest along with a scarf or an olive green city jacket, again with scarf (I hate greasy necklines on clothes, so always wear a scarf with outerwear). I paired the look with tobacco colored Samuel Hubbard oxfords with a black lug sole. I’d have preferred a sleeker shoe, but my feet require thick soles for lots of walking, so was willing to compromise a bit. I’d have hated to miss out on something because my feet hurt. I did upgrade to flat Paul Green ankle boots when there was less walking involved.

  3. You always look so elegant and stylish even for a casual day. It’s cold here so jealous of your southern weather. Enjoy.

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