Foxy Suede Booties

Have you noticed the strong cowboy or Cuban heel influence this fall? I like the look of a sleek short boot with a pointed toe and a block heel. They are so comfortable to walk in, and they balance fuller calves well.

I wear suede shoes and white jeans only on days when no precipitation is predicted. My ankle jeans are here. The Bordeaux color bag is old, other colors here. Watch here. Get a 15% discount on your watch with the code SUSAN15.

My tunic is old, but a similar one is here. I am wearing no-show socks here. Your bare ankle is meant to show with this style of boot.

The Foxy Suede Gigietta Bootie is here.

Mr. Mickey and I were visiting my parents on Sunday when we took these photos.

  1. This is the youthful look I am seeking. Elegant casual! I will try this today with something similar from my closet.

  2. Everything is beautiful! You, your outfit, the Fall colors and plants. It’s always a pleasure to look at your posts.

  3. Love this look Susan! BTW I received my first order from Covered Perfectly today and can’t get over how luscious that fabric is. I may never buy a cotton T again! Thanks so much for your posts, always encouraging and inspiring.

  4. Hi Susan….I enjoy your blog. Do you have any suggestions for scarf-wearing for short women? Most scarves are very long and I usually feel overwhelmed with material. Thank you

  5. Great look for you! I am older and heavier than you are but still enjoy wearing this exact look. I have a very hard time finding scarves that are long enough to tie around my neck and still have enough to tie with a few loops and still have some to hang. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  6. LOVE those booties and your entire outfit! It amazes me to see beautiful plants and GREEN still. I live in Wyoming and we have snow and bitter cold (7 degrees yesterday). It’s hard to look stylish in that kind of weather, but I do my best to follow your tips even in our crummy weather. I wore black leggings, black boots, plaid flannel tunic with a red (shorter) vest and got lots of compliments on my outfit at work today (and of course a heavy overcoat for outdoors). I truly owe it to your blog and advice on putting outfits together! Thanks, Susan, you’re very inspiring!

    1. Are you asking about the top? If so, the length may be too long for you if you are 5’4″ or less. You could always get the top hemmed, so if the shoulders fit you, that might be an option for tops with a simple hemline.

  7. Hello Susan, I really like your outfits here and find all your suggestions very interesting. Most of all though, I really enjoy your vocabulary,it is so refreshing these days to read or listen to someone who speaks properly.
    With very best wishes
    Cindy Corrigan UK

  8. Love your booties. I bought a pair of gray and black snakeskin booties this fall and am wondering how to wear them other than with jeans/slacks. I also like the way you tied your scarf and wonder if you could send a link to a scarf tie video.
    Thank you,
    Kathy Briscoe

    1. The scarf I am wearing is a long rectangle. Hold the scarf by one corner, and then loosely wrap it around your neck once or twice. Tie the ends in front or let them hang at the sides.

  9. The plants at your parents’ home are beautiful. Are the blue flowers hydrangeas? You are an inspiration to those of us that need help with our wardrobe. I enjoy and look forward to your posts. Thank you. Diane

  10. I love those style boots but i must have skinny ankles or something because there is always such a large gap that looks weird unlike how nice yours looks. Guess I’ll keep looking. Also, with a size 9.5/10 size shoe i prefer a more rounded toe as the pointy toe makes my feet look really big.

  11. Very lovely post! I have learned so much from you! Tomorrow is my 62 birthday, I have lost over 50 lbs this year and am feeling great! So much inspiration from you dear Susan! Thank you!

  12. Could please tell mew the approx. length of your “oversized” scarf? LOVE the booties…i have them in a navy blue suede. Any suggestions on how to brush or clean them? Thank you!

  13. Susan, I have been following you for a couple of years and really enjoy your blog. My suggestion is to occasionally do a piece on following your advice on a budget (perhaps compare two similar pieces but one is a ” budget” item). Many of your followers are 60 plus (or plus plus) and on a fixed income and there aren’t a lot of $250 cashmere scarves(the alternative you suggest today) in their wardrobe. Another option would be a ” high”(price) item combined with “low”(price) items, to fill out a look. I love your articles, keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you for your comment. As with most of the classic basic items I show, you can find similar ones at JC Penny, Walmart, thrift stores, Target, Talbots, Chico’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Macy’s. T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, and Saks Off 5th are also good sources for basics. The referral company I work with doesn’t always offer a variety of items in lower price ranges.

  14. Hi. Love your blog. Do you have a large silk scarf in red/white/blue, black/white, or red/white/black or anything similar? Thanks.

  15. Hi Susan,

    The black, beige, and some white stripe Ruana Wrap that you wore in a 10/30/19 Pinterest blog I think is so nice.
    Chico’s has on similar in color on page 25 of their October 2019 catalogue. I like the color way of yours so much better.
    Do you recall where you purchased this from?

  16. I just received a pair of black leather and suede booties and I love them except that I have a small bunion that gets aggravated when I wear a heel. I will only be able to wear them when I won’t have to do a lot of walking. But I am glad to have them – very cool looking, thanks to your inspiration.

  17. Hi Susan. I enjoy your account. I would like to know what scarves you have available for sale. Your scarves really do look fantastic and elevate your outfits. Thank you in advance. Diane Jacob

  18. Thank you for your blog! I’m a plus-size 56 yo. I struggled with being “in-style” and looking age appropriate and classic. I found your blog and it all clicked. I’m not huge, but curvy. Much of what you wear, looks good on me as well. I’ve worn long sweaters & scarves over a tank or long sleeve tee for years. Your posts are helping me to refine my look as I get older Today I wore dark jeans, mushroom booties, navy tank & long sweater, long chain necklace and yellowish scarf tied up to bring color up near my face. I felt “pretty” and put together. While I’m not going to get wolf-whistles, I did get approving looks and was not ignored as an older lady when we were out & about today.
    One topic I’d like to see you address (if you haven’t already), is when did you (if ever) stop coloring your hair. I love your hair color and my stylist says I’m 60% gray now. My dh doesn’t want me to stop coloring but I plan to be my nature color (whatever it is) by the time I’m 60. Best regards.

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