Bring on Spring!

It was warm enough to wear one of the new jackets I added to my wardrobe for spring at lunchtime on Wednesday.

The white jacket is by IC Collection from Even though I don’t usually go for textures in my clothing, this jacket works well if I wear sleek, smooth pieces under it and leave it open. I needed a jacket that could be dressed up or down to wear while it is still cool, but I wanted something slightly different from the mostly tailored pieces I have. It is fun to add a splash of color or a surprising silhouette.

The tank top is the new one from Covered Perfectly. I wore it for the day but replaced it with another one to show it and the gray top to you in the video below. When you buy two tops, you get one free! Visit Covered Perfectly here.

The block-heeled sandals are by Gianni Bini from Dillard’s last year. The bag is a couple of years old, and it is by Ralph Lauren.

I plan my purchases according to what is missing from my wardrobe. Some things need to be replaced because they start to look faded after going through the laundry too often. Planned purchases are made at the beginning of the season so that I can get my size. When I know I will repeatedly wear certain essential items, such as white tanks and white jeans, I buy more than one.

  1. Love , love, love this casual outfit from top to bottom! Simple yet with texture. You are a talented self stylist. I enjoy your blog very much. Thank you for the time, energy, thought, and plain ole hard work that you expend in creating a this wonderful site.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with what L H Carter commented- I really enjoy your elegant and practical suggestions! Thank you Susan!

  3. I really love your shoes. The black and tan combination is wonderful and the block heels makes them more comfortable to wear for longer periods. You look lovely and the new spring jacket is unusual and chic! I look forward to seeing and reading what new ideas you have for us with each new blog!!

  4. An interesting jacket, Susan. Due to the unique buttons which appear black in the photo, would you pair this jacket with a black dress pants for a dressier look? And if you did, would you wear a white top or black one underneath?

    Thanks and can’t wait to see what adventure you and Mr. Mickey have this weekend!

  5. I want to thank you for your site. It’s an inspiration to me. I have had a tendency to dress matronly most of my life. Your style is quite appealing. You are teaching me how to dress my age and look classy. I really liked the pink jacket.

  6. Thank you for showing this. I noticed that the IC jackets feature some style details that remind me of Jackie Kennedy. Love these!

  7. I love the jacket. Thanks for the tips on where to get jeans. I keep finding the ones for younger women – lower cut, distressed. Nope.

  8. Hello Susan:

    I really like this video, giving me lots of options for my spring wardrobe. I especially like the new tops with the white pants. Very nice.

    Our weather (So. Cal) is perfect right now, and I am going to wear my white pants with a blouse I purchased from you.

    Have a great day…


  9. Thank you again Susan for all your great fashion ideas. I just love your style and I really enjoy reading and watching your posts. Keep up the great work. Alot of my friends do not really care about fashion after 60 and I am glad I am not alone in my love of fashion as you and your followers share great ideas.

  10. It is so helpful when you address figure flaws in general, and I would like to know if you have any suggestions on how to wear pants and tops to camouflage hip dip, or what is also referred to as, violin hips. I am almost 60 and petite, but this figure flaw is difficult to conceal and creates such a challenge, especially in warmer weather.

  11. Susan, I love the way you are always building your wardrobe and seeing all the lovely clothes in your closet. Can I tell you, what really drives me crazy are all these young minimalists pushing the ten item wardrobe. Really, what grown woman wants a closet with ten items in it??? Like you I have an extensive wardrobe, but every piece has bee selected with care (unlike you, I have to share my closet), but it warms my heart to see a chic and stylish woman like yourself proudly display and wear a beautiful wardrobe.

  12. Enjoyed this post & great video. You covered so much; especially liked knowing about the asymmetrical tops. Thank you & enjoy your weekend!

  13. I love watching you build on your beautiful and extensive wardrobe. Can I tell you, one thing that I find totally absurd is all these minimalist bloggers pushing the ten piece wardrobe. What stylish woman aspires to have a closet with ten items in it? I enjoy your blog because you enjoy acquiring and wearing beautiful clothes. And thank you for the Shop My Fair Lady discount. I love their clothes.

  14. I have been on a weight loss journey for several months, and I still have a long journey ahead. My question is, ” what do you do when you have gone down a few sizes, but ultimately you know you have a long way towards your goal?” I don’t want to buy all new clothes for Spring because I won’t be staying this size, but I also don’t want to go around with baggy clothes, looking sloppy and Frumpy. What would you suggest?

    1. I bought a pair of slim black pants with an elastic waist and wore longer tops while I was losing weight. It was easier to conceal the fact that the pieces were too big for me for a longer period.

    1. I am careful to put the hangers on the seam of the garment. They do still get a bit of a bump at times, so I use a steamer or my iron on a low setting to steam it away.

  15. Susan I could absolutely listen to you all day. Thank you so much for the video. My style is basically like yours but I get off track too easy. You’re helping me focus on what I need not on whims. I especially like hearing your thought process behind what looks good and why. I need office workwear and am able to use your ideas to work for that too. Keep em coming!

  16. Susan,
    Love your sense of style, your great tips, you’re cute shoes (which give the whole outfit a young, edgy look) and your darling personality!
    I’d love to have lunch with you! Instead, I look forward to your email tips!

    Keep them coming, you continue to inspire me!

  17. You are an inspiration for many women and I hope you continue your blog for years to come. I like how you show ways to mix and match different items and get more mileage out of a few pieces. As a clothing minimalist I take the best of what you show and adapt those key pieces to suit my winter coloring and my changing 73 year old figure. Please keep on doing what you do so well. Thank you.

  18. I just purchased the shorter black sleeveless dress from your clothing line. Wow! It is beautiful and the material it is made of is fabulous! I decided to order several more items including a couple scarves. Can’t wait for the delivery! BTW! I’ve been a fan of Covered Perfectly since I started following you. Thanks for sharing your design aesthetic with us! I feel like I have a friend advising me!

  19. Delightful, as always!!

    Love your suggestions, esp the “Shark’s bite” bottoms;sometimes difficult to find,but…..perseverance pays off!!

    You, too, and your staff, and of course, Mr. Mickey…have a fabulous spring!

  20. Is the bone handbag with the tortoise shell handles a new acquisition?

    Great ideas – I’m off to shop now. Thank you!

  21. I enjoy your blog and chic fashions and tips immensely!The tips are very
    helpful especially for those of us who do not have an unlimited wardrobe budget, but
    still want to look chic and enjoy fashion. Please keep up the great work! Also, one
    question regarding your change to a mostly plant-based diet–you have not mentioned
    yogurt. Do you include low or no-sugar Greek yogurt in your diet? Thank you!

  22. Thank you for the tips especially on the video! Someone mentioned the jackets as what Jackie Kennedy would wear and I agree, classy and timeless. Have a good weekend.

  23. Susan, could you verify the color of the striped tee shirt in your link. Not sure which color to order.
    Also, what is the brand of the beautiful handbag with he tortoise handles?

  24. I really appreciate your video. Your presentation of thought process behind each piece is so helpful! I am planning to purchase a few of the pieces you shared in the video. Thanks for giving me inspiration to add some dressier pieces to my wardrobe! Since I’ve retired, and the last few years, I’ve gotten so casual and outdoorsy in my lifestyle that I’ve been stumped on how to transition my work wardrobe to casual/dressy that better fits my current lifestyle. Plus, I’d rather be doing something outdoors than driving from store to store for shopping! Thanks for making it easier to find what I need and want.

  25. Susan, I’ve just discovered you, and you are already an inspiration! I’m a young 64, but I’ve put on weight since I retired 4 years ago. I was an international flight attendant, and it was quite an emotional adjustment after 40 years of flying! Thanks to you, I’ve decided that yes, I can lose this weight, and it’s time to quit going on a diet for…a morning, or for a day! I’m serious!! Sometimes I wouldn’t make it a whole day!! I’m weak, I know, but that pic of you at 54 was enough to rattle my senses & gave me something to shoot for.
    You truly are a beautiful woman, inside and out!! How do women write mean things to you?!! They’re jealous (really??? At our age???) and some people simply are so miserable, they want everyone else to be miserable with them. God forbid if you have something they don’t!!
    So, I probably need to lose 25 lbs. I’m going for it, buying the book, making a commitment, and after this weekend (can’t start when I have a dinner party to go to, for heaven’s sake!!) I’ll be getting after it. I’ll check back in later. For now, thank you, thank you!! You’re my new best friend!!

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