Be true to yourself. Wear what makes you feel confident, sassy, and vibrant. If an all-black look makes you feel like the CEO of your life, go for it. If high heels are more comfortable than flats, rock them. If a black (faux or real) leather moto jacket puts a little strut in your step, wear it often.

Fashion should be fun, and personal style is just that… personal. So don’t let anyone dim your light or break your spirit.

We haven’t come this far to fade quietly into the background. So be fabulous in your unique way.

Never compare yourself to others. In truth, your life, health, and circumstances may be way better than theirs.

None of our clothing or accessories are new, so I’ll skip the links today.

On Saturday night, we enjoyed another excellent meal at Gourmet and Company, so Mr. Mickey took photos with his phone to share with you.

It’s always a special treat when Mr. M has cornbread with apple butter, tomato, and bacon jam.
I ordered the Jilton Vegetarian, and it was perfection.
Mr. Mickey had the delicate Chilean Sea Bass.
We both had an oatmeal cookie martini and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.

Life is short. Wear fun socks, eat good food, and laugh often.

I’m sure someone besides me could use a pep talk today, so I am sharing this post for anyone who needs a lift. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

  1. Fabulous! It was Mr. Mickey’s turn to wear the red accents for both of you! Love it!
    And this assertion of yours stands out:
    “We haven’t come this far to fade quietly into the background. So be fabulous in your unique way.”

  2. Beautiful pictures of the food and the both of you plus wonderful advice and encouragement as a bonus!
    Many thanks

  3. “Wear fun socks!” Thank you for that reminder! And please thank Mr. Mickey for always dressing so well, too, and for showing the fun socks he always sports. Thanks to the two of you, I came up with the perfect small gift for my ex (we’re good friends) who will turn 84 in a couple of weeks: I got him some martini socks, a la Mr. Mickey. I always look forward to your posts. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful pictures of you and Mr. Mickey. I always enjoy seeing the places you go and looking at your lovely outfits. The Moto jacket looks modern and elegant on you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well said!! Yes I did need a pick me up. Your posts are very encouraging and inspiring. Something to remember.

  6. I love this look! Love, love, love!
    The food and drink look yummy!
    Mr. Mickey is very well put together!
    Lovely couple!

  7. Uplifting post. Thanks to you and your partner, Mr. Mickey, for all you to to help and encourage so many.

  8. Thank you, Susan. (And Mr. Mickey!) It was me…I needed the pep talk. I’m a long-time reader, but a first time commenter. Great post!

  9. Great post Susan! I so appreciate the encouragement and love your personal style(s)! As well as helping me embrace my own.

  10. Your post is so uplifting and a wonderful reminder to all of us: to count OUR blessings. Life is too short, we need to live it to the fullest and on our terms. Thank you for all of your hard work, it means so much to so many!!

  11. What a great pep talk!! With everyone saying women of a certain age shouldn’t wear this or that, this is so refreshing. I have decided to wear what I feel good in and what looks nice. I don’t want to look frumpy any longer. Thanks for the great post!!

  12. Very True Statements. What we all need to hear. We should only compare ourselves with ourselves to find things to improve and we should do and wear what makes us feel fabulous, confident and capable. Love Mr. Mickey’s socks. I’ve been buying my husband fun socks now that he’s retired and not wearing the all black of priests all the time.

  13. Thank you Susan. What a special message! We need to be our own cheerleader sometimes as well as cheer on other women and the people we love. I really needed this because I am not feeling well 3 weeks into recovery from surgery and must see the doctor today. I hope your pep talk worked for you, too.

  14. Thanks so much for the pep talk! I get so tired of the ‘don’t wear this if your hair is gray, don’t wear that because some supposed expert said not to’ , just the general don’t show up, fade into the background attitude toward women of all ages. I’m going to save this post! I’m 71, and not ready to be unseen!

  15. Susan, you have given us powerful words “We haven’t come this far to fade quietly into the background. So be fabulous in your unique way”. I am going to print on card stock and use as a book mark. You give all you followers lots of pep talks, I wonder who gives you a pep talk when you need. Thank you for using your time to help us.

  16. I heard a young blogger use the phrase ‘you do you’ – it’s refreshing and just plain common sense, just like this post. Thanks for helping us feel a little more relevant 🙂

  17. Love this post for the positive message. Of course, there always is a positive message located at Susanafter60! My husband and I have downsized and bought a new home. It is needing some updating and some repairs. So we’ve been busy finding a contractor and deciding what the budget will cover. Exciting, but stressful too. It is inspiring to have an example of living life well. I do wish we had restaurants near by that had such yummy small plates of food so beautifully presented. I need to explore my new surroundings more thoroughly. You both are looking great. Thank you for sharing! Have a remarkable week!

  18. It sounds as if someone/something got you down. I’m glad you have the fortitude to “keep on truckin” You are an inspiration to all of us. I agree with your comment: “We haven’t come this far to fade quietly into the background. So be fabulous in your unique way”. Ignore everyone else because they are probably just jealous they don’t feel as confident and beautiful!

  19. Enjoyed this post and yes I needed a lift today. Feeling a little off today and the fact we had another snow storm doesn’t help matters! Tomorrow will be a better day. Your meal looks delicious as always.

  20. Thank you for this post. I sometimes need to be reminded that I should wear what makes me feel good and like my best self. What is right for one person, may not be for another. Good advice!

  21. Love your posts – and would love to know where I might find the pants you’re wearing. They have a beautiful leg and hit you just right at the shoe with a little flare.

  22. Hello Susan your posts are great! It gives me confidence to wear MY style. I had always thought I needed to change types of clothes I wear, but now realise I can keep the basics the same just tweaking accessories etc! You cheer up my days! Love from the UK!

  23. The cut of your black pants are divine on you, and the shoes knock the outfit out of the park. And the bag says, “Look at me!”
    Mr. Mickey’s coordinates in socks and sweater vest in a red pop are great!
    You two always look red carpet ready!
    Thanks for inspiring all of us!

  24. Your shoes Rock. I’m 76 so due to a bad knee I mostly wear flats now probably caused by 3 knee surgeries from snow skiing. Have some pretty low heels though due to your suggestions. Thanks always.

  25. I loved the message of this post – it is very uplifting . I wish I could follow your advice , but at 67 years old I still haven’t figured out what my style is – let alone express myself through fashion . It’s a concept I can’t grasp or do – So I just dress mimicking outfits I see , like ones you post . Grateful

  26. I agree with Denise. The cut and flare on those pants is nice. You truly look like a movie star in that outfit, and I love that you aren’t wearing a necklace.
    The flare of the pants with the heels is perfection.

  27. A perfect TGIF post! Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a fun weekend! Love your expressions! Love the red socks too!

  28. Good looking food!
    Good looking folks!

    I especially like his choices in cornbreads!
    Including another of your recent posts!

    Thanks for sharing!

  29. This post is just what I needed today. Thank you so much. I always enjoy your posts. God bless.

  30. I’m with you!I just got back from my book club and wore bell bottom jeans, my black thick soled lug boots and my short black leather motorcycle jacket. And I’m 66! Life is too short to worry about what is “age appropriate.” You and Mr. Mickey look fabulous!

  31. I’m so inspired by your “be true to yourself” attitude towards life. What fun to be able to always dress in a well put-together look without worrying about what others may think. I’ve often underdressed because I was afraid of others thinking that I was out of place. But now your ideas will enable me to dress with a Happy Heart.
    I also love your hair in the longer style! Makes you look 10 years younger! It goes along with your statement to feel confident sassy and vibrant, because it’s a great look to pull together your chic sophisticated “you”

  32. What a great, inspiring post…one that resonated with many people including me! Recently I was talking with someone about how older women tend to ‘disappear’ or be ignored by society, I’m finding your post, and especially the quote “We haven’t come this far to fade quietly into the background. ” to be something we all need to take to heart. Even though we are older, we still have much to contribute

  33. This was fun, exciting, and timely! I live in Phoenix area and have seen nothing inlocal restaurants to compare to this! Wonderful! You and Mr. Mickey are class acts ….thank you so much for sharing!,,,,

  34. Audrey Hepburn said “Life is a party………Dress for it”. I agree……….I love it when folks (men and women) express themselves in their dress. When someone goes to the trouble to wear something ‘different’ or well-thought out, it shows their personality, their creativity. Who doesn’t love a non-boring person ? !Kudos to you both !!

  35. “CEO of your own life”….that’s really priceless and going up on my wall where I can see it easily. Your outfit is just great too; love your look in it. Thanks for the best post, ever!!

  36. You two are such a handsome couple, I hope you had a really good night out. Thank you for this little reminder, sometimes I let others opinions dim my light.

  37. Susan, I so enjoy your posts about style. Your food posts and outings are an added delight. Thanks for all the advice and positivity.

  38. Thank you Susan, you both look wonderful.
    I agree pep talks are very necessary to pull oneself away from negativity.
    It is the freedom of clutter – in our homes, minds and how we dress – that can give a lot of extra energy and freedom to our days.
    My special words are ‘ calm and happy’ and I mutter them to myself especially when faced with choices.
    Your sharing is greatly appreciated.

  39. I needed this today! What an inspiration you two are! It’s not just the great style, it’s the great spirit. Thanks for reminding me that my 70’s are a blessing….and the fun I experience from dressing well isn’t frivolous, but essential.

  40. Thanks for reminding me that I am the CEO of my own life. Others mean well but they can’t have the final say. Like Liv, I am going to put that on my wall. And I’m going to pull out my black moto jacket !
    Thanks Susan for all that you do!

  41. Thank you…. Always a good massage to hear and to be reminded . May your upcoming week be outstanding.
    All the best to you both

  42. Susan, you are a beautiful soul, inside and out. You will never know how many women you have inspired with your wisdom and knowledge. You are loved and appreciated by many. Give yourself some grace; we all have days where we need a little boost.

  43. Thank you for your posts, I thoroughly enjoy them. Long time viewer first time responder. Mr Mickey is just gorgeous and you too, of course. Keep the posts coming, I look forward to them.

    From Australia


  44. “We haven’t come this far to fade quietly into the background”—lovely, defiant words of wisdom. I sense that life has handed you challenges this week. I hope you can rise above them.

  45. Thank you for your uplifting words! We all need affirmation and a boost once in a while.
    Thank you also for all your postings and fashion help. Have a happy day!

  46. Love this post! Perfect timing! I live in the northeast and am going to a bridal shower this weekend. I was hesitant to wear a spring dress and jacket, people don’t seem to dress up anymore. I am a friend of the Bride’s Mother. After reading this post, I definitely going to wear my spring outfit and jewelry! Thanks for the positive affirmations!

  47. You all look elegant and graceful, happy, beautiful and handsome, as usual. Keep up the wonderful times.

  48. Thank you for this! I’m curious, when someone makes a comment about what you’re wearing, such as it being too young, or accuses you of “being too dressed up” because you ironed a shirt, how do you respond? Apparently not wearing the stretchy pants uniform is threatening to friends and they sometimes make remarks to me that I should just give up like they have. Never! I know it’s their problem and not mine, but I never know what to say. I want to stand up for myself but don’t want to start a war over it.

  49. Love this! So very positive and encouraging for all!

    I live in Florida and would love to see your suggestions for a casual summer wardrobe. It’s so hard to stay cool without wearing the dreaded capris (we called them peddle pushers in my day).

    Thanks for all of your posts! Love your style!

  50. Thanks for the reminder that yes we are all individuals with different tastes and looks. In my 70’s and black has always been my go to, since following your blog my style has incorporated color and what an amazing difference it’s made in my wardrobe and sense of style. I love a splash of color especially if it’s the handbag. Again thanks for sharing your style and of course the pep talks.

  51. Susan, you always give great advice! I was sorry to read that your Dad has dementia. I hope you, your Mom and sister are receiving support. I would like to recommend that you consider attending a dementia support group, as I did when my husband was diagnosed at the age of 59. It was such a tremendous help that I started facilitating a group for the Alzheimer’s Association; they have in-person and virtual groups all over the country.

  52. Oh Susan I really did need a lift today! I appreciate your optimism and views on life! Thank you thank you! You & Mr. Mickey look stunning as usual!

  53. Whenever I feel blue, I leave the house. Treating myself to something for the home or my wardrobe and then indulging in a tasty sweet will get my mind going in a positive direction. Just get out with people — you’re bound to find something or someone that makes you smile.

  54. A cheery post. Such a lovely couple. I am concerned that you needed a pep talk too. You always look so confident and happy. I hope things are OK,

  55. Susan,

    In a world of craziness , thanks for continually being a source of positivity , kindness, and common sense. You prove that good taste is timeless. Have a wonderful day.

  56. And you are so right! This is just what I needed today! Thank you. I’ve spent the better part of my life second guessing my style choices, always asking myself if so and so would approve. You’d think at my age, I would have shed that negative attitude. Your post was spot on. Thank you.

  57. What a joy to receive your encouragement today.

    Write it on your heart…….
    that every day is the best day
    of the year.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  58. Today being a Friday in Lent, I was planning a vegetarian meal anyway but seeing your photo, I was inspired to ask if you know which seasonings were used in the dish you ordered. I usually just roast veg (mostly root veg) with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Were other seasonings used?
    As do so many others, I look forward to your posts. Thank you.

  59. I love this post! I don’t mind growing older, but I refuse to dress old. You’re a great influence in style and fashion. Classy/ edgy is my comfort zone. Thanks!

  60. Saving! “Life is short. Wear fun socks, eat good food, and laugh often.” Yes, needed a pick me up today, sometimes the world just gets to be too much!!

  61. I love your posts! You always look so stylish but have common sense that is lacking with trendy fashion experts. I appreciate this post that encourages readers to embrace our own fashion personalities. As someone who is well past 60-more like 75–I am encouraged by your words to trust my instincts even if they are not “young.” For example, I really do not feel comfortable in big, puffy sleeves–they make me feel like an old lady trying to look five again.
    You and Mr. Mickey are a great pair! Love his socks!

  62. Grin, you made my day and I chuckled a little too.
    You are both beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside Susan.
    May you and Mr. M have a super fantastic weekend.
    Clara from Iowa

  63. You look fabulous! I am happy to see you bring back some sassy to your wardrobe. Thank you for sharing your good fun with us.

  64. Susan, Wonderful words of wisdom & happiness. So enjoy you & Mr. Mickey out having a good time & looking fantastically classy when you do.
    Happy St Patrick’s day ☘️☘️☘️- the shamrock stands for the Trinity: Father , Son, & Holy Spirit.
    Hope you both have a blessed day.

  65. Thank you for this upbeat, inspirational, wonderful post today! I think I needed to hear that!

  66. Thanks Susan, this was just what I neded to hear. Loved your insight “We haven’t come this far to fade quietly into the background”.

  67. Love this! Life is short and we should enjoy our days amongst all the difficult times. May God bless you and your husband today.

  68. When someone says inappropriate things about your dress, say, with a sweet smile, “Was that meant to hurt my feelings? It could, you know.” And an enthusiastic, “I love the way I dress! Sorry you don’t”, all with a smile, can cover up any awkwardness.

  69. Thank you, Susan! I love this post! YES to it all! We have come far and can do whatever makes us feel good!

  70. Amen to Life Is Short ! Love how you enjoy life – and Mr. Mickey’s socks. My husband is the same…I always get a kick out of the socks he wears. I love your thoughts about not coming this far to fade into the background! I am 68…still wear some make up each day, take care of my skin, and dress each day. People ask “where are you going, you are all dressed up?” Nowhere…life is short and I refuse to join the “I GAVE UP” gang! Thanks for all your great posts. Packing now for a two week trip and trying to keep it simple….

  71. We must remember that we are all have individual personalities and style. Just because someone doesn’t wear black leather and heels doesn’t mean they are trying to fade into the background or have given up on themselves. I don’t think my style would stand out in a crowd, but it is me!

  72. Susan, always love your looks but I have to say those shoes today STOLE the show…well, and Mr. Mickey’s socks…I can not, to my disappointment, wear heels much anymore, so I wear flats and love “fun” socks to show underneath my slacks or jeans. Yes, your article cheered me up! Thanks.

  73. I enjoy seeing how your dressed, places to see & good food to eat!
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  74. To reply to Leslie, from yesterday. I don’t have that problem, unless someone is just being silly. Usually I hear the opposite, from nurses to fellow churchgoers. I wear what I KNOW looks good on me, so I don’t worry about foolish people, You run into them all the time. Think back to high school : ) Just give them a sweet smile. I wonder if folks like that are just looking for a reaction? Yes we iron a shirt! You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed.

  75. Susan –
    You & Mr. Mickey look great & are having so much fun together!

    I’m so happy for you both!

    Enjoy each day!!

    Mickey (Michelle)

  76. What a suave looking couple! If I didn’t know any better, I would think you two are on a poster for a classy detective series.
    Susan, you look perfect in this edgy ensemble. Mr M. looks professional with a touch of whimsy.
    I agree… be true to yourself. Right now, I’m thinking along these lines…”self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” (Katie Reed)

  77. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. I admit, I’m in a bit of a funk and your post lifted my spirits. It’s Spring – time to close the book on Winter and enjoy Nature waking up!

  78. I loved, loved this post!! Just what I needed to hear. Wear whatever you feel good in and just enjoy life. Thank you for your blog!!

  79. Brava and Amen!!! And thanks for reminding us to be ourselves. I LOVE all your hints and your style, but some of it just isn’t me! I’m using what works for me and visually enjoying on you some of the other things!

  80. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, you have helped me so much in so many ways through the past few years

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