Airport Style

On Saturday, we drove to Knoxville’s McGhee Tyson Airport to pick up our visiting family members. I wore a look I would also wear if I were the lucky one who was traveling.

The affordable top is by Valentina Signa. I have this same top in three colors, and I always feel so comfortable wearing them. It is from Shop My Fair Lady here. My Nordgreen watch is here. The discount code is (SUSAN15).

The earrings were a gift from Mr. Mickey. Similar here. A similar silver bangle is here. My white jeans are about three years old. Similar here. The sandals are here. The bag is here. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

My style is classic and minimal. I wear one or two solid clothing colors and add contrast or interest with accessories such as scarves.

I included this picture because we rarely get to see a sky that blue. More often than not, our skies are gray and overcast. Does a cloudless sky make your smile a little bigger too? I hope you have a great weekend!

  1. I would certainly be happy for you to be the one that greets me as I arrive at the airport or to be the one sitting next to me on a plane! You look lovely and refreshing. I have been meaning to ask–I know you walk every day as your exercise but do you ever use weights or do other types of resistance exercise, which always seems to be recommended for mature women?

  2. Lovely look, Susan. I would also like to mention that if one is heavier on the bottom than the top, a similar look with darker jeans and light top would work.

  3. That is a lovely look and I like the top. Do you find that it runs true to size? Also, the site suggests hand wash or dry clean. Is that how you care for yours?

    1. I washed mine in cold water and hung it to dry on my rolling rack. I am wearing a size medium, which is the size I usually wear. It is more fitted than the Clara Sonwoo tops.

  4. Hi Susan, I love your blog and your classic, simple style. I have noticed recently that you look as if you have lost weight. Are you doing anything different with your exercise or diet routine?

  5. Really….$380 for a scarf? You would have to wear it every day for the next year to get your money’s worth.

  6. Susan, just a simple, comfortable, beautiful and so appropriate look for many occasions! You nail it with each post. You look great! Please never stop blogging! It’s going to take me awhile to get my wardrobe where I want it. Takes time to leave the habits of our younger self and pare down. Less is more has always looked good to my eye on others, and is finally looking good to me for me!

  7. Thank you, Susan, for the link to the top. I ordered a few and used the code you gave. It looks fabulous on you

    Karen W Paraons

  8. What a lovely, fresh look – just perfect for a day of travel and greeting guests at the airport.
    As always, thank you Susan for your helpful posts!

  9. Always love your posts and your style but gotta say, I’d never wear white pants to travel or wedges. Planes are always so cold so I only opt for closed toe slip ons and walking from gate-to-gate is no fun in a wedge! Just my two cents Susan. Thanks always for your insight though!

    1. I’m incapable of traveling on a plane without spilling something in my lap so I might pack the white pants for the trip and wear black ones on the plane.

  10. The top is very attractive and comfy looking…neat too! I love wearing black&white, and adding a pop of brightness with a pretty color (ie turquoise, coral/pink or lime).

  11. I think the best tip you have given your followers was to dress in solids. I have started to eliminate my print tops as much as I adored them…but in my 60’s I feel like a walking billboard and feel much comfortable in classic solids. Thank you for helping me update my style from within my own closet!

  12. Hi Susan. Loved this post. My taste is so similar to yours, and so often I get the best ideas from you. Case in point: those tan Cole Haan sandals. I found them on sale in my size, which I am thrilled about. My question to you is how do they fit? Did they seem comfortable right off the bat, or was there a breaking in period. Can you wear them for more than a couple of hours if you are walking around shopping or sight seeing? Thanks so much in advance for your reply, and again, I really enjoy your blog.

  13. ugh – I can’t even imagine wearing a sandal thru the airport and on a cold airplane! I think it’s just me. Loafers or a quality sneaker.

  14. Hi Susan, You mentioned you have this top in 3 colors. What other colors did you choose? It has very attractive lines that look slimming. Great post.

  15. Do you know the fiber content of the Valentina Signa tops? I am really interested them only if they are natural fibers. I live on the south coast of Texas and it is too hot here to wear anything but cotton, rayon, bamboo or silk. Thank you very much.

    Your website thinks I have already asked this question. I don’t recall doing that. If I did, I don’t remember the answer. Could you please humor me?

  16. I just love your style and especially your scarves. I would be very interested in seeing the scarves you have available for sale. Thanks.

  17. Hi Susan, a while back I left a comment inquiring about your capsule wardrobes (it maybe never got to you). I saw a post from a couple years ago of your core wardrobe and wonder if you have posted one more recently for both summer and winter. So very helpful. Love your look. Many thanks. Ann

  18. Good am thank you for your post. I am interested in smaller scarves. I am petite and scarves overwhelm me. I have purchased and never wear.
    Thank you Debra

  19. I am enjoying following you and wonder if you would consider styling some tops which are high on the back, closer to the hairline. Many of us have a “rounding” at the upper back, and I conceal this with high backed tops and collars, which can be hard to find in knit tops. It is an issue in the Summer when not wearing scarves, jackets etc. Thank you.

    1. I agree with you! I often wear a Portofino shirt with a collar for the same reason. We look better in tops that do not have such a scooped neckline. I’ll certainly let you know if I find one.

  20. Susan, I had a question about the Shapeez bra. I assume you rotate 2 or 3 and handwash, so I was wondering what you considered the “life” of the bra–how long do they last you before they need to be replaced? I usually replace regular support bras every 3 months. Nothing works harder than a bra, and I believe proper support is essential.

    I am petite and the Shapeez ultimate is long on me but I wear it tucked into pants and not so noticeable. I wish they had a style available that is 1 to 2 inches shorter for petite women. As to warmth–it is shapewear and fairly hot, so I save for occasions when the outer garment calls for it and I am going to be primarily in air conditioning. The ultimate definitely improves one’s look! The shortee can be worn by petite women and achieves a smoother upper back look but is not as slimming as the ultimate. Thanks for featuring these underpinnings.

    1. I’m glad you like them, Cheryl. I have four of each black and beige. I do rotate them and handwash so that they last me for a few months. If I am careful with them, I can wear them for six months or so. You are right to buy new bras often.

  21. I’m in the club lounge at the Orlando airport right now….white pants, a navy top, navy driving Mocs, and a white handbag with a white Lilly Pulitzer navy/pink/green/white scarf tied on my handbag, or around my shoulders, depending on the temperature. Great post! 😉

  22. Susan, is there any way that your photos can be enlarged in your blog? When I tap, it only “shows” the P for Pinterest. It used to be that if I tapped again, then the photo itself would pop up and could be enlarged as a regular photo can often be enlarged. I often read your posts on my phone (small screen). I am able to do this on other blogger sites, often. Just something to consider. Permits items like earrings or other jewelry to be more visible. Thanks!

  23. Hi Susan,
    You have been such a tremendous inspiration for me in helping to create my basic wardrobe, which is something I’ve wanted to do for several years. I still have a ways to go but, I’m slowly adding pieces that will allow me to mix and match just using a few basic items from my closet. Your blog and videos have been so helpful and encouraging. Thank you for taking the time and effort in doing both!
    I have been GF, refined sugar free and processed foods free for 3.5 years and have experienced much better health. About a month and a half ago I decided to eat the whole foods plant based way and that has been life changing! I greatly appreciated seeing your videos on what you ate.
    I am very much interested in seeing any scarves , big or small you may be able to get.
    By the way, you and I are the same age and were almost born on the same day. I was born on 9/21.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.
    Blessings to you!
    Brenda Done

  24. Hello Susan .. I live in New Delhi, India. I have been following all your videos and photos, and I just adore your style. I turn 60 in November.. trying to loose weight and look stylish with your help. Please tell me where i can buy Traveling pants, like you wear, with the slits on the ankles.
    I have the website for tunics, and surely will referral to you.

    1. Hello Anjeli, Thank you for your lovely comment. Those pants are by Yon Design. I no longer have my shopping website, so I don’t know where you can find those pants, but Eileen Fisher makes similar ones here.

  25. I hope u get my emails so I guess I have to submit my name and email each time I send you a comment is that correct?☺️

  26. You look great! This is my go-to look. I must have 20 navy shirts and 20 white pants. I also bought gray pants from Chicos. They are on sale now for $14.99. Can you believe it. I associate white with after Memorial Day. But gray can be worn anytime. I may be wrong, but it seems right.

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