The French Tuck

When I wore my shirt partially tucked in last week, several readers asked me to show how I did that. It’s called a French Tuck or a half-tuck. It’s a casual way to wear your shirt partially tucked in so that you show part of your waistline.

When you emphasize the waistline at least a little, you balance your proportions and look taller and leaner. It’s also refreshing to show your collarbone, wristbones, and ankle bones in hot weather without showing too much skin.

My little wicker bag is from earlier this year. Similar here. My bracelet is here. Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item. My silver mesh Nordgreen watch is here. Use the discount code (SUSAN15)

My navy Portofino shirt is a couple of years old. The current ones are here. My ankle jeans are also from a previous year. Similar here. The shoes are now on sale here.

It always makes my day when a reader of the blog recognizes me and comes up to introduce herself. Diane Rosendahl and her husband happened to be in the Visitor’s Center in Hendersonville, NC, at the same time we were. They are such a delightful couple!

The video below shows the French Tuck in action.
  1. That is the prettiest navy blue ever! And looks so good on you! I didn’t think it was navy until you mentioned it. I love that French tuck. I didn’t know it had an official name.

  2. The half tuck looks great on you! However! I’ve tried and it isn’t flattering on me at all. I’ve always had a “belly” no matter how much weight I lose or how much I exercise. My lower abdomen has always pouched out ‍♀️ It makes it difficult when selecting my clothing.
    Love your blog!

  3. I’ve never tried the French tuck because I’m short-waisted. I’m 5’1” and proportionately have longer legs for my height and a shorter torso. I’ve always felt the need to visually make my top half look longer. What’s your thoughts Susan? Does everyone regardless of shape benefit from the French tuck?

    1. Everyone’s body is different but, being short also, I find the French tuck looks nice when the blouse is a little longer than mid-hip (my sweet spot). It makes me look less “blocky.”

  4. I love your blog and continue to be amazed by the generosity of your and Mr. Mickey’s time to give so much to people you don’t know and probably never will. What a shining light in the midst of so much darkness. Thanks to you both.

  5. Thank you for the demonstration. I love the look, but couldn’t quite get it to look right on me. I’ve missed wearing my shirts tucked in with a belt since acquiring an unflattering muffin top.

  6. Susan,
    You have been such a tremendous inspiration for me in completely changing my wardrobe down to the basics, including my bra! I just got my Shapeez last week and love it! I can’t thank you enough for that. My sweet husband also thanks you. I’m still working on getting more of the basic pieces but I’m off to a great start. I love reading your blog and getting more wonderful ideas, tips and encouragement.
    About a month and a half ago, I started eating whole foods plant based to help with inflammation and I’m so thankful I did. I feel amazingly better! Plus, I’ve lost 11 pounds! I’ve been GF, refined sugar free and processed food free for 3 years, but going WFPB has been a game changer for me! Reading your blog about what you eat has been VERY helpful.
    I would love to see what scarves (big or small) you have left or can still find.
    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your blog! It is very much appreciated.
    By the way, you and I are the same age and we were almost born on the same day. My birthday is 9/21.
    Have a blessed day!
    Brenda Done

  7. I have wondered how to do this tuck. Thanks for the great tutorial. Your blog is always so informative. Love your hair and that blue shirt. Absolutely stunning.

  8. Thank you so much for this video! I have tried so many time to wear the half tuck and it just looked silly. I now can see the mistakes I made! Learn something every day!

  9. Thanks for this! You look amazing, and it looks as if Diane is following your fashion advice. Very nice.

  10. What a great video, Susan! This is my first time on your site although I’m a big fan from Pauline at Covered Perfectly. I never thought about the “French Tuck” as being anything other than tucking in the front part of your shirt. But the way you do it makes it so classy!! I can’t wait to try it.

  11. Thanks for the instructions on the front tuck “French Tuck”. I often do this but I never thought of rolling up the back first and pulling the front together! Great idea 🙂

  12. Hello Susan,
    Thank you for sharing the half tuck. I was curious how it was done. You look absolutely lovely and I so appreciate your sharing your style!

  13. I have a friend who (like you) can wear the French tuck so well, but for me, on the other hand, it is not a good look. I am so very short-waisted that I almost never wear a belt…plus I feel I have a little bit too much tummy. The tuck (to me) looks best on someone slim (like you:)

  14. I wondered how you did that tuck so thank you for sharing that information! Also, your follower has taken some of your advice and dressing nicely I noticed.

  15. Love your posts and you look amazing at your new weight. Thanks for the video of the French Tuck “how to” and for the panoramic video of the beautiful Great Smokey mountains. I grew up in Mooresville (near Charlotte) and love getting back to “my” mountains yearly, if possible.

  16. With much appreciation in teaching ‘this old dog a new trick’ and making life simpler with no more tuck, un-tuck, adjust, repeat …. ☺. -Brenda-

  17. Hi Susan,

    I like the scarf you are wearing, I’m thinking it would be nice for a Memorial Day event we are attending. What is the size please and price?

  18. Dear Susan,
    I’m interested in seeing what scarfs you have left. I enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work!
    Thanks so much,

  19. Susan,
    Did I read that you were going to get some of the smaller scarves? I really like the large one I bought from you, but since I am only 5’2” I am thinking the smaller size might work better.
    Your blog is very inspiring. I dress pretty simply also and really enjoy seeing and reading about the different options and accessories.
    Freddie Brammer

  20. Just bought a designer brand navy utility style shirt with sleeve tabs. Light weight fabric with texture for $4 at my favorite charity retail store with Dillards tags still on it. Needed a snack after but no fast food drive thru for me. Stopped at health food store for iced green tea and small bag of mixed nuts. I feel like I’ve won the lottery! I am rich, but NOT monetarily. I am 73 and have lived a health based life for many years but have been unsuccessful in taming my closet until now.
    I have a rule that as I’m converting to mostly solid colors, I remove a minimum of two items for each one I add. Today I put three ugly print tops in tbe donate bag. It’s been a good day!!
    Susan, I would have NEVER been able to make tbe progress I have on the wardrobe without your great advice and suggestions. Two things that really resonate – donations help others and decluttering helps me.
    I so appreciate all the time and effort you and Mr. Mickey devote to us. It is quite evident you are admired by many and rightfully so. Thank you.

  21. I’m a fan of the half-tuck, which is similar. I almost always wear a belt b/c and I have a lot of nice ones. I’m kind of round in the middle, but I agree that at least hinting at a waistline with a belt peeking out is flattering.

  22. Susan, even though our “builds” are almost opposites, I have found your blog to be so helpful in updating my wardrobe! I’m 5’1″ fairly lean and longer on top but carry any extra weight in hips and short legs.

    I learned long ago that too often I looked like a kid who got into her mom’s closet (quality petites are hard to find) so I’ve become much more selective. I’ve often had a closet jammed with clothes but nothing to wear! Now I’m in the process of refining my everyday summer wardrobe to white pants and white jeans with sleeveless solid tops (tend to like blues and pinks). I usually carry a white or royal blue short sweater for chilly restaurants. If I can find a petite solid or almost solid tunic, I add that. My winter everyday is working toward black pants, black jeans and dark wash jeans with a variety of solid tops and either a black or royal blue longer boyfriend sweater. We travel a lot and it sure makes packing easier.

    Unlike you I love dresses, especially gentle fit-and-flares (not a lot of volume, just room for the hips). Usually solid or small organized print like a dot or geometric. Hard to find! For summer I like long, lightweight casual dresses but can’t do the Jersey or lightweight cotton that clings to every bump.

    I can’t wear scarves because I have a short neck and tend to look like a turtle peeking out. I’ve tried the long scarf hanging down the front but I’m too active…gets in my way. But, I do try longer V-necklaces.

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  23. My first time commenting & to say how much I’m enjoying your blog, Susan (we’re the same age). Thank you for showing how to do a French Tuck as I’ve tried, so now know how to do it. A big Thank you for sharing your time in NC. I’m Canadian and my mom’s family from NYC retired to Hendersonville NC. My mom, grandma & I would drive down from Canada to NC to spend time each summer with family until the early ’80s. What at beautiful area of the USA & thanks to Mr Micky for the added video. We always visited Biltmore & loved the Biltmore Dairy ice cream. Thanks for the memories! Luckily, like you, both my parents are doing well & mom still drives.

  24. Hello, I agreed with your suggestion that pure cotton is the cooler fabric for summer … but when I look at Portofino shirts online, they are made of polyester, and last week’s lovely blue tshirt was just listed as “soft stretch knit” which to me doesn’t mean pure cotton. where are you finding yours in cotton? thanks, ann lee

  25. Hi Susan, My name is Joy and I am 82 Years old still interested in clothes and how I look. Enjoy you and your fashion but would like to know if you will be doing any 2020 blogs. So sorry I missed your shopping site. Will keep checking for more current episodes.

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