A Long Sweater Over Leggings

After walking, running, or hiking for three to five miles, I am wearing leggings again now almost daily throughout the summer. Wear what makes you happy and confident. We haven’t come this far in life to have others tell us what we should or shouldn’t wear.

That laugh is real. I hate taking selfies, but I had no other option. My assistant called in sick at the final hour, and Mr. Mickey was busy with a meeting at the bank, so there was no one available to help me with photos for today’s blog.

The cardigan sweater is from White House|Black Market. The long tank by Clara Sunwoo was a gift from My Fair Lady. The leggings are from Chico’s. The Marc Fisher shoe/booties are from last year. I’m not wearing socks today because the weather was warm and sunny. If I show my forearms and wear an open neckline, I skip the socks. It’s all about balance and proportion. The tote bag is by Zac Posen a couple of years ago.

When I posted another selfie photo on Facebook this week, several people wanted to know what was in the boxes, so I thought I would give you a little tour of my studio/warehouse/storage space. The guest room and room over the garage has been overtaken by inventory.

I still have one corner reserved for my makeup table.

I store my scarf collection on a rolling rack against one wall.

My now closed shopping site’s crepe basics were stored in large boxes by size along the other walls.

Below is a video tour of the studio and shoe storage area. In the video, I mentioned that we were going away for the weekend, but predicted lousy weather forced us to change our plans. When life hands you lemons, make a martini with a twist and look fabulous while you sip it.

  1. You look gorgeous Susan! Love the socks and skin info, makes sense to me! Always enjoy seeing your photos and the reasons you make the choices that appear in those photos.

  2. Love the look! Lousy weather (dreary skies and TORRENTIAIL rain leading to flooding) in Texas ruined the travel plans I had for my 62nd b-day last Friday. My martini with a twist was to console myself with this week’s scheduled trip to the theater, a great meal at a nice restaurant, and overnight stay at a nice B&B in Austin. Well…..100% chance of rain today, Austin has mandatory boil order, and most restaurants are closed. Will be taking plenty of bottled water with me when I travel the hour’s drive to Austin tomorrow after work. Again, LOVE the look!

  3. So glad you decided to re-think the leggings issue. I am 65 and I love my leggings, I also break the rules on wearing long hair after 40. Mine is slightly below my shoulders. At our age we can’t break a lot of rules but it is fun to break a few…

  4. I buy more than one of a item that I love also! Too many times I’ve loved something and when I go to replace it, it is gone. Glad to know I’m not alone. Enjoyed your tour. We are headed out for a 4 day trip and I have one suitcase and am sharing a hanging bag with my husband. I follow your tips about packing things I can wear more than once to create different outfits. You are rubbing off on me!

  5. I have a sweater quite similar to this one. I am going to pair it with some narrow legged ponte pants and a thin t-shirt. It looks comfy.

  6. Hi Susan. Thanks for all the information yet again. Sorry about your travel plans but maybe you will still do something that we can enjoy sharing in next week. I am glad you mentioned the sock issue as that has been a dilemma for me recently. It looks as if the fashion is to go sock free with trousers. All very well when the weather is good but here in Ireland things are getting cold So the idea is that if the weather is warm enough to roll back sleeves no socks are the answer? Hope I got that right. Love seeing your tidy and organised space. I must tackle a few cupboards.
    Best wishes. Margo

  7. Susan,

    I so agree that at our age, we must not let others tell us what to wear. I have leggings and also jeggings and I love to wear them with long sweaters or tunics. I receive many compliments as I am always trying to look modern but not girly. I’m 67 y.o. and happy to dress for myself but I like to receive some good words from my friends and even strangers.

  8. I wanted to show that leggings can be worn as a casual look at any age or size if you pair them with a long top or even a short dress and boots with a low or block heels. They are acceptable with a long mid-thigh length blazer and ballet flats or loafers. There are lots of people who insist on wearing long tops with full leg pants. That isn’t a flattering look at all. I don’t want to get stuck in a time warp, so I show my take on how to wear what is popular with women in my age group.

    1. Perhaps you should ask them one day. This world is filled with amazing women doing amazing things that have nothing at all to do with the shape of their tummies or the size of their thighs.

  9. If our goal is to look modern or current with fashion, there are ways to incorporate the trends tastefully, which is what you do Susan. I think leggings have become a cold weather wardrobe staple in North America. I have been wearing them for about 8 years now as a casual look with knee high boots and long mid-thigh sweaters or tunics. We also have to take our body type and lifestyle into consideration and there are probably guidelines as to what the most attractive length of top is per our leg shape and if we are wearing low or high boots.
    BTW the videos are great.

  10. Very interesting. Several months ago you said that mature women should not wear leggings and that you would not be wearing them any more. I love the look on you. I am 66 and I don’t wear them. Much too old! You also said that you don’t wear dresses and more and last summer you turned up wearing dresses and looking stunning.

    1. I am trying to keep an open mind. Remaining closed to new ideas and trends can make us seem older than we are. I also want to show ways to wear what is very popular now.

  11. Hi Susan. Your blog is inspiring me! Question: the cardigan you are featuring today has ribs in the sleeves. I am 63 and tend to carry extra weight in my arms (blessings of my genetics as even the skinny girls in our family have bat wings). So I work out with heavy weights to try to get the appropriate proportions and to simply keep up with my 3 to 5 year old friends and family. So, for someone like me, do you recommend no ribs in the sleeves? Or, should I size up to make the fit looser so that the arms aren’t accentuated? It’s challenge. All the best to you and your beau.

  12. If I take a Chico’s top size in 1 or 1-1/2, what size would you recommend for the long black extender tank from Clara Woo site? I do have a bust size of 38DD. Thanks!

  13. So glad you changed your mind on wearing leggings, Susan. Your outfit looks fabulous on you! I’m 59 and have refused to give them up. And since I’m in a dance or yoga studio 5-6 times a week, I’m always in them anyway for exercising. They’re so comfortable and warm in the winter months too. I’ve always covered by backside in them though. It’s never been comfortable to me to flaunt my derriere. LOL . Thank you for being the inspiration that you are and sharing yourself with the world. It’s such a treat to me to open my inbox and have one of your emails in there.

  14. So what was all that nonsense on Facebook about Fashion Police and no more leggings? Personally, I choose to wear very slim fitting, stretchy pants that many might think are leggings, but I know they are pants. However, that does not mean that you should allow anyone to tell you what not to wear. You always look great.

  15. I think you look comfy and stylish at the same time. Yes, you worked hard this summer and are fit, so why not wear leggings. It’s only a bad look when your top is short and it’s showing too much. You always look beautiful, confident and well dressed.

  16. I love your outfit today! I’m on a weight loss journey, & not quite brave enough to wear leggings just yet. But I’m looking forward to reaching my weight loss goal, & wearing leggings as you have demonstrated today. Also, I love the studio tour & how organized you are!

  17. You look very healthy, slim, and fresh, Susan. The leggings look great on you. It’s all about being tasteful, as always. My ankles are starting to get cool up here in Ontario, but I’m trying to hang in there.

  18. Thanks for the leggings outfit ideas and the studio tour. You look great and Can’t wait to see your new hairdo!

  19. Interesting seeing your organization for your business. Very efficient!
    I like the look for today; up to date and chic. Leggings are an option for me on a chilly day. too. A waterfall sweater has to much volume for me , so I wear a boyfriend cardi instead.
    I’m looking forward to your new do!

  20. I think you look much better in the leggings than Ms. Bing (they emphasize her thin legs in a bit good way).

  21. You look fabulous in leggings. The only problem is people wearing leggings publicly who don’t look good in them. I would be one of those. In fact, — and I am probably your only commenter with this point of view — but the more I dress in active wear, the easier it is for me to gain weight. I am also more productive when I dress up a little more. Just my take. You look great.

    1. I agree with you, Belinda! Wearing stretchy comfortable clothes every day is a poor choice for me. I wear my tightest jeans at least once a week to remind myself to be more careful about maintaining balance in my life. Tight jeans don’t lie!

  22. So glad you are back on board with leggings. Top quality black leggings are my wardrobe staple! As long as I style them correctly they get worn from dog walking to dinner and everywhere in between.

  23. Last question – remind me, please. When you and Mr. Mickey go out to eat, how closely do you stick to your basic eating plan. I know you just enjoy 2 or 3 bites of dessert. Chicken? Bread?

    Thank you. Hoping you and Mr. M make it a cozy weekend since you aren’t travelling.

    1. We share an entree. It may include wild caught fish or free range chicken breast. If the bread is fresh and hot, I may have a few bites, but Mr. Mickey can easily eat all that they will bring. I focus on vegetables and salads.

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