A Balancing Act

I have avoided showing you the current haircut because it isn’t there yet. More volume on my head is necessary to balance with my larger upper body. Some women never consider the rest of their bodies when getting a haircut or a new style. Think of the larger woman who gets those sleek short, angled bobs and then carries a small handbag too. All you see are these two things that are glaringly off balance. A haircut that is too short and blunt with dark color applied can make us look harsh, older, and more masculine. Softening everything about my hairstyle, including the color, was a change I realized I needed to make around my fiftieth birthday.

I have had short hair, long hair, angled bobs, layers, and some not so great haircuts during the past ten years. I know what is right for my face shape, fine curly hair, and lifestyle, but conveying that to a new stylist is not always easy. Currently, I am on a journey to let my hair grow back out into a cut that suits me better. For today I am going back a couple of weeks to some photos taken between my second and third haircut for June. I visited different stylists four times this month!

The handbag with a faux bamboo handle is by BCBG a couple of years ago via T.J.Maxx. The shoes are by J.Renee via Dillard’s.

The top is by Clara Sunwoo via ShopMyFairLady.com. The side zip dress pants are by Fabrizio Gianni from last year.

The photos above were snapped as I was on my way to a meeting at my bank. I share how I dress for many different events while transitioning through the various life stages without clinging too tightly to the things that worked so well for me when I was younger.

The photos below show my hair on a good day with both the air-dried curly natural look and the blown dry style for an evening or anytime I want a bit more polish to my look.

I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July!

  1. Thank you for sharing your haircut journey. I too have a new stylist and struggling to explain what is best for my age (turned 60 last month). Any ideas? I like your new cut.

  2. Once you find a great hairstylist, pray they don’t retire or go on maternity leave any time soon!
    I lived and worked in Canada’s largest city for most of my life and had access to the country’s top stylists. Now that I moved away, it’s been a struggle to find one that I’m comfortable with. I’ve gone to 5 different stylists in 4 years! The biggest shock to me is that after the first haircut, on subsequent visits, they don’t expect to see you until after their assistant has washed your hair! That was a warning bell for me – I had to insist they see me first so they see my hair has grown out from the last cut and what is working and not working.
    Looks like you’ve found good stylist Susan.

  3. Very pretty hair…not everyone can figure out what looks best on them. It’s difficult to convey what you want to a stylist. If you find one that “gets” you, that’s a keeper.

  4. For about six months I’ve been letting my hair grow and got it to the length I though I wanted. But I’m not good using a blow dryer to style my hair and was having to spend more and more time with it using a curling iron after it (usually) air dried. So my last visit with the stylist I said “experiment over” and we cut it short again in the style I had before. When I walked in the house, my husband announced that he always preferred my hair this way but never spoke up because he didn’t want to influence my decision. He wanted me to be happy!

  5. Susan, I love your blog and smile when I see a new post! You consistently & informatively share your journey with us. Hopefully this will be a smile back for you & your readers: yesterday a lady crossed the pool I was at to compliment me on my hair, which I’ve let grow out gray. I told her thanks, I decided to accept God’s offer of lots of free highlights.

  6. Your hair is beautiful. I would love to grow out my hair but it is sooo thin and the rest of me is not. I do try to keep it styled and really just go with it, no color just salt and pepper.
    Thank you for encouragement.

  7. My coarse, thick, wavy hair needs to be cut short because it grows quickly. It really needs to be short in the summer when I wear hats. I don’t like taking off my hat and finding my hair has moulded into a hat shape.

    My stylist won’t cut it short enough because she thinks it look better longer. Yes, but now I need a new cut every two weeks. So frustrating, but she won’t listen, so it’s time to move on. I’ve been going to the same salon for nearly a decade. 🙁

  8. Your curly, natural style is so pretty. And how nice it is to have an alternate sleek style as a backup. I have had an angled bob for about six years, and I do love it. But 6 years is a long time and I’ve decided to change it up a little at my next appointment. My face is narrow so I think a few strategic layers might soften it up. Only problem will be convincing my stylist. She is always hesitant to change. I realize that the customer should get what she wants, but my stylist is a gem. So I need to break it to her gently.

    Love your purse. That is my favorite style. I liked my winter burgundy one so much that I purchased a blush one for spring. Have a great weekend!

  9. Your hair is just lovely…. I really like the top you are wearing.
    I moved two years ago from a large city to a small one… I was worried about getting a new stylist. My daughter lives here and her hair always looks good, long hair with some highlights. And I did visit her stylist. Absolutely loved the time she spent with me initially and also on subsequent occasions. She is a keeper.

  10. Thank you for those photos. I too have fine curly hair and struggle to find a style that suits me. I have just decided to go colour free,( my hair will be white!). In addition I have a small head and face so trying to get the balance right is so difficult. I think short suits me better but it is too difficult to manage the curl. If my hair looks right the rest of me does too!

  11. Having a good hairstylist that understands you hair is wonderful. When we moved to Florida I use to time my visit back to Kentucky with hair appointments. Crazy what we’ll do to look good. Now my stylist in Florida has moved and I have recently moved to a different town so I drive one hour there and back. Crazy!

    1. Marcia, I live in southwest Florida and have probably been through 20 stylists in 12 years. Where is your hairstylist located?

  12. You hair looks great.

    I have a new stylist. She has a little card on her mirror that says, “I’m a Hairdresser, not a Magician.” She does magic on my hair, seemingly effortless.

    Years ago, I used a female Barber from Taiwan. At first she would say, “You might not like it,” when I asked for shorter. Finally I said, “Anything you can cut off, I can grow back.” That’s been my mantra ever since.

    Those of us whose curls come easy are blessed.

  13. Oh My Dear, If I had that curly hair, I would never let a flat iron or hair dryer even in the same room! You have beautiful hair and it suites your personality so well. My hair is in a constant state of change.

  14. Hi Susan! I enjoy reading your blog and learning what “fashion” works for you.
    Sharing your hair tips and dilemmas is something that I am very interested in…I have salt and pepper hair, I stopped coloring several years ago,about the same length as yours. It is quite wavy, more so with our humid weather. I have received several compliments lately when I let it air dry and wear it in a more “natural” state. I am interested in any advice as far as layering and products to combat frizz to look my best! I have a small face and a small forehead, any advise is greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing more about your beautiful hair! I love the first photo that shows your waves the best!

  15. I love the look of both the curly and the tamer. It gives you options. I think it will look perfect when you get just that bit more length. That is where mine looks best too. I let mine go gray many years ago. It is similar to yours in color, getting whiter by the day. I am 56. It is amazing how many shades of gray there are. I didn’t post when you mentioned not wearing foundation, but I have reached the stage lately where I just know it is wrong. I didn’t wear it this week when I went places and I felt so much better. We women have to pay attention to aging. It is not a bad thing to age, but you need to pay attention to what looks good. My hair looks so much better with my skin tone than it would dark and then turning red because of coloring.
    I get compliments all the time on the color. Just have to be brave.
    Thanks for putting yourself out there. Love to see your thoughts.
    I like the shoes too.

  16. Oh my goodness, you are a treasure found.
    A real lady with so much to impart to others. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and soul in your outfits and giving us ideas.I sure wish I could talk with you. Your pic of your hair curly is great. Can you do something where you recommend where to buy white button down shirts? Cotton ones…so hard to find. Thanks for smiling and showing us ladies that we can look great!
    God Bless You!

  17. Like reading about your comments about change and how necessary it is to life, especially when we age and tend to hold on to not changing.
    It’s also good to see you adding some different shoes to your life. The high cage sandal shoes you often wear are hard on most feet our age!

  18. I’m a bit confused, last couple posts your stylist was on vacation and you were trying this person, but wasn’t crazy about him/her and wanted your other person back. Now I’m hearing you say you love this person and are doing a new style. Help me understand

  19. Love your hair cut. I have thought about letting my hair go gray (I know it’s there under the color). However, I have very thin hair in the crown and it seems the lighter it gets, the thinner it looks. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

  20. Love your blog and the clothes from Clara Sunwoo. I just wish the clothes were a little more reasonably priced.

  21. Your hair is so pretty. Your curls are perfect, but when you straighten them out they add so much volume to your straight style. Your lucky to have nice thick hair, too.

    My hair is stick straight and thinning at the part, I think from thyroid issues. For the past year I have been having such a difficult time getting the haircuts that I ask for, especially the bangs. My hair is still recovering from my last haircut several months ago. My bangs were so short that I considered getting some sort of a wig. My husband asked me “Why do you let them cut your bangs so short”. It took me a minute to realize that I always close my eyes when they get to my bangs so the little hair shards don’t get in my eyes.

    Since I can’t seem to explain verbally that I don’t want straight across blunt bangs, I am seriously thinking about marking a line across my forehead with an eyebrow pencil to show the shape and length I want my bangs to be when they are dry. I’ll just have to be sure not to pick up a permanent marker instead of an eyebrow pencil when I make my mark.

    Have a fun pre-4th of July weekend!

  22. I love your blog. I always learn something new. I once had to find a new stylist, but didn’t want to go to just anyone so I called around and asked questions. One lady was booked up for six weeks so I thought she must be good so I went to her. And have been using her ever since. I have found if I want a new style the best way is to take pictures of what I want. A good stylist should know what would look good on you and what won’t. I really look forward to your blog.

  23. Looking good Susan I agree it’s hard to find the exact cut, fortunately I have a very patient stylist. LesleyP

  24. I have a struggle too with hairstylist. The one I have when I winter in AZ (for 3 month) is awesome and sure wish I had him 9 months of the year rather than the one at home. He loves what he does and has a passion and makes cutting hair an art/science. He considers my face shape and how my hair lays. I always feel good when I walk out of his salon. Good luck on your search.

  25. Your hair is beautiful, Susan. I am on a journey to embrace my natural color since I turned 50. Since I was 16 I have colored, permed, and overstyled my hair to the point where I have lost touch with its natural beauty. I am now seeing the soft brown shade and few silver streaks coming in and I love it. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!

  26. Hi, Susan:
    I, too, am trying to re-establish myself. At 65, I am noticing clothes that worked for me even 2 years ago look silly. It’s an eye opening time of life, that is for sure.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you! I just found out about SusanAfter60!

  27. I love watching how you put items together. Fresh but appropriate. I have similar things and now you have helped me put them together. I love your heels but I have to wear flat supportive shoes. It is nice that even flat shoes can be attractive and I like these to add color. I also walk w a cane which I consider my bling since I am stuck with it.

    My hair is cut in a bob at this time. My hair is strait and thick and gray. I like the gray and will just keep it conditioned. I am going to try something layered and shorter (I figure it will grow out if I don’t like it). I just need something different.

    Thank you for your post. They are great!

  28. Dear Susan, I came across your blog a month ago and so enjoyed them that I have tried to read as many of your blogs as possible.
    You make such good common sense that your solutions to problem areas are like a ‘lightening moment’ . Of course it makes sense.
    However I am confused as to what order to view the blogs. As I’ve come late to your items I have no idea what order to see your outfits.
    I feel they can all stand alone articles but I wonder if you are still posting information. I found your work on Pinterest.
    As for myself I am 74, with white hair, pale skin and blue eyes. I live in England so my access to certain shops is usually online.
    My main problem is that I have very poor mobility and wobble a lot.
    I usually use my scooter or elbow crutches to get around. That limits my ability to wear certain items. Still at 74 I have never lost my love of good fashion
    And I find your blogs so inspiring. I hope you haven’t finished.
    For now thank you so much for all the good advice.
    Aileen Goodwin

    1. Here is the first post I shared here on SusanAfter60. When you scroll down to the bottom of the article, on the right, you will see a link to the next article. You can continue from there to view more than 800 pages.
      My old blog is FiftynotFrumpy. You can see my first fashion post here. Click on the links at the bottom of the page to see others.

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