Beauty Routines After 60

Many of you have written to ask for tips on makeup and hairstyles that respect our changing faces. I am sharing my step by step routine with you here.

Permanent makeup, fillers, and plastic surgery are not options I am considering. I don’t mind the character and expression lines that my face has developed over the years. I firmly believe that healthy eating, lots of water and regular exercise are the best beauty routines one can follow.

Some things became easier and for me later in life, a hairstyle definitely falls into that category. I stopped coloring my hair after my fiftieth birthday and found a great stylist who gives me a softly layered bob that frames and slims my roundish face. Ask your stylist for a cut that works with the natural tendency of your hair and one that complements the shape of your face. A good stylist will also consider if your style is complementary to the size and shape of your body. For example, a petite woman peering out from a huge bush of long hair is not in balance with her proportions.

As for styling products, I don’t use anything but a gentle sulfate-free shampoo about three times a week. I sometimes just rinse my hair in the shower and then reshape it for the day, but skip the products entirely on most days. My thinning hair and dry scalp do not respond well to most products. A build up of styling products adds too much weight making my hair flat. It also gets trimmed about every two months. I don’t allow my hair to get too long or get it cut too short. Both extremes add years to my face.

Warm water and a gentle skin cleanser remove makeup in the evening. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser in the pump bottle is my choice for a cleanser. I splash some warm water on my face to rinse it and then pat dry. I find that eye creams add puffiness and night time moisturizers cause me to break out so I skip those. One of my all time favorite moisturizers for my face, body, hair, and nails is Coconut Oil.

My makeup routine has also been streamlined. In winter, I use a moisturizer but in summer, I use only a tinted moisturizer with a high SPF.

Here is a blog post including a makeup video.

I use makeup brushes rather than sponge applicators. They allow for better blending and less tugging on the skin. I use a liquid eyeliner applied into and under the base of my upper eyelashes (on the waterline). I don’t apply liner or mascara to my lower lashes because this looks very harsh on me. My eyeshadow is always the same in varying degrees of depth of color for the day versus evening and includes a very pale gray, a darker gray and a rosy brown that complements my cool skin tone. I start with the darkest gray in my lash line and just above it.

For more definition and drama, I add a smoky gray color at the outside corner of my eye. I use a blonde eyebrow pen by Kat Von D to fill in my thin brows, but I’m careful to blend and brush that out as well. I use a brown/black mascara and that’s it for eyes.

I brush on a bit of blush in a rose tone high on the cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and under my chin. If your skin is very dry cream blush might be best for you. Once again blend, blend, blend! Note: Do not smile and put blush on the apple of your cheek as we were taught when we were younger. When you stop smiling the blush will be lower than you want and not have the effect you want at all.

I apply a lip liner over my whole lip and then a very similar color of lipstick. My lip colors are never harsh or dark. After blotting, I’m finished with my daytime makeup routine. During the evening, I may wear a brighter lip color but I apply and blot it several times while I am applying my make up so that it stains my lips rather than sliding around on top. I will use a similar color lip balm to touch up during the evening.

I almost always wear sunglasses when I’m outdoors and if I will be in the sun for more than a few minutes I also wear a hat. Skin cancer is no fun and I hope to never have it again.

I hope these tips prove to be helpful to you.

Susan Street

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  1. You obviously take excellent care of your skin…………… are lovely!
    I would be interested in knowing your about the type of products you use and your skin care routine. The new web site is wonderful. I look forward to following you into new horizions.

  2. You are my favorite!

    Thanks for the good information. I am happy to be 65 and it’s partly because of you. I also have another webpage I like a lot but it’s mostly about psychological wellbeing after 50-60 y.o.

    So thanks again. Keep on the good work.

  3. You have beautiful skin for your age. I respect your decision to not have any fillers etc., but then unless the picture is touched up… don’t need any. I never thought I would be serious about it either, but at 65 the wrinkles and jowls are changing my mind about it all.
    Our styles may be different, but I love reading your thoughts and routines encouraging us to be our best at whatever age.
    Thank you, Shirley Riley

  4. Hello from Australia. I discovered your lovely blog recently and just wanted to comment on how beautiful and gracious you are. I am in my early 50s, so going through the style transition myself and I can see that your blog will be a wonderful mentor for me as I embrace the next season of my life. Best wishes for a wonderful new decade.

  5. Hi Susan! I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now. So nice to find one for women our age. Just wanted to comment that I have been a faithful user of coconut oil for over 20 years, using it as a face and body moisturizer (helps to fade age or wisdom spots too) as well as in cooking. I swear by it. Thanks for the larger font. Lol!

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