Wine, Women & Shoes

The annual Wine Women & Shoes event to benefit the Ballad Health Foundation took place on Saturday. The event helps to improve access to and affordability of breast cancer screenings for women in the region.

Penny Woods, representing VIPSeen magazine, and I served as the shoe judges this year.

I always look for my beautiful friend Krista Matthews Wharton owner of Monkee’s of Johnson City when I attend this event.

One of a kind, day of the dead boots made in Mexico.

We saw so many amazing shoes this year!

Shoe Guys include men from the community, connected to women supporting the event. They hand out wine glasses, help guests, and also raise money for the day. The man who raises the most money for the benefit becomes the King of Sole. They had as much fun as we did.

Suzanne Burritt McKinney is the designer of the unique jewelry line, Beauty In Stone Jewelry below.

My talented friend Alexandria W. Alli designer of F&W Style is shown above with two guests. Her fabulous handbags are of excellent quality and timeless in style.

I always enjoy catching up with my dear friend Jeanie Fuller. She is such a delight.

There were some amazing items in the silent auction and also for sale by many vendors.

There was a lot of wine too!

My look for the day included a jacket and matching shell by Damee NY via My Fair Lady.

The winter white wide-leg pants are here. The bag is here. The taupe suede shoes are here.

Thank you, Mr. Mickey, for giving up most of your Saturday to take photos and for generously supporting the Ballad Health Foundation.

    1. I like the outfit. I had just looked at another piece you did last year on that same event. I am 47 and have been reading more of the older things you wrote about taking in all of the advice. I even tell my spouse and my son also. Even they can use the advice. I feel all of the items you talk about relate.

  1. I must say you created a very lovely line with those pants and the shoes just continued that nice long line. Brava!

  2. You look great in that outfit. Out of the box for you, but very stunning. I’m sure you received lots of compliments!

  3. Cute outfit. I’ve never cared for the wide leg crop pants but they look so nice on you I’m inspired to give them a try.

  4. Such a worthy event! Lots of eye-candy with the jewelry and handbags!
    Changing subjects-my local news in Tyler, TX carried the story of Johnson City resident, Dakota Johnson, who passed last week but not before his high school brought his graduation ceremony to his hospital bed. Very sad but uplifting to know his fondest wish was granted.

  5. The South hold such clever FUNraisers!! My friends who have moved to the Southeast and South from NorCal say they are a breath of fresh air to attend. What an important and worthy cause to support with festive spirit for all!

  6. Linen seems to be quite popular this season and I purchased linen 2 tops. It says cool delicate cycle or May dry clean. What is your opinion on laundering linen?

  7. Who would’ve thought! What a great look wearing wide-leg pants. As usual, I love seeing the pics. There were a few pairs of shoes in there I can only dream about wearing! As to benefiting breast cancer screenings, I am all for that, as I am a breast cancer survivor! Go Pink Warriors.

  8. You always look amazing! I love the top! It’s so exciting to be part of your fashionable blog!! Thank you so much!

      1. Susan,
        I hope this makes you laugh. When I first saw the title of this blog, I thought it might be a health related blog. When I drink wine, my feet swell and my shoes become tight. I thought to myself “oh Susan is warning us! ” Of course, the event /pics told the real story. You look gorgeous in your outfit.
        Looks like the fundraiser was a wonderful event. Thank you for your great blog.

  9. What a great idea for a fundraiser!!! It looks like a fun evening.

    It’s too bad you couldn’t have done a video of the event…even parts of it would be fun to watch.

  10. I enjoy your blogs. It is fantastic having a site to go to for fashion advice over 60+. I have purchased several items from companies you recommend in your articles. Shapeez is my new favorite. Keep up the good work. You are a beautiful person. Regards Paulette from Jupiter Fl

  11. I love following your blog because I learn so many things. You look lovely in these photos. Since my tummy is my worse area, I believe that it would be a slimmer look on me to have pull-on wide-legs crops, rather than one with a fly. The top needs to be short and close fitting for balance, as you have done.

  12. Susan, You looked lovely as always. WHich eyeliner and shadow did you use? I know you use Beauty Counter these eye colors look especially nice.

    1. I have lined above and beneath the upper lash line with the black pencil here. I smudged the line to soften it with a short bristle brush. I used Moto from this collection for the smudging at the lash line. I used Brûlée over most of the lid and blended it and a tiny amount of Smoulder in just the middle of the crease and blended it very well. (All the shadows are from the same collection.)

  13. Hi Susan. I know this entry is last year but I just have to comment on the first photo that appears. You have the most beautiful smile. I hope you stay well in these uncertain times. I’m very fortunate that I live in Perth Western Australia where our government saved us from covid19. Our life only really shut down for a short time and now have lived our normal life. Thank you for all your hard work. Kind regzrds Marilyn

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