Why I Wear Scarves

I was explaining to Mr. Mickey why I have always loved to wear a scarf. He said, “Oh, we have to take pictures!” He loves it when I create a tutorial to share with you.


A rather dull combination of classic pieces suddenly looks more exciting and complete with the addition of a scarf that ties the colors together. I draped a square scarf folded into a triangle over my shoulders and then put on my jacket to anchor it in place. I can wear the jacket open, which allows for more comfort, and the neckline is filled in and softened by the colorful scarf. This is my all-time favorite way to wear a jacket and scarf.


One of the reasons this technique for wearing scarves works so well is that it will not make my roundish face look more round. I always keep my face shape in mind when choosing my sunglasses, earrings, or anything that creates a new neckline, such as a necklace or scarf. If I am wearing the correct V-neckline blouse, but then I add a choker or scarf tied into a high bow, I have defeated my purpose. I never repeat round in the shape of my glasses, jewelry, or the way I tie my scarves. Another reason for me to wear a scarf this way is that it isn’t adding bulk to my bust or tummy area. Long and lean is always my objective.


Notice that when I wear a scarf tied near my face, it is very loose and relaxed. It is also not a bulky scarf, which adds volume where I do not need it. I never try too hard with a scarf. I put it on and then either tie or drape it in a way that makes sense with what I am wearing. I accept the fact that it is going to move with me and the wind. In the same carefree way I wear my hair, I don’t worry about putting my scarf on just so and then try to keep it that way. If I have to look in the mirror to tie a scarf, I am trying too hard. Scarves should be worn in a relaxed, effortless way as if you have forgotten you have them on. Scarves keep me warm, hide my neck and other jiggly bits as well as finishing my classic combos with a bit of panache.


I always try to keep the bulk of the drape or tie above my bust line. I never want to add more bulk there.

In the photo below, I used an oversized scarf to break up the expanse of the rectangle shape of a plain dress with an unflattering round neckline. The scarf’s length and colors relate to my hair and my shoes. It creates a vertical line, which helped me look longer and leaner.


    1. Blanket scarves are very tricky to wear because you almost have to be tall and thin to keep from being overwhelmed by them. I would not try to tie them around my neck but rather drape them over my coat like a ruana.

  1. Mr. Mickey was correct. This was a great tutorial and one that I will try to copy to amp up a plain outfit. Thank-you!

    1. No, I don’t always wear square scarves but they are my most favorite. I wore a long rectangle one in the last photo and also in the photo for yesterday’s post. The larger warmer scarves, I typically take off when I go indoors. The smaller silky square scarves are not normally removed.

  2. I love scarves…I wear them all the time and even in the summer…my grandsons once asked why I didn’t have one on at the beach with my bathing suit…

  3. Thank you for bringing back the classic square silk scarf! I have tried to wear the long rectangular fashion scarves that are so popular now, but they are huge on me. Being short of stature makes these scarves a challenge. I’m not talking about a blanket scarf here!! Thanks again for fashion sense and knowing yourself. I do love many offered in your shop.

  4. I’ve never been happy wearing scarves until I read your tips & suggestions. I prefer silver and most of my shopping efforts produce only scarves with gold accents. I hope you can find some with silver for your shop.

  5. Love seeing photos of how you wear scarves. I also have a round face but I have no neck, or a very short neck, so I can’t wear a scarf close to my face. My favorite way of how you wear a scarf is shown in the first two photos – just draped over your neck with the ends hanging down. That I would be able to do. Mr. Mickey takes wonderful photos. Thanks again Susan.

  6. Third picture down, I was wondering why my outfit- navy pants, long sleeveless vest, grey sweater looked a bit blah ! Jewellery did not seem to fit…now I know, voila I could wear one of my many scarves just hanging around in the back of my closet. Thank you for the reminder.

  7. I love the scarf you’re wearing in the fourth photo, with the cognac suede jacket and jeans. Do you sell that one or can you share where you got it? Thanks

  8. I love scarves, too, having rediscovered them. I wore them in my youth, but the scarves I choose now are different. I rarely tie them in any fancy way. I am the same height as you, Susan. I like to wear lightweight scarves that go to my knees. I like the diagonal hem look (hold the scarf lengthwise, grab it at about the one-third point and let the ends fall). This look is very slimming for those with some height and a few extra pounds! This look works well in the summer for some sun protection, or for a but of warmth in the evening.

    Jewelry can be too much for those of us who wear glasses, but an untied scarf with earrings is just right. I have gotten so many compliments since I became a scarf-wearer again. Love them!

  9. You always look good and explain why you do what you do. I appreciate that. I am even more pleased that you get good classic items that are great for years. I enjoy buying new things, however with retirement I think many of us no longer wish to spend as a form of entertainment or where we want to invest our dollars. You make it apparent that good planning and accessories can go a long way.

  10. I love your idea of making a triangle and then putting the jacket over it to hold it in place! No need to fold the scarf over and over to get a long pieco worth with. This would work well with Hermes scarves which are large squares and often stiff when they are new. It allows more of the pattern and color to show than when folded into a long shape and tied in a knot. Brilliant and comfortable.

    I have been enjoying your new emphasis on tutorials.I have followed you for several years now and appreciate you taking the time to share your insights.

  11. Thank you for the scarf tips, they are very helpful, as are the pictures that show exactly what you mean.
    I love your blog

  12. A drawer full of scarfs ,most of them gifts, but I didn’t wear them. Things are changing now through your tips how to wear them. Thank you, Susan. Very useful outfit ideas .

  13. I LOVE scarves, myself. That is one thing I love about cooler weather and football season. I have four different orange and blue scarves I wear on football weekends and then my “normal” collection the rest of the year. Some I have had for years!!

  14. I love the way you do your scarves. I lived in Europe and women of all ages consistently wore scarves! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love your new blog even more than “Fifty not frumpy.” I don’t get the snarky comments some women make, as you offer terrific fashion advice and are such a great role model!

  16. How do you store your scarves? Mine tend to get messy in a drawer. Appreciate all you advice and tips. Now that I’m turning 60 soon, I need all the help I can get!

  17. I also adore scarves. But not usually too much in the summer. For me scarf season is the beginning of autumn and putting scarves away is a sign of summer. I usually wear a scarf daily. Have been doing this since grade 7. Watching Rhoda on Mary Tyler Moore got me hooked on scarves. I used to buy all kinds of scarves and scarf ties. I am editing and only keeping and buying the best quality fabric. Love all your scarf tips. I particularly like the way the one is tied with the caramel coloured jacket.

  18. You once mentioned using magnets to keep a scarf in place. Would you please show where you place those magnets.

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