White on White

When I wear a statement piece such as these jeweled sandals, I let that item stand alone. All the other accessories need to recede into the background.

An all-white look is an easy summer combo that always feels comfortable and appropriate. When wearing separates in the same color, I look for different textures. The delicate eyelet contrasts nicely with the crisp denim. A knit top and a knit pair of pants in almost the same colors would not be as impactful.

The eyelet puff sleeve top is here, and other similar tops are here and here. The white slim ankle jeans are here. A similar tote and shoes are here and here.

Similar sunglasses are here, and a similar ring is here. The watch is here. The bracelet is here, and the earrings are here.

Skincare has become much more important to me as I age. My skincare, makeup, sunscreen, and hair care products are here.

A building on the deserted VA Center campus in Johnson City, TN, served as the background for these photos. We stopped there briefly before a long drive through the country.

Links in my posts may provide a small commission to me at no additional cost to you. Mr. Mickey took my photos for this post.

  1. Fun to recognize where you are before reading the blog. Glad you are able to get back out and enjoy your day adventures.

  2. I love monochromatic looks that allow accessories to “pop” and would have no problem adding a ststement necklace in turquoise to compliment those gorgeous sandles!

    As my very fair complexion would be washed out in all “optic white,” I would need to select anothe seasonal color for a similar effect!

    Thanks, Susan, for another enjoyable and informative blog!

  3. Delighted to see you looking so well and able to meet up with Mr Mickey. It must feel so good after being so ill. I love the colour of those sandals. Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts.

  4. Beautiful look, Susan! So glad you and Mr Mickey are able to be out and about!!
    Would these shoes work with your turquoise ruana? I love both items and would love to see you style the ruana casually for summer. Thank you for all the effort and research you do to help us.

  5. Good to see you looking so radiant. Glad your beau is able to drive long distances also so you both can get out!

  6. FYI, The link to shoes shows a very dissimilar shoe, rather than the colored sandals. Your outfit is very attractive.
    No reply required.

  7. Many of us would look washed out in all white but you look absolutely gorgeous! The eyelet top looks so pretty & fresh.
    So glad to hear that both you and Mr. Mickey are getting back to the ‘before’. Such a challenging year this has been!
    Blessings to both of you and continue to stay well!

  8. How nice you are out again.

    And Mr Mickey as well.

    I bet it feels nice to be out together.

    I assume your pneumonia is now over.

    Are you still weak?

    Love and Prayers

  9. i was a nurse for many years. I cannot wear white on white because when I look in the mirror, I see “nurse.” Glad you are able to see something different!!!


  10. What is your pedicure routine,
    mainly the lotion you use. Your
    feet look very young and unused.

  11. I shouldn’t have said pedicure. I was
    interested in how you keep your
    feet so soft looking. A Beauty Counter

  12. Love the white on white. Very cool and fresh looking. I follow a few fashion blogs and saw recently where the “skinny” jean and leggings looks are “out” and wider leg pants are “in”. In fact, while visiting the beach over the weekend, I saw a lady wearing bell bottoms and I mean like the ones we wore in the 70’s. I am curious as to what your thoughts are about this trend.

    1. I never wear skinny jeans. I always look for straight leg ankle jeans because that is the cut that looks best on my shape. I do have some other styles of legs, but they are never as good looking on me.
      I am not a trend follower, but I do pay attention to the subtle style changes. The classics are always appropriate.

  13. Susan , you look wonderful. The summer white is very flattering on you. Do you have any suggestions for a monochromatic look other than white? I have a redhead’ s complexion and not so sure I look good in white. So glad you are able to have some fun after your illness. Sorry the cough is lingering.
    I look forward to your blog.

    1. You can recreate a similar tone on tone look with any hue that flatters you. I’ve seen women with more golden coloring wear camel and ivory from head to toe, and they look fabulous. The secret is to add a few accessories to give the monotone colors some personality.

  14. You look amazing Susan….I love tone on tone. The eyelet top is something I would wear. So feminine.


  15. You look lovely!! The outfit is great and I think your hair looks especially chic!! Could you describe how it is cut? I really love it!

  16. In addition to my question about how your hair is cut, could you also describe how you style it? Thank you!

    1. My hair is cut in layers to about four inches long all over except for the sides. It is now a little shorter there so that I can tuck it behind my ears neatly. I style it with a small round one-inch brush and dry it by lifting the roots and smoothing it all away from my face.

  17. You are looking skinny. I am guessing you lost quite a bit of weight while you were ill. So glad you are out & about again, as well as Mr. Mickey.

  18. I have never seen your hair look better. You look great with it behind your ears! Is this a new cut or did you just style differently?

    1. I trimmed the sides because they were getting too poofy. I will go back to see my stylist soon, but we have another spike in viruses here. I am not going inside any buildings unless I have to buy groceries.

  19. So happy to hear that you are continuing to heal and to see that you are out and about and enjoying Mr. Mickey’s company once again. Your style is timeless and I always look forward to your posts. Would you be kind enough to share the color of your nail polish as it is the perfect shade of red! My coloring is the same as yours and have been on the hunt for a “perfect red” for quite some time. Stay healthy, Susan and Mr. Mickey is one great photographer. All the best to you both!

  20. There is something about white that just seems so fresh. I love this look I think I would like this look with my gold, snakeskin sandals. I just bought them and have not had a chance to wear them. Im so happy you are making baby steps forward with your health. Be careful though and stay safe. There’s still danger around.

  21. I’m so glad I found your blog Susan. Your style aesthetic is very similar to mine so it’s great for inspiration. I love to keep my clothes on the clean classic side and have fun with accessories. My favorite thing to do when traveling is to find one amazing accessory that I can have forever and when I wear it memories of that trip put a smile on my face. I am very happy you are feeling better and your right it is amazing what a little Eco therapy can do for the mind, body and soul

  22. You look so good in white, but it does’nt suit me. I used to look good in yellow and autumn colors, but since my hair started going grey, I cant wear it anymore. I do’nt color my hair, so its platinum (? )colored. Also have an pear figure, so I struggle to know what to wear.

  23. So good to see you looking so fabulous! I hope your strength is returning. Love all your fashion tips!!

  24. Hi Susan,

    It’s so great to see your smiling face and that you are out and about again. You look so fresh, crisp, and clean in your outfit. Love your shoes.

    Sending you a happy da,.
    Katherine in Arizona

  25. You look so fresh and lovely. Hope that you are feeling better! I admire anyone who can wear white pants. I’m guaranteed to sit in something unsavory if I do. or spill something on me.

  26. I just discovered your blog and am now caught up to date, thank you and all that you do! I hope you stay well and continue to heal.
    I am 67 and am in the process of weight loss, 20lbs down and 30 more to go. I’ve taken your tips to heart and bought some of the basics to begin building my new wardrobe.
    I love your shoes and handbags and much admire your taste.
    Have a great day,
    Trish in Canada

    1. Hi Trish! I know exactly how you feel. I am 56 years old and just started my 40 lb. weight loss journey. I’m down 6.6 lbs. in 9 days and I’m quite pleased with that!!

      I just started following Susan’s blog too. This lady is everything I want to be when I grow up! LOL

      Seriously, I love her style and all her tips. I’m slowly culling out my wardrobe to only what I love and that makes me feel pretty. Hopefully, as I keep losing weight I’ll get to reward myself with something new!

      Anywho, just wanted to say Hi!

  27. Hi Susan,

    I ordered this top and am wondering if you are doing to dry clean or gently hand wash? I don’t usually like to dry clean white garments if I can hand wash. Thank you.

  28. Just wanted to say how happy I am to see you looking healthy!! So glad you seem to be over your ordeal. 🙂

  29. You look great! I am in love with those sandals. I love when you do a close-up of your accessories. I have a similar top and I put mine in a garment bag (type of fishnet) and wash in cold water in the machine and lay flat to dry and no problem. Thank you for sharing!

  30. I just started following your blog and love all the outfits you put together. I am also over 60 and look forward to your styles. Thank you!!

  31. So glad you are feeling better and can go out for a nice drive. This outfit is awesome, I like the look of summer freshness. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Ms Susan,
    I am glad you have recovered from your covid-like illness. You are looking healthy and stylish. Your blog was very informative and it reinforced the need for us to to wear a mask and remain vigilant.
    I really enjoy your blog. If I lived in your area, I would recreate your weekend excursions with Mr Mickey, but I do share with my daughter in Atlanta the places you visit for weekend adventures since they are not that far from her.
    I learn a lot about style and health from your blog. I am retired and do not need to purchase a lot of new clothes but I have learned to use what I have in my closet if it compliments my style based on your suggestions and my new comfort level. I also believe in your diet choices and I find myself eating more veggies for breakfast.
    Continue to get stronger and stay safe during the resurgence that is coming.

    Ms Patton from KC, MO

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