When It Rains

When relentless rain falls, but we have a dinner date, I dress in something dark to throw it in the wash later. It is nearly impossible to get the splashback stains out of light-colored pants, so I never wear them on days with wet weather. I do wear white jeans throughout the year on sunny days. The fabric weight is what we should consider when deciding whether an item is appropriate.

I have a personal cut off time for carrying straw bags and wearing thong sandals. I don’t wear shorts or sundresses, but if I did, those would also be put away until next summer. When September comes, those items suddenly seem inappropriate. I am ready to embrace layers, darker colors, closed-toe shoes, and leather bags.

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  1. Still wearing shorts and sundresses here, but it will be a humid 93 today in central Texas. The months on the calendar don’t seem to have much meaning here. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  2. I am longing for cooler days too. Love fall but I don’t think we will see it until October here in Texas. I was wondering if you carried pants in a skinny leg such as the girlfriend cut..

  3. In the South we choose what to wear based on the temperature. We do not have four distinct seasons in lower SC. We have summer, still summer, Christmas and almost summer!

  4. Just a side story here: When I was a teenager this nice lady went to the same church as me. She had
    beautiful white hair and was always quite stylish. I don’t know why I remember this but it has always
    stuck in my head. On dark rainy days, she would always wear some bright color top/jacket. She said it
    helps to brighten up dreary days!!
    And I, like you, am so glad the sun has appeared again.
    You look great in this outfit.

    1. Carol, I like your story! I share the same philosophy and, as appropriately as possible, have often chosen more cheerful colors on a rainy day. I appreciate Susan’s tip on back splash! That’s very practical and helpful

  5. I so enjoy your Monday blog posts. I learn something new from each and every post.
    Putting effort into one’s appearance is so important.

  6. Still in the nineties in Colorado also so summer clothes are a must. I am however ready for cooler temps and fall outfits. New booties, bags and sweaters waiting in my closet. Susan l so enjoy your blogs. Our style is very similar. Happy Birthday.

  7. Hi Susan, A belated happy, happy birthday to you. Love your blogs and your outfits. You are a very wise lady on so much in this world. Are you enjoying retirement? I still think of you as owner and manager of VJS. It has been so long that I knew you as that. And now your a relaxing lady enjoying life. Happy for you.

    I still would like to meet you and visit, but I am beginning to wonder if it will ever happen. We have a Granddaughter getting married in Dallas the first part of November. And I have craft shows coming up soon. So time is so taken up now, but I still plan on making a trip to Johnson City and a visit with you. Now maybe you can visit Paris and see all the sights. We loved it there. I can’t get over it has been 2 years since our trip. Time sure passes quickly. have a great week and will chat with you soon.

    With love , Barb

  8. Susan, Thanks for sharing the practical rainy day tip! I was s bit nervous ordering sight unseen (not in person) but I ordered my first scarves from you last week and they were delivered today. I love them! I ordered three, each a different style and size, and look forward to the chance to wear them.

  9. The weather here in Alberta, Canada has been abysmal lately! We even had snow last week which is dreadful for the farmers who still have crop in the field. I very reluctantly did my seasonal closet switch from summer to fall/winter wear. As always, as much as I dislike the thought of the long winter that lies ahead, I’m enjoying wearing things that I’d almost forgotten about over the summer!

  10. Susan, I am 6 ft tall and have a hard time finding pants to fit appropriately. Can you tell me the inseam measurement of the 709 Large? They always look so nice on you. BTW, Happy Birthday!

  11. As always, more great practical tips for looking fabulous in the real world. As another reader said recently, I often stand in front of my (newly re-organized, streamlined and lit) closet and say, “Now, what would Susan do?”

    You particularly inspire me about what I might do when I retire from my career in a few years – what will the 2nd (or in my case, 3rd) act look like? And what will I look like doing it?

    Keep up the great work. Your blog is so meaningful to so many of us.

  12. We live in Ga. & Fl. So I find myself wearing sandals all year round. Now when we lived in Mi. I hardly ever wore sandals!!!

  13. Susan, I wanted to tell you that the higher neckline tops you are now carrying are terrific. For some reason, the original scooped neckline top was just to low on my frame (perhaps due to being 5’4″ and short waisted). I love the newer neckline tops. Ordered the navy with the navy slim leg pant, and now ordering the same top in the black. Thank you for carrying them. Soft, not too heavy, perfect for scarves and necklaces and the 3/4 sleeve length is wonderful for showcasing bracelets. And they travel and wash up like a dream!

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