Weekend Travels – Part 1

On Friday afternoon, we departed for a long weekend in Dobson, NC, to attend the Mercedes Benz Auto Show. For the first day of travel, I wore my most comfortable linen pieces.

Mabry Mill is a watermill located at milepost 176.2 of Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd County, Virginia. It is one of the most photographed places in the United States.

When we travel this part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, we always plan to have dinner at Chateau Morrisette in Floyd, VA.

My entree was the smoked trout salad with fingerling potatoes.

Mr. Mickey had the Cobb salad without bacon.

He can’t resist the cornbread in a tiny skillet with sorghum butter.

We also shared the delicious Brussels Sprouts.

Cotton or linen are the most comfortable fabrics for travel in hot, humid weather. My linen culottes were from J.Jill earlier in the spring. Similar here. A similar black V-neck cami is here. The white linen blazer is a couple of years old. (Similar here) Similar sandals are here. The stone color bag is here.

My casual lariat necklace is here. Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item At Beauty In Stone Jewelry.

Wednesday’s post will share how we modified our looks to dress for totally unpredicted cold rainy weather when that is not how we packed.

  1. I love your wide-legged crop pants, and I have also found that they are much cooler in the hot weather. They are a nice alternative.

  2. I’m sorry…I normally love your style and value the insights you bring…but I just can’t abide these wide legged pants. They add a good ten pounds or more to one’s backside. My husband and I were walking down a charming side street the other day and in front of us was a woman wearing a pair of these pants. My husband looked up, and said, “Woa….not a good look. She mustn’t have had a three-way mirror.” He couldn’t have put it any more succinctly.
    There is a good reason every shopping site is deeply discounting these awful pants.

    1. I have the same wide-legged pants from J.Jill. I love them and have received many compliments when wearing them. I wear an XS and am 5’5” tall, so that may make a difference. I think you’ll find that this style is continuing to be shown for the fall.

    2. To Tika,
      If you have been following Susan for awhile, you should know that she confidently dresses for herself and always looks spectacular. It is too bad that your husband doesn’t approve!

    3. I think wide leg pants are a very difficult look to pull off for some of us and I agree that when seeing these styles hit the stores, I wish they would just go away. Not all of us are tall and slender, or even medium height. When these were in fashion a while ago, a sales lady pointed out the fact that these did nothing for me, so I’ve never worn them.
      We are all entitled to our opinions and choice of clothing. Perhaps it’s a little disappointing for some of us if we normally see Susan wearing styles we think we can wear to suddenly find that she has embraced a look we know we can’t pull off. It’s also a little daunting to see some trends hit and know that we’ll need to wait some time before we can find choices we can wear again. If this blog is really about influencing style for mature woman, a negative comment shouldn’t elicit such a terse reply from so many. Instead advice could have been offered on a suitable alternative to go with the rest of the outfit.

  3. Bravo Susan. I’m stunned by the comments some people leave, but your replies are a lesson in grace and charm. You look fantastic as always- one of my style icons.

  4. Now this is my style! I’m going out for lunch today at an outdoor patio down by the lake and will wear an outfit very similar.

  5. You look comfortable, casual and stylish! Love this scenery there and especially that little restaurant!

  6. Absolutely lovely! Everything about the outfit is perfect.

    Just an idea for your blog; would it be possible for you to include a sort of index for locations and restaurants? That way if readers travel to these spots we can easily locate the names of these wonderful places you eat at. Just a thought.

  7. Love this outfit on you, it is so flattering. I have some wide leg pants like that, I’ll have to pull them out and wear them. Somehow baring your ankles makes you feel cooler..

      1. But then how do you get the wrinkles out? I have no luck with my iron and end up having to take anything linen to the cleaners to get the wrinkles out. Do you wear light-colored linen or just dark?

        1. I wash them and dry them for a short time. Take the items out of the dryer long before they are completely dry and then hang them up on a hanger. Put them on a rod or a hook to finish drying. I will use my iron to just steam out any creases, but I don’t iron linen.

  8. Just lovely look. I am a petite size 6 and have 2 pair of the j jill wide legs crops. I find them to be very comfortable and and get many comments on how nice they look. It is so nice that you show us different styles. As always you look beautiful. Pam

  9. Like Susan, I sometimes wear a regular bra and never remove my cardigan or blazer. But I live in Las Vegas and it is so hot sometimes, I want options. So I went in search of a good strapless bra. One Youtuber recommended a great strapless bra – the Wacoal Red Carpet Full Figure Underwire Strapless Bra. It had loads of 5-star reviews on the Macy’s website, so I ordered in nude and black. It is very comfortable for a strapless bra. Now I have options when super hot. It comes with removable straps.

  10. Linen? Where are all the wrinkles? I’ve never been able to wear linen for more than 5 minutes without running back to the ironing board. How do you do it?

  11. Slim cropped pants that end at the widest part of the calf are not a good choice for me at all. These culottes end at the most slender part of my leg, making them fit more like a midi skirt. They are much cooler than slim-fitting pants.

  12. Hi Susan! I also agree with Carmel, you look lovely!
    Thank you for sharing your pictures, the scenery is beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day!


  13. Very classy! Traveling through Virginia on 2 lane roads is on my bucket list! Thank you for showing us beautiful scenery & great places to eat.

  14. You look so wonderful all the time. Do you manage your wardrobe with an app? I saw a few online. The problem I see is all that picture taking. You have to have a photo of everything and keep removing or adding as things change. They seem more trouble than they are worth.

    1. I have never used an app for the reason you mentioned. (I don’t have the patience!) It is much easier for me to arrange my wardrobe by item – color – length. This method allows me to see everything I have, and I can build looks as if I were shopping in a boutique.

  15. Susan,
    I love both of those places! I’ve spent many hours on the parkway and Mabry’s Mill. ( I am originally from Martinsville.)
    I enjoy your blog !

  16. I love your outfit choice it looks MARVELOUS I was wondering if you would ever wear a linen skirt in that length with the rest of the outfit?

    1. If I wore a linen skirt, I might wear a linen tee with it instead. Pant legs and a fitted waistline allow me to wear the jacket open and still not look too much like a large rectangle. The rule of balance applies, fitted on top with flowing and full on the bottom.

  17. Hi Susan, I wonder if you ever coordinate your clothing selections with Mr. Mickey on date nights. My husband wears a polo shirt or long sleeved dress shirt and dress slacks to fine dining restaurants. In winter, he adds a v neck sweater. Since I don’t want to appear more dressed up than he, I wear smart casual clothes that are a bit more casual than your date night outfits. Although we live in a big city, people just don’t dress up like they used to, especially the younger generations. I love dressing up, but don’t want to look like the two of us don’t belong together!

    1. We try not to clash with our color choices. He often wears khaki or gray slacks, a blue, and white striped shirt, and a blazer. It looks great to dress as a couple, but not matching. We tend to dress up a lot more than most folks.

  18. Susan, I just love that outfit on you! Fabulous! Your travels look so fun and your food choices always look so yummy! It seems that you and Mr Mickey thoroughly enjoy your times together. How wonderful!

  19. Your outfit looks good on you. I must tell you I commented negatively when you posed in another pair of culottes that I didn’t think they were flattering. I ordered some, thinking I should keep an open mind. I actually liked them! Yes they are cooler. Ladies, please don’t knock them until you try them. You just have to find the right ones for your body. I’m short and “curvy” and found some that work for me.

  20. You look lovely as always, but I must comment on the scenery around you- absolutely stunning! And so green! We are in the middle of drought so that green grass just looks so much greener! Greetings from Australia.

  21. Hello Susan, This outfit is perfect for you!! It is very chic. I have been curious about wearing the wider legs crops, but I felt they might make me look stubby. However I am changing my mind, I am only 5’4″, but I think I can pull it off now. You gave me some ideas. Thanks!!

  22. Susan,
    I like your outfit. I would never have tried wide legged crops had l not seen your first post some time back. I have both white and black. I’ve only worn the white this summer but l find them much cooler than slacks and have received compliments. I look forward to wearing my black ones and think they will be quite versatile this fall and winter with sweaters, jackets and boots. The person above with the negative comment should check out all the pictures on Pinterest of cute crops. To each his own.
    Thank you for inspiring all of us.

  23. You are always dressed so well. I want to know how old fashioned I am as I still knit short sleeve jumpers to wear during the year wearing cardigans over the top when cold. How can I use these jumpers for the best look for over sixty? I hope my summer in the south will be a good one. We are in Autumn now and I am in one of my knitted jumpers.

    1. Wear the jumpers over slim-fitting jeans or pants with a simple scoop or V-neck. When the outer layer is loose-fitting or longer, the inner layers should be more close-fitting to the body.

  24. Susan you always look polished no matter the clime or place! I personally don’t care for the wide leg pants but that’s just me. I also don’t like the shorter tops i see in stores now. Everyone’s body is different. I do agree with the post that asks for tolerance on differing views. We aren’t cookie cutters and it’s ok to politely state a different opinion of ones own preference!

    1. It’s wise to wear what looks best on your shape, but sometimes we can get bored. I try to show a few ideas and tips that might be helpful to those folks who want to wear shorter tops, wide leg, or skinny pants, long skirts, or any other updated look that might serve some of us well. My favorite tops are fitted and slightly tucked in with straight leg jeans. I could wear that every day, but that would get boring and it is not always comfortable in the heat, so I try to show some different looks as well. If a look isn’t your cup of tea, skip over that information. Hopefully, the next post will share more appropriate tips for your style vibe.

  25. It’s one thing to dislike an article of clothing. It’s another to condemn everyone who wears it. It’s more about the total look rather than individual pieces, which is what this blog is about. I think the outfit is very flattering on you, and you’ve done an incredible service of showing women of all body types how to create a look that can work for them.

  26. Now I realise why you rave about Brussels Sprouts ! They’re oven roasted. In the UK sprouts are the most hated vegetable as they are usually served boiled.
    The standing joke is when Bonfire Night is over (November 5th) your mother puts the Christmas sprouts on to cook.
    My daughter has now told me how to roast sprouts 😉
    Another beautiful set of photos, I’d love to visit your part of America.

    1. Hi about Brussels sprouts-and from the UK –
      we slice them then stir fry with a splash of oil and then either with lean bacon , or garlic, or sliced cooked chestnuts.
      Terry Wogan joked on the radio about them being cooked from November !

  27. Susan has never claimed to dress in clothing that would be suitable for every mature woman. She is aware of her physical assets and flaws and has learned to wear what suits her body type. Not everything that is in stores is going to flatter everyone and certainly should not be worn by everyone. There are many styles that I would not wear because of my body type, but I don’t take offense because I see them in stores. Susan has worn the wide-leg cropped pants on several occasions and wears them well with fitted tops and a heel or wedge. Susan has always explained why she does or doesn’t wear certain items because of her particular body. She won’t wear slim cropped pants that end at the heaviest part of her calves; personally, I think that is not an attractive look for anyone. She is not advocating that everyone wear what she wears. There are certainly many other pant options for a woman who wants to wear pants. I applaud her decision to cover what she considers less than attractive physical attributes.

  28. True not everyone can wear this style of pants but you definitely can. And because of you l purchased two pair and actually rather like them for a change. My white ones are much cooler than slacks and way more comfortable than skinnies. I have gotten compliments so they must look alright. I think my black ones will work well for fall and winter with sweaters and boots.
    Thank you for your continued inspiration.

  29. I am not normally a fan of cropped wide legged pants, however Susan you are showing us a way that looks good on your body shape. Must confess I have never tried them on me – as mentioned earlier I need to break out of my comfort zone and see if I can make them work for me. 5’7” slim but long in the body and definitely pear shaped☹️ Also I can’t wear heels.

    Living in England I do enjoy learning about travelling and the food in the Carolinas. Though I can’t believe Brussels sprouts are on the menu.

    Must add how much I enjoy reading this blog. Lots of inspiration.

  30. My mother never gave guidance to me concerning makeup, hair care, or how to put together a wardrobe that suited me. She only offered disparaging remarks about all that is “me”. I am now 60 years old. I am a firm believer that a person has certain “milestones “ in their life. You, and what you share about yourself, makeup, hair care, and how to dress with your own stylish flair have certainly been a life changing milestone in my life. God has given you a beautiful gift of giving hope to women, teaching women, providing a wonderful example to women, and encouraging women to be the best woman they can be. I thank you from my heart! FYI – my name is Kyle Norton and I am a female with a very masculine name. A boy named Sue, I guess. Thanks Mom. Ha!

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