Wear White All Year Round

Do you remember your mother or grandmother telling you not to wear white after Labor Day?


In the early nineteen hundreds, the very wealthy had summer homes by the shore. The clothes they kept there were, of course, light and breezy and often white. When they returned to one of their other homes for the colder months, they left all those clothes in the summer home, thus never wearing white after returning to winter in the city. At that time, ladies followed fashion trends much more closely than they do now, so all style-conscious women wanted to fit in and followed the example that the more well-heeled women set for them. Mother’s taught daughters. That’s why for no logical reason, we stopped wearing white in winter.

If it is a warm day and dry weather, why would you not wear a pair of nice white jeans in October? It is the fabric weight that you should be concerned about, not so much the color. White jeans are the perfect neutral to wear with denim jackets, a navy blazer, and almost any sweater or jacket, for that matter.

I do not wear white or light-colored pants on days when it is raining since the splashback when you walk creates stains that ruin light-colored pants. I can never successfully remove that stain, so I do not wear light-colored pants on a day it is snowing, or it might rain.

I have also given up buying cheap jeans. I would rather have one good pair that keeps their shape for the whole day. You can not look confident and stylish if you have to keep pulling up your pants every three minutes. I look for zippers and snaps or buttons that are not so bulky that they show under all my tops as a big bump. I like straight-leg pants that are not too long because I can wear them with most of my shoes. Never wear pants that puddle on the tops of your shoes or touch the floor. That one thing can make you look much shorter and more substantial, not to mention sloppy. A Tailor can become your best friend!

Having my picture taken almost every day for more than five years and getting unfiltered comments from the general public has taught me many things. I am happy to share what I have learned in hopes that it helps you to put together looks that work well for your shape and lifestyle.

My Tahari navy blazer is from Dillard’s last year. The layered white tank is from White House|Black Market. The shoes are old by Cynthia Rowley from Belk. The white jeans are from Fabrizio Gianni. All their items are made in the USA.

  1. Oh my gosh, have to share! “Pulling your pants up every three minutes”. That was me, until I found my Invisibelt! It is an adjustable, clear, very flat, plastic belt that is made to be worn with tops that are NOT tucked in. Keeps your pants up with NO belt bulge. Love your blog Susan and your style, I have been your cyber friend for years.

  2. I always love you style! Cane you give us the name of you most favorite jeans! I am 5 ft7in but have long sort of skinny legs and flat bootie. I can’t find any jeans I really love. There baggy behind or they are very low waisted. Just wondering what brand you like.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Love this outfit. Isn’t it great to be at an age where we can just disregard “rules”. I feel like a rebel again in my 60’s!

  4. This all white canvas with navy jacket is a wonderful look for you. I like that you share your resources with us. The layered white tank is a great length and alternative to tunics. Would you share size on Fabrizio Jean? Do they run large / small? Finding a good jean is not easy but worth an investment. You always look beautiful but the last 2 posts have been knockouts!!

  5. Here’s something I wish I’d known years ago. I understand the splash back issue on rainy days – used to live in New Orleans and many times caught in spontaneous downpour…Wore white nearly year round there also.

    You may already know of 2 products for getting stains out of washable whites and keeping whites “white” without bleach. If not – I’m sharing now – I found out about these a few years ago. They’ve been around a long time but are not prominently marketed.

    First product is BIZ. BIZ is designed for keeping whites completely white and for removing tough stains from whites during COLD WATER washing. (I’ve tried OxyClean, but it doesn’t work for me on tough stains during cold water washing.) Recently, got black mud and crud seriously ground into a favorite white T-shirt while gardening. Pre-soaked in BIZ, then washed with regular detergent – all stains gone.

    The 2nd product I’ve used as a spot treatment for things like red wine, blood, rust, coffee, ink, etc. and it has been able to remove ANY and ALL types of stains I’ve thrown at it. It’s called Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover. Miracle product IMO…. Grandma’s works on all colors. I travel with a tiny bottle of the stuff.

  6. I enjoy your page. As a new Grandma and 59 I don’t always know what looks stylish and age appropriate. I get many ideas from you. some work for me, some don’t,however I appreciate the time you put into this.

  7. I too love white jeans and for the last 2 or 3 years I have been wearing them all year round. I think that they can be really transformed to suit the seasons depending on the texture and style of what you wear with them. All in all, a very useful and versatile item. I have lots of pairs but my favourites are my NYDJs. Expensive but perfect!

  8. Love this! I bought a white moto jacket recently and have worn it several times. Goodbye to silly rules like no white after Labor Day, and good riddance!

  9. I’ve always loved the jeans and blazer look, whether it’s white jeans in the warmer weather or indigo in the colder months.
    And thank goodness designers are finally offering denim in a higher cotton, less stretch content. I virtually gave up wearing jeans the last few years as I hated the overly stretchy fabrics that were being used.
    I now have a new pair of dark blue jeans that I am pairing with my fall blazers and feel like I have my personal style back!

  10. Hi, I’m a ” new” fan, living in South Fl. Love white jeans year round. Lately it’s been to hot to enjoy jeans unless they’re very light weight. I have a problem with straight jeans because my knees are not so slim as the rest of my leg so I need to wear a wider leg. I wear boot cut or straighter leg. How would you handle that problem,shoes?? Tees or jackets? The straight leg looks so chic. Thanks for sharing your observations and discoveries.

  11. Even living in Florida I do not see too many white pants in winter, however,I have been wearing them and have had many compliments. They look awesome with a boot.

    Elaine from Florida

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