Date Night Look

With the change of weather comes the challenge of indoor photography. We struggle with finding a light that shows the actual color and a plain wall to shoot photos inside. Please excuse my laundry room background!


I wanted to show you this new tunic by IC Collection from I wore it for the first time to dinner with friends on Friday night. I can also wear this tunic with jeans or white pants. The knit fabric is not heavy, so it is almost a three-season top.


The tunic comes with a matching infinity scarf that can be worn as a cowl, a turtleneck, or just a soft drape at the neckline to break up the expanse of solid black near the face. I show it here just draped at the shoulders because my roundish face isn’t flattered by a turtleneck.


Our temperatures dropped by thirty degrees since Thursday evening, and it was raining, so I draped my short black trench coat across my shoulders. The trench coat is old from Express. The tunic and the fabulous black pants by Clara Sunwoo are both from The short boots are by French Connection via Saks Off 5th last year. The box bag is old from T.J.Maxx.


We enjoyed a delicious evening meal at Gourmet and Company with our dearest friends on Friday night to kick off a fabulous weekend. I can’t wait to share our Saturday adventures with you!

  1. Good morning from California. As always, Susan, you look wonderful. Love your new top and infinity scarf, and thank you for showing another way to wear an infinity scarf. Like you, I have a round face but also a very short neck so infinity scarves can sometimes be difficult to work with. Enjoy a peaceful and blessed Sunday.

  2. Susan,

    We had the wrong price on our website. Somebody made an error and listed this top at $135 when it should have been $89. With your coupon code “october” it would be $75.65.
    Sorry about that….

  3. Great Look look lovely! BTW..On new blog site with my phone, but unable to read comments and responses. When I tap comments it goes back to top of blog that because you are still under construction? Won’t be able to read any response if you get this. 🙂 Can still see comments made on facebook though. Happy Fall!

  4. Looks beautiful! I was wondering if you would post the sizes of the tunics you wear. I live in Canada it it looks like I can order from Shop My Fair Lady. Sometimes I take a small and sometimes I take medium, depending on the style and make. It would help greatly to know what sizes you are wearing.
    P. S. Love your blog…turning 59 in two months!

  5. I started following your blog a couple of weeks ago – just thought I’d tell you, I love your posts. Short and to the point – and I love your style!

  6. Hi Susan!!! I have been following you post for about 6 months, and I love, love, love it!!!! Please tell me if any of the tops and pants you wear would work for me!!! I am 5 feet tall and must wear petite sizes.

  7. When I Found your Fifty Not Frump and just loved it .
    I just turned 60 this yr and already many challenges .
    Was so excited to find you had moved on also,
    Love your style and blogs.
    I’m from Ky , not so far away, lol , practically neighbors.
    You are a great encouragement, please keep doing what you’re doing.
    God bless!

  8. Hello! This photo with you in the black tunic with the infinity scarf is adorable. However, I read where you state it’s from IC Collection but then below you say both the tunic and pants are from Sunwoo. I’m confused. I would LOVE to purchase the tunic but it no longer exists at My Fair Lady per their website.


    1. Please note the date at the top of the blog post. The one you are asking about it from last year, so no the store will not have those same items. The pants were by Clara Sunwoo, the tunic was by IC Collection, both were from

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