Warm Weather Holiday Dressing

If you live in or you are visiting a warm climate, dressing in a festive holiday sweater may be out of the question. So how do you dress for holiday-themed events when it is 80 degrees? I lived in the New Orleans area for a few years and often visited places in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean on holidays. I collected lightweight filmy things in vibrant colors that could be worn in layers as needed. (Layers have been my friend since I was about 32 years old!) One of my favorite recent items is this richly colored and embroidered vest from Covered Perfectly. At last count, I have eight of these vests!

My winter looks start with these long sleeve tees from Covered Perfectly almost every day. One of my favorite ways to wear a cascading vest in warm weather is a white top and white pants. They work well with almost anything to add a bit of body coverage and a touch of sophisticated style. I have always felt that a hint of sexy was always better than a full-on announcement. Now more than ever, I dress in a subdued way. That’s why I love wearing these cascading vests so much. I can dress in lightweight separates and then add a vest. It is almost like wearing my favorite combo of a scarf and a jacket, but a vest is much cooler. This past summer, I wore them a lot when I was in Los Angeles, where it was 100+ degrees.

I always take advantage of the buy two get one FREE special because I buy new tees each season. I machine wash the tees in cold water and then hang them to air dry. I never put my fine knits in the dryer. You can find Covered Perfectly here.

I no longer accept products in exchange for reviews or collaborate with companies, but I share with my readers where I have purchased the items I wear.

  1. You always look so “put together” in a natural way. I love your look. I wear more color myself, but I have learned from your blog to invest in items that will go with many different outfits. I have starting wearing heals again at 60! I did take a slight tumble in Chicago after watching Hamilton but I blame it on the rain not the heals!

  2. I just bought new tops from Covered Perfectly too. I have lots of vests and dusters too. Love them. Completes the outfits.

  3. Planning our first ever winter vacation to Florida this year. Other than T-shirts, (which I wear as a first layer), what should I bring? Do I need a coat? Since we’ll be doing a lot of sightseeing, I’ll need good walking shoes, so would boots be an unnecessary item? Appreciate very much your warm weather dressing hint regarding vests. Enjoy your blog, even though physically, we are almost opposites!!! Since I’m already tall, I don’t need to do anything to emphasize height!

  4. Hi Susan: Love the look in today’s photos. I’m getting ready to order the vest and a top, but I have a question. I’m not fond of long sleeves (I normally push them up). Would a 3/4 sleeve top still look good with the vest? I’m short and squatty. Thanks Susan, enjoy a peaceful and restful day.

  5. Holiday sweaters are not for me, and I live in a cold place.

    Any kind of bulky,crew neck sweater or my former favorite turtlenecks just don’t work at my current age, stage and weight. I’ve taken to wearing long, open cardigans with no buttons. Waterfall cardigans work for me, with a column of color underneath. This is a lesson learned right here from you, as always!

    Love the look of those Covered Perfectly vests for warmer days (months away now)!

  6. Susan, you may have already addressed this topic, but I am interested in knowing which companies that you recommend offer products made in the USA. Thank you!

    1. Covered Perfectly, Clara Sunwoo, IC Collection, as well as French Kande are all made in the USA. I own several pieces from each of these companies, and I am always well pleased.

  7. So lovely. Are the sizes true in Covered Perfectly? I wear medium to large. Bust 36D. As always I learn so much from you, thank you.

  8. Oh, for a Christmas where it is only 80 degrees! Here in Australia it will be hot where I live – probably between 90 and 100! I will be wearing a cool, floaty frock and strappy silver sandals.

  9. What a great idea. I will need to add these vests to my wardrobe. I don’t like anything too long because I feel it might shorten my legs. Also, I don’t want to cover my butt, hips and thighs. Perhaps a shorter version would be better for me.

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