Vests and Dusters

We all know that wearing a third piece creates the most flattering look of all, but this becomes a real challenge in summer. I have found that a vest or a very light-weight cardigan or kimono will serve the purpose.

The red knit vest is from my shopping site here. It also comes in gray. The vests are here. I have been wearing the Simple Comfort Covered Perfectly tops for years. They look super under all my vests in summer and under everything else the rest of the year. They are long enough to belt, have smooth sleek lines and a flattering neckline so they are perfect for layering without adding any bulk. You can see all the colors of the Simple Comfort top here. When you buy two, a third top is free at Covered Perfectly! The Covered Perfectly tops are proudly made in the USA.

The “Lize” straight leg pants are by Lior Paris from My Fair Lady. The discount code for this month is August18 to get 15% off your purchase. The cute straw bag is available in two colors on my shopping site here. The I.N.C. Kivah sandals are here. The French Kande necklace is here and here. I switched the pendants so that the strand would include only neutral gray/white gemstones.

Photos above by Elizabeth Miller.

I love the look of a duster either dressed up or down. This one is super lightweight knit with a chiffon panel in the back which makes it comfortable even in summer. It comes in navy, gray and black. They are here on my shopping site.

The earrings are from Stein Mart. The belt from a few years ago and the tank here are from Chico’s. The shoes are by Ralph Lauren here. The straight leg pull on jeans have a wide, smooth waistband and they are by Liverpool Jeans Company here.

Without external investment, I created this site to honor and serve women of all ages. The shopping site here provides classic basics and accessories which you can wear in a variety of ways. Ongoing studies include trends and style advice from image and nutrition experts so that the tips I share with you are never just me sharing my opinion. I use art and science to inspire your outfit selections and to help you stretch your wardrobe possibilities while looking your best. is an online space where women can share their thoughts, ask questions, gather style tips, gain local travel inspiration, and learn more about nutrition.

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  1. Love all the outfits, very classy Susan! Can you tell me the shade of red the vest is (I don’t suit orangey reds) also I’m a size 10 in the UK so I think a size 6 in the USA, would small fit me? Thanks for all the inspiration you give us ladies xx

  2. Love the duster look – & ur coordination of

    Am being challenged by “dresses”.
    Like the idea on others but find my
    Thicker middle disturbing !
    … huh // maybe a dress with a duster !!
    Thank you for sharing your good taste &
    Savy. Judith

  3. I love the vest. I always feel more finished with that 3rd piece. The red is the wrong shade of red for my
    complexion though. You look lovely as always.

  4. Hi Susan,
    The duster looks beautiful on you. How would the length be on someone more peitite as in 5’1 ”
    Appreciate your thoughts. Is it possible to shorten? Thanks.

  5. Good Morning Susan!
    Wow! You look so good in “bright” colors! Any bright just lights you up even the bright white! My coloring is similar to yours and I have noticed this summer all the compliments when I wear “brights”. Over the years I left my brights for more somber colors thinking brights were just too young looking…..but no more! I am changing my wardrobe and even my home furnishings for bright colors! I have noticed I feel better and have more energy when I walk into a room full of light and bright colors.
    I am not talking “garish”! As an Artist and Interior Designer, I know the difference.
    So thank you for inspiring me again! As we age I notice we just want to ” stay the course” because it is just not worth the time or the energy or the money. I am going for a new future of adventure…where ever that may lead! My husband is so excited…he said “Let’s go”!! Of course you and Mr. Mickey are our roll models!! 🙂
    Blessings and Regards,
    Judith Presgrove

  6. Hi Susan, I love your looks. I asked you this once before and haven’t heard back it’s been a while. I’m petite and I checked with your shopping sites such as Covered Perfectly, Clara Sunwoo to name a couple, and they do not carry petites and assured me the regular small would be too large. Can you make suggestions where to shop for petite clothing when you write your blog. I love you I love your advice but can’t seem to find the things in smaller sizes.
    Thank You

    1. Chico’s, Talbots, and some Stein Mart stores, Dillard’s, Belk, Nordstrom, and other department stores offer petite departments and sizes. (Petite = 5’4″ and under)

  7. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for all the inspiration you provide. I will turn 5O in a few days and found your site about six months ago. You have helped me to find my style and I am working on building my wardrobe. Thank you!
    Is there any chance you will be able to offer the vest in navy?

    Best always,

  8. I am new to the blog and love your style. I’ve viewed all your informative videos, thank you! One subject I would like discussed is sleep issues. I know we need sleep to stay healthy but I struggle with it! I value your advice and wonder if anyone else suffers in this category?!

    1. I have the same struggles with getting enough sleep. Some things that help me to get better rest include the following. Turn off all screens and devices about an hour before bedtime. Read a book or write in your journal to unwind. Don’t drink any caffeine including tea after 2 PM. Eat a light early dinner or skip it all together. (Dinner always causes me to have a lower quality of sleep.) I rarely drink wine, but when I do, I have only one glass with food. Turn down the thermostat. (68 degrees or less) A cool dark room makes for a better night’s sleep. Think of all the things you are grateful for in your life as you are going to sleep. During the day, try to spend some time outside, walking for about a half hour a brisk pace helps me to reset my inner clock and improves my sleep quality significantly.

      1. Thank you, Susan! It reaffirms my ideas that I know I’m supposed to do. At least I know I’m not the only one!

  9. Hello! Love this post! Both looks are stunning. Love you taupe belt. Any tips on where to purchase this type of belt?

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