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Sunday afternoons hold the promise of a late brunch, a nap, and an effortless look.

I rarely wear a print or a tunic these days, but I follow a formula to keep the proportions in balance when I do. A pattern means all the other elements are neutral and very simple. Even my accessories are minimal in this case. Large earrings and no necklace pulls the look together without overdoing it. When I wear a long tunic, shoes with heels or platform wedges are my best choice; otherwise, my legs look so short it is funny. If I wear flats with a tunic, I must wear a low slung belt to suggest a waistline so that my body is not overwhelmed by the top. A long, loose-fitting top always requires slim-fitting pants.

The Clara Sunwoo top was a gift from my friends at My Fair Lady. The white pull-on cotton/blend pants were by Kaari Blue™ from Belk last year. The shoes are by Treasure and Bond. The earrings are a few years old from Chico’s.

I hope that sharing my tips, tricks, and formulas helps you figure out what works best for your shape. Have a great weekend!

  1. Would like to see the same outfit with the flats and belt, as you suggest, for the more casual look. Thank you for sharing! Looks very cute! But then- you always do!!!

  2. I’m with u, Susan. I can not carry prints very well…have a few colorful button up sweaters, that I wear open with solid tops. I can get away with them.
    Have a question for you, though…regarding shoulder pads. I was about 5′ 5″ ….now about 5’4’……with narrow shoulders and pear shape. I feel better, more put together, with shoulder pads, as a whole. Not huge ones, just some to give a better look in the shoulder area. I feel more balanced with my pear shape…Have seen them on some of the sites I search out. What are your thoughts??

      1. Perfect description: no volume…but, to define my sloping shoulders. The ones I have are small and rounded…much like “a shoulder”!!

  3. I really think you’ve nailed the colors that are best for you. I noticed when you moved away from a lot of black how much brighter your face looks. I’ve had to do that too and keep it away from my face area. The deep blue top is very pretty on you. Thanks for continuing to educate on the how you make wardrobe choices.

  4. I really enjoy reading your post every night. What are the best neutral colours to build my wardrobe, I have brown eyes and blond hair.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Do you have warm or cool undertones in your skin? I have cool undertones, so cool neutral colors in the gray and taupe family would be my best neutrals. If you have warm undertones, you will like golden tones better. Consider camel, ivory, olive and pumpkin colors for your neutrals.

  5. I am a bit confused about proportions. I know you have said the most,pleasing look is a 1/3, 2/3 effect. I am tall, and even with the height I can’t achieve that proportion with most tunics. Other than using a belt, is there another way to get that effect. Are you choosing to wear more tunics because they fit a casual lifestyle, or do you usually choose shorter tops to”live in”? Thanks!

    1. Layering can give you the effect of 1/3, 2/3. For example a shorter vest or jacket over a longer top or tunic. Tunics are very popular and extremely comfortable, but they can be overwhelming on women with short legs. Many of us ladies over sixty, do not like to show our waistline at all. The tunic is the perfect top for covering the middle while showing off arms, legs, and shoulders.

  6. Not every look is a “home run.” Since I have short legs and am petite, tunics fall into this category with me. With a short third piece they look better. Sometimes a long scarf draped around the neck with ends hanging down and tied at the bottom will do the trick. But tunics are comfortable and cool! They just aren’t always my best look.

    Susan, do you still do seminars and/or speaking engagements?

  7. Susan, I appreciate your fashion sense! Question: how does one know if they have warm or cool skin color? I have blonde hair brown eyes and am fair but tan easily. Am i warm?

    1. Do you like to wear gold jewelry or silver jewelry? Do you see green veins or blue veins on the inside of your wrists? If gold and green are your answers, you likely have warm golden undertones.

  8. So glad I found your website…finally something sensible and stylish for the over 60 ladies!
    I have a real problem and hope you can help. A handful of friends and I have narrow feet and can not find narrow shoes. When we do, they are so flat it is like walking on cardboard…literally. Can you recommend somewhere to purchase narrow shoes that are comfortable and attractive (most look like “grandma” shoes!!) Thank you…and thank you so much for your website.

  9. Just snatched up the last pair of size 8 treasure and bond wedge espadrilles. So cute. Looks great with your tunic and white jeans

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