Vest Repeat

A base of white topped with a colorful flowing vest creates a look that is a step above a tee and jeans but just as comfortable. Tying the vest up in the front looks a bit more polished with the bonus of hiding the tummy area. I can wear this look with flat sandals and carry a straw bag to make it even more casual and appropriate for summer.

The “Lize” straight-leg pants are by Lior Paris from My Fair Lady. The gray bag is old—the I.N.C. Kivah sandals are old. Affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no extra cost to you.

You can see all the colors of the Simple Comfort top here. The cascading vests are here. When you buy two, a third top is free at Covered Perfectly! The Covered Perfectly tops are proudly made in the U.S.A. The vest and the tops were gifts from Covered Perfectly.

I wore the look above to a business meeting. A few weeks ago, I wore the same vest (shown below) out to dinner with a V-neck white top and black pants. I thought it might be helpful to see how I wear the same piece in slightly different ways.

  1. I absolutely love this vest Susan. The colors, the shape, and the fact that you can wear it a couple of different ways makes it so perfect.

  2. Here’s my Susan story.

    I started following your blog about three years ago. The day this was posted, I was wearing something similar: a white crocheted sleeveless shell top, white slim-leg pull-on jeans and an lightweight ombre turquoise kimono top.

    Today, I returned to an office I visited yesterday, and one of the younger staff said, “I like what you’re wearing today, and what you wore yesterday. I like your style.” Wow. Then I got another compliment at the next business I visited. This doesn’t happen to me.

    I wouldn’t have worn white pants, or all white with a third piece before I found your blog. Ah, yes, the column of color can be white. I was struggling with what to wear as my hair color and skin tone changed. Thank you for the inspiration. I feel better and look better. (My weight hasn’t changed,) The compliments are a bonus.

  3. Susan, you mentioned in another video that your jeans were poking out of your shirt at the the waist. Someone told me about Invisibelt on Amazon. It is super because it makes that belt area lie flat. I have one in black and white and wear them whenever I don’t want that pooch. Check it out.

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