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Brown is the perfect core wardrobe color for women with warm or neutral undertones in their skin and shades of blonde or auburn hair. Unlike black or navy, brown can make your skin appear to glow as if you have just returned from a sunny vacation rather than washing you out or making you look tired. It effortlessly combines with many other colors, so it is an excellent dark neutral which can be worn with or in place of navy or black.

Metallic leather colors of bronze, copper, or gold look splendid with brown. Either gold or silver jewelry looks sharp with it. Brown is an elegant dark color to pair with white, yellow, blue, fuchsia, mint, aqua, turquoise, rose, orange or teal.

The bras I mentioned are the Ultimate Style or Tankee Style by Enter the following code at checkout for $10 off your first purchase with … FIRSTTIMEBUYER10.

I pulled a few bags, jackets, and toppers from my wardrobe to show you how they look when combined with brown. (I’ve been schooled! Dooney & Bourke is pronounced “Berk,” not “Bork.”) The video is below.
  1. I’m so glad that you are featuring non-black neutrals! I find black to be harsh with my coloring so I really appreciate your tips!

  2. So very happy you chose to blog about brown. For those of us with “warm coloring” who looked washed out in many gray and black, this is a great alternative. And Malibu Punch goes so well with brown! Thank you.

  3. Thanks Susan! I really enjoyed this video. I have olive green eyes, ivory skin and dark blond/light brown hair. I have always loved chocolate brown on me. I cannot do greys at all and am not that fond of black. I enjoy your blog and have gotten some very helpful tips from you. I used a few of your tips to pick my clothing for my 45th high school reunion last weekend. I felt confident and had a great time with old friends.

  4. Thanks for keeping the warm colors. I haven’t bought from your site – yet but I definitely need these tips because I’m warm-toned.

  5. Hi Susan, I always enjoy your dressing tips. What shoes are you wearing at the beginning of the video?
    They would be perfect summer neutral shoes. Thank you!

  6. Susan, any suggestions where to purchase XX large white pants this late in the summer? We just decided on a winter cruise to a hot climate and I don’t own any white pants.

  7. Thanks so much for featuring warm tones. I’ve always just added items in tan or olive green to top off a brown outfit, but you’ve given me some really great tips on how to change it up and accessorize as well.

  8. I love your video! You are so stylish and provide such simple to adopt recommendations. Thank you so much for your dedication to teaching us all. You are truly a special person and I would hope to get an opportunity to meet you some day.

  9. Thank you so much, Susan, for featuring brown in this video. I’m one of the warm toned gals with golden highlights to my brown hair and golden flecks in my light brown eyes. I used to think black was “it” but then saw too many photos of myself wearing black and realized how harsh it is on me. I also find that a tomato red is great with brown and I love olive tones as well. Thanks again.

    Ginny in SC

  10. Thank you Susan this speaks directly to me, I have strawberry blonde hair that has lightened over time and more freckles every year but for some reason I eschew brown. I realize that I ended up loving a Carlisle coat I own in a chocolatey brown. It was a hard decision between that brown coat and a powder blue but I thought that the brown was more youthful. It was a very expensive coat to me but this winter will be my 5th season with it. Because of your post and video I will be remembering brown more and I think I’ll seek out a seamstress to help me with an otherwise gorgeous animal print top that does not fit right.

  11. I LOVE to wear brown! Thanks so much for all the tips! I love the wedge sandals you’re wearing!

  12. I have cool coloring but even so I like brown just to have a change. For some reason the sound of this video was a bit off. Maybe it was my computer. Would you be able to have close captioning on your videos for those of us who do not hear well?

  13. I did but it did not work. By the way, I love the brown pants and tops I bought from you and thank you for the ideas in the video.

  14. Susan, I have hesitated about the full bras because of the heat here in Oklahoma. You’re in the South. Are those bras not hot? Thank you!

    1. Jane, I have only purchased one Shapeez Long Tankee and I love it! I live in TN and we have had a hot summer, but this bra is not hot. I don’t wear it daily but when I do wear it I feel much more together. It certainly smooths the bumps and bulges. Unlike Susan -not sure if this will ever be my everyday bra but I’m very pleased I purchased the one. With the 10% Discount I highly recommend you go for it.

  15. Susan, I love this video! I am a cool too and years ago when I had a wardrobe consultant help me with my colors she suggested brown but I could never get past my lifelong love of black, which I started wearing only on the bottom with pretty cool colors like you show on top here. That aqua is heavenly! And love the hot pink too. With all the colors you show for tops/jackets here I may have to re-think brown at least on the bottom for pants. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  16. Love your web sight.I wish you had petites on your web sight. I am 4’11” tall & weigh 112 lbs.Petites have a hard time finding clothes.I enjoy your web sight & check it everyday.It is a learning app. I have blonde hair & in my 70’s today’s brown wardrobe helped me a lot. Thank you so much !!!!!!!

  17. Thanks, Susan, as always, for great tips. I’m moving away from black as it can be cruel to older skins.

    One thing I noticed on the video which was nothing to do with clothes at all: you stand and move in a most elegant way: you look so poised and graceful.

  18. Thanks for showcasing the color Brown! As a red head, browns look great on me. However, brown is often perceived as being a dull and boring color.

  19. I’ve never been a huge brown fan but have added that colour to my autumn casual wardrobe about 5 years ago. I do agree that brown goes with so many colours. Agree with your tips.

  20. Having a cool colouring- if you based navy or grey (instead of brown) what colours for tops and jacket and accessories work best for this combination.?
    I am not a fan of white trousers do a stone or light beige is my alternative.
    Any chance of a cool colouring article and video please.

  21. Thank you so much for featuring brown, a color that works well with my warm complexion. I love it paired with the Malibu Punch color!

  22. Thank you for having the browns!!! Please keep them for awhile. I c an’t order right now, but I would love to order them a little later.

  23. Certainly want to thank you for all your advice. Would you please tell me what the grey and brown Dooley& Bourke bag is? Is it the satchel or the larger tote?
    Thanks so much. Glenda Mock

  24. Dear Susan:

    I discovered both of your websites in the past month; and they are fabulous and have provided so many insights for me at 48 years. Thank you so much for sharing your advice and recommendations. I realize that your shopping site has closed, but wondered if the brown crêpe pants and top are available elsewhere? And, I would love to know if you have any of your beautiful scarves left.

    Kind Regards,

    Lisa Thrane

    1. She may not have any of the brown crepe items but you can find the inventory here. (Scroll down to see the clothes) Use the code susanafter60.
      I’ll send you the info on the scarves in a moment.

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