Trench Coat Success

I was likely still a teenager the first time I saw a woman wearing a trench coat and Hermès silk scarf. I remember being struck by how effortless and yet elegant she looked.


Since that day, I have been searching for my perfect trench coat. Neutrals are very tricky for me to wear because I have a cool skin tone. If the tan has a golden or yellow base, I look ill when I wear it next to my face. That fact hasn’t stopped me from buying trench coats. I have one in white, two in black, and this one is the perfect taupe faux suede.


The trench coat was from last year. The caper color jean style twill pants are old from Fabrizio Gianni. The shoes are a couple of years old by Louise et Cie – Vince Camuto. The bag is from last year by Ralph Lauren via The scarf is several years old. The large square features a golf motif. (I am not a golfer, but I do like the colors.) I folded it in a triangle and draped it across my shoulders before putting on the trench coat. The coat holds it in place, and the color and pattern is flattering to my face and pulls the look together.


On Saturday, we drove over to Asheville to enjoy a lobster roll and a glass of wine at The Lobster Trap. I never finish the bread and barely touch the butter. Occasionally I enjoy seafood or a piece of wild-caught fish, but I do not eat beef or pork and will only eat chicken if I am a guest, and the hostess serves it.






You will often see me wearing the same items on repeat. I rarely go shopping these days because I have several pieces I enjoy wearing, which fill all my needs. is a small family-owned boutique located in California. I love to shop with them because they have many timeless pieces and all the lines I enjoy wearing.

  1. Susan, you are wearing my colors! I love the way the scarf adds an element of your colors to personalize the outfit. I could wear this with a scarf of fall colors. Beautiful.

    Your pictures of Asheville brought back memories of our trip there in April. It was really windy and cold those two days, but we had a most enjoyable time. Have a lovely week.

  2. I appreciate so much your honesty and all if your tips. I am easing into my 50’s (trying to feel comfortable that is)and i found you about a year ago when looking for some help with this transition. Thank you so much. For everyone who says thank you, there are probably 1000 more who feel it but would never say it.

  3. Love the picture of you with your hair blowing back from your face. I don’t comment much, but I have thoughorly enjoyed your blogs. You have inspired me to wear my new clothes and not just “save them for good”!

  4. Susan, what size scarf do you find to be the most practical? I love this look! Thank you for all your suggestions.

  5. Love your style, as always. Also, enjoy the pictorial tour of the towns you are visiting. I was just able to see a small portion of the white top you were wearing, but you didn’t give any product information about it. Could you describe it, please? Enjoy your day.

  6. Hi Susan, I often think when looking at your pics that Mr Mickey must know that he must be so proud of you as he takes your photos! That’s a perfect outfit for your day.
    You put me to shame with the lobster roll, though. They have taken off over here this year and not having had one since my trip to Maine 7 years ago, I have devoured them. I really should exercise some restraint!

  7. love seeing you in something besides black. My coloring prevents me from buying/wearing black. The colors you’re sporting today would be great for me.

  8. You look fabulous as always. I enjoy having you as my “big sister of style.” (I’m the oldest of 4 siblings so I adore looking up to you!)

  9. You are smart not to touch the butter. We live in a coastal town where lobster salad consists of fresh lobster, finely chopped celery and a bit of ground pepper. Just before serving you toss it with the least amount of real mayo that you can. I recently had a party where I served it to eighty!
    I made it in small batches to keep it relatively dry….and to keep the lobster as the star!
    Glad you are wearing more scarves.. They add a nice touch!

  10. I love those colors and always think it makes a person look polished casual. Smart idea to wear colored scarf close to your face to counteract color of clothing. Very nice

  11. I am enjoying your fashion knowledge. U are truly inspiring me.I turned 59 in july. And for some reason I am so confused about how to dress for still being me but not trying to hard to be trendy. I have always been comfortable in my own skin. But lately I question what I wear.

  12. I have a question for you about wearing trench coats. I have a trench which is about a size larger than what I normally wear. I don’t want to get it altered. How would you wear it so it doesn’t appear to large? I’m thinking of wearing it by crossing the excess fabric over and tying it with the belt. I’ve seen people wear trench coats by pulling the waist belt to the back of the coat and knotting it; thus, wearing the front open.

    What do you think? It’s a double breasted black trench.

    Thanks so much for your time.

    P.S The other question I have is about the FairLady fashions. Are the fabrics of good quality? I’ve seen some interesting prints and I love the prices.

    1. I have some black trench coats, and I usually wear them open with a long scarf. I rarely close a double-breasted jacket or coat because of my ample bust.
      The items I have gotten from are good quality. I have had some of them for more than two years. Keep in mind that they are a boutique offering several different designers work. I favor the Clara Sunwoo and IC collection tops and the Lior Paris pants.

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