The Silk Blouse

A favorite type of post features the same garment worn in several different ways. I showed you my navy silk shirt last year in the post here. It has been perfect for Zoom meetings and dinner dates. Silk is a delight to wear, and it always feels elegant. It is lightweight and comfortable, versatile and classic, so I decided I also needed a white silk blouse. Today I’m showing you three ways to style a silk jacquard blouse. I also found the perfect silk camisole while I was shopping.

I appreciate the ease and simplicity of wearing the same tone from head to toe. The blouse has a straight hemline so it won’t look too casual worn untucked. First, I paired it with the same color of soft white pants. The pants are here. The shoes and other items are a couple of years old, so the links are for similar items. ShoesBagPearlsEarringsBracelet

I’ve been asked about camisoles hundreds of times over the years, but I could never find a silk one that I liked for less than $200. This one is perfect. The straps are adjustable, the neckline has a V-shape, and it provides coverage under some of my sheer blouses and shirts without adding any lacy details to show through. I found it here.

The closeup highlights the delicate jacquard dot pattern and covered buttons of the blouse. A similar blouse is here. (A shirt that has buttons on the tips of the collar is called a button-down. A shirt that buttons down the front is called a button-up.) I like to wear them a little oversized, so this is a size large.

Add navy slacks, a bag, and loafers in cognac with a navy cotton sweater over your shoulders for the perfect business attire. I added a silver/gray belt to visually lengthen my short waist. The slacks are here. The summer version of the sweater has 3/4 length sleeves here. A similar bag is here. The loafers are here. A similar belt is here.

To create an upscale casual look, I turned up the sleeves, added faded denim ankle jeans and cap-toe pumps. The jeans are here. Similar shoes are here. A similar bag is here. A similar blouse is here.

I used the timer on my Sony Alpha a5100 camera and a tripod to take these photos. I am retired now, so my randomly published posts no longer include collaborations or sponsored items. Shopping links may provide a small commission to me at no additional cost to you.

  1. That blouse is absolutely beautiful. I like this type of post very much. It helps me visualize how to achieve different degrees of formality with my own clothes. Thank you.

  2. Love the cream on cream! Such an elegant, luxe look. Thanks for all you do. Interesting tidbit about the button up and button down.

  3. I loved the navy and white look. Very classy and one I will add to my photo album.

    The tip on the camisole (same color in hues) was great and I will definitely keep that in mind for future reference when layering clothes, especially tops that are more transparent or thin.

    I do like the photo pictures of various ways to wear the same clothes with just a few tweeks to change the looks. So simple, yet such an impact. I have learned so much from your blog and grateful for all the tips and advice you are willing to share. Thank you from me as well as all those who are learning from your experiences.

    Clara from Iowa

  4. I appreciate your focus on versatility, Susan. And your clothing always compliments your complexion. Have you had your colors done? I am seeing a color consultant later this month. I feel that as I age and go grey, I may need to wear more vibrant shades.

    1. I have not had my colors done, but I can see from photos that certain tones do me no favors. Anything with a golden tone makes me look as if I have not slept well in weeks.

  5. Susan, I love all these looks! The white silk is a lovely summer look. Congratulations on being retired. How long now have you been fully retired? Do you find it being an adjustment? Or do you instantly love it? Have a great day!

    1. I closed my online shop and sold my company in January 2019. It was an adjustment after having such a hectic schedule for so many years, but now I am enjoying planning my next trips and tinkering around the house. I will continue to blog, but it may not be as often.

    1. I am enjoying it much more now that I can get outside and hike or work in my little flower gardens. I’m very excited to take another trip when it is safe to travel.

  6. Silk garments look wonderful and feel elegant, but I always feel that silk is delicate and hard to maintain. Do you hand-wash or dryclean? How do you deal with the inevitable wrinkles between wearings? The goal is to wear it and enjoy it, not “save it for good” and leave it hanging in the closet. . . .

    1. I either hand wash or turn inside and wash on delicate with similar blouses and hang to dry. Like linen, I embrace the wrinkles that come with enjoying wearing the fabrics.

  7. Just gorgeous! And I bet that silver loafers or alternatively, white sneakers, would look great with the casual denims!
    Well done, thanks for the ideas.
    I’m going to Hawaii soon for business, and I love that all white look for an evening out!

  8. Susan, this season I am finding myself drawn to a fitted silhouette rather than the loose tunic style fashions of recent years and your posts have been so helpful by showcasing a classic yet stylish wardrobe. I really appreciate seeing the tucked in shirt/blouse vs. the not tucked more casual look. And your hair is looking great – the cut is growing out nicely,

  9. Hi Susan,

    I love your posts and I love your style! I found this exact silk blouse on Amazon. Can’t wait till it arrives!

    Thanks for all your great styling tips!

    Carol James

  10. How do you take care of your silk blouses: dry cleaners or hand wash? I find ironing them very difficult!

  11. There is almost nothing more beautiful than a silk garment. The blouse is gorgeous! I love the dot. You’ve done a great job of styling a blouse I would have thought could only be worn on dressy occasions. I would have been so wrong. It looks wonderful for more casual looks too.
    I’m so glad you are enjoying retirement. I certainly have enjoyed having my own schedule and being able to plan outings any time the mood strikes. Of course Covid 19 has changed that, but I can see a resumption is nearing. My best to you!

  12. I would not have thought of putting the soft white blouse and pants together. The outfit is beautiful. Thank you for all your posts. The fashion tips are inspiring. The photos of your road trips are very enjoyable as we are still limiting our travel.

  13. Your hairstyle now is the best I’ve seen on you. It’s very flattering to you. I’d keep it for a very long time as it will never go out of style. And who cares if it does!! It’ll still look great.

  14. Since my style is much more casual, I love the silk blouse/jeans combination best. I like to cuff long sleeve shirts, but with some fabrics, the cuffs want to un-cuff (for lack of a better word). Any suggestions?

    1. I leave the button further up the sleeve closed and roll the cuff over it. They still come down eventually, but I just move them back up. You also use sleeve garters which I have found on Amazon here.

  15. I can’t think of anything more sumptuous than silk with pearls! I love all your pairings with this blouse, especially the luxurious monochrome look with the white pants, followed by the relaxed interpretation with jeans. It truly showcases the versatility of a staple silk blouse. May I ask what brand your pearls are? I decided to try linking some of my strands together (an ingenious idea that you explained in another post) but find the clasps are not the right style for it. Your pearl clasps look elegant linked together, and I want to go for the same look. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful outfits!

  16. Love the all white look on you! Thanks for finding the reasonably priced silk cami. I can use those and will get a few. We benefit from your research!

  17. You look stunning in the all white outfit. Also you have read my mind. I have been looking for a white silk blouse. Thank you for the info on the lovely blouse and camisole. I like that you showed how to style the blouse in different ways. That definitely helps me. I appreciate all the time you put into your blog and I always look forward to reading it.

  18. All your looks today are really beautiful; thanks for the inspirations! I especially love the all white outfit.

  19. I really like the third look. The mix of silk and faded denim, classy with casual, really fits my style. I have a ecru silk blouse that I’ve been having a hard time styling, but you’ve inspired me to give it another try. Thank you!

  20. I especially enjoy your casual posts as well as the more dressy ones. You look elegant as well as casual in the picture with jeans and rolled cuffs. Thanks for the idea!

  21. Thank you, Susan, for sharing the lovely camisole and blouse. The outfits look stunning on you! Still learning so much from your posts and very much appreciate them. Have a fabulous weekend!

  22. Susan, thank you for your continuous hints and ideas. You are very helpful!
    One question: under a camisole is it better to wear a strapless bra or a camisole with cups in it?

    1. I wear my regular bra under the camisole. If I wear a cardigan or jacket, I don’t remove it. The camisole I showed you here is perfect to wear under a sheer white blouse.

  23. How do you wash your silk, especially the white blouse? I hate dry cleaning and all care instructions seem to call for that.

    1. I handwash or combine similar items and wash inside out on Delicate in my machine. Put the most delicate items in a laundry bag to keep them from being damaged by other items. I never put cashmere or silk in the dryer.

  24. Susan,
    Thank you for making my day. You wear closthes so well. You are simply exquisite in your post today. Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend. You have given joy to mine.

  25. The white, red, navy and blacks look so good on you. I can’t wear white and bold colors because of my skin tone. What colors would you suggest to go along with a cream colored top? Thank you for your reply.

  26. Susan, Lovely blouse, the pattern is pretty and looks very nice with the other items. Wondering what you wear for pants in the summer? Too hot and humid to wear full length slacks. Look forward to your posts each week. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  27. How are you enjoying retirement? Glad you are still writing your blogs! Sure do miss you on facebook, but I interest. Take care hugs

  28. Love the silk blouse – so elegant but yet so easy to wear casually too. Did I miss the link to it in the post?

  29. Hi Susan,

    The monochromatic white blouse and pants are so elegant on you. It looks like you are all dressed up to go out on a fancy date with Mr. Mickey to celebrate a special occasion. You just look so pretty.


  30. Each of the outfits are very sharp, such a beautiful blouse. The white on white is very striking, and I really like how you pared the blouse with the navy. I would never have thought to put a silk blouse with jeans, very nice. Congratulations on your full retirement. I too am enjoying mine. I always find something to do. Happy SPRING!

  31. Gorgeous looks, and I’ll put that silk camisole on my list. Thanks for the clarification on button-up and button-down. That’s the way I learned it too, and it’s always annoyed me when people call them both button-downs…(but I need to find fewer things to be annoyed about!)
    I’m looking forward to retiring in 4 years, so I watch those going ahead of me with interest. You blaze the trail beautifully!

  32. I know you’re retired now but I really hope you continue to post because I recently found Susan After 60 & love your advice!

  33. Hi Susan,
    Are you wearing a camisole under the silk shirt?
    The link provided leads to a patterned Jacquard shirt. Or do you have the polka door shirt, also available from this compa?
    Another Susan

    1. I ordered the pattern but received the polka dot, which I am happy with. I did not need to wear the camisole under this blouse, but I have several blouses that require it.

  34. I wasn’t crazy seeing the blouse out with white but did like it later with blue pants. For some reason it looks classier to me when it’s tucked in.

  35. I look forward to your posts. Your way of dressing is appealing, simple and sophisticated. I aspire to that! I wish I had found you before you started posting just randomly! Glad you’re still posting random or not! I’m retired too, but love to “dress up” each day, with make-up on! It’s just fun!

  36. Susan —
    I went to Lilisilk and tried to order the camisole.
    But the discount code is “invalid”.
    Do you have any other code?
    I agree with you that silk is WONDERFUL on the skin!

  37. Gorgeous as always. Love your style and always enjoy learning how to change things up! Or is it down? ! Thank you.

  38. I really enjoyed The Silk Blouse post. I think the white on white was perfect. Your post are interesting to read and have practical information that has helped me when I am shopping. The fact that you have other interest and do not spend all of your days shopping because you often are wearing items that are not new. You have stressed that quality and waiting until one finds the right piece is the answer to a nice selection of items in ones closet. For me, that equates that you dress very flattering for your figure, age, and style and you are not a professional shopper just spending money on numerous items just to be buying something. Class and elegance would be the words I would use to describe the way you dress and I am working towards being able to think it is what I am doing and hope to achieve as well as you have. Thank you for your time that it takes to help educate me.

  39. Love the silk shirt ,especially with jeans and cap toes pumps !
    What a gorgeous combination !
    Thank you Susan for the inspiration !Have a nice spring week !

  40. Susan,
    You are gorgeous as always! Love the all white but the black and white is such a smart look, too.
    I was so happy to find the deep dive you did on “ unmentionables.” I shopped today for a dress to wear to my granddaughter’s bridal shower and wished I had paid more attention to the original post about Shapeez. I plan to measure and order tonight!
    Thanks for the great info and advice.

  41. Hi Susan. Love your blog and your style but just wanted to let you know I ordered this silk blouse and other items from LilySilk but in just now tracking the items I discovered they are coming directly from China. So disappointed and will promptly be returning them when they arrive. Not sure if you know this or if it matters. Thanks so much for inspiring us otherwise!

  42. Thank you for the tip on the silk camisole. It’s a great style and the adjustable straps are a big win! I will purchasing a few and will use your link.

  43. I sure enjoy your site! Such knowledge is very much appreciated. I noticed in the close up of your blouse the lovely clasp of your necklace is very much in view. Is that on purpose? This is not a criticism…just wondering if there is a “rule”.
    Happy retirement!!!
    La Donna

  44. Beautiful silk blouse-dress it up, dress it down. Love the off white pants on you. They look great on you. Hope you have lots of occasions to wear them!

  45. That blouse and the pearls and this whole post have left me speechless! So beautiful. I think it is your inner beauty that elevates the look.

  46. Susan you look lovely! Just wondering what the brand of the polka dot silk blouse is, please? Thanks! xxo

  47. Thanks Susan, I appreciate the swift response! I’ll have a hunt around the internet and see if someone is selling the polka dot blouse second-hand… hopefully I’ll get lucky! xxo

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