The Perfect Date

Wearing clothing that is right for your coloring and your shape can give you loads of confidence. Strategic accessories add just the right personality to make the looks uniquely yours. When the clothing is also appropriate for the event and the weather, you can relax because you know you’ve made all the right choices.

We enjoyed another perfect dinner at Rowland’s at Westglow in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, on Saturday. The skies were a vivid clear blue, and the air was crisp, making it feel more like a September day.

My look for this date night included a white Trophy Jacket from White House|Black Market last year over a basic tank and pants from Chico’s a few years ago. The shoes are by Gianni Bini from Dillard’s last year. The bag is several years old from Stein Mart. My skincare line and makeup are all by Beautycounter here.

We sat at our favorite table in the sunroom, and Gary Brown paired wines with each course for us. He is the manager and a Certified Sommelier. It is always a pleasure to hear him explain the different wines and why they complement the food we are about to enjoy. He is very knowledgeable, so his choices are always spot on.

For the first course, Mr. Mickey had the Bibb and Endive Salad with shrimp, and I had the ceviche.

For the main course, I had the Pan Seared North Carolina Snapper, and Mr. Mickey had the Grilled Ora King Salmon.

Mr. Mickey enjoyed the Macadamia Nut Tart.

I chose the Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake for dessert.

  1. Is the restaurant located in an ante bellum mansion? It is lovely and looks like an interesting place to explore. An item on my bucket list is to someday tour some of the old pre-Civil War southern mansions.

    As always, your outfit hits the mark. Love the jacket.

  2. Lovely ..attitude,respect,outfit,necklace,dinner choices and special favorite friends . A reminder of all the joy in daily life.

  3. You look lovely. When I get home I am going to go through my jewelry drawer and look for a necklace the Berenji family gave me. Maybe I will break out of my never-anything-extra and try to glamor it up a touch! Thanks

  4. You are lovely as always. Pure chic. I am keeping a list of all the places you and Mr. Mickey visit hoping that my husband and I can plan a trip to that area soon. I love all the French Kande pieces that you wear.

  5. I have become a regular viewer of your blog. My style is so very close to yours, and with your excellent tips, my wardrobe has taken a giant leap forward. I appreciate your insight and the ‘back story’ that you so generously share with your viewers. Those of us ‘over 60’s’ need role models for an elegant life. My personal style includes hats, for which I have become known . I look forward to your next blog, until then….enjoy your elegance!

  6. I may need to get that one too! I love the one I have bought so far from French Kande! There were so many it was hard to choose

  7. You look beautiful, and what a lovely building & restaurant. You may have inspired my dinner tonight..shrimp! Tried something new for me, kimchi & liked it. Thanks for the great post.

  8. Lucky you. When I leave things in a virtual shopping cart, they stay there. Sometimes it’s for the best,

  9. Again, such a lovely post. Your complexion is radiant. Are you using the beautycounter products exclusively? And, if so, did you eliminate any items from your current cache of cosmetics? That is always a big problem for me.

    1. I still have some of my Lancome and Merle Norman products, but I am mostly using Beautycounter products because they perform so well. I am amazed at how much better my skin looks in such a short amount of time.

  10. Your outfit is stunning! I shy away from bright white jackets, they show dirt so easily and lose that true white look after only a few trips to the dry cleaners. Perfect shoes, they look fabulous with those slim leg pants. Definitely a winner.

  11. Hi Susan, love your blog and all the tips you share with us. Can you share a traveling tip? What type of tote do you use on the plane to carry your, water bottle, iPad, travel pillow, etc. I would prefer one with a zipper for added security and not expensive since it will at time be sitting under the seat in front of me! I have several totes and a backpack My husband carries which ever one I decided to use one each trip for us throughout the airport. He used to carry my over packed tote bag and now it’s the backpack since he says it’s easier to carry, but I’d like something a little classier that both of us can agree on! Our children and grandchildren live out of state so we’re flying about 5 or 6 times a year. Thank you in advance for any advice.

  12. Your outfit is classy and elegant, and you look wonderful! I’m sure Mr Mickey did as well! Love your tips and travel information!

  13. Susan you are simply beautiful! I love your style and your personality and the fact you are unpretentious. I am starting to fall in love with North Carolina from your many outings and wonderful restaurants. Someday I might venture out of Seattle and visit.

    1. I started using Beautycounter products about three weeks ago. I am thrilled with the results of the skincare line. The makeup is all very natural looking. Most of all, I love that the products are among the safest on the market. I will share more about the line and a few of my favorite products on Friday. You can see the whole line here. The lip color is Scarlet.

  14. HI Susan, as always you look stunning…and your venue and food does, too! I agree with others that your environs have enticed me to plan a trip to Tennessee/Carolina someday soon :-). Thanks so much for sharing your style and great insights!

    So many blogs I follow for those of us ‘of a certain age’ show off lovely French Kande jewelry that has been gifted to the blogger. I really do wish that company would offer even a small discount coupon to readers every once in a while since their pieces are so very lovely and also so very spendy (as my nieces say)!

  15. Just found you and am thoroughly enjoying all you past posts! As a 57 year old woman who has an additional 20 lbs on her, I have more or less stopped caring about what I wear. You have inspired me to re-think my wardrobe choices and I love your elegant style!

  16. This will sound like an inane comment when there’s so much to comment ON — your outfit is stunning (love black & white, always), that necklace is remarkable, the restaurant takes my breath away, the food looks delectable — but is that popcorn in that small bowl in the 5th picture down? And isn’t that dinnerware gorgeous!

  17. I have to say your hair is looking great! I have been struggling to find a new hair dresser, after mine moved away two years ago. It helps to see the success you have had in finding a great hair style which makes your hair an asset to your appearance!

  18. Love your choice of outfit. Very classy and sophisticated. The necklace is gorgeous too. The place, food and wine all look terrific also. I would like to see your date too. Hope you had a wonderful date.

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