The Journey Continues

On a recent weekend getaway, Mr. Mickey and I visited a few of the many vineyards and wineries in our area. One of our favorites is Shelton Vineyards in Dobson, North Carolina. We always enjoy having dinner at the Harvest Grill.


The perfect topper can make all the difference in a basic black look. I wanted to add a bit of pizzaz this evening, but it was too warm to wear a jacket. Had I not been traveling, I would have worn openwork black high heeled sandals with this look. I brought short boots by French Connection on this trip because I thought it would surely be cooler in the evenings.


This openwork sequined topper is perfect to pop over a black tank dress, a tank top, and slim black pants or a three-quarter sleeve top, as I have shown here.



The grounds of the vineyard are full of surprises and small gardens. This one is by the creek, and in summer, herbs and flowers are growing. The sculpture includes a gas tank. I love it when artists incorporate odd bits to create something beautiful.


Mr. Mickey is always dressed to impress. He inspires me to make the extra effort to look my best.





  1. Wonderful to see additional pictures from a “picture perfect” weekend. This is a beautiful top on you and Mr. Mickey looks wonderful. Great weekend!!

  2. What a great top, an easy ‘throw-on’ for instant special night glitz. I’m sure it will be a best-seller.
    Looks like you’ve really enjoyed your weekend break, you fitted so much into it but you still look beautifully relaxed.

  3. Best of luck with your shopping site. I have enjoyed the pull-on pants from your collection. They inspired a change in my wardrobe which has worked out beautifully. And I am adding items slowly and with great thought. No more impulse buys or “but they were on sale” mistakes.

    The vineyard looks interesting and you, of course, are impeccably put together. What wonderful places you have in your area! It inspires me to open my eyes to the towns around us and try to find treasures near home.

  4. You are positively glowing, Susan. Mr. Mickey is dapper as always.

    Best wishes on your new venture! I love pop-on tops. They take things up a notch without added bulk.

    1. I’m sorry! Some email servers don’t play nicely. You can visit the site every day if you want. I will be listing something new in the shop or on the blog portion of the site almost every day.

  5. I look forward to your posts! I am in my mid sixties and have always loved fashion. I still work and have the reputation of being “the best dressed” !
    Frumpy is something I will NEVER be!

  6. You and Mr. Mickey look so elegant together. Enjoy your dinner. Love that black top – good choice.

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