The Crepe Basics

This is a special announcement post. I will return to the regular series tomorrow (Friday).

For those of you who have enjoyed wearing the basic crepe items I offer on my site, I’m sorry to report that I must discontinue offering those items. What remains in my inventory is all that I will be able to get. The designer will no longer accept my small orders, so I am closing my shopping site.

Thank you so much for shopping with me.

  1. This is such a bummer. Not accepting small orders — I love the pieces I bought from you and your modeling of the pieces and descriptions is so helpful. I’ll look forward to see what else you have in your shop.

  2. Thank you Susan for providing the lovely crepe collection for as long as you have. They say all good things come to an end but I am especially sorry to know that your crepe items will soon be depleted. I feel lucky to have been able to buy the basic black pants, a tank dress and should soon be receiving the navy pants I have on order. These form the basis of my wardrobe and they are beautiful to wear – the fabric is so soft and forgiving to a few extra curves these days. So ladies, don’t leave it too late.

  3. I have always admired how you look in these Susan, and considered ordering a pair of these pants several times, but just was never sure about their overall length. I’m 5’9″ and require a minimum inseam length of 33 — what is the length of regular sizing?

  4. do you have any scarves available? I like the tree of life. I love your fashion posts!
    Very helpful! many items in my closet have the tags still on because they don’t match anything. Thank you for these helpful posts.

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