The Classics

Classics are timeless pieces that work with all our essentials (the basics). The basics are the workhorses that make all the show ponies and statement pieces in your collection work. Things like a white T and a pair of black pants are considered basics. Today I am showing you a piece that is a variation on the classic jean jacket.

The beautiful Enamel Red jacket I wore to enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities with my family is from Chico’s. A jean jacket is a classic you can wear year-round and in many ways, but the typical washed-out blue denim may not be the best color to wear near your face. I love the length, the side pockets, and the rich red color of this jacket. It can be dressed up or down, and layers can be added over or under it. The breast pockets are the correct size. If they were too small, it would make the bust look larger.

The jeans are by Liverpool Jeans Co. The crossbody bag and boots are classic pieces from Ralph Lauren. The white T is a basic piece from Khol’s a few years ago. (I wear these crew neck tees only when it is cold. They are much warmer than the more flattering scoop neck.) Another way to look at the classics vs. basics analogy is that you may keep a classic for several years, but a basic might be replaced every year because you wear it so often.

Thank you so much for shopping with me at my Beautycounter site this month.

Many of you asked to see the back of my hair after cutting two inches off the last layer in the back. This length might be my sweet spot.

  1. Hi Susan, I would like to order the jacket and leggings you are wearing here. Do I have to mention anything for you to get credit anywhere?
    Thank You

  2. OMG. Have to have that jacket! From some reason, short jean jackets don’t look good on me but this one will for sure, especially in red. 90% of my clothes comes from Chico’s … how did I miss that jacket on their site? Lol. Ordering today! Thank you, thank you.

  3. Susan, Could I ask what size Chico’s jacket you have on. When ordering online, it can be a challenge to get the right size. Thanks!

  4. Another stunning jacket! I just ordered it.. could you please recommend a scarf.. reds are so hard to match.. thank you

  5. I love you hair and you look great in red!
    What do you think of essential oils? I’m thinking of trying some for stress, etc. Thank you!

  6. I absolutely love this outfit. I dress like this a lot and I may just have to spring for this jacket! I love the classics.

    1. Just ordered the jacket this morning and it was half price. Yay! Usually when I find something I love online they don’t have it in my size or color. Thanks for the timely post Susan.

  7. Susan
    You did it again! I am trying to find basics and classics and you are helping so much. I love red and jean jackets but had not seen this one. What a great piece to add to my outerwear collection. I, too, tend to keep jackets on so this would be great. I love your scarves and might just have to get another one—just got 3 last week 🙂

  8. Susan, you do look good in that shade of red with blue undertones. I’ve had a problem finding a bootie that I like in the brown tones. A reviewer said the Ralph Lauren you are wearing runs large. Did you order your normal size? Thanks again. Pat

  9. Susan, you look wonderful! You are lucky to still have some fullness in your face. It makes you look youthful! That colour is wonderful on you. Red is my favourite colour. It’s a confident & fun colour.

  10. Love that total look. Red is a great color and you wear it so well. You and your beautiful hair shine with the wearing of red!

  11. The front of your hair looks fabulous, the way it’s cut doesn’t look short. I love the jacket it’s an attractive length wish it came in black. I can’t wear red or purple. Thanks for showing great looks.

  12. 2 of these jackets arrived today and I’m between a 1 and a 2. The 1 is my fav as the 2 is roomy. BUT I plan to wear wear wear this jacket (FL winter)
    Do you have experience with it shrinking when Washing or Dry cleaning? I would be heartbroken if after the first time the 1 would shrink too small.
    This has happened to me even with Dry Cleaning on some items. Advice?
    Love your blog. Inspiring.

    1. I have not cleaned my jacket yet, so I don’t know if it will shrink. I only launder jackets about once per season since so little of the fabric touches my skin. After wearing them, don’t hang them back in the closet until they have aired out for a day. I wash my jackets in cold water and tumble dry them for only a few minutes to get the wrinkles out. I hang them on a hook to finish drying. Dryers can cause more damage to clothing than any other factor.

  13. You give me confidence on how to dress with my naturally grey hair. I was going to try another pixie but I love yours. I’ll copy yours. Lol

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