The Best Look Of All

We enjoyed the beautiful drive and our recent excellent dinner at RedTail Mountain, so much so that we decided to go there again on Saturday.

Summer is a splendid time to visit the mountains. The temperatures dipped into the 60s while we were there, and the breeze made it feel even cooler. I was glad that I wore a denim jacket and white girlfriend ankle jeans, both from Chico’s. The limousine shoes are from last year by Vince Camuto. I love the idea of throwing on a jean jacket over just about any look. The problem for me is that the typical trucker style jean jacket is all wrong for my body. They are too boxy, and the faded denim near my face makes me look faded as well. The patch pockets and gold-tone thread typically used for the double-stitched seams do me no favors either.

The dark wash, fitted style with rows of silver buttons ala military-style, creates vertical long, lean lines making this jacket a much better choice.

Watching the wildlife grazing at the edge of the woods is always a treat for me. We saw deer, wild turkeys, groundhogs, and Canadian geese on Saturday.

The food at Vista’s Land and Sea Grille is always a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

The shrimp and grits with puff pastry appetizer was delightful!

The roasted corn and chicken ordered by the folks next to us was beautiful too!

Being confident and comfortable is the best look of all. Being comfortable will mean something entirely different to each person who reads this. I am very relaxed and confident in this look, but I am never comfortable in shorts, a tee, and flip flops because my personality is much more formal. Dressing the personality as well as the body elevates your confidence.

I promised to keep you up to date with the products I am using from the Beautycounter line.

The Cleansing Balm is my favorite cleanser ever! It may seem counterintuitive to put oil on your face to cleanse it, but it is indeed the best choice for my skin. The soothing richness makes my skin look the smoothest it has looked in many years. After gently using the muslin cloth to remove all of my makeup, I add the night time moisturizer.

  1. Hi Susan,
    You look absolutely beautiful in this dark denim jacket…Just wanted to tell you my daughter in law has a blog called, “Our Fifth House.” She also uses Beauty Counter and loves loves loves it. Now, my granddaughter is starting to use some of their products. Thanks for all the great advice, pics, travel photos etc. You are the best dear one.
    Love and Blessings,

  2. I enjoy your blog and the photos. You always look so polished!
    You look great in the jacket. It’s a little shorter than many of your tops and it makes your legs look longer.

  3. I wear jean jackets a lot in the spring and fall. I have white and black ones in addition to the more common faded denim one. The military look of yours is not one I’ve seen before and it does make your outfit just a bit more upscale. I’m headed to Chico’s site next to see if they still have it.

  4. I made a change to Beauty Counter a few years ago after researching the ingredients commonly used in other cosmetic lines. I absolutely love their products. Just bought my teen niece several to try for her birthday.

  5. Great look and beautiful area! You always give me great ideas for places to visit when I move back to East Tennessee!

  6. You look fabulous and happy! It’s so inspiring reading about your journey to be your best. Thank you Susan!

  7. Talking about comfortable – when I was at the gym this morning, someone had the tv on to a lifestyle show where the fashion segment was about how to wear pyjamas out in public and to the office!! Really? That’s not my version of comfort LOL.

  8. Hello Susan, glad you enjoyed your trip. Interesting to see your take on a denim jacket substitute.
    I removed a denim blazer and beige linen mix one from my wardrobe recently, thinking that it was a bit dated and the material needed to be softer.
    As black is too harsh for my colouring would this military style jacket work in a mid blue or navy ?
    Also is a denim shirt in a soft lyocell fabric a keeper ? I need a casual cover up over tank style tops and as a cover up from the sun.
    I bought a soft pink linen shirt recently as a change of colour so we can always adapt !

  9. First of all, the area is so beautiful and peaceful to my NYC eyes! I also have a question about the beauty balm cleanser. Does it come with a muslin cloth to remove? You mentioned that you put a small amount back on the skin after cleansing. Does it double as a moisturizer and is it for night time only (is it too greasy for the day)?

  10. I really like your out outfit this time. You look so polished and lady like. I am also getting tired of jeans, yoga pants, flipflops on people. How would you style your dresses? I really like the short black one with the fat straps in the back. Is it cut high enough in the back so that there aren’t any bra problems? I also like Soma products…I especially like the minimizer (not the soft cup one).

  11. Thanks for sharing this with us, Susan. You look wondeful. I’m going to try the beauty balm cleanser!

  12. As soon as I can travel and enjoy myself (after my next knee replacement surgery) I am hoping to take a visit to this resort. We love Tennessee and North Carolina mountains and we haven’t been in several years. Thank you for the recommendation – my husband is a golfer and I think he would love trying out this course! And I can sit on the veranda and read and watch the wildlife. Love your jacket too.

  13. So beautiful!! That outfit is perfect for you. And it would be dressy enough to work in an office situation as well

  14. Susan you look absolutely lovely in these pictures. Good choice of clothing and your skin looks so refreshing.

  15. You look so slender in this outfit, so flattering. Someone said you looked tired recently, you don’t but I think you were wearing less eye makeup. Love your eye make up today. Is that your new line?

    1. Lighting plays such a crucial role in good photos. Sometimes I have to settle to have any pictures at all of a function.
      I have been wearing the Beautycounter line for about a week now. I have like everything I have tried.

  16. Gorgeous as usual! And the food–Yum! Tell me something please. When you take photos of lovely ladies and their outfits for the blog, do they mind? I’ve been a little hesitant to do that for mine. I guess it’s my fear of rejection. Thanks so much. Joyce

    1. I always give them a business card and tell them how much I enjoyed seeing how nice they look. When I tell them I write a blog for women who want to look their best, they always say yes.

  17. Susan,
    You look absolutely adorable in the military jacket and white pants. Your beauty routine must be working because you look healthy and vibrant too. My style is much more casual; however, I enjoy seeing your outfits and learning about life in your area.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Terry Moore

  18. I absolutely love Beautycounter – products, mission, company and so glad you do too! The cleansing Balm is THE BEST!!!!

  19. Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm is hands down one of my ALL time favorite products! It is my go-to for traveling (one stop shop that you can remove makeup, cleanse and hydrate all in one) and for nights that I’m just too tired to do much more than wash my face. Topping it with the Plumping Mist (toner) + Plumping Oil is a great combo to feel hydrated and nourished! And, it will last you forever!

  20. You are a lovely vision! Your beauty and confidence is a wonderful testimony to women. We all are aging yes, but you are an inspiration to women, as you show that we can do so gracefully!

    Annette Tarpley

  21. Susan
    I am 60 and you inspire me to kick it a bit. Keep sharing your wonderful tips and adventures.
    I love ❤️ it.

  22. What’s the advantage of using a muslin cloth as opposed to regular wash cloth? And, I have problems with bc lipstick. It’s so emollient that it smears easily and doesn’t last…it gets on everything. Thank you! Vicki

    1. The muslin cloth is much more gentle on your skin than a regular cloth with more texture. Try just putting the lipstick on your bottom lip and blotting. I have really enjoyed the sheer colors.

  23. I love your look. The scenery looks beautiful and the food yummy. Someday I will need to visit (stay longer than just pass through). It looks so beautiful.

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