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The shape and thickness of brow styles change with the times. At the moment, a fuller and more natural-looking brow give a modern appearance while an over plucked, overarched, thin brow looks very dated. As we age, our brows become more sparse, and if you are like me, they did not grow back after you over-plucked them back in the ’90s.


Nothing throws off the balance of your face as much as brows that have been penciled in at an odd angle. I know one woman who always looks surprised and another who always looks very worried, due entirely to the unnatural brows they create each time they apply makeup. The color is another essential thing to consider when you are filling in your brows. Cool skin tones should look for taupe or slate colors. Warm skin tones can wear browns.

I used the medium Color Define Brow Pencil Item #2505 below to fill in one of my brows for the video today. One brow is filled in, and the other was left natural so that you can see the difference. Our faces do not age the same on both sides. One side may drop lower than the other or even appear larger than the other, so trying to create brows that are mirror images of each other can also look unnatural. One of my brows is more arched, and the other is more straight across, possibly from sleeping curled up on my side with my face planted into the pillow for sixty plus years.

I told you that I had changed my choices in skincare, soap, deodorant, and now even toothpaste in a recent post here. I have been doing lots of research about what is in the products I use. 

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today. Many don’t have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used in the skincare and beauty industry. Thousands of chemicals that are banned in other countries are allowed in the U.S. Last year I experienced severe burning, itching, and peeling skin caused by a high-end skincare line, so I started to question everything I put on my skin. When I learned about the Beautycounter products and their commitment to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what’s required by U.S. law, I purchased several products and then signed up to be a consultant. As always, you won’t get high-pressure sales pitches from me, but I will share my experience with some of the products and how I use them.

The lip color I am wearing in today’s video is Scarlet Sheer Lipstick Item #2068.

In the video below, I show you how to start and stop my brows as I am filling them in. 

  1. Susan, thank you so very much for this very helpful info. and about all the chemicals in the products we all use every day.

  2. Wonderful video, Susan! I hadn’t heard the helpful expression before that eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Your step-by-step encouragement is always so welcome.

  3. ROC retinol products got a lot of favorable reviews from fashion magazines, so I used them for years. I stopped using them for a few weeks – I forget why – and discovered that the ruddiness in my complexion that I thought was associated with getting older had actually been produced by the ROC products.

    I think we all tend to make the assumption that the products on the market are safe for us to use. More and more I am realizing that is not the case. “Let the buyer beware.”

  4. Great video. So towards the end of my eyebrow there really isn’t much hair if any now. So that’s where you are using more “pencil” color right? Does it look fake? You know?

    I too have been switching facial products trying to find some that are more natural but that don’t break the bank. LOL.

    Have a blessed day.

  5. There is a sunscreen for children that has had many reports of blistering skin burns. It seems to become caustic when exposed to the sun. I had already stopped using many sunscreen products because they caused skin reactions for me. Due to my sensitive skin, I had been using products designed for children.

    Now I use a physical sunblock which contains minerals. I use a tinted one to avoid the goth look. This kind of product is much more expensive, but it’s what my dermatologist suggested. It works, so it’s worth it. I also avoid the sun as much as possible, cover up and wear hats and sunglasses. This summer is changing my view about the season, as we are getting high UV ratings almost every day, hotter weather than ever before, no rain on weeks and more forest fires. Give me fall and spring!

    BTW, summer clothes don’t last due to staining from sunblock, but synthetic fibres fare better. Thus, I’m no longer such a fan of cotton for summer clothes.

    1. There is a link to the company and the name and number of the color in the post above the picture. I really like the formula a lot. It isn’t drying at all.

  6. I recently ordered from Nordstrom, but have not started using yet, Revitabrow. It has very encouraging reviews online and the ingredients sound safe and natural so I am going to give it a try! I thought some of your followers may have experiences with such products so I decided to mention on here…..Susan, you have a wonderful look and you inspire the rest of us to be the best we can be! Thank you for having this blog.

  7. Do you have your brows waxed and after looking for a long time for my fav cut…found it…please send me a pic of the front, back and sides..please love it…Sandra

  8. Thank you so much for the recommendation! This is exactly what I have been looking for! Your website and blog continue to be such an encouragement and source of information. Thank you for all your work, Susan!

  9. HI Susan,
    Just watched yoyr vidio on the eye brows.
    I’v been having so mush troyble with mine lately.
    Those are some good tips I hope they work for me.
    Mine have become almost naked at the beginning of the
    that Iv thought of shaving them off and just penciling them in.
    However I don’t think I like that look.
    So I’ll try your tips and see what happens.
    Thank you. Carolyn

  10. I am “over sixty”, and I have never been taught how to actually apply, or even pick out, the correct makeup. Watching your video on how to make my brows look better was extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Great video! Another tip to avoid the dreaded “comma” eyebrow is to start at the center of the brow and feather out toward the end, aiming at the spot where your ear meets your head, then feather toward the beginning of the brow filling in sparse areas. I hope that makes sense. 🙂

    1. Yes, I was afraid that one of the chemicals in it was what has been causing a rash. For now, I am just staying out of the sun during the middle of the day.

  12. Enjoyed the brow video and seeing the new more natural products. Great tips. Happy Friday & thank you Susan.

  13. Always check the ingredients in your lipsticks,eyeliners,etc.
    Look for heavy metals,dyes and more… not all products are safe! Go for natural and safe ingredients!

  14. I so agree with you on the eyebrows! A bit of fill in and color just makes me look more pulled together! I started having my eyebrow threaded years ago and am very pleased with that. As my vision has gone a bit south, I couldn’t see all the fine blonde hairs, they do a swell job. Thanks for all your helpful tips!

  15. Hi Susan, There is an app called “Think Dirty” where you can scan the UPC of your product. It tells you whether it has carcinogens or chemicals that may cause allergic reactions. My two favorite “clean” brands are now 100% Pure and Rejuva Minerals. No more burning eyes from my cosmetics!

  16. Your eyebrows look great! As my brown hair turned gray, I found my brown eyebrows didn’t look right for me. I checked with a Merle Norman store, and the lady who worked there suggested their gray brow powder over my then current brown. That helped immensely and looked more natural. After a number of years, as my hair became mostly white, I now use the light gray only and it looks fine.

  17. As my brows have thinned, I’ve been using an eyebrow brush w/pat in a dark gray. Your video has been very helpful in getting the right size and shape. Thank you! You’re a delightful woman and I so enjoy your messages. Always a “pick-me-up”!

  18. Thank you so much for the video. I have had to “put on” my eyebrows for years due to a health condition. This video was very helpful. I’ll look into this make-up line to see if it’s tested on animals or not. Less toxins is always a big plus to me.

  19. Hi Susan I recently found your blog and am totally enjoying it. Unfortunately or fortunately because I’m in very good health I blew right by 60’s and have recently stopped at 73! Thanks to God and good genetics and taking good care of my skin – I have great skin! I do color my hair – but i am in a funk. I just spent Saturday afternoon going over the blogs that you have done over the years and have found that I am really enjoying your way of thinking – age is a number but how we feel in our skin is more important.
    Since starting your blogs I really feel that I am starting to take the extra time to put myself together whether I’m home for the day or out for the day and I’am feeling so much better anout myself. I don’t remember how I found you but I am so thrilled that I did thank you so much and keep up the good good work

  20. I have very sparse brows and use Wunderbrow. It is the best brow product I have found on the market. I do take off some of the product on the edge of the container before applying and then even it out with the mascara wand. Wunderbrow withstands sweat, swimming and humidity. I would highly recommend it.

  21. I am fair skinned, blue eyes and hair around my face is gray. Do you have a suggestion for the Beauty Counter color shade eye duo?

  22. Thank you for introducing us to this line of beauty products.

    I checked the cosmetics database from the website Environment Working Group and found that Beautycounter’s products and the company as a whole have a very good rating. If you are concerned about the chemicals you put on and in your body I highly recommended checking out their website.

  23. I overplucked in my youth and have had to deal with that error for over 40 years! I was always worried about making my brows look even, which resulted in fake looking fur strips over my eyes!! I then had a makeup artist tell me that eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Best advice ever! I now maintain a more natural look.

    Love your posts!!

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