Tank Dress 5 Ways #2

In the posts for this week, I am showing you how I style the same tank dress in five different ways. Today I am taking it down a notch to create an appropriate look for lunch with friends, a date night, or maybe a meeting with my accountant on a hot summer day.

I love the look of navy with green. The bag was a gift from Uno Alla Volta here. The I.N.C. Kivah sandals were from Macy’s last year. The sunglasses are by Balmain. I bought the necklace at Stein Mart recently.

The fun continues tomorrow with a very casual look that you could wear to a 4th of July gathering. Have a beautiful day!

  1. My lifestyle requires that I wear a dress or skirt several times a week. The outfits you showed are also my go-to for the heat of summer because I really do find them cooler. I did an experiment last summer and wore the same dress, or skirt and silk tank, with different toppers in a variety of styles and colors, from lightweight cardigans to toppers similar to yours above. By changing things up with jewelry…which I design and make myself, I had a multitude of different outfits. It showed me how little I really do need.

    Thank you for being an excellent model, not just for aging well, but for showing there is no need for excess. Now…if I can just keep the handbags to a minimum. We all have our weaknesses!

  2. I have the same style of dress in black packed away somewhere in my vast collection of clothes that no longer fit. I loved it when I wore it, but never considered how versatile it could be until I started following you. Despite all the advice from practically everywhere, it seems, I have not gotten rid of my small clothes because I am determined to get back into them, and have made great progress, although much more slowly than used to be possible. I always bought classic kinds of things that should always be useful. I agree with LMC above that we all have our weaknesses, and although I have lots of everything, there is no question that I have far more jackets, bags and shoes than any one person needs. When I achieve my ideal size, I will then pare down to my absolute favorites and donate the others.

    I love today’s styling of the navy dress; it would work for so many warm weather activities and occasions. You always look great. Between yesterday’s photo and this one, there is a slight difference in your hair style. To my eye, today’s style is straighter, with less volume and more bang. That subtle change seems to add so much freshness and vitality to your look, IMO. Have a great day!

    1. The photos for this series were all taken on the same day. The wind was blowing and it was hot, hot, hot so that might be why the hair looks so different today.

  3. Lovely! Oh, how I wished I could wear this style but my ample hips (pear shaped) do not allow for you it. So sad!

  4. I love the flowy kimono like vest with this, Susan!! It’s such a great way to change up the look!

  5. I think your hair is adorable! I think you have found your sweet spot again after experimenting with your changing hair texture and stylist.

  6. I just love these posts! I almost always think as I’m choosing clothes (either to buy or wear) “What would Susan do?”

  7. I love your posts. You are a very beautiful and stylish woman. I wish I could put things together as you do. Appreciate your honesty and straightforwardness on style and what looks good and what not so much. Thank you!

  8. I read every blog you write, and enjoy them immensely. I know you do not have this issue, but any advice for those of us who have aged into an apple shape?

  9. I realize the green bag was a gift, so u have to use. And there is green in the topper, but a black bag or one more in the predominant shade of turquoise would have been more complimentary. Yes, Dutchess Kate loves neutral shoes, I’m about 15 years older than you, so I still wear stockings & shoes that match the color of my hemline. One of the 10 commandments @ Patricia Stephens Model School in Cleveland, Ohio, in the early 1960s!

    1. I am very close in age to you, also, but I have learned that the buff-colored shoes extend my short, chunky legs, and I definitely need that! So I go with that and don’t match my dress hemline.

      I don’t mind the color of the green bag but when I first saw it, it seemed somewhat “heavy” for the total outfit. A more summery bag would have been more in line with the lightness of the wrap.

      I don’t believe even Ms. Patricia Stephens would recommend a black bag with a navy dress.

      Just my thoughts and those dreaded “opinions.” Susan gets it “right” more times than I do, that’s for sure!

  10. I love this look on you. It makes you look younger and relaxed. Colours are great, my favorites.
    Looking forward to other combinations.
    Have a good day.

  11. Thank you and Mr. Mickey for sharing with us. Your great ideas help to improve our outfits in every way possible. Respectfully, McGettrick Garrett

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