Tank Dress 5 Ways #1

If I can’t think of at least three different ways to wear a garment I am considering, I don’t purchase it. One trick show ponies are not welcome here. I will show you five different ways to wear a navy crepe knit tank dress in this series of posts.

A question I get very often is what to wear as a guest at a wedding. I wouldn’t say I like to wear a knee-length dress, nor do I wish to show my arms, so this midi-length tank dress is an excellent option. The neckline is flattering, and the hemline stops at the most slender part of my leg. Different toppers or short jackets can be layered over it to get different looks for any occasion.

Here, I added the navy topper from this post. The navy colors are very much in the same tone, but the fabrics are different, and the white banding on the topper breaks up the solid color. The Bandolino nude pumps are more than five years old. The clutch bag is from Saks Off 5th a few seasons ago.

Ironically there was a wedding taking place at my favorite little church in the area.

The Shapeez slip bra shown above certainly helps to make dresses look much better. A smooth foundation is always the right place to start!

This series’s side-by-side photos will appear at the end of each blog post this week. My sincere thanks to Mr. Mickey, who gave up more than three hours of his Saturday afternoon to stand in ninety-degree heat, taking the photos for this project. The images had to be taken in the full sun due to time constraints.

  1. This is a stunning look on you! I have been looking for a cool, not too heavy dress for summer. I don’t like to show a lot of leg either and maxis just seem like too much fabric in the heat & humidity.

  2. Mr Mickey is an excellent photographer and what a pretty church. The vast majority of churches in the UK are stone and can look rather austere so it’s nice to see such a homely looking church building.

  3. The outfit is a winner and the necklace is very classic and striking. My compliments to Mr. Mickey for his forbearance in the face of such heat. Thanks

  4. Hi Susan: I would love to wear midi-tank dresses but I am 5’2″. Even if the dress is hemmed appropriately for the midi style, the dress over powers me. Do I just call it a day, and figure out this style isn’t for me, or is there another way I can enjoy a midi-dress? Thanks Susan. Stay cool and drink water.

  5. Well, Susan, your timing on this series couldn’t have been any better. I have a navy maxi dress and so far have only used a scarf tied as a shrug for a topper. I had no idea a longer top would work! I thought whatever I wore with the dress “had” to be no longer than waist length. Thank you again for the great insights. Thanks also to Mr. Mickey for putting up with the heat to give us such great visuals.

  6. I also am 5’2”….I would love to wear a midi, those I have tried on pull me to the ground and just don’t look right. Does this dress come in petite?

  7. Love that look. How low is the neckline on the tank dress. I don’t wear too low cut anything and it is hard to tell from the photo. Thank you.

  8. This is lovely. I never wear dresses or skirts if I can avoid it, but now & again even *I* have to bite the bullet & put on something other than pants or jeans. I have a very similar dress with a matching long, narrow jacket in a slithery crepe that actually looks great on me. The combo of calf-length hem & long slinky jacket with the right shoes makes even me look tall (I’m 5’4″) — but I like the way this jacket is cut higher in front & then falls away at the back. So graceful. I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of this series! And do thank Mr. Mickey. His behind-the-scenes efforts are greatly appreciated. [Oh, and I’ve discovered something more fun than reading your blog almost daily — & that’s being away for a few days & coming home to 3 or 4 new posts to catch up on! ]

  9. Hi, Susan

    What a great dress! Perfect for a variety of summer events, so versatile and cool! You are classy, as usual. 🙂


  10. Thank you Susan for this post! Very helpful! This color scheme would look good on most ladies most seasons of the year, in any climate, anywhere! I also like the length of the jacket sleeves – not long but not sleeveless! Very helpful for us ladies who don’t want to show our upper arms! Thanks again! I appreciate the accessories also – from the necklace to the purse, to the bracelet and the shoes. Well Done!

  11. Susan, Do you mind if I ask you how you store/organize all your shoes, purses and clothing? How do you decide what to get rid of, over time (I tend to hang on)? Thank you very much!

    1. I bought shoe racks at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They are in a bonus room along with rolling racks to hold scarves. There is a small built-in shelf in the master closet where I keep my bags. I do get rid of things if I find that I don’t use them anymore (heels are an example) or if they are starting to show wear. I prefer to have a few good things that I use and enjoy often.

  12. It is hard to tell but is the Shapeez bra also a full-length slip? I need something like this for a dress I am wearing to my son’s wedding. Full-length slips are hard to find. Is this a slip and bra together?

  13. Susan,
    Another great look and I am anxious to see the others! I just had to compliment Mr. Mickey on his dedication to “the cause!” Three hours in this ferocious heat wave, on asphalt, qualifies as ‘beyond the call of duty” in my book. He is a gem!

  14. You look absolutely gorgeous in this ensemble. Very elegant indeed!! I own a navy tank dress and I have found it to be such a versatile piece.
    Enjoy your blog very much. Thank you!!

  15. Thank Susan and Mr. Mickey for all the work you take to show us how to dress perfectly at our age.

    Regards, Jenny

  16. I know you don`t wear dresses too often but I must ask , do you wear pantyhose ? I can`t go bare into my shoes but my dresses seem to stick to my legs. Any tips ?

  17. I love the navy and white combo. I like how you choose nude shoes and clutch. I would have just chosen white.

  18. Hi Susan ~ Lovely outfit! My style and yours are the same – classic. I’ll be attending a wedding (as well as the rehearsal dinner) at the end of June in NC. I rarely wear dresses and prefer to ‘dress up’ a pant outfit when going out. I just may do that for the rehearsal dinner; however, for the wedding, a dress, either knee or tea length, is a must. Can you make some outfit & shopping site suggestions? I’m a 5’3″, 138 lb, 65 yr old. I prefer light colors but can wear black. Also, based on your makeup video (and your flawless skin), I don’t believe that you use a concealer or liquid makeup foundation…but if you did, what would you use?
    Thanks so much!!

    1. I don’t use concealer or foundation, but the Skin Twin Foundation here is amazing. It is very lightweight and natural looking.

      My first choice for special occasion dresses is Dillards. I found petite dresses here.

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