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Linen is the coolest and most comfortable fabric I’ve found. It wrinkles, but I’ve learned to embrace that fact. A soft flowing tunic or dress is the most effortless silhouette. Light colors are perfect for hot, humid weather.

When I wear a tunic, it changes my proportions since it covers the top of my legs. I wore long white jeans and nude wedge sandals to avoid making my legs look even shorter.

The white bag and casual style jewelry complemented the light and airy tunic. The chain-link bracelet has easy casual details, perfect with summer looks. The bracelet is here. Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.

My lip color is Orchid here. I cleanse my skin using Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence (here) on a cotton ball a couple of times a day in the heat of summer. I reapply sunscreen (here) often while outdoors.

The linen tunic is here. Similar white jeans are here. A similar bag is here. Similar shoes are here. My items are rarely new, so I share links for similar current items.

I wore this light summer look for my very casual family brunch get-together for Father’s Day.

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  1. I just bought linen pants and you are right. They are cool and comfortable to wear in the summer. I no longer wear shorts. Hate the wrinkles though!

  2. Hello Susan,

    Last week I got the worst sunburn while gardening. Oh gosh, the pain and itching was miserable! I normally wear long sleeves, long pants and sunscreen on my face and hands while gardening ( especially after 40) so my dark olive skin hasn’t seen much direct sun in years and I made the mistake of wearing a tank top under my bib overalls. I’ll never make that mistake again!!

    I like some linen but prefer 100 percent quality untreated cotton which is hard to find these days. I’ve found that some linen is thick and rough like a burlap sack and others are very soft- though a bit more sheer. Years ago, LL Bean made a wonderful linen big shirt that was a cotton/linen blend that I loved. It didn’t wrinkle, wasn’t sheer and it was cool and comfortable. I wish they and others would return to that kind of quality.
    The wrinkles can be a problem for me at times because I’m short and a bit plump or voluptuous 😀 I just don’t want to look too sloppy and frumpy so it takes a bit of planning the right top and bottom with the right occasion. Like you, I wear my linen tops with a more fitted and structured pant/jean and sandals. I purchased two of the Orvis short sleeve linen popover tops this year and love them. I don’t normally like wearing short sleeves but the sleeves are a bit longer and not as revealing- sort of like the blue and white dress your recently modeled ( love that dress!).

    I was thinking about you yesterday as I made my Bob’s Red Mill bean soup. Thanks for the recommendations for the insect repellent in your previous blog entry. I was also thinking about you as I read a blog post about why Americans are so slovenly, sloppy and shaggy looking these days and came across a quote by Coco Chanel that reminded me of you and that I thought you would appreciate : “Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably, and they remember the woman.” You have been such a inspiration to me and others by modeling how to keep it simple, classic and healthy without spending a fortune. Thank you!!

  3. Love your tunic… who makes that? It reminds me of Bella Tu. That’s a great outfit for our hot Carolina summers.

  4. Hi,
    Linen is my favorite for summer too!
    Can you tell me how to search your site? Not too long ago you had a gorgeous berry colored jacket. I believe it was from Talbot’s, and maybe was boiled wool ??? Hoping to find one like it on sale during summer months!

  5. I’ve always avoided linen because it wrinkles, but this summer I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did!

  6. Hi, Susan:

    As I’ve indicated in earlier comments, I dress very much as you do. I wear a size 8, I’m about 5. 5 1/2 inches tall, and my weight is 138. A HUGE difference between you and me is that I will be 85 years old in August. At my age, I so well remember the absolutely awful maternity tops that we wore in the 60’s . . . and those maternity tops, to me, look exactly like today’s popular tunics. For that reason, I would not EVER wear a tunic top. I love to wear button front shirts and blouses in the warmer weather, with either pants or skirts. I usually tie the front just at my waist, with the back of the shirt hugging my waist . . . and this works for me. ALSO: I have the exact same red and white dress — button front — from Talbot’s that you wore in your post about being — maybe it was in Savannah — somewhere very warm where a lovely dress really IS cooler. As a native Memphian now living in Michigan, I’m mentally planning a driving trip that goes across the long, long state of Tennessee, and when I do this, I’ll visit Johnson City and Jonesborough and also Knoxville, where I’ve never been. As a side trip, you and Mr. Mickey might enjoy driving south and west in Tennessee ’til you get to Middle Tennessee’s town of Sewanee, which is almost exactly on the border with Alabama and Georgia. The All Saints’ Chapel at the University of the South, known usually as Sewanee, is absolutely beautiful . . . it could be in England or in France.

    You seem so friendly and practical and down-to-earth. I enjoy reading your postings/column.

  7. I also live in the south and deal with dressing in the heat and humidity. Thanks for all your help !

  8. I have a cotton version of your linen top, which is about 6 years old. However, I keep it freshly ironed in my summer closet for the hottest days. This year I added a white linen shirt and a pale blue shirt to my summer rotations to wear with white jeans and light weight slacks. In our hot, sticky June in Central Ky they have been perfect. I am using a streamer for my clothes this summer, rather than my iron. I love how this is helping my back issues and my clothes look presentable.

  9. Thank you Susan for sharing. Do you plan to post an article what to pack for a trip vacation to Greece for the summer? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

    1. When I am fortunate enough to return to beautiful Greece, I will take light and airy pieces to mix and match for the most wear from the least amount of luggage. For example, a white thin cotton or linen shirt can be worn as a beach coverup, tucked into a floaty skirt, or even as a jacket over a tank and lightweight slacks at dinner time. A few accessories can transform basics from casual to appropriate for dinner looks.

  10. Thanks Susan for the suggestions. You always look amazing. I am interested in how you chose your current hairstyle. I am thinking about a change, but am having trouble deciding on what to do. My hair is silver and curly.

  11. Susan, how do you stand to wear jeans in the heat of summer? I can barely stand bermudas.

    I look forward to your blog so much. I hope Mr.Mickey is well.

  12. Susan, I had an employee once who told me that those linen wrinkles were “rich wrinkles” and so I haven’t worried about them since!!

  13. Hi Susan.

    Would you please tell us the sizes your wearing for a reference. Is the linen tunic your normal size or do you go up or down a size depending on the fit/cut. The size you choose would be a help in most all your posts.


  14. Hello Pretty Lady:
    In this blog you link your white jeans to Neiman Marcus but are they NYDJ or some other jeans on that page.

    I have grown frustrated with NYDJ as they recommend ordering a size down. I am normally a 10 so when I order an 8 and I put them on I look like a sausage as they are so tight and I won’t go out of the house. The idea is to wear them until they stretch, ridiculous. So if I order the 10 in a short time they start bagging very soon.

    What jeans, white particularly, have you found that don’t bag and stretch shortly after wearing.

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