Summer Fabrics

I have learned to shop for the pieces I need months in advance of the season. Since the first of March, I’ve been searching for specific summer clothing items. I’ve realized the need for linen tops, linen pants, and lightweight cotton tops during the past two summers.

Summers here are hotter, and they last longer now. Careful planning and shopping early before the selections become limited in both style and size ensures that I will find what I know I need.

Similar block heeled sandals are here. A similar bamboo handle bag is here.

I’ve decided not to settle for good enough. If you do, you’ll end up with a closet full of items that are not quite what you wanted. That’s why it has taken me over two years to find these two tops. I purchased the two very comfortable and versatile white tops above in cotton here and below in linen here.

A similar tote bag is here. Similar espadrille shoes are here. The 32mm Infinity watch is here.

All of the pieces I’ve added will work with most of the summer things I already have. I wanted to show you some of how I plan to wear the old with the new in looks from very casual to a bit more dressed up.

Ankle-length pants are the equivalent of shorts for me. They are a little cooler than long pants. Showing the ankles, wrists, and collar-bones always looks more feminine.

The third image above shows my look for staying safely home on a Sunday afternoon. My Malibu Punch ankle jeans are several years old. Similar coral red jeans are here. The denim shirt is 100% cotton, so it is very comfortable even on hot days. Mine is from a past season, but I found a very similar one here. The Sperry shoes are here.

Linen fabric easily wrinkles and creases, but it is by far the most comfortable to wear in high heat and humidity. The pieces made from linen need to fit well and flow across the body. If the fit is off, strained seams show the pulling more than in any other fabric.

The white linen Palazzo Pants above and below are here. A similar white knit tank is here. A similar tote is here. Similar studded pumps are here. The tennis bracelet is here. The sunglasses are here.

That’s the same seersucker jacket from my previous post. It is here.

Keep this styling tip in mind when wearing wide-leg pants: Loose over fitted – Fitted over loose. With full skirts or pants, I wear a short fitted top; a short nipped at the waist jacket, or a slim, open shirt. The key is to show all or at least some of your waistline.

Suzanne, the designer from Beauty in Stone Jewelry, and I are giving away the big link bracelet shown above. You’ve seen me wear this bracelet here many times.

To be entered in the giveaway, please leave a comment below. I’ll randomly choose a winner and make the announcement in the blog post for Friday.

I hope this blog gives you a few minutes of escape and pleasure as we all yearn for warmer weather and safety.

The elements of my looks are rarely new, so I share highlighted links to similar current items. The shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

  1. Good morning Susan, I hope you are remaining safe during these difficult times. I love the way that you have styled the summer pieces in your blog. I have admired the beauty in stone products that you have shown and would love the chance to win the big link bracelet. I have a birthday coming up and this would be a lovely surprise. Keep the good work!

  2. I really enjoy your blog. I live in a nearby city and appreciate your style for each season. Thanks for doing what you do.

  3. Love these tops! Linen has always been a favorite and the bracelet is the perfect summer accessory.

  4. Moi aussi je prépare la saison d’été dès le mois de mars, cela donne le temps de trouver ce que l’on cherche vraiment. Je ne suis pas sortie de chez moi depuis le début du confinement en France, le 16 mars, c’est long mais la sécurité est de mise. Belle journée à vous.

  5. Hi, Susan – I like how you paired a pointed toe shoe with the palazzo pants. It gives some more structure to the loose and float pants. ❤️

  6. How refreshing and exciting these summer looks are! This is inspiration for me, something to look forward to in this time of aloneness at home. Your give away bracelet is beautiful as well!

  7. Enjoying all your blog posts, and looking forward to warmer and longer days when we can all relax.
    As I am from the UK, can I be considered to win this bracelet ? If so I would really enjoy it. Thursday is my birthday …. not sure if I will even get a card this year.Thanks for all you do but especially in these times. Stay well.

  8. Susan – I love this bracelet and have since the first day you shared it. Would love to own this!

  9. It’s always a treat to read your blog early most mornings.
    I have admired your silver bracelet for quite a while. Thanks, Susan.

  10. I love the color of your ankle pants! It looks so summery. I love wearing bracelets and I absolutely love that chunky one. If I wear daintier bracelets, I wear several together. Have a great day!

  11. Hi Susan – Linen is so summer but the wrinkles! I spend so much time up and down from my desk, by the end of the day, my pants are prune-like. Any tips? I live in Michigan, so our summers are short. The beautiful bracelet can be worn throughout the year, however! Stay safe! Anne DiSante

  12. I look forward to your styling tips and outfits weekly. I, too, look forward to more carefree and sunny days.

  13. I think you are a so stunning and I can’t wait to see what you post. I’m 63 and it is hard to find clothing that isn’t too young looking or to old looking for me. You make this so easy. Thank you

  14. What a lovely surprise give away in these trying times…Thank you for lifting my spirits and I love the bracelet!


  15. What a wonderful post to get us thinking about warmer, better days ahead! You always look so stylish and put together – I get so many ideas from you. The coral pants and the denim shirt…I have both, just never thought of them together. Thank you ! Bracelet looks amazing…thanks for the chance to enter the fun! Stay safe, be healthy!

  16. Another great, informative post today, thank you! Plus, the Beauty in Stone Jewelry giveaway is fabulous! Take care and stay safe.

  17. Susan….I check your blog everyday! Thank you for the fashion ideas and the stylish way you shop your closet!!!

  18. I always look forward to reading your blog posts. I love linen, especially here in SW FL!!! My birthday is in a week so this bracelet would be a welcome gift. Thank you for keeping us in a positive frame if mind. We surely need this at this time.

  19. Susan, the bracelet is beautiful. Love the tops for a classic summer look. Thanks for providing a diversion during these scary times. Stay safe.

  20. Thank you for the beautiful posts & classic styles. Especially enjoyed spring flowers in earlier post

  21. I am very grateful for the opportunity to receive this lovely bracelet. Thank you for doing this. Your blog is a bright spot during this uncertain time.

  22. I would love to win the bracelet, it’s a real beauty !
    I love your white linen look! I find linen very comfortable and cool in the summer and wear it often. I’m even ok with the wrinkles, I steam my linen so I start out pressed but then I just let it go.
    Thank you for sharing where you found your pieces.
    Stay safe!

  23. I agree completely about not settling for “almost good enough” when shopping. Those white linen pants are fabulous on you! I love the whole outfit with the seersucker jacket. Please keep sharing. It’s such a pleasant diversion from all that’s going on around us! Stay safe!

  24. Hello from Ohio! Since we are much further north, we are just now starting to get warmer spring weather, and I am positively starving for lighter Spring outfits. Your posts are always so inspiring! You show combinations that I would’ve never thought of, and it’s very often that a simple touch of jewelry can make a world of difference.
    I hope you pick my name for the Beauty in Stone big link bracelet giveaway as its one of my absolute favorites.
    It’s one of those “All-Arounder” pieces that can be worn with anything, to anything. I love it!

  25. Susan. Thank you always for your fashion advice and beautiful pictures. You’re a lovely lady

    I would be excited and honored to win the bracelet in the giveaway

    Have a great day

  26. I love this bracelet. Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win it. Thank you for your beautiful posts. You inspire.

    Lynne Sutherland

  27. Susan, I love your blog. I always glean something that I can apply to my wardrobe. This bracelet would certainly add to my wardrobe. I absolutely LOVE the chunky look. Thanks for the opportunity to win this. Stay safe and have a blessed day.

  28. Your giveaway bracelet makes a lovely gift. Thank you. Your wide legged white pants look cool and elegant, just the stylish thing to wear during the swelter of a hot summer.

  29. Your classic, stylish outfits are always an inspiration and your guidance on fit and quality are so helpful. Thank you!

  30. Susan, thank you for continuing your blog. It is a very much needed bright spot right now. I would very much like to win the bracelet.

  31. Thank you for your daily inspiration, Susan. Your style photos are most like my style and the ones I pin the most.

  32. The bracelet is both classic and contemporary!
    I also admire your earrings. Would you share a link to them?

  33. Seeing the summer clothing ideas gives inspires me to keep trudging through our Northern April. We’ll get to the warmer weather you have yet!

  34. Good morning Susan, I enjoy your posts and they have inspired me to clean out my closet and reevaluate my clothes. I retired five years ago and so my clothing needs are very different now. I don’t need to keep clothes from 20 years ago as I don’t want to be “mutton dressed as lamb”. Thank you for your helpful advice.
    The bracelet is beautiful.

  35. Very pretty, wearable looks. Looking forward to getting out in pretty clothes again! Stay well.

  36. Since I am busty I have never even considered palazzo pants. I figured they would just make me look big all over but you have pulled it off. I would love to win such a stylish bracelet.

  37. Love the new white tops! Wish I could wear some of those shoes. Love the bracelet giveaway!!!!

  38. This is a great post and am looking forward to warmer weather to be able to wear linen. I would love to win the bracelet.

  39. I love the bracelet — interesting and statement-worthy, but because the links are open it’s not too heavy looking.

    Linen is my go-to fabric in the warm weather, and I have learned to embrace the wrinkles, which makes all the difference in enjoying my summer wardrobe.

  40. I in my late 60’s and a new comer to your Facebook page. I am really enjoying your fashion tips and just ordered the little black dress from your recent post. Can’t wait for it to arrive Thank you for giving us senior ladies some good fashion advice.

    Cynthia in Mississippi

  41. Loving the big link bracelet. I haven’t been able to justify the cost, so I’d love to be the winner!

  42. Thank you for the inspiration and all the style advice you share. I always look forward to reading your blog, and I love the bracelet. Hope to be the winner!

  43. I love your idea to purchase clothing in advance of the season. I tend to wait for mid-season sales and finding what I like in my size, can be a challenge. Since I now try to buy only needed items that coordinate with items I already own, I can more easily afford to shop when items may not be on sale. Thank you for the opportunity to win the bracelet. It’s beautiful! Enjoy your day!

  44. You look good, as always. I love the color of the pants in the first two pictures. And, who doesn’t need a white top, or two, for warmer weather.

  45. I do not wear a lot of jewelry. My daily look is small hoop earrings and bracelets. My go to metal color is silver. This is a beautiful bracelet. Thanks

  46. I’m checking to the tops right away. Love linen! Especially in Florida. Thanks for keeping us inspired during this trying time in our world.

  47. I really appreciate your expertise! The way you put it all together is so helpful. Especially because you mix the old and new to keep the budget in mind.

  48. I like everything pictured but the palazzo pants—haven’t figured out how to manage them without looking sloppy

  49. Hi Susan I was able to get that lovely tote from Nordstrom’s before they sold out. Just itching to have somewhere to go to use it!! I’m using this isolation time to focus on eating well and taking long daily walks. You always inspire me to do a little better. Thank you and I hope you and your loved ones stay healthy.

  50. Love your style and look forward to your blog. I too am a lady of a certain age, work full time, and enjoy being stylish, hence, the bracelet would be a welcome addition to my jewelry collection.

  51. I love the diversity in pants you modeled in today’s blog. The structured jacket with the palazzo pants is my favorite. Thank you for the much needed distraction. Be well!

  52. I love the way you put together your looks, dear Susan. You are an inspiration, especially now when we are all staying in place! I admit that I looked at several of your links, but I’m not in the mood to buy anything right now! Your post reminded me that I have similar things in my closet I can put together, and I look forward to that day!

    You have the most beautiful shoes. I’ve been reluctant to wear skinny crops or jeans because I have size 9-½ – 10 feet which are also hard to fit, so my choices are often limited. Also, I’m ten years older than you, so can only wear comfortable, flat shoes. I find I can get away with crops in the summer when I wear open sandals, but in other seasons, my big clunky shoes look ridiculous with the skinny pants. Would love it if you could address this sometime. Thank you for all your posts, xoxo Sue

  53. I look forward to reading your blog everyday Susan, especially now when we are in isolation. Would love to win the gorgeous bracelet.

  54. Oh how I would love to win that bracelet Susan. I have admired it every time you have shown it. Have even checked the price but it’s a little out of my price range so winning it would mean joy, joy, joy to me.

    I will be praying my name is drawn.

    Keep on blogging. I love reading them all and I save them to my timeline.

  55. What lovely looks! Another big fan of linen here! The wrinkles don’t bother me at all. Would love to own that bracelet!

  56. I absolutely love your looks in this post! I have a white linen shirt like yours that I bought from Talbots Outlet store 2 years ago. It is my go-to for almost every occasion. This virus may have us sheltering at home but your blog helps me and others keep the faith that better days are on the way! Thanks!

  57. I look forward to each post. Your tips and ideas have made me take a look at my full closet. Thank you.

  58. I’ve admired this bracelet for months! So classy and elegant. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  59. Gorgeous Susan, gorgeous bracelet! Thanks for the hot weather clothing tips. I live in Mississippi and live in linen blends and 100% cotton in the spring and long summers. Like you, I usually wear a third piece to handle freezing air conditioning at work, restaurants and theaters.

  60. Good morning Susan, I always appreciate your outfit ideas. I have a little different build, a little taller, 130 lbs., busty, but thinner calves. I use your knowledge and adapt it to my situation. I’ve learned over the years that not everyone should be wearing everything. The bracelet is lovely and could be worn with so many outfits. Thank you for brightening these challenging days.

  61. I rarely wear a bracelet, but I am making an exception in regards to the stunning big link bracelet! I already am imagining my sophisticated look when the big link bracelet is on my wrist! It is understated while still giving an energetic “pop” to an outfit!

  62. I look forward to your posts showing various ideas for clothing items. All of your efforts (and work) to style and photograph outfits offer such wonderful ideas that we all can recreate. The bracelet is gorgeous!

  63. I have never worn linen. Always thought it looked so wrinkled, but maybe I should try it being that I live in humid and hot eastern North Carolina. Love the bracelet !

  64. Always inspiring! I always feel better when I try to look my best. I too love ankle pants! Have a nice day.

  65. Susan, I really like the Beauty in Stone jewelry. Would love to see her studio and how they make the jewelry.

    The two white tops are very crisp looking. I may have to get the linen one.

    Stay well.

  66. Susan, I love your posts and all the tips you give us to dress smart looking. This bracelet is a beauty! Stay well and keep posting!

  67. Thank you for all the inspiration and great advice in style through the years.
    I’ve admired your bracelet since its so classy and really dresses up an outfit.

  68. I look forward to your Facebook and blog every day. You and your photos are such a breath of fresh air. We are living through a very difficult time and it’s important that we remain upbeat and positive. Every day you bring a little of this positivity to all your readers lives. As well as your wonderful fashion sense, I also enjoy your pictures of the outdoors especially when they include flowers!

  69. Your outfits are so lovely. I love the look of linen, but I live in a climate with almost non-existent humdity. When I have worn linen here, it is scratchy to the point of uncomfortable. How lucky are you that you can. So glad you are doing well during this crazy time we are living in. Be safe.

  70. Hi Susan,
    I have been following your blog about 5 years and love & enjoy your classic style. Love the bracelet too

  71. I love your first look the most! It makes me excited for summer! I love that you don’t settle for “just ok.” I caught a back glimpse of myself in some ok pants. I thought of you and gave them away. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  72. I have admired this bracelet every time you wear it on the blog. I have never been able to find one that is similar during my shopping trips to local stores. You have great taste and I do too!

  73. Beautiful bracelet! Love your style Susan, and Mr. Mickey too…..he is always dapper! (An old fashioned word but it just seems to fit).

  74. Love all of today’s looks. I usually stayed away from linen due to wrinkles. Now I’ll consider wearing “Rich Wrinkles” I love that term. Can a 5 ft. Petite woman wear wide pants in linen?

  75. Happy Monday mornin, Susan. It is so refreshing to see your spring ideas. Hope you are doing well during these trying times. Hope you have a good week!

  76. I love seeing all of your fashion and you always look elegant and beautiful! Would love to win the bracelet!

  77. Oh, how I wish you would write a book! I’m serious. It would have your story and all the fashion tips/instructions from your blog. Also the closet and travel information. And of course lots of pictures! I could nag you every chance I get (lol), but I won’t. But please consider it! And keep considering it!

  78. I find inspiration in your style. Thank you for sharing all that you do. I will be entering my sixties this year & I am exhilarated at the prospect knowing we too can remain beautiful & stylish. Bless you.

  79. Susan – thank you for your blog. I have followed you several years now. I love the practical but yet stylish tips. Your style and sensibility is amazing. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your read everyday.

  80. The great state of Louisiana gets hot and stays hot for several months. I love how your outfits are so interchangeable…depending on the weather and occasion. Thank you for the inspiration!

  81. Susan, I love all your stylings! Now I have to see what is in the closet and what needs to be added.

  82. I, like so many of your readers, look forward to your weekly posts for the sensible and creative information. I Love chunky chain bracelets for the openness and would love to win this beautiful one. Is there a link for the long necklace you’re wearing in this post? Thank you, Susan.


  83. Your blog and posts are such an inspiration to me! It gives me ideas on how to refresh items I have in my closet by just purchasing a few pieces. Thanks so much!

  84. I love how you put together various outfits with basic pieces. I am always inspired by your fashion sense!

  85. Love your choices for summer! Ordered several pieces!
    I’m a big fan of your blog and thanks to you, I have changed my way of dressing. Passsed on your blog info to another friend of mine and she loves it, too!

    Love the bracelet! Please put my name on your list for consideration.

  86. Love the link bracelet! I always wear silver so that will fit in with my wardrobe perfectly! Yours is the first blog I read, always enjoy your outfits for inspiration!

  87. I love linen and light cotton for the hotter months. I have an eyelet blouse similar to that one. Also love it when you share different outfits. Gives me ideas on ways to wear something as I shop from my closet.

    Many blessings….

  88. I so look forward to your posts…and how you keep fashion and lifestyle so relevant to the current times. I absolutely LOVE the bracelet, and am hoping to be the one chosen

  89. I think I need to get some linen items living in SW Florida. Not sure why I haven’t before this…..That bracelet is very cool, I’ve not seen something like that before

  90. Susan, you look so elegant and summery wearing a column of white with a jacket. I always appreciate styling advice like today’s “ loose & fitted”.
    Would love to win this bracelet because I never leave the house without a bracelet. Please keep well.

  91. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air during these scary times. Love the beautiful silver bracelet. Appreciating all that you do.

  92. Love linen for our hot Texas summers. That bracelet is fantastic!!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win it.

  93. You can never have too many crisp white tops for spring/summer! A beautiful white top & any bottom just makes me feel good! And that beautiful silver bracelet would be the perfect addition! Thanks

  94. Hi Susan. Beautiful combinations of your wardrobe pieces. Thank you for the ideas. The bracelet is beautiful.


  95. I have followed your blog for several years. Making several changes in my clothing choices. Thank you . Love the bracelet.

  96. How light and pretty these outfits are – a breath of fresh air. The link bracelet is both lovely and unique. Thanks for the tip about loose over fitted and vice versa. I’ve never heard that before, but it makes perfect sense and it’s easy enough to do.

  97. You look beautiful in all of the photos but I especially like the palazzo pants. I appreciate you showing items worn different ways and mixing old with new.

  98. Even though I still see snow outside my window you have made me think of shopping for summer fabrics.
    Love the large link bracelet. Fingers crossed.

  99. Love seeing you mix the old and the new…that is the advantage of buying classic pieces! Timeless beauty…thanks for giving your followers something pleasant to focus in amidst this pandemic!

  100. Beautiful outfits Susan. I purchased the same cotton top from Talbot’s. I can’t wear to wear it. Beauty in stone jewelry is beautiful.

  101. Can’t wait until we can get out again and dress up a little more. I like the white outfit with the denim shirt!!

  102. Thank you for navigating through summer choices for us, just a little knowledge goes a long way!! I appreciate that you include links to the clothing as well! Stay safe!

  103. You look beautiful and you do so with an elegant grace. Thank you for sharing your insight and ideas on this journey past 60.

  104. Wide leg pants have been a favorite of mine for a couple of years. The white linen looks beautiful on you. I have come to accept the wrinkles of both tops and bottoms. The lovely silver bracelet is the style I go for most of the time. My wrists are not dainty and if I wear small ones, I have to do multiples to make any kind of impression. Do stay safe and well so we may continue to enjoy your posts.

  105. I hope with the wide pants coming back that the fitted ones stay popular too. Nice to have the option and varitey.

  106. Lovely bracelet. I wear one everyday regardless. It helps my confidence even if I stay at home.
    Your blog is great.

  107. Love silver bracelets! I find silver compliments my silver hair. Keeping my fingers crossed! I read your daily posts and enjoy your mixing and matching. You have inspired me to try my old familiar clothes in new combinations. Thank you Susan!

  108. How lucky we are to have our blogging friends to cheer us up while we are staying in. The lovely bracelet would be a plus. I also think it is a blessing if we are able to practice social distancing. Not everyone has that luxury. Some live in crowed conditions and can’t distance themselves. If we are able, we should count our blessings and comply. Stay safe.

  109. I always appreciate your style tips. Thank you for continuing to bring a sense of normalcy to your readers.

  110. This beautiful bracelet looks like it will be so versatile for this Spring and Summer! Thank you!☺️

  111. Your new white tops are very pretty and flattering on you. It’s a new look on you and I really like it.
    Whenever you wear this bracelet, I’m envious. It is precisely my cup of tea too.

  112. I love this bracelet and would love to have it as I do not have any silver bracelets. Thank you

  113. Susan, the white pants and top with the denim shirt outfit is just stunning. I’ll be replicating that look.
    Once I can get back to a salon I’m thinking of going shorter. While my hair is not your color it’s wavy and somewhat curly like yours. Do you enjoy this length or did you prefer it longer? What about upkeep? Is the shorter easier?
    Take care and be well.

    1. The shorter hair is much quicker to dry and style. I don’t have to do anything but dry the roots to add some lift at the crown and then let it air dry to finish.

  114. Susan, your blogs are so inspiring! Love your summer looks. You look cool as a cucumber in all of them!

  115. I do so enjoy your blog! I’m not shaped like you, but you give interesting tips for any shape.

  116. I absolutely love how you dress/style your outfits! This is a visual reminder to me as I journey on my weight loss goal.

    Thank you so much.

  117. Always look forward to your blog for creative and versatile styling. I would love to own the classic bracelet!

  118. Great tips and especially regarding linen. I live in AZ and have stayed away from linen for years. I think I will give it another try. I love the bracelet, too.

  119. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing your beautiful style everyday. Love everything and your assorries!

  120. Did you need a cami underneath the white linen tunic?

    I know the cotton eyelet is lined, because I ordered it after seeing it on your blog. The eyelet top is dry clean but that is ok, because I fear the two fabrics might not shrink the same if hand washed (poly lining; cotton eyelet). I was concerned that the linen might pull slightly across the bust as it appeared to do so in the closeup of the model. But if you were able to wear a medium . . .

  121. Thank you for continuing your blog during this time. Something to look forward to while staying
    #healthy at home. Our wonderful governor of Kentucky uses that phrase as he reassures us every day that we will get through this together.
    The bracelet is lovely & would go with most any outfit!
    Stay well!

  122. I found this post very helpful. I will have my 65th birthday in June and haven’t done anything to celebrate this time in my life. I wear leggings and tees with an occasional denim jacket. I feel like I am still dressing like a twenty year old woman. I love the outfits you have put together. You look totally in control, classy, and if I may say, sexy.

    I will follow your blog for additional inspiration!

  123. Hi Susan,
    This is one of the most unique bracelets I have ever seen. I am not familiar with Beauty in Stone Jewelry but plan
    on researching them.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. It has changed my life for the better.

    Stay safe and healthy,
    Karen W.

  124. I love linen too, but have not unpacked it yet. I have had time, but we get a warm day and then a cold day here in Richmond, VA. Love your outfits and the bracelet is beautiful! Wish me luck!
    Jan Berryhill

  125. I love posts that show different way to put together and accessorize outfits, like the one you did on the black dress. That was one of your best!

  126. Susan- God bless and keep you safe and healthy. May He have mercy on all of us, bring an end to this virus and comfort to all mankind.

  127. I absolutely love the bracelet and can imagine wearing it with several outfits. Thank you Susan

  128. Being an essential worker and soon to be retired late June, I yearn for summer and hope for brighter days! Thanks for giving us something to dream about and look forward to. Be safe and well everyone!

  129. Love your tips and tricks! And, I always love Beauty in Stone! I was so looking forward to seeing her at Wine, Women and Shoes but the event was cancelled due to the current pandemic:(

    Susan – thanks for all the uplifting notes and for getting us ready for brighter days ahead!


  130. I so enjoy your blog especially in theses abnormal times. You bring a little normalcy into my life. I would love to win the big link bracelet as I wear a lot of silver. Stay well. Jannette, (Canada)

  131. Thank for your posts. You are lovely and work very hard at it. I particularly like your taste in jewelry and watches. I love the look of the bracelet you are giving away.

  132. Your blog is really my escape! Thank you for good tips how to combine and wear old, and new fashion pieces.
    The big link bracelet is so beautiful!

    Stay safe!

  133. Love your style and have enjoyed seeing the many looks you can create with a few pieces. Thanks for sharing your insights and creative fashion ideas.

  134. Thank you for the opportunity to win this bracelet.
    Stay well & safe during this stressful time.

  135. Hi Susan,
    You look great as usually thank’s for sharing. I too invested into a new linen top and pants for the upcoming warm weather.

    Look forward to your post during these SIP days.
    Stay healthy and safe my friend!

  136. I love the tip: Loose over fitted and fitted over loose! Easy to remember. And I love that bracelet!

  137. I never would have put the denim shirt with the wide-leg white pants, but they look awesome! Thanks for all the tips. I need all the help I can get.

  138. Thank you for all the lovely giveaways you have been doing. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry from Beauty in Stone Jewelry

  139. Lovely blog Susan. Lots of good advice and you look great. During this time of isolation and unable to get to a hairdresser, I’ve decided to stop colouring my hair and let the grey take over. I wonder if you have any helpful advice for anyone in similar situation? Your hair is so lovely and I feel inspired. Love the bracelet. Stay well.

  140. Thank you Susan for your tips on how to look your best even if over 60. The big link bracelet could be worn with any outfit you modeled.

  141. Hi Susan! I have enjoyed reading your posts these past couple of years and have gotten many outfit ideas from them. Thank you for your dedication to helping women choose the clothes that will look best on them.

  142. I love the casual summer looks…cotton,denim, and linen! I also love that bracelet. Thank you for once again offering a giveaway.

  143. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to each day. Love your posts.
    Staying inside in Las Vegas.

  144. It really shouldn’t surprise me – I learn something new everytime I visit your blog! I already have the rule in my head about what to shirt to wear with ankle pants vs. regular slacks. Now I can have a visual of what to wear with blousy vs. form fitting pants. Silver is my go-to, would love the lovely bracelet!

  145. Susan,
    Your comment: “Loose over fitted and fitted over loose” is spot on!
    Thank you for sharing your looks with us. I appreciate your blog!

  146. I’ve admired this beautiful bracelet each time you’ve worn it and would love to be the lucky winner. My fingers are crossed.

  147. Hi Susan:
    Love the linen palazzo pants! I’ve never been able to find any in a long enough inseam though. I’m 5’9″ 130 lbs. Oh well I’m always searching – please enter me into the bracelet drawing! Thank you.

  148. I have been coveting that bracelet! Gosh, I would LOVE to win it! I love all of your outfit ideas today. At this time when we are having to stay in, looking at fun outfits that we WILL be able to wear this summer is so uplifting. Thanks, Susan!

  149. Wonderful looks and great information. I’m still trying to get used to linen wrinkles. thanks for the opportunity to win the beautiful bracelet.

  150. Hi Susan,
    Very much enjoy all your styling tips. Classic and lovely. But I do miss you wearing high heels! But understand the need for comfort and continued confidence!

    Take good care,

  151. Warmer weather – yes!!! I am home schooling & caring for 3 active boys – meals, laundry, cleaning, dishes, chores – can’t wait to dress up & go out again!! Do keep posting, you have inspired me to see my clothes afresh!!!

  152. I love that you shop your closet. Slow fashion that is classic is my goal this year. Thanks, Susan, for sharing your life with us!

  153. Thank you for the tip: fitted over loose and vice versa. My round body shape is challenging especially in summer to find the right fit and something I feel comfortable wearing. I have given up on shirts and capris make me look even shorter. Do you have suggestions for an appropriate skirt length and style?

    1. The length of your skirt should stop at the most slender portion of your leg. That’s usually right at or just below your knee. If you have an apple body shape, wear skirts with an A-line in soft fabrics and darker colors. Pencil skirts that fit close to the body and then have a flounce near the knee can be very flattering.

  154. Love all your fashion tips, through the years.
    Stay safe during this Pandemic.
    Your Blogs are always a bright spot

  155. The bracelet is just my style. I cannot wear bangles because of arthritis so any time I see a toggle clasp I snag it for my collection. Your over 60 style is simple and elegant for so many retirees that still want to look their best after their workforce years have ended.

  156. Thinking of the hot Sumer to come here in Winnipeg, Manitoba and already looking for cottons and linens to help keep me cool. Love your style as it is what I look for too – covered but cool. I would love to be the winner of the Beauty in Stone bracelet. God Bless and stay safe.

  157. Thank you for taking us along on your dates and outing with Mr. Mickey.
    The food is delightful to look at and so is the scenery.

  158. The bracelet is highly symbolic of the moment- circles of connection, woven together building resilience.

  159. Thank you for this opportunity to own this bracelet. I have admired it every time you have worn it.
    I look forward to every post….especially in this trying time. Stay healthy!!

  160. Hi Susan, hope you’re staying healthy. Sounds like you’ve had some good weather. I really enjoy looking at all the places you and Mr. Mickey visit. Love the look of this bracelet. Be safe.
    Thanks, Patricia Wilhelm

  161. Thank you for the wardrobe tips! Settling for items that are not love can be costly. I am currently working on weeding several of those Items out of my closet. I have several Beauty In Stone pieces and love their versatility. I would love to add the bracelet to my collection. Thank you for having a giveaway.

  162. I loved the looks and the tips! This is my first visit to your page. Thank you so much. I’m sure I’ll be back!

  163. Susan, I adore the white linen shirts!! Thanks for the tips for how to style the wide leg pants!! And oh…. that bracelet is sooo lovely!!!

  164. I find your posts very helpful now that I’m retired. I still want to look polished and neat, but not in a corporate way. Your suggestions on using the basics in your closet to create many combinations has me wearing things I haven’t in a while and they look brand new. Thank you! Also, I’d love to win that gorgeous bracelet.

  165. You are an inspiration especially at this time in our history. Reading your recent email on summer fabrics helps take our mind off the sadness we are all facing and brings the coming summer a future joyful positive feeling in our hearts.

  166. Susan, I love you summer wardrobe choices. You’ve really shown me how to move from good enough to things that look and feel good on my body. I love the white eyelet top.

  167. I love the idea of a denim shirt, but Since I have a pear shape, I don’t wear light colored bottoms. Any suggestions for dark pants that will work with a denim shirt?

  168. Beautiful bracelet on a beautiful lady! Thank you for all of your help and encouragement.
    Erin Corbin

  169. I love your posts. I get so many good ideas from you. However I can’t use many of them because I live in San Diego and the weather is much warmer and of course fashion is much more relaxed than the east coast. You ought to come out here sometime and take a mini vacation it’s really very lovely. I would love to be picked for the bracelet. Thanks Cyndy

  170. Love the new white tops. Both are very classic and will serve you well. This time of quarantine has convinced me to let my hair go natural and stop fighting the grey. I had grown tired of the time and expense I was investing in keeping it colored and touched up anyway. That very attractive bracelet would look great with my new hair color!

  171. Great ideas for summer! Thank you so much. I am a capris person. I will add these ideas to my ideas for spring and summer. Stay safe. Have a blessed Easter.

  172. I love the shirt and blouses. I just bought a barely pink eyelet top and I own a chambray tunic just like your white linen one. I love white in the summer but for some reason I cannot keep from staining it. I see a lot of rayon being worn here on the Coast. What do you think about rayon fabric?

  173. I have just recently found your blog and find it inspirational. I’m over 60 and lost my husband five years ago next week. It’s time to reinvent myself so I’m trying to find a new look for myself. I think I can pick up some tips from you. TIA Beverly

  174. Love the white eyelet top. I purchased the top in yellow about a month ago. I will wear the top with white ankle pants from Talbots. I will purchase the white and wear with pants I have similar to your pants. I look forward to reading your email. Your style is very classy

  175. I have looked at this bracelet a dozen times or more. The first time you wore it l thought it was stunning. It has such versatility. I would be over the moon if I was the winner of this gorgeous piece of jewelry. I love your blog and read it as soon as I see it in my inbox. Thanks for so many ideas on how to wear various pieces of clothing, make-up tips and a whole host of useful information. Thanks for doing what you do so well.

  176. Hello from Carol— still sassy at 70! Love the bracelet and would love to show it off when we can again shop and dine in Sunny Naples, FL

  177. I have the same coral red pants from Chico’s and have been surprised at how many different ways I can wear them. Love the denim shirt

  178. Hi, I am a new follower. I think I am going to enjoy your posts! I am a young 72, and want to stay in style, not frumpy!

  179. Really enjoy your texts. They always address things I wonder about. Thanks for keeping us up to date on sensible and realistic suggestions and ideas. I am a bracelet lover and the one you displayed is beautiful. Happy Easter and stay safe!!

  180. I look forward to your posts! It is hard for me to get into styling my outfits with this Stay at Home order! Can’t wait to get out and be able to put your ideas to the things I have in my closet! Have you noticed Dr. Birx on Pres. Trump’s Covid19 task force always wears a scarf! She doesn’t quite have your style but even My husband noticed it! Maybe you should send her some of you videos on wearing scarves!
    Stay safe!

  181. Love the outfits!! I grew up on the east coast and we wore cotton and love it but hard to find now!!! Love the red shoes!!

  182. Hello Susan, I love your approach to building a beautiful wardrobe. Just trying to get up the nerve to get rid of about half of my clothes! Please enter me in your contest. Thank you.

  183. Thanks for all you advice – it’s helped me bring my look up a notch. I have coveted that bracelet since I first started reading your blog.

  184. Hi, Susan, hoping both you and Mr. Mickey are staying healthy! I really enjoy your blog. Love it when you add brighter colors to change it up, and show different ways to wear the same items. I really like the outfits that you wear a belt. My favorite posts are when you and Mr. Mickey go on excursions and you share beautiful pictures of your outfits, scenery, food….it’s really fun and interesting. I love Beauty in Stone jewelry, and I bought one of the bracelets awhile back, which I first saw your blog. I’m planning to get one of the pearl bracelets, and the one you are giving away is on my list. So it would be great to be entered in the drawing! Mostly, though, thank you for your consistently interesting, helpful posts and I look forward to all of us getting through this time with our health, and loved ones intact. Liz

  185. Really love the last two looks on you-they look so classy, yet adventurous! The beautiful silver bracelet would look perfect with either look.

  186. Dear Susan

    My hope is that we will be allowed out in time to catch a bit of summer so you have given me a little inspiration in these very scary, surreal times, so weird that you know the enemy is there but have no idea which direction is coming
    Take care both of you

  187. I really enjoy seeing your emails pop up in my box! I also am 60+ and am so grateful to see items that will flatter and make me feel styled. Thank you for your uplifting posts!

  188. I love your looks, most of all the line palazzo pants
    I appreciate your style advice. Very helpful .Please keep blogging.
    Stay healthy and safe.

  189. Susan- Thank you for continuing to offer “give-aways” to your followers! Such fun!
    And, we appreciate you staying relevant to our current situation by sharing comfy, at-home outfits.

  190. Hi Susan. I love the linen look and have 2 pairs of linen pants – one in white and the other in flax. I love wearing both when it gets warm here. I also try to wear a slim top when wearing the wider leg pants. I love my white linen pants with a coral cami from Chico’s and a coral jacket.

    Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you so much for your blogs. They do brighten my day. My daughter and I have been sewing masks for her hospital and I need escape from that with your blog and dreaming of warmer weather and going places besides home to wear my clothes and accessories.

    Thank you again and stay safe and healthy.

  191. Yes, your blog is a nice escape! Believe it or not, I have found some pretty linen tunics by Ulla Popken at Goodwill for a fraction of the cost. Since I retired I have rhe time it takes to thrift and have found some fabulous pieces.

  192. I so appreciate your comments on the summer looks. I like the jacket and the addition of the bracelet

  193. Hi, I already bought the white eyelet top from Talbots. I am tempted to try the linen one too! TYy

  194. Hi Susan,

    You look so cool and comfortable in these outfits. We are finally having some warmer days here in Asheville, NC allowing us to ditch the jackets and sweaters for a while I am not doing any shopping in this time of being home but enjoy looking at your selections.

    Thank you for continuing to give us your thoughts and ideas.

    Wishing you and Mr. Mickey good health.

  195. Morning Susan, when I viewed and read your post this morning I knew brighter days were ahead for us all. Thanks for all your uplifting posts. Hope you have a wonderful day. Keep safe and healthy.

  196. Love these outfits for those hot sultry days ahead! You have impeccable style! Have followed your blog for quite some time….I even met you at the lovely ice cream shop in Blowing Rock one Day a few years ago. Thanks for your fashion and life advice!

    1. So lovely to hear from you, Brenda. Please keep yourself safe so that we can all revisit Blowing Rock soon. I can’t wait to have a scoop of Kilwin’s in the park and watch all the people milling around on the street again.

  197. Hello Susan,

    This is a beautiful bracelet designed by Suzanne from Beauty in Stone and I have noticed you wearing it on occasions. It is unique and stylish and would go with most outfits and suit most occasions.
    During these worrying times of potentially being at risk of contracting Covid 19, isolation and job losses, it is lovely of you offering giveaways, which hopefully will bring a little hope and sunshine into people’s lives.

    Kind regards,

  198. I love your new white tops! The bracelet is beautiful! Thank you for your blog. I enjoy reading it and seeing your beautiful photos!

  199. I get so much out of your blog, Susan! Many of my purchases have been the result of your great recommendations and and tips on how to wear them. Thanks for giving us some normalcy in these very difficult times. I would love to be wearing that bracelet!

  200. Hi Susan, I look forward to your advice, love the looks!
    The bracelet from Beauty in Stone will go with my other pieces I have from Suzanne.
    Thank you, Jennie

  201. Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! I look forward to each new post.
    Thanks for your continued generosity! This is one of the few websites that TRULY gives
    something away for free.

  202. Thank you for your informative and inspiring blog, we need this more than ever. Can’t wait to get my linen pieces out!

  203. Beautiful bracelet. I can’t wait to start wearing all my nicer clothes again. You give me some much inspiration. A big thank you.

    Lynda Barnes x

  204. Hi Susan,
    Love your blog, and the suggestion for summer!
    Stay safe, keep the blog coming!

  205. Love love Spring and the fresh, cool looks. The bracelet is lovely; a statement all its own!

  206. You look great in the linen pieces, Susan. Do you have any tips for keeping it from looking so wrinkled? Thank you for your blog. I’ve learned so much from you.

  207. I love to wear linen in the summer. It always looks “cool”.
    The silver bracelet is beautiful and your jewelry always compliments your looks. Thanks so much for your blog!

  208. Thanks for the fashion tips and the links. The Talbots white linen pants with white top and denim shirt looks amazing on you!

    I love bold, modern silver jewelry. This one is stunning!

  209. I love this bracelet, it always looks great on you. Thanks for doing the giveaway, it is so kind of you.

  210. I love your classic style. I have copied your outfits many times. You show us how to be pulled together within our budgets. Thank you.

  211. I have never worn linen a lot because of the wrinkle factor but would like to. How do you keep your linen pieces looking good all day or even several hours?

    Thank you and stay safe.

  212. Your style is always very classic yet comfortable. You are always very informative about the pieces you select and where to find them or something similar. Thanks for always keeping us in the know!

  213. Love the bracelet….Love the jacket……Love your newsletter…I wish I could feel like dressing up . It seems at this time I am just here…..but love getting your updates and love the way you put clothes together….Nola

  214. Your blog is such an uplifting experience, especially during these uncertain times. Thanks for continuing to write to us! Please enter me in the bracelet drawing. Stay healthy and safe!

  215. Looking so sharp! I love the wide leg white pants in both photos. The dinim is so stylish! The jacket is very chick, and those shoes, yummmmm! xoxo All the best!

  216. Susan, I’m wondering about the care required for the white eyelet top. The care instructions say “dry clean”. Have you tried washing it? It’s a lovely top by I hardly ever purchase items that have to be dry cleaned.

  217. Love these summer wardrobe ideas. I”m going to order the white eyelet top from Talbots. I’ve looked at it before, but now that I see how great it looks, I”m going to purchase it. The bracelet is so pretty. Just my style.

  218. I look forward to you blogs! They are a nice diversion while being hunkered down at home!! 🙂

  219. I have shared your blog with my sister and several friends. They all are enjoy and continue to learn from that guidance and wonderful pictures you share. I bought the bracelet above for myself but would love to win one for my sister who just turned 70. Thank you for continuing to share during this time. I look forward to opening my e-mail to ur beautiful smile. ♥️

  220. I look forward to your postings- it brings beauty to my life- that otherwise- in these times- news is grim

    Kathy Williams

  221. What beautiful, comfortable looks you’ve created! I really like your all white outfit with the chambray shirt over it. You’ve also made me think about ankle pants rather than shorts or capris (which usually don’t look great on anyone). Thanks for these inspiring posts!

  222. Hi Susan- I’m not sure I love the wide leg pants. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where we have NO HUMIDITY. Occasionally, it gets up to 95 but our weather varies between 75-85 in the summer. It always cools down to 68 in the evening . I would love that silver bracelet as I wear two smaller ones now everyday and that chunky one would look great with the other two. It reminds me of my favorite David Yurman which I cannot afford presently. Thanks for your wonderful blog info.

  223. I love wearing bracelets. I’ve always admired this chunky one on you and would love to win it.

  224. Love the bracelet. Glad I found your website. I get so many ideas with what you can do with just a few classic pieces. I have begun to declutter realizing I do not 10 pairs of black pants etc etc. Keep up the great posts.

  225. Hi Susan! Enjoyed your post on summer outfits! And I love silver bracelets!!!
    Stay healthy & safe!

  226. You are an inspiration especially during these trying times. Thankfully I’m still working, and have on an outfit today I patterned after your style, including Gibson & Latimer cognac flats. It’s hard to not get depressed right now, but dressing and looking my best helps lift my spirits in some small way. I guess it’s being hopeful and not giving up. I love your white linen wide leg pants! You look fabulous as always! LOVE the bracelet and would be thrilled to win it! Thanks for all you do!

  227. Hi Susan. Thanks for sharing. Yes, shopping ahead of the season helps when we have an idea of what we want/need to add -texture, cooler fabrics and colors which are so versatile. I love the Beauty in Stone big link silver bracelet- the texture really makes it stunning and it is a lovely accent. A manager at a fun boutique once told me she loved bracelets because she could accent one of the smaller parts of her body! I agree!! Have a wonderful day and stay well.

  228. Thank you Susan! Love the wide leg pants looks especially. The bracelet is beautiful as well. Stay safe! ❤️

  229. Your blog is always the highlight of my morning reading. I read it today, while taking a break from sewing Olsen style face masks. I would love to be the lucky one to win the bracelet. Thanks for all you do.

  230. Hi Susan
    I noticed on the Talbots web site the palazzo pants were unlined. How do you find the material as far as thinness goes. Is it too see through or are any pockets visible ? How well does it hide lumps and bumps ? What is your take ?

    1. Make sure you wear them with nude undies. Don’t tuck a white shirt into them; it will show through. The pockets are a nice heavy-weight nude fabric so that they won’t show through.

  231. The Beauty in Stone jewelry line is beautiful! Thanks for spotlighting this business especially in times like these!
    Betty Howard

  232. I am thankful for this post….as an older woman, I want to cover my arms but not be too hot either! Thanks for the directions given!!!

  233. Hi Susan, and Suzanne,
    I have one of her bracelets already that I love wearing, I would be thrilled to wear this one as well.

  234. Love this bracelet. It is so versatile. Love your summer looks. Living in Arizona summer heat is almost upon us too!

  235. Love this bracelet and the seer sucker jacket. I haven’t worn it because I thought it was out of style. My husband always wears his at Easter. Alas, he will not do that this year. I can’t stand not being at my church Easter. Please pray soon this is over. I need hip revision surgery and can’t get it right now.

  236. You stated a rule so simply, Loose over fitted – Fitted over loose, that makes sense. I’ve hit upon it randomly, but now understand it clearly from your example. Thank you!

  237. Love your blog and the bracelet. I try to wear linen but every time I wear it I hate the wrinkles. I also love in the hot humid southeastern US.

  238. Hope you are staying safe. As always, you look stunning in every outfit. That bracelet is beautiful. It would be a lovely birthday present for my May 18th birthday. I do struggle to dress for hot weather so really appreciate your blog.

  239. So excited about thus beautiful bracelet. I’ve been enjoying watching each time you have worn in your blogs and have looked at the Beauty in Stone website multiple times to look at it. Fingers crossed to be the winner. Judy Scott

  240. Ooooo I do love the bracelet! THAT will be versatile! Thanks for sharing the linen idea and reminding me fitted over loose! I may try the wider pant leg!

  241. Blessed Tuesday Susan,

    Love how you styled your outfits. Classic. I also have the white eyelet blouse from Talbot’s. So anxious to wear it when we are able to be outside again. I love the Beauty in Stone bracelet and would be honored if I am chosen to win this.

  242. You are amazing! Your looks are stunning and I absolutely love your posts! I get so many ideas from you!!!

    Thank you for sharing your expertise in fashion!

    Vikki Andrews

  243. Susan,
    Thank you for all you do in bringing a “smile” to your readers every day during this “new” normal we are trying to adapt to. I strive to stay positive in my daily choice of clothes and not get to comfortable in being “comfortable.” Putting thought into, and maintaining a fashionable style goes a long way toward feeling good about the day, and myself! Stay safe and take care.

  244. You keep coming up with wonderful ideas for us. Thank you! Thank you!

    I let my hair go gray (with help of my hair stylist) because of you. So glad I did it last Fall. I’m not in a panic, like most of my friends, about not being able to visit the hair stylist.
    I’d love to win your bracelet.

  245. I love to see you styling wide leg pants as they are my favorite style and they are very flattering on you! I am only 5’4″ and PEAR SHAPED with thick middle. I struggled to find a shorter somewhat fitted top to wear with this style pants. My favorite is a shirt tail button front shirt tied at the waist. Gives some coverage over the backside and adjustability to how snug/looser with the tie and some stomach coverage. I look for adjustable sleeves with tabs for warmer weather and stick to medium to dark colors on the pants. Tee shirts with ruching through the middle sometimes work too.
    Wide leg and straight leg pants are by far the most flattering on pear shaped women of which there are many of us!!
    Susan, I cannot thank you enough for the expertise you share with us. Just the fact that you focus on what we already own is a tribute to our Mother Earth. Too much of everything in our landfills! Take care in this trying time.

  246. Thanks so much for the wonderful tips. I am 60 and just retired from 30 years of Federal Service – all with the Department of Defense. I love your site to keep up to date with styles and ideas. . PS Thank you for your Service

  247. I like the idea of linen but I have a hard time coping with the wrinkles. I always feel like I look not put together.

  248. I love how you have used the seersucker jacket with the white pants and top. I ordered the black dress and that jacket from the black dress post.
    I am very excited to wear them when we are able!
    Thank you for the posts- love them

  249. I love the bracelet! I love your white ensemble I’m so ready to go out and wear some of my lovely spring/summer clothes!

  250. I’m learning so much from your Blog. Culling my closet and making better purchases. Thanks for all the
    info you share. Love the bracelet and think it would go well with my new purchases. Agree with a
    previous post.. you should write a book. I may have two posts as tried from my new cell and not
    sure it went through. Stay safe.

  251. I do not feel dressed without jewelry. My throw together look inludes my bling. Would just love wearing this one. Lllo forward to your blog daily and thank my friend Sharon Rabe for shsring with me. Be safe.

  252. Susan, that linen top is just gorgeous…..and, it’s on a really good sale right now. Thanks for the tip! Love the bracelet too

  253. I really like the big link bracelet above. It’s just the right size for my wrist and will elevate even my most casual of looks, which seem to be getting more casual each year. I appreciate that you occasionally make these give-aways available to your followers!

  254. I love this bracelet and have been eyeing it every time you’ve worn it on your posts. I would love to add this to my collection and would be so happy to be the proud owner of this beautiful and versatile bracelet. Thank you.

  255. I would love to win that beautiful bracelet! It is so versatile and could be worn casually or dressed up! I look forward to your emails each week and have learned so much about fashion dos and dont’s for a woman over 65!

  256. Thank you for always styling beautiful and very appropriate fashion for those of us over 60.

  257. I love the large link bracelet and would wear it often. What a perfect accessory for summer or any season to add a bold simple touch!

  258. Hi Susan,

    Hope you and all your family are well during these crazy times! I am considered an essential worker in Massachusetts so I go to my office every day to care for our elderly residents in public housing. I am the Executive Director and have always felt a sense of responsibility towards our elders. Honestly, I am tired and hoping we can get through the next months safely.

    Thank you, again, for posting a “give away”! I always enjoy seeing them even though I don’t win anything. But that’s okay. It’s very generous of you. Keep up your good work keeping us styled after 60!

    All the best,
    Julie Johnston

  259. Thank you for all your terrific ideas and for giving links. It has saved me hours of hunting. YOU ARE AMAZING.

  260. I look forward to all of your blogs. I have been influenced by your suggestions. I hope and pray that we can get through this rough time quickly and safely. Thank you for helping me with my style choices.

  261. Susan, that’s a beautiful bracelet! Suzanne has wonderful designs. Yes, this is relief from all of our worries. Thank you.

  262. Hello Susan
    Hope you and your family are in good health and staying safe during these turbulent times. Your blog is such a breath of fresh air for me and is not only informative, but always puts a smile on my face…… thank you. I have several of Beauty in Stone pieces and have given some as gifts thanks to you. I have had my eye on this bracelet for some time and would be thrilled if selected. Take care and be safe. God Bless.

  263. I love your style and advice on summer wear. As always you look beautiful and I loved the post on your daily makeup routine. That bracelet reminds me of the ‘slogan’ for these days- ‘We all do better together’ as the links are connected I see people coming together as well. Stay safe Susan and your posts brighten my day!!!
    Thank you!! Virginia

  264. Absolutely beautiful and you have worn it so well with so many different things. Nice chance to have it….

  265. Hi Susan!
    I do look forward to your blogs. The blogs do provide a pleasurable escape, and I do start thinking about how to incorporate the concepts to my wardrobe. All of us know what we don’t like, but we don’t always know why we like something that works well for us. Looking more feminine by showing ankles, wrists and collar bones is one of those concepts. Thank you. Stay well.

  266. Susan, I love your style! Thanks for bringing a sunny day of positivity to my day!

    Jeanie Tucker

  267. Susan, you are an inspiration to me, To get up and dress for the day! I recently retired and i am enjoying my time at home.

  268. Hello Susan, I truly enjoy reading your blog. I live in the desert southwest and love linen, however, I have issues with how much it wrinkles as soon as I sit down. Any advice?

    The bracelet is lovely and I would thoroughly enjoy wearing it.

    Stay safe, Candace

  269. Beautiful as always! Elegant simplicity! I can’t tell you how uplifting you are in these worrying times. Again, many thanks

  270. Love, love, love this bracelet!
    Thank you and Suzanne for generously gifting it to the lucky winner!

  271. Hi Susan,
    I agree with you about choosing the correct fabrics to wear for summer. Here in the Central Valley of California the temperature reaches into the 100’s for days. No polyester here.
    Love the bracelet and would wear it proudly if I won it.

  272. I’m enjoying your Talbots outfits! The bracelet from Beauty in Stone looks beautiful and versatile.

  273. Good to hear you are healthy during these trying times. I’m with you about still getting dressed to look your best even though it may be very casual and very few people will see you. It’s important to keep as normal of a routine as possible. Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

  274. Thank you for sharing and posting. This helps to remind me to continue to practice good self care even in these uncertain times.

  275. You always look effortless and elegantly put together. I’m keeping your posts for when I am ready to purge and then shop from my closet. (Hopefully while we are still under our stay-at-home order.)

  276. As I am trying to get more exercise, I would appreciate “age appropriate” work-out wear. You’ve written that you walk daily. What do you wear in the summer?

  277. Lovely post as always. I especially like the idea of updating your wardrobe with just one or two good, well thought out pieces.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  278. I love to see what you’re wearing. I’m starting my 70’s and just now catching on . Thanks for all the tips.

  279. I just saw your blog today for the first time. I just love all your tips and ideas. Would love to see more about what you eat as I have always struggled with my weight. You look fabulous!!!

  280. Just sent you a question about white slacks. But here I am again. Hope to win the lovely bracelet. Good to hear Mr Micky is out of the hospital.

  281. Hello, I probably have already missed the bracelet give away.
    If somehow I am chosen, I would give this to my daughter, Melissa.
    She is an Emergency Medicine Doctor in Wisconsin. She is my hero!

  282. Love you in the Malibu Punch color! You can pull it off with such elegance, whereas, sadly it would be way too much area of color to try and work for me. My hips are 45”, causing a daily dilemma for me when getting dressed for the office. I usually choose pull-on jeans, or black pants that I found on Soft Surroundings. I’d love to know how I can incorporate lovely pops of colors into my wardrobe.

  283. I love your fashion style and design tips. Today I also explored Beauty in Stone Jewelry’s site and have subscribed to it as well. Love Suzanne’s story and her magnificent designs. Hope to buy a lariet with pearls soon.
    Hope I’m not too late entering for the braclet give away!

  284. Classic and stunning as always. Living in Georgia it’s always a challenge to find beautiful classic pieces that are cool and comfortable as well.

  285. I love those earrings too! Can’t quite tell from the photos, Susan – is the lower portion an oval shape or round? Thanks!!

  286. I love your style. It looks like something that I could copy. Except for the heels. I can’t do heels anymore ,but I looking for dress flats.
    P.S. Today is the first day on yoursites
    It was. a good day. ❤

  287. I purchased the beautiful bracelet by Suzanne. It is gorgeous and makes me happy when I wear it.
    Thank you for bringing her jewelry to my attention.
    I love your sense of style and enjoy seeing your posts.

  288. Dear Susan, thank you so much for writing this blog You have provided great tips and new ideas for my wardrobe Terri

  289. I love how you show white on white then add color with other pieces. I started buying Chicos clothing since watching your blog. Love them! I have also thinned my closet as you have demonstrated.

  290. When my husband died 3 years ago I had lost interest in most things. I came across your blog a few months ago and your pics on fashion stirred up a renewed desire to make some changes, my wardrobe and getting on a diet was at the top of my list. Losing 22 pds so far allowing me to get back into clothes too tight these past 2 years and shopping for clothes using your pics as a guide has helped me to move ahead with my life.

    1. Recovering from great loss is a tremendous challenge. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished. Keep up the effort. We never know what adventure might be around the next corner, and it’s wise to be dressed and ready. I’m thrilled that what I share has inspired you so much.

  291. I love your blog. It gives me so many ideas of how to wear different pants, shirts & jackets. You always look so lovely and week put together.

  292. Hi Susan,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and have been looking at my own closet now with a critical eye. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I am working on travel capsules and need to focus on accessories going forward.

  293. I recently started following your blog and have tried to incorporate your ideas into my life style. I have added more scarves, been more careful with selecting handbags and shoes. We leave for a cruise June 17 and I hope to look my best.

    Keep on blogging.

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