Saturday In Wine Country

When we go away for the weekend, we seek out new destinations to explore and visit old favorites. Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery was at the top of our list of places to revisit. It was indeed as beautiful as we remembered it.

The villa, situated at the top of a hill with vineyards stretching out almost as far as you can see, creates a stunning view. It was a delightful spot to enjoy a light lunch and our favorite reds.

After relaxing with a good book, a refreshing nap, and a shower, I dressed to enjoy a splendid evening meal at the Harvest Grill at Shelton Vineyards. We have dined there many times, and it never disappoints.

Mr. Mickey enjoyed the Summer Peach & Blueberry Salad very much.

I had the delicious Heirloom tomato salad with watermelon radish.

Mr. Mickey had the crab stuffed trout.

I ordered the excellent Shrimp and Crabcakes, which I shared with Mr. Mickey.

The shared Carolina Key Lime Cheesecake was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

My cool and comfortable look for the day included a hat by Scala. The white jeans are by Liverpool Jeans. The orange Dooney & Bourke bag is old. The sunglasses are Balenciaga BA0052.

I wore a white linen jacket to have dinner over the navy crepe knit pants and top. Crepe pieces in either black or navy are often in my travel bag. They are very comfortable and appropriate for any situation. The crepe fabric travels beautifully and dries overnight when you hand wash the pieces and hang them in front of the a/c fan.

The navy Ralph Lauren espadrilles are old. I carried the same orange Dooney & Bourke bag as a clutch. Links included in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no extra charge to you.

I wore a lightweight cardigan in navy over a gray tank top similar to the white jeans above to travel on Sunday. The salmon color tote is a Dooney & Bourke Pebble Grain Small Lexington Shopper.

Have a splendid weekend!

  1. What a perfectly beautiful weekend! And you look lovely, so relaxed and happy.

    Thank you for sharing your travels with us.

    Joyous long weekend to you and Mr. Mickey.
    Honey Bee

  2. Such an interesting trip and how beautiful the locations. The foods were photographed really well and such an artful combination. Not sure I’ve had watermelon radish. The clothes you wore were great. You wear that style of hat well. I favor that for myself. Thank you again for including us on your journey.

  3. Susan, you looked lovely as usual. I am so happy that you and Mr. Mickey are able to enjoy these short trips. I enjoy seeing your part of the country through the excellent photos. Yours is one a blog I look forward to and regularly read.

  4. Looks like a lovely weekend! Thank you for the detail in describing the items you took, packing info and tidbits about the area, your meals and all the other interesting places and people you see! One question I have that I do not remember you addressing (other than describing your hats and how you wear them) – what kind of styling tools do you take for your hair? Do you shampoo and blow dry every day? That is a big part of my “packing” – my products and styling tools! I have tried numerous flat irons, round brush “stylers”, curling irons, etc….I always go back to my “old school” electric rollers! I really like the style and length of my (now completely white! ) hair. My stylist is very good – I started going to her 18 years ago when she got out of beauty school! She can blow dry and style my hair with a flat iron, giving me lots of body and style. I cannot duplicate that at home – so I stick with my electric rollers! And do a good job styling with them, I think. I’ve never seen you pack styling tools, so I was just curious how you styled on a trip!

    1. I don’t use styling tools other than a blow dryer and a vented brush to lift the roots on top and dry them a little. I loosely arrange my hair with fingers and let it continue to air dry. I find that the more I do to it, the more limp and unattractive it becomes. Working with the curls and just letting them be natural works best for me.

  5. I love traveling with you on your countryside jaunts! We perfected the art of the long weekend later in our marriage. It’s just enough get away to break the routine and not too long away from home and cats. I viewed your unpacking video with minimal products enviously as I am burdened with so many! I’m looking forward to tips for transitional fashion…Texas is still so hot until Christmas!

  6. This looks like a wonderful place to visit. I’m definitely putting it on the list. Your outfits are perfect! Because of your encouragement, I’m getting closer to putting down the styling tools, and using the just blow dryer with the vented brush. It’s one step closer to your much more natural look, which I love!

  7. Again, as usual, the scenery is break taking, the food yummy and I love your outfits. Makes me feel like I want to visit Tennessee.

  8. I really enjoy your blog, you share so many great tips. Could you address the problem of socks? I live in Wisconsin and much of the year it is too cold to have bare ankles. The fashion of today almost always leaves our ankles bare. What is a girl to do besides always wearing tall boots?

    1. When it is too cold for bare ankles, I wear socks and shoes the same tone as my pants. Black tights are great to keep us warm, and they look great under jeans with short or long boots.

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