Sail Away

One of the most beautiful lakes in the country is a short drive from my home. The Appalachian Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest hug the shores of Watauga Lake. It is the TVA’s highest-elevated reservoir in Tennessee. Surrounded by densely forested mountains, Watauga Lake sits 1,959 feet above sea level.

The lake is a splendid location for sailing because of the challenge of wind direction changes created by the mountains. It is also the perfect place to have a picnic, kayak, paddleboard, fish, waterski, hike, or snap photos for your blog.

My skincare routine is here.

As always, my adventure partner and I dressed in classic, comfortable favorites to stay warm for our drive by the lake on a sunny but brisk day. Our date included getting take-out from Gourmet & Company for a lovely evening meal in my home.

None of our items are new, so the links are for similar items. My look – ScarfJacketSweaterJeansShoes (My shoes are a couple of years old by Sacha London) – BagEarringsSunglasses.

Similar items from Mr. Mickey’s look – ShirtSweater VestJeansShoes.

This week, I’m giving away the beautiful scarf pictured below in warm earthy blue and tan tones. It measures fifty-two inches across, and it is a very soft georgette fabric that can be worn even in summer. Leave a comment below to enter the giveaway. Mr. Mickey will randomly choose a comment, and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday as I share another local adventure with you.

Shopping links within my posts may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

  1. If anything positive has come out of the covid pandemic it is a renewed appreciation of the simple joys in life-home cooked meals and family discussions, car trips and hiking beautiful local scenery, learning to enjoy a slower paced lifestyle.Thank you and Mickey for sharing how you have successfully adjusted to changing times and for setting an example for all of us that there’s good times in even the hard times.

  2. Gorgeous location! I am always drawn to bodies of water- must be the calming effect and its ever-changing appearance. I’d be interested to know how many acres Watauga Lake covers and the depth of its deepest part. I enjoy your blog for the adventures. I admire your ability to put outfits together and the reasoning behind them. I however struggle with this for myself.

    Watauga Lake
    Reservoir in Tennessee
    Surface elevation: 1,959′
    Area: 10.04 mi²
    Max. depth: 265 ft (81 m)
    Location: Carter / Johnson counties, Tennessee, United States
    Average depth: 16.0 m (52.5 ft)

  4. As my adventure partner and I plan for “post-covid”, your itinerary give us inspiration – including a stop at Gourmet Goat! Your blog stays fresh and modern and I love it when Mr. Mickey is included. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for showing Tennessee’s beauty!!
    Scarves–the perfect touch of elegance. They are so versatile and look good on all body types.

  6. Susan your generosity with sharing life, advice, and gifts are so appreciated during these challenging times! Your blog is a wonderful respite and offers inspiration to fellow silver sisters. Your scarves are beautiful! Thanks!

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Watauga Lake! I look forward to reading your blog on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before I start my day.

    Kim Jones

  8. Looking forward to this series. I know it will bring back happy memories of time spent in and around Johnson City and the scarf is so pretty, it would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s wardrobe!

  9. Beautiful photos of your drive. You both look happy and relaxed. It is a part of America we would like to visit and hopefully travel overseas might become viable in the near future. We have enjoyed a couple of previous family trips to USA and our plan on retirement was to see some more of the country. Who knows we may even make it to your city some day!
    I love the colours in the scarf so it would be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. My colouring is similar to yours Susan so I have learned a lot reading your post. I am also retired, after teaching for 40 years, so I have found your ideas of investing in a few good classics most helpful in redesigning my wardrobe. Mind you this year I have mostly worn pajamas as I tripped back in March and finally ended having a triple spinal fusion in July so am still on the road to recovery. One important thing I have taken from your blog is to dress to please myself and not others. Like you I am not really interested in trendy clothes which last for half a season.
    Keep up your interesting blogs please,

  10. Often some of the most beautiful places are right in our own backyards. Thanks so much for sharing the the views around Watauga Lake. The blue scarf adds a touch of elegance to an outfit.

  11. I love the way you and Mr. Mickey make the effort to enjoy the beautiful sights in your area of the country. You set a great example for your readers to take advantage of what nature has to offer in this unusual time in our country as well as when things get back to “normal.” Keep smiling!

  12. Beautiful views are always so calming for me and Tennessee never disappoints. Great scarf and Mr. Mickey is looking dapper as usual.

  13. I begin mornings with your adventures! I am 70 & my husband is 81. I love your style and love of adventure!

  14. I have never worn scarves, but seeing you in all your lovely scarves makes me want to try them! Thank you for your blog. I’m new to it and I’m getting so much out of it. You are an inspiration!

  15. I live at the tip of a lovely lake and enjoy its beauty year round. Even when frozen, it provides a beautiful backdrop to frosted trees along its shore. Thank you for sharing your latest adventure, Susan.

  16. You and Mr. Mickey always look so dashing! And I love that you find nearby adventures where you can be outdoors and enjoy the nature all around you!

    All the best,

  17. I love to travel virtually with you, Susan. Your photos are gorgeous as is this scarf! I hope I am fortunate enough to have my name chosen!

  18. Your blog provides some beautiful views of places I have not seen in this pandemic year.
    It is the best of socially distant travels.

  19. Thank you for sharing your adventures. The lake is beautiful. You and Mr. Mickey make your adventures so fun-you are so fortunate to have each other.

  20. I too enjoy your adventures. Thank you for all you do to share with us your online friends. I have always loved classic style and scarves are a wonderful accessory. You have helped me plan for a retirement wardrobe. I am so grateful for that!

  21. Thanks to you I have been adding scarves to my wardrobe. The scarf would be a beautiful addition to my small collection. I ❤ blues.
    Beautiful scenery and you both look very stylish.

  22. I really enjoy seeing your part of the country. My husband and I love to travel but this year all our trips have been canceled due to Covid. Your blog photos are a great way for me to mentally travel while physically staying home. I enjoy learning about places so the information you included is wonderful. I appreciate the links for Mr. Mickey’s clothes as well. The scarf is beautiful and would tie in very nicely with my wardrobe.

  23. What a great look on you and Mr. Mickey. Thank you for sharing information about the clothing that you both were wearing. The scarf is beautiful and would be a great addition to my collection.

  24. The scarf is lovely, I love the colors. I live in Alabama but have never heard about the lake. It is a lovely spot so I need to plan a visit, maybe post COVID19.

  25. My husband’s attire is usually a “fashion don’t.” I suggested he look at photos of Mr. Mickey to get some ideas. He’s slowly coming around and looks better and better each day. Thank you, Mr. Mickey!

  26. Susan, I can’t thank you enough fir your wonderful fashion advice & lovely road trip suggestions over the years. Having never been to Tennessee, I have loved learning about this beautiful area. Your blue scarf reminds me of our iconic Colorado blue skies. Be well!

  27. Love the colors in that scarf- goes with anything. Gorgeous. I never knew how to wear the large square scarves until I started following your blog. Now I’m hooked!

  28. Susan, the colors in the scarf are beautiful. The colors in the scarf match the colors in your picture of the lake and sky!
    You have taught me about colors that are worn near the face and this blue scarf would be perfect for me.

  29. Beautiful pictures of Watauga lake! Don’t we love that feeling with our hair blowing in the wind!

  30. My spouse is unable to travel and we very rarely dine out so I live vicariously through your blog posts and pictures. Thank you for all the time and effort that you and your adventure partner, Mr. Mickey, put into every post. Well done!!

  31. Susan and Mr. Mickey, I so enjoy joining you on your many excursions. The scarf above reminds me of Italy – such a beautiful color and pattern.

  32. Admire you both so much. Love how you continue to enjoy and make the most of what your surroundings have to offer. Such fine examples to all of us.
    The scarf is lovely❤️

  33. I love seeing photos of your travels! I have visited your part of the country briefly, but I would love to go back when the world opens back up. My husband and I like to hike in the mountains. I wear a lot of blue so the scarf would go with many of my items.

  34. Love the pictures of the lake and sailboat! Takes your mind away to a relaxing place. The scarf would look great with my blueeyes!

  35. Beautiful lake! Would love to visit there! I would SO love to win that scarf because it would look great with everything from denim to the classic navy and black!

  36. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for all you do to uplift my spirit as I follow along with you on your journey. I look forward to seeing your email in my box.

  37. Susan
    I have followed your blog for several years. It is so inspiring and uplifting. I bought a Berkey water filter because of you. My husband and I love how good it makes our water taste. I love wearing scarves. This one is beautiful!

  38. Love your blog and your adventures with Mr. Wonderful. In today’s world of masks and lockdowns, you remind me that we can still decide to find beauty and joy in life. Thanks, friend. Sign me up for the drawing for the scarf.

  39. You do have some wonderful, beautiful places to visit near you…I love lakes, mountains but moved with my partner to southeast North Carolina …he’s an avid golfer. I’ve grown to love it here, but my dream would be a home on a lake. The colors of the scarf are gorgeous! Happy travels to you and Mr. Mickey.

  40. Susan,
    Thank you for all you do to be an encourager. I just celebrated three years with your friendship on the internet. I remember sitting with my daughter at the kitchen counter the day after Thanksgiving. I was depressed about purchasing clothing. When we found your site, I shared the information with my friends. When we would have the occasion to talk, your name would always come up. Thank you for introducing us to Beauty in the Stone Jewelry. My first purchase will arrive soon.

  41. That scarf is beautiful! I love the unique blue that is around the edges of the square.

    Your adventures always intrigue me. Sailing on the water is so calming!

  42. I love that you take us along your outings. I’ll probably never get to visit any of these places so I’m enjoying all the photos and information. I’m sure you know how lucky you are to have such a sweet partner to share all your adventures with. I love the gorgeous blue scarf – blue is my favorite color.

  43. What an inspiring post today! I need to make more of an effort to find local places where we can be outside in nature’s beauty.

  44. Hi Susan! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I think it’s great that you and Mr. Mickey still get out to enjoy the day and nature… look so pretty wearing that scarf with the blue water in picture, I would love to wear one also with my salt and pepper hair!
    Warmly, Rebecca

  45. I get to travel vicariously with you and Mr. Mickey to beautiful and interesting locations. Thanks so much for your great site.
    The scarf is beautiful and I love blue.

  46. Your skin looks so beautiful, Susan! Gorgeous scenic pictures of the lake. The scarf is also a beautiful. Big thank you to your driver, Mr Mickey.

  47. I love seeing you and Mr. Mickey’s adventures – even in our COVID world you remind us that there can be peace, joy and adventure if one only takes the first step.

  48. First comment, Susan, though I’ve read you over my morning coffee for years. So
    many fashion hints you’ve shared which I’ve internalized. So….many thanks !

    A suggestion for Your regional tourism bureau could certainly make
    good use of your and Mr Mickey’s local drives, dining options, and pictures. You write
    well with interesting comments about your area, and Johnson City folks can learn
    tidbits about attractions along with ‘foreigners’ like me.

    SusanAndMickeyOnALovelyTennesseeDay ? SusanAndMicke’sTennesseeTravelTips ?

    I live in WA (another beautiful USA state), and, really, you’ve prompted me to add
    Tennessee to our ‘travel wish list’ for when the ‘all clear’ post-virus announcement comes.

    Stay well, friend Susan !

    The lovely print scarf would work well with my solid blue and navy basics… prints on my
    5’2″ body, thanks to your advice!

  49. Hi Susan and Mr. Mickey!
    I always love to see the photos of your adventures! You encourages my husband and me to take a few similar trips here in southern Indiana. At our age, it’s a blessing to find new places to visit or to see old places with new eyes! EnJoy!
    Becky King

  50. I have always loved blue and love your blog, I always check in on Tuesday and Thursday. I wish you health and happiness will follow.

  51. The mountains of Tennessee are truly beautiful. I’ve been following your blog for a while. I enjoy seeing our Tennessee landmarks as well as your stylish looks.

  52. You live in a beautiful area of our dear country. I enjoy your scenic pictures of your day trips. As usual, you and Mr. Mickey are always well dressed and are great ambassadors for your area. Love your styles!

  53. I look forward to reading your blog every time you post one. It’s fun to follow each adventure that you and Mr. Mickey have, and I really enjoy finding out more about the sights and locations near your home. Of course, I also “tune in” to discover what you wear on your outings. Thanks for posting your photos and tips over the years.

    I would love to win the scarf. Thanks!

  54. Both you and Mr. Mickey always nail the style no matter if it’s for a casual outing or a more formal event! Just love reading about your adventures.

  55. Beautiful scarf and pictures! We travel through your area every year on our way south. (Sadly not this year) I am going to make a point of stopping for a few days next year and exploring some of the beautiful towns, national parks and the mountain drives that you share with us. Love your blog!

  56. I look forward to reading each of your blog entries. Although I have long passed 60, I learn something from each of them’
    Thank you for your effort in keeping us ‘oldsters’ up to date.

  57. I’m thankful for your gracious sharing of your fashion advice and the adventures with Mr. Mickey.
    I’m more confident in my style choices because of your inspiration and the tales of the outings with your man just warm my heart…
    I know that I can look put together anytime by following the tips from you.

  58. Hi Susan, glad to see you looking so healthy and vibrant. I would love to visit your part of the country, it looks breathtaking! Happy December. Love the shoes…Angela

  59. I really really need that beautiful scarf. It would look gorgeous, honey, with my sparkling blue eyes! And to make matters even more wonderful I also have a handsome white haired Mr Mickey except he’s Mr Richie!
    Thank you & Merry Christmas!

  60. The scarf is beautiful and I would love to wear it as you have shown so many times.
    You are indeed lucky to live where you do. Thank you for sharing & taking us along on your adventures.
    I’m so happy to see you and Mr. Mickey out and about again.

  61. Love enjoying your adventures virtually with you, and hope one day to be able to see some of these myself. I have visited TN a few times in the past, and loved going to Cades Cove and driving on some of the back roads.!

    Looking forward to your and Mr. Mickeys next adventure

  62. Susan, I so enjoy the the lovely scenery around your home. You and Mr Mickey look sharp in your casual clothes. I was thinking about Mr Mickey’s role as Santa and wondered if that will not happen this year because of the pandemic. I would proudly wear that gorgeous scarf!

  63. Lovely post Susan! Both of you look great as usual. Watagua Lake is pristine and the sailboats are beautiful. I would love a chance to win the scarf.

  64. Susan,
    Thank you for sharing your lovely day travel experiences. We are having light snow here in the northeast, though it was warm enough for an early morning walk. That beautiful scarf would be the perfect accessory now and throughout the year.


  65. I enjoy seeing your beautiful outfits and how you put your ensembles together with that special touch. Today it’s that beautiful scarf in my favorite color blue.

  66. Thanks for sharing your trips with us. I’ve been inspired to dress more put together these days, and jewelry and scarves certainly do that. After ridding my wardrobe of work clothes over the last 6 years, it was hard to figure out my style. Retirement is altogether different and I wanted to look smart, but comfortable. Thank you for your tips on rebuilding a wardrobe and what suits each body type and coloring. No more washed out beige or muted colors for me and more brights and comfortable, but cute shoes are now occupying my closet.

  67. Hi Susan –

    You and Mr. Mickey should be Tennessee Travel Ambassadors. In addition to your wonderful fashion tips, I love seeing all the beautiful sites you discover on your day trips. My husband and I have added many to our must visit list and hope we can soon return to travelling.
    Best Regards,
    Janet Regan

  68. It is always a treat to see your beautiful ensembles with your perfect added touch. Today it is the lovely blue scarf in my favorite color.

  69. What a beautiful site! Lakes are so majestic no matter where they are. Hoping that you had a wonderful time. Stay safe. Susan

  70. Beautiful area! Lakes are always a wonderful place to visit no matter where they are. The scarf reminds me of water whether is is a pond, lake, or the ocean. Thank you for sharing with us. Stay safe.

  71. What a beautiful lake! Another reason to visit East Tennesssee. The colors of the scarf remind me of the water in the lake.

  72. That scarf is BEAUTIFUL! That’s a generous giveaway and I’d certainly enjoy receiving it to style with my outfits. I appreciate accessories that add a dash of spice to my neutral color main pieces that I can mix-and-match

  73. I hope you and Mr. Mickey had a splendid visit to Watauga Lake. The color of the water is stunning! As many times as I have traveled through that area, I have never heard of it, though I had heard the story of “Old” Butler.
    What a nice giveaway. This gorgeous scarf blends perfectly with the stunning lake water. Some lucky recipient will be very excited to have it.

  74. I love, love, love that scarf. I looked on the website to buy it, but it’s a different color. I’ve been following you for about 6 years and I’ve learned so much from you. And accessories is a big help with my “retirement “ wardrobe. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas.

  75. You live in such a beautiful area of the country and I love seeing all the beautiful scenery. Thank you for posting and for your beautiful give-a-ways.

  76. I so enjoy following your blog. When I purchase an item that you end up displaying, I feel proud of myself. The scarf is stunning and something I would wear often as they are my colors. Recently, I FaceTimed with my 3 year old granddaughter while I was in the hospital for a brief stay. She wondered where my bracelets were because she is so used to seeing me with my jewelry. She was relieved that I had on earrings. I agree with your philosophy to always try to be put together-even in the hospital.

  77. What an adventurous life you and Mr. Mickey live! You provide inspiration for all of your readers! I would love to own the beautiful scarf and would be reminded of the two of you and your charming, fun filled life every time I wore it. Thanking you in advance!

  78. What a beautiful lake, and what a beautiful scarf! Thank you for sharing the gorgeous scenery and for the giveaway opportunity.

  79. Love to read about your adventures. It is inspiring that you have date nights. It is so easy to put other things before spending time with love ones. Thank you for your inspiration.

  80. Susan, As always, thanks for sharing your adventures with us. It’s nice to see others also making the best of our current situation. You and Mr. Mickey look great , but also comfortable for your ride. We, too, are ordering takeout in an attempt to support our local restaurants.

  81. Oh I am such a scarf girl and have learned so much from you. Love how scarves lend themselves to a timeless classic style that I so enjoy. Your adventures with Mr. Mickey are delightful. Thank you.

  82. Thank you for sharing all the lovely and scenic spots in Tennessee and North Carolina! Makes me want to visit!!

  83. Thank you for sharing your amazing photos of Watauga Lake. Your scarf give-away coordinates perfectly with the photos.❤️

  84. Oh Susan, I would love to have this beautiful scarf. Perfect for my color scheme. Thank you so much for continuing your blog. It continues to be an invaluable source to me for classy timeless style.

  85. Susan,

    You know I started following you looking for style inspiration, but just as much, I have appreciated your travels and stories including Mr. Mickey. You all are blessed to live a short drive from so many lovely places.

    The scarf is gorgeous and will be a lovely addition to whomever ends up with it. (Trying to stay classy, but crossing my fingers it’s me. LOL)

    Thank you for your continued work on the blog! Have a lovely holiday season.


  86. What a beautiful lake. Looks like it was a gorgeous day. You look lovely and Mr. Mickey looks dapper as always. So enjoy your posts. Thank you for taking us on your adventures.

  87. Y’all make such an elegant couple always impeccably dressed. Your road trips make me wish we lived closer to the mountains but three hours there and three hours back use up the day. The lovely scarf echos the colors of the lake area.

  88. Love this scarf as the colors are ones I use a lot.
    I think you look lovely when you have colorful scarves with your jean look. The scarves give you a lift and sparkle that sometimes is missing when you are just wearing a plain top and bottom.
    Since I have been following your blog, I have incorporated using scarves, thanks to your advice and love the look very much. Gives the fashion boost that is needed to be set apart from the “regular” styles.
    Mr. Mickey looks “spiffy” in his casual outfit as well. You sure make a grand looking couple, people would take a second glance to see. Probably wondering if you were celebrities they were seeing…… What a difference a fashion statement makes!

    Clara from Iowa

  89. I have been watching you for about two years and I am always amazed at your talent for putting together your special look each week. I have been adding scarves to my wardrobe for that change of look as well as adding color. My hair is now white and scarves add color to my face. I continue to incorporate your advise in my selections of clothing and color. I have received many compliments by following your advise. Which makes me feel good about my self. After all isn’t that what it is about.

  90. Lovely pictures! Lovely scarf too
    I enjoy your posts and hope you keep them up for MANY YEARS. YOU ARE A DELIGHT in our crazy world

  91. Thank you, Susan, for offering such a desirable scarf as a prize. Must admit that it ticks all the boxes for me.
    What gorgeous photos of your neck of the woods. It’s amazing to see sail boats still out because where we sail, Lake Huron in Canada, gale force winds and blowing snow are the order of the day right now!
    Enjoy your adventures with Mr Mickey and I look forward to travelling virtually with your lovely blog.

  92. Beautiful scarf – It would work beautifully with my colors
    Love your outings – thank you for showing us the wonders of your state

  93. What a beautiful scarf! I always look forward to reading about your latest adventures! Thank you for sharing!
    Veronique Blanchard

  94. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area – and have such good weather, even at this time of the year! Here in the UK it has been cold and misty for the last few days ….
    Thank you for sharing.

  95. This is a stunning scarf! Thank you for sharing your outdoor adventures with Mr. Mickey. It’s uplifting to see people like the two of you enjoying life in the midst of a pandemic. You are teaching by example and your positivity is infectious.

  96. Watauga Lake is gorgeous! thank you for sharing pictures of your visit. And thanks also for the chance to win the lovely scarf.

  97. Adding a colorful scarf to my solid color tops have always brightened my face. I have purchased several from your collection.

  98. Love your blog. You have truly helped me simplify and improve my wardrobe. Thank you
    Janet Whitworth
    Asheville NC

  99. I love to see pictures of your adventures in Tennessee. You and Mr. Mickey are an inspiration – positive attitudes, beautifully dressed, and so caring.

  100. You are both so beautiful and true soul mates.
    May you enjoy every moment in life together.
    I so enjoy reading your blog! Stay safe

  101. The scarf is beautiful all the colors are what I wear daily, thank you again for sharing all your adventures on your blog.

  102. This lake looks beautiful. I’m drawn to water, as it provides me with a sense of peace and tranquility. Spending time in nature allows me to appreciate all the beauty the world has to offer.

  103. Lovely pictures. I always enjoy your posts. I love the scarf. Shades of blue are my favorite combination.
    Hello to Mr. Mickey. I always enjoy you sharing your adventures.
    mary wyatt

  104. I always look forward to reading about your adventures with Mr. Mickey. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Watauga Lake!

  105. You are so blessed to live near so many beautiful spots! Appalachia is one of our favorite places to visit. I enjoy all your road trip adventures and your traveling companion is a dapper dresser for sure. Hope you have a happy & healthy holiday season!

  106. You and Mr. Mickey are an inspiration to my husband and me in so many ways — from the sartorial to the ways you live your lives. Always curious and engaged. Thanks for always having something to say and share with us.

  107. I’m always so envious of your beautiful drives. There seem to be many charming towns and lovely parks with lakes in your area.

  108. I love following along on your jaunts with Mr. Mickey. I’m a history buff so I particularly like when you visit historic areas. We are the same age and you have helped me be comfortable with that and guided me to a style that is suitable for a woman of our age. I don’t want to look frumpy and I certainly don’t want to look like a 20 yr old either. I like looking classic with simple colors and pieces. This lovely scarf is just the right addition to so many looks and color combinations. I’d love to win.

  109. I am a scarf person. I love the cream and navy in this one and would be thrilled to add it to my collection of accessories. Thank you for the opportunity!

  110. Love all the blue designs in this one and the touch of tan would be a great help in bridging the gap between the blue side of my closet and the beige/khaki/tan side!

  111. Beautiful lake photo!! what a great day get away!!! I enjoy your day trips with Mr. Mickey!!! Love the scarf!!

  112. I must say that Mr Mickey is looking particularly dapper. It really is so generous of you to take us on your journeys. Stay well and have a safe ,happy and pleasant festive season

  113. Dear Susan, I love the way you and Mr. Mikey are enjoying life in these complicated times.. I enjoy seeing all the lovely fashionable pictures of you and the beautiful surroundings. With love from the Netherlands, Harriët

  114. Although I have followed you for many years I am a quiet follower for the most part. As a Michigander who graduated many years ago from Appalachian State University (whose name is also Susan and who turned 64 in September) I love that I can return to the area and experience all of these beautiful places once again, yet vicariously, through you. Thank you for your expertise, enthusiasm and generosity.

  115. Love the scarf and love to see your travels! I am from East Tennessee and always enjoy your day trips. It makes me quite nostalgic!

  116. Thanks Susan for your lovely blog. I feel as though I have visited these beautiful locations with you. Your great advice stays in my mind as I shop, now I go for quality instead of quantity and I question how the item fits in with what I have already. I would love to win the scarf as blue is my favourite colour. Be well and stay safe. Hi to Mr. Micky

  117. Like Mr. Mickey, I fell two years ago Thanksgiving and ended up in the ER with a broken femur. But mine has not been a good recovery as I’ve had four operations two were revisions. I still have severe pain and still cannot walk. ALWAYS get a second opinion for anything. But to the blog. Your adventures are my adventures right now so I look at your photos many times. I’m going to walk again. And when I go back to church the first time, I’ll wear this lovely scarf and think of you two! (Hint,hint)

    1. Mr. Mickey has limited use of his knees and legs from playing tennis so much when he was younger. He has such happy memories from those days, so we try to make the most of the situation. I hope you have a full recovery from your fall, Myra.

  118. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and fun drives to different areas near you. It looks like you are a bit warmer where you are than we are (Michigan). Love your sense of style and Mr. Mickey’s style also! Enjoy your time outside, we try to walk as much as possible and take short drives ourselves as much as possible! Stay safe and warm!

  119. Dear Susan,

    Thank you so much for your blog. I read it almost as soon as it hits my in-box! Up until COVID I worked part-time as a receptionist in a beauty salon (perfect position for a 72 year old). I really miss the stylists and clients! I would get compliments daily on my “new look”. I was putting together outfits inspired by your blog and getting lots of compliments! Thank you again for your informative information!



  120. When you write about Mr. Mickey it always makes me smile. My grandson loves Mickey Mouse and calls himself Mr. Mickey, so I think of my grandson.

  121. Thank you for the pictures of the lake! Our lakes in Ontario Canada now are white with blowing snow… I miss the summer already.. love to see pictures of your adventures!

  122. Thank you for taking us on your adventures!! Blue & tan are great neutrals to combine and dress up or down. I am always inspired by your creativity. Many thanks for another lovely post!
    Merry Christmas to you and Mr. (Santa) Mickey!
    ~Katrina in California

  123. Hi Susan! Lovely photos of the lake although it looks chilly. As always you and Mr. Mickey look sophisticated yet appropriate for your day’s adventure. Looking forward to Wednesday’s post. Stay well!

  124. What a beautiful day you had, and what a beautiful scarf you have ! I’ve been following you for a few years but I think this is the first time I’ve ever left a comment 🙂 x

  125. The scarf is gorgeous & looks lovely on you, especially with your eyes. Stunning. Thanks always to you & Mr. Mickey for taking us along on your adventures. I have subscribed to several blogs through the years but yours is the one with which I have remained. Excellent content, helpful information, beautiful photographs. Thank you, Susan.

  126. Oh my gosh that scarf is amazingly beautiful. I love the colors! Wishing you and Mr. Mickey continued good health and safety. As always thank you for sharing all that you do.

  127. I would love to win this and gift it to my daughter-in-law to be who has beautiful blue eyes. It would look lovely on our sweet Constance.

  128. How delightful to be able to see Mr. Mickey modeling his outfit. You two are quite the pair, always dressed so stylishly, yet comfortably.
    Susan, this scarf is absolutely gorgeous.

  129. Would love to win this scarf. I’m leaning toward wearing more blue as I get older. Loved reading the book with Mr. Mickey in it. I had my mom living with me when she suffered from dementia and could relate to what they went thru. Stay well and safe. Love the blog.

  130. Hi, Susan – I guess it is about time I left a comment for you. I have followed your blog since 2016 when I retired and finally had time to figure how to be not frumpy. Still working on it! But I do love scarves and this one is gorgeous. Thanks to you and Mr. Mickey for providing a fun place to stop by virtually. I wish you both continued good health and many more adventures.

  131. Beautiful scarf that made the outfit perfect. I will use it to dress up my navy casual. Love your adventures.

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    Very lovely photos.

    Blessings and Happy December 1 ( tomorrow, December 2 is my Birthday, 61 yrs. young )

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    Lives life the best way she and Mr Mickey can.
    So different yet so similar to the way I lead my life here in the UK.
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  144. How amazing that your beautiful scarf mirrors the colors in your pictures ! Not only accessorizing your outfit but Mother’s Nature’s as well: blue for the sky and lake, and tans for the tree barks all around. Your pictures remind all of us that there is beauty in our own backyards, if we will only look………
    Connie Briggs

  145. As always, you go above and beyond. For example, others may find it easy to “see” whether a colour is warm or cool. I can’t. But you, ever helpful, tell us that this lovely scarf is “warm”. Thank you. Could you also advise how you tied your scarf so that it stayed as it should in that wind! All my best.

    1. Thank you, Gayle. I folded the 35″ scarf on the bias, tied the ends, and then twisted it into a figure 8 and looped it over my head twice to create the look of an infinity scarf. Here is a video I did to show how to do the tie.

  146. What a beautiful scarf. It looks like the beautiful lake you visited. It also reminds me of the embroidery work I do called Blackwork where all the lines are stitch with rows of embroidery floss.

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    Thank you for this opportunity, and for your interesting blog entries.

    Ann Lee S

  149. Oh, those beautiful blues in the scarf remind me of the waters of my nearby
    Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee, and now your Lake Watauga. Blue and crisp blue
    and white together have always been my favorites. Joy to you fellow travelers
    and revelers in life this holiday season. Susan Lusk in South Carolina

  150. This scarf is beautiful, Susan. I think you become more beautiful as you age
    I will be retiring in a couple of years, and look forward to burning my scrubs (I’m a nurse), and dressing as stylishly as you do. Hope Mr. Mickey is enjoying his well deserved retirement!

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    By the way, my eyes happen to be the exact blue of that scarf; what a coincidence! Just sayin’ LOL.
    Thanks Susan!
    Best, Angela

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  160. This is one of my favorite posts and outfits from you, Susan. The black jacket is so chic.

    As soon as I saw the scarf, I realized how beautifully it reflects the colors of the lakeside. The soft blues and stones are so harmonious and calming together.

    Mr. Mickey looks so serene surrounded and enveloped in the natural beauty. Thank you for sharing your picture perfect day.

  161. Glad you guys get out and about. My husband and I need to continue exploring our state – Texas. We have stayed home because of Covid since March. Just going to get in car and go.

  162. Chris F
    Wow! Beautiful scarf. Love the colors. I always enjoy your blog. You are a special lady with exquisite taste.

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    Thanks for your practical posts. I agree with all the tips and suggestions, whether it be fashion or travel.

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    I hope someday you and Mr Mickey will consider doing a post on finding a partner after 60. It would be so interesting to hear a guy’s perspective- it could be like an interview with Mr Mickey. And I like how you two have maintained your independence while being together. I think that’s key- and can be hard to find people who want to do that!

    1. We met at a neighborhood Christmas party on December 10th, fifteen years ago. Each of us had decided to give up on relationships or ever finding an adventure partner, but three months later, he asked me out to dinner, and the best part of life began.

  165. Dear Susan and Mr. Mickey, I have followed your blog for the last 4 years and have learned so much. My favorite part are the day trips you take. We live near Charlotte and my husband retired last July 31 and 3 days later I had a traumatic fall, so no travel as planned! Then covid and in July he had bypass surgery. What a 18 month challenge!! But we are healthy and fit so I write down every trip you take and plan on following your trips ourselves. Glad you are both well and enjoying your day trips. Really terrific destinations and food recommendations. Thank you for the adventures. Fondly, Betty Rowbotham

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    I so enjoy your blog on for both the smart fashion expertise and the travel experiences! Thank you for sharing so much with us readers! Your blog is like a sweet treat in my email box! I do love the scarf of blues and tan, my colors!
    I’d wear it well if Mr Mickey were to choose my name. Thank you from NH!

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    Keep enjoying!
    Love the scarf.

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  176. What a lovely scarf!
    I am appreciating your blog even more lately as I am a retired physician who has gone back into the workforce to help in primary care offices during this time of need. Has been awhile since I needed to dress for work so this has been very helpful. Thanks for all you do!

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    Mary Jane Fuller

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  190. Tennessee is my home state, although I now live in Michigan, within walking distance to Lake Michigan. Y’all should visit — in summer or fall — vistas of Lake Michigan are stunning! I’d love to be y’all’s tour guide. I’m from Memphis — would love to drive horizontally across the State of Tennessee and check out Johnson City and Lake Watauga!

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    We live near you and would like to visit the lake as well.

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    Peggy Ann

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    Happy Holidays

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    I wish your friends and there clothing business would decide to sell on Amazon.
    That would make everyone pleased for a very long time.
    Being on SS I can’t always shop when there is a big sale and have to wait.
    Please pass this along to them, they can stay in business online.

  221. I love seeing pictures of your travels. I used to live near Blacksburg Va and this reminds me of that beautiful area. Its so nice you have your travel partner to share the moments. Cheers.

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  224. Does Mr. Mickey have a brother who is single? If so tell him to come to see me here in Missouri. You both are fortunate to have each other to have someone to take these wonderful trips with each weekend. I very much enjoy everything that you post. Thanks for all of the fantastic styling tips also!

  225. I really enjoy your website. Your fashion tips have helped me to make better wardrobe choices. I had a closet full of clothes with “with nothing to wear!” Thank you for helping!!

  226. I really enjoy your website. You’ve helped me make better fashion choices. I had a closet full of clothes and “nothing to wear!” Your fashion choices have really made a difference. It is difficult for me to find clothing that is age-appropriate. Thank you!!

  227. Cool refreshing breezes surround you both in your photos. How perfect to nuzzle up with a beautifully detailed scarf on such a day! I love your choice of this featured scarf as paisley patterns are one of my favorites. I even have silver dining & serving pieces with the pattern called ‘White Paisley’ !!

  228. I love your adventure’s! My husband & I recently had our pictures taken with our 4 granddaughter’s & I had one of your scarves, on!!

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    The lake looks beautiful. I always enjoy seeing your photos of the beautiful scenery . Thanks for posting photos of yourself and Mr. Mickey. You both look great.


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  234. Dear Susan, you and Mr. Mickey make such a handsome couple. It’s so nice to see you both together and happy and healthy.


  235. This is such a beautiful scarf. I would love to own it.

    We have been to Cherokee and to the Unto These Hills production. Love the entire Appalachian Mountain area. At one time we owned acreage on a mountain south of Black Mountain, North Carolina.

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    Thank you for showing various ways to wear an outfit.
    I do, so appreciate it.

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    Always a pleasure to find a message from you in my inbox. I’m living vicariously enjoying your adventures with Mr Mickey. Best holiday wishes to you both!
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    Annette Jacques

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  242. I want to thank you for all the information you have on your blog. I found it earlier this year and I have been very grateful. I now am buying clothes that are basic and classic and with much better quality. I have way too many clothes that I thought were cute and inexpensive, but when I brought them home I may have worn it once and never again. I have been an impulsive shopper. Thanks to you I have changed my buying habit. Thanks for sharing your outings, there are so many beautiful and interesting location and your lunches and dinners look wonderful. With God’s help I can’t wait for this pandemic to pass and I can once again enjoy going to lunch, visiting with family and friends.

    Thank you, and may you and Mr. Mickey stay safe.

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    Beautiful pictures. I just love receiving your emails for all of your traveling, fashion, etc. I love scarfs. Have a blessed day to you and Mickey.

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    The lake is beautiful and it looks like a fun outing.

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    What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your photos.
    What a beautiful scarf, and in my colors! I’d love to have it! Thanks for your consideration.
    Gina Goodman

  248. Susan,
    Such beautiful pictures. Makes me feel peaceful. I always enjoy seeing the pictures of your adventures.

    Also, I am ordering the sweater in gray. It is a great alternative to heavier sweaters and tunic tops.

    And I love the scarf!

    Stay well.

  249. Your posts are always beautiful, informative, inspiring, and balanced. Thank you for sharing your strength and vulnerabilities with us all.

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  251. I am a quilter, and this beautiful scarf reminds me of a medallion quilt with a center block surrounded by borders. I can imagine wearing this to my guild meeting in the Spring.

  252. I’d like to take this opportunity to send a heartfelt thank you to you (and Mr Micky) for your wonderful, wonderful blog, especially this year when we are living in such difficult circumstances. I live in England and due to health conditions have been isolating for 39 weeks so far. I have lived my life vicariously this year and have enjoyed your wardrobe and trips out with the greatest of pleasure. Thank you both.

  253. Blessings! Enjoying your travels and style tips! I think that beautiful scarf would look great on me here in the Hill Country in south central Texas!

  254. Susan,
    As always I love your style (and Mr Mickeys!) and your blog.
    During this time of Covid I love reading about your adventures and I live vicariously through the pictures you share.
    Thanks for making my days at home more enjoyable!
    May both of you have a wonderful holiday season.

  255. When I was a little girl I loved the blue corn flowers growing near our home. To this day I smile when I see that color.
    One of my all time favorite colors is navy. When you put the two together I’m one happy camper. To see the beauty in nature and surround ourselves with it is one of life’s simple pleasures. I’d love to win this scarf because it is something happy in these somewhat bleak days. So let’s ALL wrap ourselves in a little happiness!

  256. You live in a beautiful part of the country. Thank you so much for sharing. May you and Mickey have many years of adventures.

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    Thank you for this giveaway.

    The lake and surrounding mountains are lovely..

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  264. Thanks for taking us along on your drive! Surrounded by the same 4 walls day in, day out, i could almost feel the nip in the breeze along the lake. I always learn from your thoughtful clothing choices – thank you! And it was great to see Mr M posing for the camera. Hope to see more of him for ideas for my husband’s wardrobe.

  265. What a treasure of a scarf~a classic, indeed! I would love wearing and caring fir this beauty! Thank you for sharing, Susan!!

  266. I greatly miss all of the beautiful scarves that you used to sell in your store. I received many of them, fortunately. This would be beautiful to add to my collection.

  267. Susan, your scarves are gorgeous and you always look stunning wearing them. Not sure I would do it the same justice but I’d love to try!

  268. BIRTHDAY Beautiful! The scarf is my color and Christmas day,my birthday, 69th!
    Seriously thank you for the picture-trips you take us on and all the wonderful things. I’ve bought several things you’ve shown on your site. Love them! I love that you include Me Mickey’s attire as well. Dapper!!!
    Smiles, Molly B

  269. Wow! What a beautiful lake! I have put Tennessee at the top of my travel bucket list. It is a state that I have only briefly passed through but it obviously has much to offer as a destination. Thank you for highlighting the historical places, small towns and natural beauty to be found in your home state.

  270. I’m enjoying reading about all your wonderful day trips. We’ve been to Tennessee many times since we have family there, but you’re helping us discover new areas to explore when we can travel again. I love all shades of blue, so I would love to win the scarf.

  271. What a joy it’s been to visit all these places along with you and Mr Mickey, it’s inspired us to just get dressed smartly and take a drive and picnic, while trying to stay within all the COVID protocols . Thank you both so much, the scarf is beautiful, by the way.

  272. I love all of the pictures you have shared of your various road trips. Once we can travel again, I think my husband and I need to explore the areas you have highlighted. Today’s pictures of the lake are gorgeous.

  273. Love the photos of your road trips – I am living vicariously as nothing equivalent in Houston. Plus can’t get my husband to budge!

  274. Thanks for all your great advise and your beautiful pictures. We just retired this year and cannot travel as we had hoped so I enjoy seeing pictures of your adventures. Thanks to Mr. Mickey too for sharing his fashion with us.

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    You always look so confident and chic. I am learning to shop my closet and only buy pieces I know I can wear with multiple items in my closet. I am 5’2″ and petite so large jewelry pieces look out of proportion on me. Scarves are the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I love your tips for dressing for your day when we all are spending more time at home.

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    I enjoy repurposing my items to friends and charities. Your giveaways are brilliant! Part of the sustainability attitude. Well done.
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    Thank you, you inspire me, Joan

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    I started using scarves more when my husband and I retired and we started traveling more. Scarves cut down on packing when you can change the look of an outfit with a simple change of scarves. I enjoy your fashion tips and examples, they are always a welcome read.
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    S Hartmann

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    The color in the scarf are beautiful. Once we hit seventy, it is great to wear scarves to hid the neckline.
    Love your posts. Stays safe and keep them coming.

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