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A strong wardrobe foundation of neutral solid basics means I can rotate, mix, match, and accessorize those elements in many different ways. My goal is to achieve a variety of looks all year round from just a few pieces. You will see the same items worn repeatedly on my blog because, like most of you, I do not buy something new every day.

Mr. Mickey follows the same dressing style in neutral basics, which he dresses up or down to look appropriate for any occasion. In fact, my method is borrowed from the Menswear Industry. I don’t buy items that can only be worn with certain other pieces or only for particular occasions.

The lace sleeve top and pants I am wearing in these photos are from the basics crepe collection. This top looks great with jeans or white pants and is comfortable to wear for three of our seasons here in the southeast. I have worn these sandals with everything from an evening gown to white pants and a casual tunic. The gunmetal colored small clutch has been carried many times. (I never carry a big daytime bag when we go out to dinner.)

We attended the Mercedes Benz car show at Shelton Vineyards in Dobson, North Carolina, last weekend. The Vineyard grounds are perfect for photoshoots, weddings, and other special occasions, concerts, and car shows. We took a stroll by one of the lakes before dinner to take these photos for you. Earlier in the day, I walked around the lake and noticed all the catfish coming up to the shore to beg for food. I came with peanut butter crackers this time. Mr. Mickey grew up in the city, so he had never experienced tossing food to fish. He has learned a lot about the animal kingdom after almost twelve years of dating this farm girl. He often says I will probably meet my death while trying to pet or feed a wild animal.

We don’t mind repeating a visit to a restaurant that we know and always enjoy. The Harvest Grill, located on the grounds of Shelton Vineyards, is just such a place. We have eaten here many times over the years, so we were not all surprised when they placed in the top five of America’s Best Winery Restaurants for USAToday. Congratulations to the hardworking team!

Maryland Style Cornbread Crab Cakes

Mini Lobster Rolls

North Carolina caught Grouper.

Mr. Mickey’s favorite dish is dessert, so we tried the sampler.

The second fifty years are the best!

  1. Good morning fellow early bird. Love that you showed Mr. Mickey’s “look” in this post, too. Great job!

  2. I’m an animal lover also. It was so hard for me not to approach the bears when we went to Alaska! You and MM look so “right” together.

  3. I purchased the black pants & top from your blog about a year ago. It is one of the best purchases I have made! Such a versatile outfit/ thank you !

  4. Dear Susan,

    Looking lovely as always. I do want to remind you that you gave us a tour of your closet. I don’t think anyone would accuse you having “a few pieces.” There’s nothing wrong with having an extensive wardrobe. I do and I love it. And I was happy to see you did too. I just can’t embrace the ten piece wardrobe being celebrated by many millennial bloggers.

    1. Since that “tour” I have sold or given away hundreds of items. It seemed so wasteful to have all those clothes that I never wear. I like the idea of wearing and using everything I have.

  5. Susan, I love following your blog! This is a wonderful picture of you and Mr. Mickey. You are a lovely couple!

  6. You and Mr Mickey make a very handsome couple! This is one of many of your best looks and his too! Thanks for the wonderful travel info also! Yes, the “second 50 years are best!” 🙂

  7. Great post and picture of you and Mr. Mickey. Since following your blog, I have made many positive changes and have a whole list of things to thank you for:
    1.) Eyeliner tutorial where I saw what a difference it makes to stop lining and placing mascara on the lower lid.
    2.) Learning to place foundation only on the T-zone.
    3.) Stop putting neutral shadow on upper lid that emphasizes creases.
    4.) Ditto for concealer.
    5.) French Kande jewelry. I just got my fourth piece which was too short and learned they would lengthen it by 1.5″ making it perfect for only $15.
    6.) Pull on jeans – no more button & zippers showing through tee shirts.
    7.) Shapeez – bras used to hurt and I actually slept in these for two weeks when my husband was in ICU.

    I’m sure there’s more. You’re awesome, Susan. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and encouraging us to enjoy this second half of life the most.

  8. Absolutely LOVELY pictures of the two of you together.
    Please do more of that! I think women need to see ways to help their husbands look stylish, too!
    Meanwhile…thank you for the heartwarming moment here.

  9. Enjoyed the pictures so much! The food looks spectacular and you and Mr. Mickey look like you have so much fun together and enjoy being together doing simple or special things!

  10. Lovely as always, and I laughed aloud at Mr. Mickey the city boy predicting how you might meet your end.

  11. You and Mr Mickey are awesome together ! I love how you plan your time together, visiting places relatively close to your home. My husband and I travel a lot – we’ve been to over 60 countries and 16 cruises, but there are still places within 200 miles of us that we haven’t seen, like Shelton Vineyards (I’ve added it to my ‘list’). We’re trying to ‘do better’ at making day trips, and enjoying them as well as international trips. We’ve worked on our traveling wardrobes, after going on a trip to Italy and we could only take a carry on for a 2 wk trip ! Of course we rinsed out things, but that trip made us realize you don’t need a huge suitcase to have a ‘working’ wardrobe for a trip ! Thanks for your inspiration and information.

  12. I really adore your outfit. Looks very sophisticated and Mr. Mickey looks smashing also. You look like an adorable couple. The scenery looks fantastic and the food looks yummy and the dessert devine. Loved your animal comments – I can totally relate.

  13. You look beautiful as always but the bass there are humongous! Thanks for sharing your journey. I live in NC and have never visited Dobson. Maybe when I retire soon I can make the trip to some of these beautiful places here in our wonderful state.

  14. Lovely photo of you and Mr. Mickey! I so enjoy your blog. It is always heartfelt, positive and well written. Thank you!

  15. You are stunning as ever! We have been to Sheltons and love the grounds, the food and the adult beverages they offer!

  16. Such a handsome couple. I love the black. But someone will always say to me in the summer, “aren’t you hot in all that black”? I’m always hot so I don’t think the black makes it any worse.

  17. You are right, the second fifty years are best. In life and marriage!
    But! Maryland crab cakes are not made with cornmeal. A tad amount of breadcrumbs only.
    Thanks for your great posts

  18. Delightful post and pictures. There is nothing like spending time with your sweetie. You both look so sophisticated.

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