Tan and White

Tan shoes, bags, and belts are the perfect accessories to wear with white. As with all colors, tan comes in tones that will either harmonize or clash with your coloring. If you have a lot of pink in your skin, look for tan items in pink tones. Your best color choices will always be close to your skin, hair, and eye colors.

My red top is by Valentina Signa here. These comfortable tops have completed many of my looks this summer. I have them in navy, red, and royal blue. My smooth band pull-on white jeans are by Lior Paris here. The pants and the top are from My Fair Lady.

We enjoyed a delightful meal at Morgan’s in Abingdon, VA, on Saturday evening. That’s Morgan’s Salad above and the Chilean Sea Bass below.

I ordered the pasta of the day and gave my shrimp to Mr. Mickey.

We made our way down the street to Anthony’s Desserts afterward. We shared the Brokie and housemade banana pudding ice cream to top off our evening perfectly. (A Brokie is a brownie with a chocolate cookie baked into the top.)

My Nordgreen watch is here. (Use the discount code SUSAN15 at Nordgreen.) My light fawn bag is here. My shoes are here. Similar earrings here. Similar sunglasses here. I only wear longline (Ultimate style) bras by Shapeez.com. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

  1. Susan, you look fabulous as always, I’m hoping your recent weight/shape adjustment will inspire me to keep at it! Can you please share whether you shortened the hem on the top in this post? Thanks

  2. Great look! I may get one of those tops to wear in winter. The air conditioner can’t keep up with the heat in my portable classroom in the afternoon so I’ll keep to loose linen dresses until it stops being 100 degrees. I laughed when I read you gave your shrimp to Mr. Mickey – I would have done the opposite – eaten the shrimp and veggies and given the pasta away. LOL! Again – Love the red!

  3. Hi Susan,

    I’d love to see your silk scarf selection. I have two favorite scarves from your website, and I look forward to your Facebook posts. I’m retired and find your tips and examples for easy, elegant style so helpful!

  4. Love the red, white and tan. Your blog has certainly made me re-think my purchases when shopping for clothing. Saves a lot of time and money. By the way, have you addressed sunglasses in regard to shape and color in any of your posts?

  5. Good afternoon Susan; great look and hope the day was a fun as it looks. I, too, am interested in the scarves left in your “larder”.

  6. Thank you so much for your posts Susan. It always brightens my day when I see a new one has arrived. Your tips and hints are fantastic and I am trying very hard to put them into practise. It’s certainly fun trying! Best regards to you and Mr Mickey.

  7. Susan – how long after Labor Day do you continue to wear white pants and/or jackets. The weather stays so hot in my area that I do not feel I am stretching the season continuing to wear them until cooler weather. How do you feel about that?

  8. Hi Susan! I love this look. I am happy to learn that tan shoes do look better than white shoes, with white pants! I have been doing it wrong. What a great tip! Thanks, and I would love to see what scarfs you have left too.

  9. Hi Susan,
    The red top is really pretty. I saw they sell it in brown. Is it clingy? Unfortunately I have love handles so don’t know if I should order xl 1x.
    Thanks for your help.

  10. Do you put away your white pants after Labor Day when the temperatures here in Louisiana are still over 90 degrees? I felt a twinge of guilt this morning.

  11. According to Emily Post: Of course you can wear white after Labor Day, and it makes perfect sense to do so in climates where September’s temperatures are hardly fall-like. It’s more about fabric choice today than color. Even in the dead of winter in northern New England the fashionable wear white wools, cashmeres, jeans, and down-filled parkas. The true interpretation is “wear what’s appropriate—for the weather, the season, or the occasion.”

    I am really enjoying your posts, Susan! You are helping me change the way I dress. (I’m 65) And I have on a Shapeez bra thanks to your advice!

  12. Hi Susan, I started following you over the summer. I enjoy your blog and videos on YouTube. I was wondering how you let your hair go all gray. Did this take some time? How do you keep the platinum shade? It looks so soft and bright and bouncy. I’m 54 and about 50% gray and still dye it a soft brown. Would love to give up the dye and go natural. Would you share your experience transitioning? Thank you, enjoying all the advice and knowledge. Love your style.

    1. The transition to gray took place when I turned fifty. My hair was shorter then, so I kept it neatly trimmed and used a temporary color a couple of times to hide the line. It only took a few months. These days, stylists are very good at using high and low lights to help you transition your hair to its natural color.

  13. New to your blog and love it. It seems most links to jewelry and watches are silver. Do you ever wear gold?

  14. Okay, we all know that it is perfectly ok to wear white pants after Labor Day, the unofficial end to summer. And we know it is still hot in many areas. But white pants, to me, just scream summer, and I am always so glad for the thoughts of a new season that I wear what used to be called transitionals. Cool, lightweight fabrics that can be moved into fall with ease and layering. I always put up my (few) white pants after Labor Day. Why not? It is fun to think about a change of season and I am always ready for it. It is a personal thing to me.

  15. Hi Susan, could you please tell me what scarves you have left? You always look fabulous! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    1. I’ve never known them to offer a discount other than the new customer discount, FIRSTTIMEBUYER10 for a $10 off discount entered at checkout or any discount they may be running in the banner on their site.

  16. I purchased two of the Valentina tops in royal blue and burgundy (which is actually a deep, ruby red), and I love them. I had ordered my normal size medium but had to exchange them for a large since I found them a little snug in the arms and across the bust. The large isn’t that much bigger and is perfect. I would like to order Clara Sunwoo as well as IC Collection solid tops and was wondering if they’re sizes run more generous. Thanks! Love your style, Susan!

  17. I ordered one of your lovely scarves. Do you have your scarves dry cleaned, and do you press/steam them when they become wrinkled? Thanks.

  18. Hi Elegant lady,
    I bought one of your scarves, and am so happy with the quality and colors. I wonder which scarves you have left. I’d like to buy more!

    Thank you
    Beth Harrison

  19. Hi Susan
    I ordered red and royal blue Valentina Sigma tops. Haven’t worn them yet but I really like the fabric. Mine seem to hit me much longer than your picture shows. Perhaps because I’m short waisted or because I need a large size. Would you recommend that I have them altered? Also please send me the scarf inventory. Lastly, I notice that you don’t wear print tops. Why is that? Thanks. Jill

    1. The smaller sizes are shorter, you are correct. You could get them hemmed if you like them to be shorter. I don’t wear prints because they are too memorable and you can’t mix them and match them as easily as solid neutrals.

  20. Susan, I just bought these Cole Hann shoes tonight. I’m so excited to get them for this summer. I have a dress for church they will be perfect with.

    Love your blog.

    Anna Thompson

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