Red Stag Grill

A change of scenery is good for the spirit, so we take every opportunity to get away for at least part of the weekend during mild weather. When there is no chance of snow, we put some things in a bag and go on our merry way to the next adventure.

This past weekend, we took advantage of winter rates and flexible stay times to try the beautiful new Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate. Our annual passes to The Biltmore Estate are used often because it is such a delightful place to visit at any time of the year. Staying on the Biltmore Estate gives us a base of operation close to countless exciting things to experience in the Asheville area.

A cashmere sweater by Vince over reptile embossed jean style pants by Eric served as the base for Sunday’s look. I added a scarf in case I got too cold while having coffee and a small breakfast early in the day on Sunday. Just the sweater and scarf were enough during breakfast because we were not leaving the building.

The cropped trench-style jacket from Chico’s was added later in the day while we were outdoors.

Satin, silk, or linen scarves add a pop of color, pattern, and softness around my face, as well as keeping me warmer when worn around my neck. A mini wardrobe, which can be added to or subtracted from as the weather requires, serves me well on these weekend getaways. Two or three solid colors in pieces that can all be worn together provide flexibility and ease of getting dressed while taking less baggage with me. The boots are by BCBGeneration.

Many times, a large square scarf starts tied around my bag’s handle so that if I get too cold, I can wrap it around my neck. It is an easy way to have a scarf close by and to add a pop of pattern and color to my look.

Later in the day on Sunday, we spent some time in the Grand Bohemian Hotel’s lobby, where there is a gallery of fantastic art located near the hall decorated in vibrant dark colors and wood paneling. A massive fireplace that is open on four sides serves as the focal point of the room. We enjoyed a lovely champagne brunch at the Red Stag Grill located in the Hotel.

  1. Beautiful place! Your outfit is perfect for the setting. Something that stood out to me in today’s post is how you tie your scarf to your bag in case you need to put it on later. While I have tied scarves to my bags for a fashion statement, I never intended anything practical by doing it. That changes now! I’ll be traveling next week and plan to use this tip during the week!

  2. As always, you look chic and polished! Thank you so much for not giving in to the trends and wearing those dreadful distressed jeans. I know this is just my own opinion, but I think they look ridiculous on anyone, but even moreso (if that’s possible) on those of us who are older, and sadly, some of the older bloggers are beginning to wear them. I’m happy to see you are not giving in to this trend. I always enjoy your posts.

  3. I love that you are wearing scarves now which inspires me to do the same. Love the tip of tying on to the purse. Thank you for your blog.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time there, though I always worry when I see you wearing stilettos on what looks like a country terrain. Do you ever stumble?!

  5. The scenery backdrop is stunning! Great post and love your choice of clothes. One question, I find that my scarves that are satin and silk wrinkle so easily. Many are dry clean only. If I tie them on my purse they are too wrinkled to wear on my neck. Any advice?

    1. I just loop them loosely and try not to worry about the wrinkles too much. I do iron my scarves occasionally with low steam and low heat but I accept the fact that there will always be wrinkles and creases.

  6. I should know that if I’m going to go look at the scarves you have for sale, I might as well accept that one or two (or three) will be irresistible! I really appreciate the photos which show how the scarf will look when it is folded and tied, as that is how it will really appear when being worn. Any chance you might show us the scarf you are wearing (unless you’ve already done so and I missed it) UNfolded, though? As it isn’t for sale, we could enjoy the eye candy and not worry about temptation!

  7. As always, Susan, I enjoyed this post…especially, since my husband and I have spent time in the area. Have you all ventured over to Blowing Rock at all…that is a “sweet place”, too. I am with “the pouting pensioner”…I see you in heels and would love to wear, but to risky…( broke my ankle years ago…and cautious, now, even though I am blessed with no after effects, thankfully, but don’t take chances anymore!!). I was a stewardess, in my younger years and wore heels all the time…wish I still them. Have found a great ankle boot brand, with a good heel, I wear a lot and/or nice wedge shoes that give me support, comfort and style. Keep up the good work…love your posts. We take little and big trips off and on…this weekend will be the New Bern, NC area…

  8. I enjoy your blog very much Susan. Even though a lot older I embrace your style. I live in Tasmania Australia and of course it is summer here. Would love to hear more about the places you visit and have become very interested in the locality of same. Many thanks for sharing your life.

  9. What a beautiful place! Love your outfit and heels! People think I am crazy because I am 56 and not about to give up heels. I don’t wear sky high heels but then I never did for more than 5 minutes! Love your blog! Peace! Cheryl

  10. you look fine also in a simple way. Thank you for this helpful post.
    I love the pictures , especially the fireplace and your nice picture in front of Artemis Diana stature

  11. Hi Susan,
    Always love the looks you put together.
    I need your opinion on wearing straight leg pants or jeans.
    I am + 45 lbs and curvy.Do you think I could pull off skinny leg pants?
    Thank You

    1. Slim fitting (not too tight) dark pants can look good on everyone. The key is to find the right fit for your shape. Try on some different brands and sizes until you find your best fit.

  12. I absolutely love your outfits, Susan. My problem is that I cannot wear heels more than an inch high.
    Do you have any comments on how to wear flats please. I am 72 and slightly apple shaped. Penny

    1. Shop for shoes that look slender on the foot and have a low vamp. The vamp is the part of the shoe that covers your toes. When the vamp ends high on your foot, it makes your legs look shorter. A pointed or almond shaped toe always looks more feminine and flattering.

  13. Hi Susan
    Love your site. Since I used to be a North Carolinian and now live in “too hot” Florida I was hoping you could give me some pointers on how to dress for this unbearable heat and still look classy. Also I see you wear high heels, and I am afraid those days are over for me. Do you think dressy flips or flats give a finished appearance? Also what type of bra do you consider good and that is comfortable.
    Love all your looks. Thank you for posting all of this info it gives this 75 year old gal hope.

    1. I learned to embrace dresses and flat sandals with a back on them while I visited Florida earlier this year. I wear the Ultimate style bra from every day. It is the only one that works for me now. It smoothes back fat and keeps the girls up where they should be. Stay well!

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