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Sharing what I have learned is the reason for my blog. I want to include helpful information and inspiration for aging elegantly, but most of all, with joy.

I study what works for the women I admire, but more importantly, I take notice and make changes when I see that something is no longer working for me. After wearing high heels for most of my life, they suddenly seem inappropriate and uncomfortable. Wardrobe adjustments are necessary, along with the change to wearing lower heels. Getting pants hemmed so that they do not puddle on the tops of lower heeled shoes and wearing a belt to define the waist are a few of the tricks I have started to employ.

I occasionally enjoy wearing the high heels I already own when there is minimal walking involved. When I purchase shoes now, I only invest in those that have no more than a three-inch block heel for daily wear. A completely flat shoe is not comfortable for me.

Gray, black and white with accent colors of red and blue comprise my wardrobe. However, I always attempt to add jewelry or a scarf to soften the colors and textures worn near my face. For example, when I purchased this coat from White House|Black Market last year, the cadet blue color was one of the things that drew me to it.

Other tips for choosing flattering outerwear include getting the style right for your shape. If you carry most of your weight at your middle, a puffer coat, double-breasted coat, or one that closes with toggles down the front will visually add more girth. If you are petite, a coat that ends at your fingertips will be a better proportion for you. If you have a large bust, oversized collars or lapel details such as faux fur can make that area appear more substantial.

The bag and the pants were from Saks Off 5th a few years ago. The blouse is a black Portofino shirt from Express. The jacket was from Neiman Marcus Last Call last year. The Yale Chelsea booties are from Marc Fisher.

As an artist, I have always enjoyed applying makeup. These days, I can see that skincare is much more important than artfully applied color. I know that makeup worn to hide has the opposite effect. Too much makeup makes me look older and even harsh. My skincare products and color choices are all from my Beautycounter site here. I must also tell you that my all-time favorite shampoo is from Beautycounter.

The photos from today’s post were taken a couple of weeks ago at Rowland’s in the Westglow Resort in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. It is our favorite place to enjoy an elegant meal after shopping and visiting with friends in the village of Blowing Rock.

I tasted everything, but I filled up first with the kale salad. Water remains my favorite beverage.

Mr. Mickey asked me to thank you for all of your kind comments on the previous post. It brought tears to his eyes when he sat down to read them all.

Have a beautiful day!

  1. You look stunning, as usual; but most importantly, you are lifting up SO many of us who are struggling to embrace the physical and emotional changes that come naturally with aging! I appreciated your suggestions on coats and am happy to know that the beautiful alpaca one I just purchased last week follows your fingertip-length rule for petites! My sewing machine is having a tune-up, as I have decided to be ready to adjust whatever and whenever, to achieve the proper petite proportions on regular sized items. I have incorporated your recommendations on makeup and haven’t worn (or missed) foundation for weeks. (My husband is thrilled as it shortens my “ready time” and he sees no need for makeup.) I also got my first Shapeez bra yesterday in the mail. I honestly think I could wear that 24/7–it is that comfortable! (I got the “silky” short, as I prefer no added padding, and then went online and ordered a silky long one too.) THANK YOU, Susan. Wishing you and Mr. M. a wonderful holiday season filled with love and JOY!

  2. 1) . Thank you for being a non-political blog. Even the beauty blogs I read have had something to say about our intense/divisive political scene. I come to your site for rest, relaxation and inspiration.

    2) . It was Mr. Mickey who brought tears to our eyes with his good Christmas deeds.

    Mille Grazie!

  3. Thank you, Susan, for these tips. Just this week, I gifted myself a new cranberry Dooney & Bourke satchel with tassels similar to yours when Dillard’s put them on 30% off. When I saw it, it was crank up the car, somebody’s coming home with me! I now think of a purse as an accessory to all my basics, something I learned from you. Also, being petite, I was careful to get a smaller size. I am gradually making small wardrobe changes (thanks to you), and I feel so much more confident.

  4. I don’t often comment, but I visit your blog each time you post and truly enjoy it. You are a very elegant lady and I take away many tips not only for style, but also how important it is to carry ourselves with class and grace. And your tips on what foods you choose are valuable as well. (The foods featured here look wonderful – I love kale salads also! And those peppers by the salmon caught my eye!) I agree with Elizabeth who said she visits your blog for rest, relaxation and inspiration. I second that! I plan to stay stylish and classy until I draw my last breath, and you provide an excellent road map for how to accomplish that! Thank you and Mr. Mickey for the time and effort you put into creating such an inspiring blog!

  5. Over the past 5-6 years I began following several style blogs, but your blog is one of the few fashion blogs I continue to follow. That’s chiefly because you are positive! I’ve learned from your style tips, and though I don’t fancy myself as elegant as you, I know that I dress better – more suited to my body type, and am making good purchases. I started using Beautycounter products about a year ago, when my daughter-in-law began selling them, and was excited to see that you have embraced them too!

    Thank you for sharing so much with us, including Mr. Mickey and your wonderful Santa event!

    From another Susan who’s fast approaching 60

  6. Wow! You and Mr. Mickey look fabulous as usual. I appreciate both of you inspiring us to be our best as we share with others in our community and to look sparkly and confident. It all leads to feeling and being our best.

  7. Thank you, Susan, for being kind enough to post your wonderful advice for all of us. I love reading your posts and value your opinion. It’s awfully nice of you to provide this service. Enjoy the holiday season!

  8. Mr. Mickey is a darling! (No wonder you are a perfect match…)

    Susan, thank you for your immediate response to our plea, us, the petites in your faithful group. I am so grateful for your including us in your wise and knowledgeable advice. Thank you! We love you!

  9. You look very pretty in the cadet blue jacket. Your advice is always appreciated and helpful. It is so nice you have a special friend in Mr. Mickey! Food looks delicious!

  10. I loved your blog today and wise tips. I am 5’4” so am I a petite?? And should I buy in petite department?? It seems to be right on the border and I would love your hints. Thank you.

    1. 5’4″ is considered petite in the fashion industry. Your proportions will let you know if you need to go back to misses sizes instead. I can wear some petite items because I have a short waist, arms, and legs. Petite sizes are cut two inches shorter in the rise for example. If you always have lots of room in the front of pants, it is because you need to buy either a petite size or go for the slim cut.

  11. You are our constant encourager (thank you, Miss Vicki!) and bring new and fresh ideas, whether it be skincare, makeup, or clothes. Just as fashions, makeup and hair trends change, we need to “reinvent” ourselves from time to time. It may help that you see things with an artist’s eye. We all benefit from your advice, as you have tried these changes yourself. You and Mr Mickey are involved in many philanthropic projects and this adds to your overall grace.

  12. Dear Susan, You are such an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others. You and I have much the same build….I carry most of my weight in my bust and waist area. I have 3 closets full of clothes…3! I owned my own business so I have lots of suits, separates, heels and blouses. I will never wear those clothes….I’m giving them to our local Women’s Center.

    I love the way you dress. You always look so comfortable in your own skin. How do I start to build a smaller but more usable wardrobe?I love your scarves and I will be ordering some soon.

    My favorite colors in my closet are black, white, bright blue, bright teal and Kelly green. I’m a redhead, 73 years old, retired nurse and I still ride my Harley.

    Enjoy your much-deserved vacation and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
    Sincerely, Glenda Mock

    1. I am building my wardrobe around classic, simple pieces that do not date and work well with each other as well as my lifestyle. For example, a pair of dark wash straight leg jeans can be worn with a tee and sneakers for a walk on the beach or with a velvet jacket, sleek Chelsea boots, and a fabulous piece of jewelry for a night out. I look for things that can easily be dressed up or down.

  13. This is such a good post Susan. Thanks for sharing on a regular basis! So true what you say about changes being necessary as we age. I’m still struggling with the higher heel shoes….but I’ll get there.
    Also, I wanted to comment on your sweet Mr. Mickey. His Santa’s duties are just too special…what a sweet man….a keeper for sure! 🙂
    Take care

  14. Thanks so much for sharing and all the details you include. Don’t “let yourself go” as my great grandmother advised me at about 9 yrs of age..and I had no idea what she was telling me then, but the phrase always stuck with me. You help us with not to do that Susan, in so many ways. It’s always nice when the phone “dings” and its your post! Thank you again.

  15. Mr. Mickey is a charming man. The fact that he was touched by the kind comments emphasizes how very suited he is for his Santa role.
    I appreciate how you evolve and don’t allow yourself to stagnate. We are not the same from year to year and need to make sure we are doing our best to not look inappropriate or dated. It is so easy to fall into the ” this is how I’ve always looked” trap. I noticed this a lot at my high school class reunion. So many gals had not changed make up or hair since high school! Now a few were fine with a classic hair cut that still suited them, but most, holy cow, no!!! Thanks for pointing out change is often called for!

  16. I love your blog and have learned so much from you. Would a post be possible where you list maybe ten ways you can live an “elegant life”? They can be simple ways, just suggestions, for your readers. Thank you.

  17. Any ideas for the Mother-of-the-Groom? It’s a winter evening wedding. I am built much like yourself- busty, narrow hips, dark hair with nicely streaked gray “highlights”. I want to avoid matronly looks. I look best in rich gem colors (a winter palate). Ideas?
    Thank you.

    1. Wear the colors that look good on you. Plum and navy are always good choices for a wedding. I often find special occasion wear at Dillards.com. They usually have a selection of dresses or pants sets that are elegant and affordable.

  18. I like your style….while I will be 60 in just 2 short years! Some of the pieces are a bit pricey for me but can still work to see what I can come up with. I too have chosen to wear lower heels….it’s just not worth it! Lol

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey

    1. I am just a bit older than you and my clothing budget doesn’t allow for expensive clothes, but I buy pants when Chico’s has great sales and use sites like ThredUp to purchase expensive clothing used. I haven’t gotten a bad order yet. I also check ebay and thrift stores regularly. (PS I know that some people will not use ThredUp because they feel it’s unfair to the sellers, but no one has to sell their stuff there.)

  19. My style for home decorating and clothing tend to be less traditional than you and more casual, boho and eclectic. Despite our style differences, I always admire your look and much of your advice applies to all styles. Thank you for sharing your journey and tips with us. Would love to see you in a nude/peachy lip.

  20. Susan you are beautifully elegant and Mr. Mickey so dapper – as you both always are. I love the outfits you put together with lower heels – they still look “dressed up”, which I love. As a former dancer (with the feet to match :)) I’m getting such great ideas from you!

  21. Those boots are to die for! I already have four pairs of black boots, so I’m hesitant to spend $180 (of course I had to search them) for another pair, but they look fabulous with your slacks. (Santa, add these to my list!)

    You look so beautiful as always, and Mr. Mickey looks very dashing!

  22. I absolutely love your site; The information that you share is extremely valuable . You are one elegant lady and have helped me add style. I appreciate your tips regarding a healthy lifestyle and am workin on incorporating vegetarian dishes. I also feel most comfortable in lower heels and appreciate your feedback about where to pourchase items. Thank you

  23. Hello Susan
    Happy New Year to you and Mickey

    You look fantastic! And you are going to be my inspiration to change myself this New Year.

    Love Helen UK.

  24. I just posted a comment on your vacation look. I just realized that most of these fantastic pictures were probably taken my Mr. Mickey. I would like to say thank you Mr. Mickey for all the beautiful pics. The collaboration between you & Mr. Mickey make this site awesome! I am learning so much. My only regret is that I would have started 10 years ago working on my health & life style change! Linda

  25. Just loving your blog……can”t wait to receive my regular SusanAfter60 mails! always inspires me!
    Thank you Susan.
    Maureen from South Africa.

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