Packing For Travel

I receive many requests for tips on packing for a weekend getaway, a cruise, or a three-week visit to Europe.

When I travel, a mini version of my wardrobe comes with me. I consider what we will be doing, the predicted weather, and what I am comfortable wearing. These guidelines apply to any travel wardrobe.

The black and silver jacket is by IC Collection via The tank top is from Chico’s a few years ago.

We were on our way to having dinner in the resort’s restaurant, Elements.

An amuse-bouche is a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre. Amuse-Bouches are different from appetizers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons but are served gratis and according to the chef’s selection alone.

Trout with organic vegetables.

We shared a small chocolate dessert.

The next morning, it was time to get ready for the long drive home. I wore the jacket by Antonio Melani from Dillard’s. The tank top is by Peck & Peck from Stein Mart. The jeans were the Smooth Fit Slim Ankle dark wash from J.Jill last year.

This is the final in a series of posts about our weekend getaway to Primland.

The photo below shows our view for the four-hour drive home, mostly on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  1. Love your jacket – and Mr. Mickey takes beautiful photos! Also like how your new website is layed out – very easy to check back on.

  2. Love the silver jacket. Would it suit a pear shape figure like mine? Also what is the sizing like for it? It is beautiful on you!

    1. Thank you. I am wearing a size medium in that jacket which is the size I most often wear in tops. Leave it open to show off your small waist. Keep all the other pieces in your look more slim fitting.

  3. I always enjoy your posts. It is great to drop in on your adventures and see what you are doing and wearing. You have helped me to be able to look appropriate for any occasion. I use to wonder what would others be wearing and what should I wear. Now I have clothes in my closet that can make outfits that will look chic, fit well and be comfortable. I’m still looking for a perfect little clutch. I like the one you have. It is perfect with so many outfits. Have a fabulous day and regards to the handsome Mr.M.

  4. Love your outfits and the pictures of you and Mr. Mickey. I noticed on the dining table that your water glass had a cucumber in it instead of a lemon. I have never seen water served that way, of course I’m assuming it was water in the goblet. Did you ask for it that way or did they just bring it that way? It sounds so refreshing!!! I will have to try that at home.

    1. A waiter came around with a small plate containing fresh slices of cucumber, lemon, and lime. He served your choice with little silver tongs. (The cucumber is useful for decreasing inflammation.)

  5. A great resource is TravelFashionGirl. Many pre-scripted packing lists and advice. Can be found on FB and Pinterest. I am not affilated in anyway.

  6. I swear you and Mr. Mickey look “Younger” every year! I have been enjoying your lovely blog for some time now and I cannot believe how y’all have hardly aged at all!!
    It must be all the great food and beautiful weekend trips.
    Thank you both for being so inspiring. Ageing is a matter of choice…you can do it well or give in and go early.

  7. This was, as usual, a great article on a beautiful place. But how about an actual LIST of wardrobe items you would take on, say, that 3-week vacation to Western Europe??

    1. Try one of the bloggers who actually gets to go to Europe and blogs about what they pack. A trip to Europe is not likely to be in my future. When I do get a chance to look at one of those bloggers travel posts, they always say the same thing. Take separates that all go together and can be mixed and matched for a variety of functions. Take two pairs of comfortable walking shoes and one nice pair for going to dinner. Wear a jacket or coat and take a bag that you can wear crossbody style as well as an evening clutch. Scarves can add color and pattern without taking up too much room in your luggage. Have fun!

  8. In regards to the picture of the two of you together…it’s hard to tell which one of you is the trophy. Best looking couple at Primland Lodge for sure. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the lodge plus my favorite ” power couple” (after William and Kate).

  9. Your jacket is stunning. Does it pack well? Next year, I will be going to the Scandinavian countries and would like to pack one dressy jacket to be used for dressier dinners and whatever else comes up. I took my first trip to Europe in 2012 and I can’t believe how I’ve improved in packing since then. A jacket like yours, plus knit pants and my favorite black ballerinas would take me so many places without encumbering my luggage. I used to think that I had to have so many “outfits”, but you really only need one with some variations to carry you through a two week trip. Loving your blog and hope to get to one of your women’s weekends in the future.

  10. Love your look!
    My base color is navy as black is too hard on my coloring.
    It is hard to find navy pieces – any suggestions?

    1. I agree with you; I have a hard time finding navy also. I have been trying to get it for my shop but no luck yet. I do offer brown in some of the basics.

  11. Susan – Love your packing tips. My husband and I do a lot of traveling and I always overpack! Your philosophy of wearing mostly solid colors with color coming from your scarves makes so much sense. I once heard a very well dressed woman say that you should never wear more than 3 colors at one time! (think that is what you said also) I believe that but I am blessed to be somewhat slim and can get away with some wardrobe pieces with patterns and colors. I work at Steinmart very part time but am able to pick up some unbelievable bargains and it is amazing how items become cuter as the prices decrease! All that to say, I love your website and enjoy reading your advice – you are truly a blessed and beautiful woman! Thanks for all the tips..Nancy

  12. Lovely post, Susan. And you two make such a handsome couple! Can you talk about the face makeup that you use? I’m having trouble finding a foundation that covers well without sinking into my pores and wrinkles. I’ve been using a liquid that is very sheer to avoid these issues, but I could use more coverage. I’d appreciate your suggestions.

  13. Hi Susan!
    The lipstick you wore in this photo shoot was very pretty. Can you tell me the name of it?
    Thanks so much,

  14. So pretty & a striking couple! I agree about the lipstick; lovely shade on you. Great photos, especially enjoyed the detail on the turkey & the soothing shot of the mist. Thanks for relaying the info on the amuse bouche from the chef too. It’s nice to get away for a change in routine. Appreciate you sharing your trip.

  15. Love your clothes choices. Any tips for pool side and beach clothes? I really struggle with this area of dressing. X

    1. I can only dream about going to the beach, but if I were so lucky, I would take these items. A long flowing tunic to use as a coverup, a one piece solid color suit, flat metallic sandals, large sunglasses and a large straw tote bag. If I am going to be in the sun for any length of time, I wear I wide brim hat. In place of the tunic, a soft flowing maxi dress can be the perfect cover.

  16. I am loving your blogs Susan. Can I ask if you could you advice me/us on pool side/beach wear, please? I really struggle with this area of dressing. Thanks Susan x

    1. I just bought some beachwear/coverups for the shopping site which can just as easily be worn with white pants and a tank. I will do a full blog post when they arrive. Thanks for the suggestion.

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