New Spring Tops

Last year I purchased a few lightweight summer tops with interesting sleeve details. Unfortunately, they had nearly sold out when I showed them on the site. Since I wore those tops often, I began my search much earlier this year. I found the winning combination of vivid colors and soft fabrics with a V-neckline.

The top comes in four colors here. The jeans are here. The shoes are here. A similar blue and white planter is here.

I buy multiple colors when I see a style I like, so I bought this top in Rich Cobalt, Magenta Orchid, and Black, all in size 1 (8/10M). Next, I purchased the jeans in faded blue and also white. Finally, I bought the shoes in both Tortilla Suede and Black Leather.

The top is here. The bag is here. The jeans are here.

I can wear a statement tee like this one out to dinner, church, and nearly any other function during hot weather. I prefer it over a plain cotton tee for its elevated style and lovely colors. In addition, the V-neckline and elasticized sleeves make styling this top a breeze.

The jeans are here. The shoes are here. The bag is here. A similar blue and white planter is here.

I liked the bag so much that I bought it in Black Faux and French Grey.

The top is here. The jeans are here. The shoes are here.
The top is here.

Switching to tan or cognac accessories in spring softens heavy winter looks even if it is still cold where you are. We had 78 degrees and full sun today, so sandals were appropriate.

The top is here. I am wearing a size 1. The jeans are here. I am wearing a size 27. The bag was from T.J. Maxx last year. The shoes are here.

I have several white shirts, but I couldn’t resist adding this one too. The sleeves won me over at first glance.

Thank you for your lovely comments and for sharing your tips with other readers. This is a beautiful community!

A summary of recent outfits is here. As always, shopping links may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. I love the white top in the last picture. It fits you perfectly! A win for Susan, and I believe you will be glad you were won over.

  2. Very pretty tops! I’ve only ordered sandals online, never closed-toe shoes. Do you stick with designers you know, in order to get the right fit? I’ve hesitated to order shoes for fear of doing a lot of exchanges.

  3. Susan, do you always wear pants? I often look for outfits for my wife and it seems that only people under 40 wear skirts (mini) is this a fashion change? thanks Brad

  4. With the wider leg, is an elevated heel required? Most of my friends and I can only wear flats.

    This was a very helpful post with the new tops.

    1. Look for pants that fit well around the waist and upper thighs, so you aren’t overwhelmed with fabric. Flats will look OK if your legs are long. However, short legs will always look shorter when wearing flats and wide-leg pants together.

  5. Hi Susan, I love all your new tops and outfits. Very balanced looking and lovely. I love the Magenta Orchid on you!
    Thanks again for the inspiring looks 🙂

  6. So glad to see you buy things in multiples. I do that also, but feel maybe I am putting myself in a “rut”. The way you dress your tops though gives each one a different look. I always find something useful in your blog and appreciate the work you put into creating an inspiring haven.

  7. Susan

    Those darling handbags are on one •heck• of a sale – I bought both the French beige AND the faux black! Thanks for the links!

  8. I really like the first 3 tops and understand why you bought 3. I’ve never done that but it does make sense if you find something you like. I might have to go place an order or check out a store as I’m heading to warmer weather. Right now we are getting a blizzard!! I’m so tired of the snow so this post came at a good time. Thinking of spring.

  9. Good thinking. Sometimes I will buy 2 of the same so that i can have a reserve of a really great item. I tend to then donate the original to charity while it is still in good condition. I spent many years shopping ONLY in such shops so I enjoy vicariously the pleasure I know someone will get with the find.

  10. Lovely selection of tee shirts, thank you. How do you care for your tee shirts? Do you iron them? I try to avoid ironing if I can possibly do so.

  11. I love the tops with the beautiful sleeves! I would like to purchase one however when I clicked on “here”
    there was nothing there. Could you share the store you purchased it from please??

  12. I love all the colours of the first three tops. I do that too – buy it in all the colours that suit me. If I know I will wear it a whole lot, I sometimes buy two so I have one for when the other wears out.

  13. Hello, love all the gorgeous tops! Is that a new screen behind you? I would like to buy one like it. Mind if I ask where you got it? Love the post as alway. So thankful there are no annoying advertisements on your blog.

    1. I bought the screen from Wayfair last year. Sometimes it is difficult to see the outfit in poor lighting, so I thought a lighter background would help. Unfortunately, the screen is not as sturdy as I had hoped.

  14. Hello Susan. The links to the Chicos top did not work for me either. The other links you have here do work for me, so it seems like it’s something to do just with the Chicos link. Thanks, Teresa

  15. Susan: I have been following you for about 8 years and I mean it sincerely that you have never looked better! I love your color combos and the accessory “pops” you accent them with. When you mentioned you wear a size 27 in the BR jeans, it reminded to ask you something. You have shared with us on many occasions your particular diet –what, how much, and when you eat your meals in general. I was wondering if you know about how many calories per day you consume on average (excluding those days you go out with Mr. M. to eat)? Clearly you are maintaining a healthy weight with whatever you are doing. Thank you, if you don’t mind sharing.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I’ve never counted calories or measured my food. Instead, I try to consume a variety of whole foods each day and not too much. Two small meals early in the day serve me very well. I don’t eat red meat and avoid processed foods such as sauces, margarine, seed oils, and condiments.

  16. That’s exactly what I do as well. When I find something that’s a good price, fits me well, and goes with many things in my closet I will buy multiples in different colors. That goes for Tops pants shoes and purses. Sometimes I’ll buy even more than one in the same color because a lot of times a pair of shoes or something will wear out and then you can’t find anything like it.

  17. Again thank you! I wanted to tell you I bought the navy floral dress from Old Navy you showed last year(?) and wore it multiple times on a cruise recently. It worked for dinner in a pinch, & over a bathing suit in Honduras. A young woman (tourist) complimented it. I purchased the black fancy tee with bell sleeves you showed at Christmas too, which I’ve worn may times, including with a black skirt that has a similar flounce at the hem on the cruise (tucked in with a black stretch belt w/silver buckle. I trust your recommendations and these are lovely! I have one for you: the red satin long sleeved blouse with the wide elastic cuffs at Chicos is gorgeous and comfortable and just the right length.

  18. I clicked right away on both these shirts. I am a triangle shape and those 25.5 lengths hit right on the widest part of my hips. I need a 21 0r 22″ length. The wide boxy fit of the white flare sleeves one doesn’t work for me as I need blouses that emphasize my waist.. I’m not complaining. I’m complimenting. I learned so much from your posts, studying the you tube videos and your past posts and blogs. NOW I can easily avoid fashion pit falls for me and on-line returns. Your work made a difference in my life.

    Thank you, Sherry

  19. You look lovely.
    Will you share your thinking on black pants and brown shoes? I thought those don’t go together. Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

    1. We’ve been told that black and navy or black and brown don’t go together. It isn’t true. Black bears look perfectly lovely with their glistening black coats and brown noses. Ravens with their jet feathers gleam with bright navy in the sunshine. White is the perfect color for winter. Think of the snowcapped mountains in the distance with the deep blue sky above. Any colors or combinations we find in nature can’t be improved upon.

  20. Dear Susan
    Thank you so much for your posts. Living in the UK I can’t really get/ afford the clothing you link to. However your sense of style and tips I can transfer to looking for clothes here. At now nearly 63 I find that I can’t do the cheaper clothes although some are exceptions. I need a “weight/substance to them. Keep up all the great inspirational articles
    Best Wishes

  21. I always look forward to your emails. Unfortunately I don’t usually get any further with other emails, as I spend so much time looking up your items.
    I feel disadvantaged some times living in Australia as we don’t have some of your big department stores to shop. It means I shop os several times
    Thank you Susan for your informative emails

  22. Susan, I envy you your warm weather; it’s still winter in Canada. Nevertheless, I know that Spring is coming, so appreciated the clothing and shoes that you wore in the pictures. I’ve ordered the top with the lacy sleeve detail and am thinking about the Vince Camuto pumps. The heels are so architectural, the shoes so stylish. Thanks so much for your wonderful articles.

  23. Hi Susan- just curious about why you seem to only wear jeans. They do work well for you but not for me because usually tight in the middle with no stretch. I am a much larger size than you so perhaps that explains it. Do you have other pants you like to wear besides jeans. I do wear stretchier pants – mostly Eileen Fisher.
    Thanks, Mary Fetter

  24. Hi Susan –
    Could you say the maker/store for the eyelet sleeve top you show in Cobalt and Magenta? My antivirus is refusing to let the link pass! I’ve looked on several of your usual-favorite shopping sites and have not yet found it.
    Thanks much for your wonderful inspiration!

  25. I can’t find the comment, but I remember someone saying she’s 5’3” and the sleeves on the eyelet top made her look like a fullback. I don’t understand why Chicos would advertise them as “new petite friendly length” but design the sleeves out of proportion for shorter women. I’m 5’2” and can never find a Chicos top that works for my frame.

  26. Susan, how does the white Chico’s blouse launder? Do you hand wash, machine wash, or take to the cleaners?

  27. A question on the top you bought in 3 colors. They look so great on you that I purchased it in blue and was surprised at how stiff the fabric was on the arms. It stuck out so much that it made my arms look huge. I ironed the crease out of it but it didn’t help much. Did you launder these first and therefore the fabric sizing that is causing the stiffness was washed out? I returned mine since washing it would have negated a return, but if that helps, I would consider buying it again.

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